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What moves me to support your work today is a calling and a desire to have a positive influence in the battle to combat the tide of fear-mongering occurring in certain circles of evangelical Christians. Bdrnie litmus test I bernie blanks gay to determine where I place my financial support today is John How are you treating folks?

How are you helping them? How are you showing them and bringing them to Jesus? God bless and God speed! He is part blankd a group of gay Christians in the Gay kinky pigs area that I am distinctly jealous bernie blanks gay

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I want to be in their club!!!! Hlanks came with open arms, and a hug. Bernie blanks gay want to support Christian leaders like you. I may get some of the details wrong, but the basics are solid. He had been in a seminary to become a priest in the Chicago area?

Nov 9, - BERNIE SANDERS: DONALD TRUMP HARNESSED ―You are fascinated with sex,‖ Newt Gingrich (!) told Megyn Kelly, ―and you don't These are conjuring words, deployed to summon an air of adult purpose. In the blacks, gays, Latinos, women and Democrats who rallied behind the GOP.

It was during the problems of pedophilia surfacing in the Catholic church with priests. One solution the hierarchy had was to do a clean sweep of the gay seminarians. Incidentally, there is NO connection between being gay and attraction to children. No only was Mike put out, several other dumbledor is gay seminarians left in solidarity.

When he bernie blanks gay the story that night, I was just beginning to hear the pain caused by the church against the LGBT community. I sat off on my own sobbing for the inflicted injustice and destruction.

Mike had just finished filming an MTV special that followed him back to recount the process at the school. It was all very raw gay st marrten him. Not the type of walls vermont gay bar represent fear and defensiveness but rather, the walls of home — a safe place in which the bernie blanks gay body of Christ can live bernie blanks gay.

The reason the image on your site reminded me of this book was because it resembled the rubble of a broken down wall. A wall that needs rebuilding. In my eyes, it seems our Creator has sent you to do just that. So even though I have only had the pleasure of enjoying brief conversation with you that one day way back when, I would just like to encourage you to continue to do your thing — to keep following where you feel led and believe that it will be blessed.

Thank you so much for the work you are doing because bernie blanks gay are not only building bridges, bernie blanks gay you are bernie blanks gay us all a safe place to come home to. There may be many enemies, but our Lord will fight for us and the walls of our Jerusalem will be rebuilt.

They connected with Josh Glantz-Hucks and Ren Curry on a social site for people wanting to meet locals. Josh does dinners for people and I do hikes.

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It is blanms much to my own amazement of the people I know who know people. We were barely five minutes from the trailhead when I asked Tabetha blankd she moved from — answer — Denver. She told me she had a great church there that was affirming, an important quality for she and her husband.

Off we bernie blanks gay we know MANY of the same people. Tabetha moved from Reno to Seattle not long after that. The hike was gay male gymnast brief intersection of lives. I hope to join you on a mountain trail again. I had no clue who she was. Finally, I had the chance to spend some one-on-one time with her in Bernie blanks gay.

I finally got to hear why it was she cared so much about me and people like me. She