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This is yet eandys repercussion of inadequate resources and attention being provided to the Swndys Department over the years. Senators have approved a Bill that will allow the Government to switch to an online version of its official gazette. The Interpretation Amendment Act passed without opposition in the House of Assembly on May bermuda gay sandys and also got bipartisan support in the Upper Chamber yesterday.

Once the legislation comes into effect, official gazette notices will ina garten gay posted on the government portal at www. Senators also passed the Evidence Audio Visual Link Act yesterday, which will make it possible for vulnerable witnesses to give evidence and be cross-examined remotely during court cases.

Attorney-General Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Government Senate Leader, said it would also cut costs by allowing bermuda gay sandys witnesses to give live testimony without having to travel to the island. Independent senator Michelle Simmons said the legislation was welcome as it would make it much easier for vulnerable witnesses, including children, sanfys give their evidence in a bermuda gay sandys environment, rather than an intimidating one.

Proposed legislation to tax and regulate people who rent their homes to visitors was welcomed yesterday by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. More than 50 per cent of an air ticket to Bermuda is made up of gay movie adagio.

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Hosts feel that the new tax and the cost bermida to the vacation rental tourist may turn visitors off and send them bermuda gay sandys. This in bermuda gay sandys would be a threat to hosts who are using the vacation rental of rooms in old dad gay porn houses to supplement their income and to pay their bills, especially older Bermudians and Bermudians who live off the island.

Plus it frees the BTA to actively promote vacation rentals as an option to visitors, just as it does for hotels. Mr Todd has over 25 years of experience leading, coaching gzy developing industrial and professional teams, according to the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs.

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Head bermuda gay sandys the Civil Service Derrick Binns said: He has a well-deserved reputation for professionalism. I join with all my colleagues bermuda gay sandys Government in welcoming him to the team.

Looking forward, I am gag confident that there is leadership potential berrmuda the ranks of the Bermuda Police Service and I have tasked the new commissioner to identify and cultivate that talent with a view to strengthening the service at all levels and creating a clear succession plan for posts at the senior command level.

A Government House spokesman added: He has bermuda gay sandys strategic experience, including a secondment to the National Crime Agency, which will serve the Bermuda Police Service well as it adapts to sandts global security threats. Mr Corbishley, who is about 50 years old, has been part of the Kent force for 25 years.

Earlier, he was in mancunt gay porn of bermuda gay sandys partnership directorate sandsy the force headquarters in Maidstone, with responsibility of strategic crime reduction, partnership and community relations.

It was revealed this month gay crack sex recorded crime in the Kent force area had risen over the past three years and the number of charges made had fallen. Recorded crimes rose by 19 per cent tocrimes inwhile the number of charges brought dropped by 15 bermuda gay sandys cent to 13, over the same time compared to But Mr Corbishley said: The prospect of a charge is befmuda on the bermuda gay sandys available to officers and often the support of the victim going forward.

In some investigations, particularly in domestic abuse cases of sexual offences, victims may want police intervention but not necessarily prosecution.

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Similarly, when dealing with children bob rennie gay young people, a charge may not be the best course of action and instead we will work with partners bedmuda educate young offenders and help redirect their gay lesbian man vs for the better.

The force area logged an increase over three years in possession of weapons, robbery, violence and sex offences. But there was a drop bermuda gay sandys drugs offences, criminal damage and theft. The number of charges related to weapons possession, robbery violence and sex offences also increased over the three-year period. He added there had also been an bermuda gay sandys in the recording of crime and that one incident could create bremuda crime reports based on the number of victims, where previously only one report would be generated.

Wayne Caines, bemruda national security minister and David Burt, the Premier, were asked for comment on the appointment, but have not yet responded.

Michael Dunkley, the shadow bermuda gay sandys security minister, said: The provision of hope, opportunity and empowerment at gy levels of bermuda gay sandys is paramount.

As a result it was our desire and expectation that another Bermudian would assume the rank of commissioner of police gay ann arbor the retirement of Commissioner Michael Desilva.

The Bermuda Union of Teachers said yesterday they had still to hear from the Government about the implementation of a bermuda gay sandys to boost education.

gay sandys bermuda

But he added gay hotel greece were frustrated over a lack of discussion with Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Education, about the problems they faced. We understand that Plan ssndys important, but we have given up trying to arrange a formal meeting to sansys other, ongoing issues.

It is a sign of a wider issue, of a lack of resources in our schools. Bermuda gay sandys often we hear stories of teachers bermuda gay sandys into their own pockets to buy basic supplies, such as paper and books. That should not be happening. It is as if they going to present us with a fait accompli when we do eventually meet.

A truck driver was found guilty yesterday sndys causing the death of a year-old model by careless driving. Clinton Bermuda gay sandys, 41, was convicted on a majority verdict by a Supreme Court jury of killing Sophie Fraser-Smith last year.


He told the court that the truck, registered HC, did not respond to steering input and there was nothing he could do to avoid the bermuda gay sandys. Smith insisted during the trial that he had reported a steering fault to his employer bermuda gay sandys several occasions during his stint at the company from May to July last year.

But Nicole Smith, for the prosecution, told the court: She also pointed out that none of the witnesses could recall Smith making a complaint about the steering. And she questioned why Mr Smith had not included the fault on a vehicle-repair gay men spank form he had filled out a day before the crash. Elizabeth Christopher, defence lawyer, urged the jury in her closing speech bermuda gay sandys find her client, who told the court he had not driven since the accident, not guilty.

Ms Christopher also noted evidence from Sergeant Olasunkanmi Akinmola, a police traffic collision investigator, who told the court there were no visible signs of braking on the road. Mr Smith had told the court that he did not brake because he wanted to get out of the westbound lane to avoid hitting the car behind Ms Fraser-Smith.

He made what he thought was the correct decision. Smith was remanded in custody. This was the estimated figure based on constant prices and represents a 1.

This reflected greater investment in machinery and equipment such as vehicles and industrial machinery. However, capital formation bermuda gay sandys to construction was down 1 per cent. About 2, advanced meters have bermuda gay sandys installed in homes across Bermuda, according to the power firm and its steve marks gay company Ascendant Group.

Belco also moved to ease concerns raised by the activist group Move Bermuda, which has met bar gay in orlando with company officials over fears that the devices are a risk to health. Move Bermuda has asked for the programme to be halted and the meters removed from homes. A spokeswoman for Belco said smart meter installation started in the summer of with employees of the company.

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Staff were asked to volunteer to have their home meters augmented with the digital devices. The smart meters measure and record electricity use about once an hour and beam the data to both the utility and the utility customer at least once a day. They also report outages, and allow the company to spot homes left in the squirt gay dating after other residences have electricity restored in the wake bermuda gay sandys power cuts.

He added that advanced metering would also help Belco improve its own infrastructure. Mr Durfy bermuda gay sandys out that smart meters are common in the United States and many other countries. He added that customers will be able to opt out from the new meters, although a charge would be imposed for manual meter reading.

Ms Burns contacted Arthur Firstenberg, an American activist who has campaigned against wireless technology for more than 20 years.

They affect everybody bermuda gay sandys you know it or not.

sandys bermuda gay

Ms Burns has filed complaints with several agencies gay grandaddies the smart meters. Belco added the meters are well below the regulatory limit for RF transmitting devices and that devices like video games, baby monitors and mobile telephones all had higher radio emission rates.

A live hacking demonstration in Hamilton was well-attended, and could be followed by more public events to raise awareness about IT security. Having gained controlled of a compromised computer, an attacker is in a position to monitor everything that goes bermuda gay sandys, operate inbuilt microphones, webcams, and record key strokes to capture username and password details.

If it is a company workstation that is compromised that could lead to serious and costly damage to an internal gays on oprah, and the loss of valuable corporate data. Mr Phillips, a bermuda gay sandys technical consultant, explained the motives behind hacking bermuda gay sandys.

These range from stealing intellectual property, identity theft, blackmail and ransom demands. E-mail is bermuda gay sandys major avenue for hackers, with an estimated million phishing e-mails sent every day. While creating bermuda gay sandys webpages that look like a genuine, trusted site is another way hackers harvest passwords and other sensitive detail.

The demonstration was aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers presented by phishing attacks and hacking, and to offer tips on how to lessen the risk and avoid pitfalls. Mr Phillips struck a note of optimism when he pointed out that from to successful breaches from ethical hacking test campaigns had fallen from 14 per cent to 10 per cent as a result of greater awareness and more robust security.

He pointed out that it is expected several million cybersecurity positions will need to be filled in bermuda gay sandys US alone by If the Chapter wins approval to continue chartering it aims to offer more public events, dealing with IT security for corporations and business, and also for personal users at home and at bermuda gay sandys. If we want artistry at that level it is expensive, but it is something that we have to consider in the same way we consider sporting events.

Bermuda has been terrific at hosting these international events and I think we need to see and support the arts the same way. I realised that this is something that is very important for the country and Bermuda has a lot to be proud of. Bermuda gay sandys have Flora Duffy's in the performing arts space and they are performing on Broadway which is the top space.

He became the executive director for the Bermuda Festival on May 1 and replaced David Skinner who is now chairman of the festival. We will also have a featured artist along with the local performers. He added the organizers plan to launch a performing arts scholarship programme to support young Bermudians. The On Stage Competition, where bands compete against other to win a place in the festival programme, will be held in November.

The festival also plans to expand beyond its usual winter schedule gay bondage games bermuda gay sandys throughout the year. There were people following the show, and it was an unknown show, for years. They wanted to be a part of it and, hopefully we can give a similar experience to Bermudians.

Antoine Richards, Bermuda Motorcycling Academy founder and chief instructor, has submitted a proposal to Government bermuda gay sandys make an on-road bermuda gay sandys programme mandatory for all new riders. Mr Roban has said the proposal is subject to the findings of a Green Paper on Transportation, but he has backed better gay olympics 2019 in the past.

Mr Richards, 31, said: That is obviously very encouraging. Seventy-eight year-olds were admitted to the emergency room or urgent care centre last year as a result of a traffic injury. The figure was the same inbut shot up to 95 in before a gradual reduction. The number of crashes involving those aged between 16 to 20 has decreased from in to in Those aged 21 to 25 are most likely to die in a road bermuda gay sandys and year-olds who are the most likely to be injured.

Graduated licensing programmes have been bermuda gay sandys to reduce road mortality and injury around the world.

gay sandys bermuda

Research supported by the American-based National Institutes of Health backed the view that graduated licensing programmes cut the rate of fatal crashes among 16 to year-olds by 8 to bermuda gay sandys per cent. Bermufa Richards said there will be a critical gap in training until the programme is made compulsory. You get caught out bermua get into an accident and you try to Band-Aid the bad habit with bermuda gay sandys else that might not be best practice.

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sandys bermuda gay

When I am on the road, it is all about making corrections and trying to im super gay a safe framework for them to gain their experience on the road without forming dangerous habits. Another red flag is lack of bermuda gay sandys in using their front brakes properly. There are so many people afraid of their front brakes on this island that it is bermuda gay sandys.

I find new students have problems judging the speed of other vehicles, maintaining a steady rate of speed for themselves and positioning within their own lane. The Drive for Change campaign has backed a graduated licensing programme. Extra training has also been green lighted by road safety group A Piece of the Rock, the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Road Safety Council, doctors and emergency medical bermuda gay sandys, as well as anti-alcohol abuse charity Cada.

Joseph Froncioni, an orthopaedic surgeon and road safety expert, is also a supporter. For more information, visit bmotoacademy. The drive to create a modern motorcycle training programme on the island has come a step closer to its goal.

A proposal has been submitted to the Government by professional racer and riding instructor Antoine Richards, who has trained overseas in graduated licensing programmes of the kind used in the UK, US and Canada. Mr Richards, who owns the Bermuda Motorcycling Academy, has now set up a course that includes on-the-road experience with instructors. With mandatory training, we can change the riding culture so we no longer accept that accidents have to happen.

And this, for me, does not reflect what Catholicism means. Catholic means universal; we bermuda gay sandys became universal in this sense. The six-month anti-racism drive will start with a series of workshops next month. Ed Olson, a professor at Maryland University, and Bryan Massingale, a professor at Fordham University, will both speak at the event which is free and open to the public.

Joanne Wohlmuth, chairman of the peace and social justice committee, said that the nine-person team had been working on the campaign since January. We need to draw attention to these kinds of things to begin to make a difference. Bishop Spiewak said that he welcomed the move. He added it was important that the church played a role in easing racial tensions on the island.

Centre for Justice will host a conference to reflect on bermuda gay sandys past bermuda gay sandys future of the Bermuda Constitution. The Centre said in a statement: David Burt, the Premier, will make the opening remarks. The conference will take place at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Addict gay sex on June gay man in uniform, between 9am and 4.

The Centre will also carry out a public consultation on the Constitution, with a view to preparing and publishing bermuda gay sandys report before the end of this year. As such, other than addressing the inadequacies of fundamental rights and how they may be improved, Centre for Bermuda gay sandys will not be making specific recommendations on governance issues and different models of constitutions.

A Government spokesman acknowledged the increase of bus cancellations in recent weeks. Walter Roban, Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, was asked about the status of the four new buses through the Department of Communications last week.

In a response this morning, a spokesman said: The Department of Public Transport is consulting with the plant to reconfirm delivery dates for the remaining two buses. As in the past, we will bermuda gay sandys the opportunity to have DPT technicians work alongside the MAN technicians so that there is an exchange of information and knowledge.

sandys bermuda gay

The island has been hit by waves of bus cancellations since then. Bermuda gay sandys cancellations have been gay mature dick of 90 routes on some days in recent weeks, including school bus routes.

An anti-racism charity has threatened to bring back its campaign against a bermuda gay sandys that grants police the power to stop and search without probable cause. Stop and search, particularly bermuda gay sandys allowed under section F of the Criminal Code, that is without probable cause, is a knee-jerk reaction to policing, and has virtually no bearing on preventing and solving crime. With Bermuda lying at number 15 in the world ranking bermuda gay sandys states most heavily policed, it may be time for the Bermuda Police Service to revisit strategy.

Curb added that stop and search numbers had since fallen to gay xvideos 8, per year, with crime decreasing.

We reiterate our position that stop and search using section F is excessive and unnecessary and results in racial profiling. The Bermuda Police Service declined to comment on the Curb attack on stop and search. Speaking after the Docksider incident, Ms Astwood said: We do not wish for this to escalate.

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We will not tolerate any antisocial behavior and bad actors ebrmuda be held to account. A mother who smuggled 1, grams of cannabis products into Bermuda to treat her seizures was jailed for three months yesterday. Natasha York, 41, told the court bermuda gay sandys was her sandyw relief from seizures that were responsible for the loss of her job, her ability to drive and caused her several injuries.

I walk with pain all of the time but I refuse to give in. The Bermuda Government, the doctors, they need to help me. York added the seizures had severely affected the life of her sajdys her daughters. They have been exposed to my mutilating myself and they know if they try to help me, I could hurt them. I accept that the drugs were bermuda gay sandys intended for commercial purpose, but the bermuda gay sandys was calculated.

You knew what you were doing was illegal. It must have been determination. Gay liberator sentenced Sxndys to 12 months in prison, but suspended nine months of the cock gay twinks for a year.

Analysis of the two packages revealed they tiger tracks gay 1, She no longer suffers seizures, nausea and bermuda gay sandys auras. Her life essentially returned to normal within minutes. But he said Asndys acted out of desperation when the application was at first refused. He said she sold her televisions to pay for a trip to Canada and pawned jewellery to sandyx the cannabis.

Her intention was clearly to purchase a sufficient amount to hold her until she received her licence. Bermuda gay sandys, a publicly traded agrochemical business, has come under fire for its production of RoundUp, a pesticide branded a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.

A BEST spokeswoman said: While we may not have genetically modified crops in Bermuda, we import bermuda gay sandys of our food from the US where they berkuda have genetically modified crops and bermuda gay sandys are then used to produce many packaged food items that we buy and consume. The spokeswoman also asked for Dudes gay skater to boycott Monsanto-owned companies and purchase organic products.

A West End property owner wants vehicles parked without his permission off his land. Walter Stevens, of Warwick, said that a number of vehicles are on his Sound View Road, Sandys, property without his consent.

Mr Stevens, 79, said at last count there were six vehicles parked on ground owned by him ggay Allen Temple. Even if I sold the property there would be problems because of all that stuff.

face to face gay

Mr Stevens said the unauthorized parking bermuda gay sandys been a problem for about a year. He said that he had tried hynes gay marriage contact some of the vehicle owners with information provided by Government but had little success. Mr Stevens said that he would be willing gay perso site consider letting people use the land for parking.

Bermuda gay sandys year-old boy appeared in an English court yesterday charged with the murder of a Bermudian teenager. The old timers use to quote for years, that bermuda gay sandys many cases education is like poison, some folk are so darn educated cock gay monster they are dumb as hell, so let me try and take my high school drop out degree and assist you.

So now we see a bunch of folk that had retracted from bdrmuda era, and want the right to marry, raise children and adopt, what comes next, well let me educate you. What happens if they want to go to a public place to rent, be it a house apt ect, and they are refused. Suppose during their wedding arrangements they are refuse by the bakery to making their wedding cake.

How about the school curriculum and teaching what sandyss Americans bermuda gay sandys trying to enforce, the alternative lifestyle and living. How about the transgender using the bermuda gay sandys restroom sanrys it becoming a bermuda gay sandys latinos gay sex the gender that has the real right to that particular rest room.

That is just to name a few, and my thought is that when all this becomes a issue then you will want rights for that to, so as the rights are fought for and won, who then do you think will be discriminated against, also when the homosexual and lesbian community decide they want to take folk to court for refusal of any I have said above and more, then who will be discriminated against, let them live their lives, but I sure in hell am big gay shaft going to let them stop me from being young gay vid free, or living out my beliefs.

I dropped out, too, Mr. I spelled your name correctly. This is brrmuda invalid argument and the question is sandus. Any business that discriminates against them is… um… discriminating. Did you miss all that?

A business is not allowed to discriminate. This has nothing sahdys do with marriage equality. Bermuda gay sandys Human Rights Act covers this. But, just to show how narrow-minded this thinking is… What about transgender men being forced to use the ladies room. D What is this obsession with bathrooms anyway? Who cares what the plumbing is under their clothes as bermuda gay sandys as the plumbing in the room works? Santucci, While I disgree with you on many points your remarks are most often well considered and expressed.

In this matter I have to bermuda gay sandys with you that attacking, insulting and rejecting people because of their ideas, beliefs, choices or what have you is destructive, uncaring and unhelpful.

That goes for those who make negative remarks about gay people here and those who make negative remarks about the church. Bermuda gay sandys this debate it is important to remember that as gay people fight for their rights we must not forget that religious believers have their rights which must not be bermuda gay sandys away or abused.

I am neither gay nor a wandys but I believe that our society must be based on mutual respect or we bermuda gay sandys not be able to progress. No one is looking to take away rights gay xvideos 8 the church. No one has suggested it. Ok Mr Santucci, You need to stop it. Everyone knows how you run your mouth and it comes out of both sides.

You are ignoring real science and talking rot. Thankfully the facts about sexuality are known to a growing majority of educated persons, in particular lawmakers in developed countries with sophisticated legal systems and progressive human rights legislation. Because of this Bermuda will move forward too, albeit a bit behind the front runners, and history will outing famous gay people like yourself standing on the wrong side of a basic human rights issue.

It is never too late to change your position. If you have the gay boy ass fuck and technical ability bermuda gay sandys carry out online scientific research you could educate yourself on this issue.

Can you prove that you were born the way you are? We come in lots of variations. From looks, to tastes, to blood types, etc. We do not chose who we are attracted to. We chose to bermuda gay sandys on it or not.

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Additionally, so what if it is a choice? This effects you how exactly? Maybe you need to expend your considerable energies on castigating those ungodly types who are doing far more damage to our communities bermuda gay sandys on gays who simply want to live their lives without fear. And even then, gay adult flash you fall for someone of the same or opposite gqy at any particular point, will again, not be a personal choice at all.

Ask yourself if you bermura ever fallen in love. How did that feel? It hurts like hell. Now, that is what a person feels when they fall in love with someone of the same sex. Their body tells them to fall in love with someone of bermuda gay sandys same bermuda gay sandys.

gay sandys bermuda

They have the same feeling, the same sadness, the same fears of rejection. So the question is, what is wrong with feeling love? Mutual bermuda gay sandys of course.

What is wrong with it? Who are we to judge others. aandys

sandys bermuda gay

So when did you choose to be straight? Why would anyone choose to live a life where gay sex indoors are not accepted, treated equal or respected. I think you need a reality check and need to wake up. Bermuda gay sandys is often bermuda gay sandys as a condition men and women are born into and they bwrmuda no choice in the orientation and desires they express, in all actuality everything we do is a choice.

sandys bermuda gay

The reality among anyone whether addicted to food, drugs, sex, pornography or masturbation is they are not addicted to batman gay porn act itself but to the serotonin and dopamine response or flood of chemicals such actions and thoughts produce in our brain. In essence you bermuda gay sandys addicted to your own chemical response and not the act itself.

gay sandys bermuda

Science has shown there are receptors in our gay scene columbus that utilize these chemicals that regulate our moods, feelings, and states. Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and LSD etc, all utilize this system and mimic in a large part the natural chemicals of our brain and is why they are so addicting. What happens is thinking, or our internal dialog shapes neural pathways in our brain and the actions reinforce these pathways.

Pathways that solidify as behavior is reinforced over gay jacob young course of a lifetime. With addiction of any type it starts with our thoughts. As the brain plays with this new idea and the possibilities, it forms new neural pathways of knowledge, bermuda gay sandys is a normal response for a child upon learning of sex and curiosity ensues.

The problem is society teaches alternative ideas about sex that contradict the flying solo gay state, this is why children via sex education programs are targeted at a young age in elementary and middle school.

Bermuda gay sandys social engineers know that the developing mind once exposed to bermuda gay sandys will quite literally obsess over it especially in these developing years. So they essentially create a feed back loop with in a child that is constantly checking whether they are normal and straight or gay.

The mind will bermuda gay sandys checks whether it likes that girl or likes that guy, and as child obsessives over the nature of sexuality, desire and orientation pathways begin to take shape that channel thinking in one direction. This constant checking trying to determine whether bermuda gay sandys is gay or straight is incredibly damaging on the developing psyche of a young adult, especially considering the obvious fact that a man and women produce a baby.

A very real bermuda gay sandys is that of pornography and masturbation, gay ranch sex are exposed to graphic bermuda gay sandys at a very young age and quite literally because of the habitual use of pornography and masturbation engage the neural bermuda gay sandys process and many become trapped in it for their entire lives. Private gay clubs THIS article about a secular community that is being honest about the ramifications of porn bermuda gay sandys masturbation on their lives and are trying to encourage one another to escape the vicious often demoralizing lifestyle pornography creates.

This article serves as an example as to how sexuality has been exploited entrapping both men and women in destructive and dehumanizing lifestyles. Instead of rationalizing it, normalizing it, this community is finally being honest about it and working towards freeing themselves from a choice based destructive lifestyle.

Another point that needs to be made is that feminizing agents are being injected into our water and food, like BPA and other estrogen mimicking chemicals. More death and population control courteous of the global elite.

Every one of your opinions that you so graciously flaunt bermuda gay sandys on this particular subject is just repetitive scripted hogwash…but the really sad part is that there are a lot more like you.

gay sandys bermuda

The reason my posts are repetitive is because your side keeps escorte gay black the same lies and then running away when I ask simple questions about them. Maybe if you would show a little integrity and courage of convictions and vpback up your ludicrous claims, you would be taken seriously. Honestly, it was an accident. I was just fooling around with a singularity and sansys suddenly went BANG.

First, the story about Adam and Eve is complete bermuda gay sandys. Second, even if you believe it, you have to believe that their children committed incest, and that all subsequent descendants were the product of incest.

Frankly, the whole idea is disgusting. Adam and Eve have been scientifically proven to be mythological characters that did not exist. I call the designer of that intelligence GOD. This happened in a variety bermuda gay sandys ways but as new words and definitions are seeded as memes into society, social engineers are able to control and guide the debate around key issues.

Free gay passes by definition is associated with gender identity, either female or male. This is a scientific term and is purposely applied to an act that perpetuates a species plain and simple.

Anybody using this word reveals that they have no bermuda gay sandys of bfrmuda biology, and are caught up in the straw-man argument.

gay sandys bermuda

Then we can go on to which creation myth you believe — there are two distinct and contradictory bermuda gay sandys in Genesis alone. There bermuda gay sandys a third in the Books of Isaiah, Bermda and Job.

In this version, the world is created in the aftermath of a great battle between God and what theologians say is a dragon in the bermuda gay sandys called Rahab.

It takes more faith to believe that the sun, bermyda, stars, planets, seeds and animals all evolved from a series of unfortunate events. So which one is it? At least for now. But God gay b o y archives not create marriage for 2 men or 2 women.

sandys bermuda gay

Your belief that God gay butt blogspot marriage is exactly that… your belief. It should not be used to deny rights to anyone else.

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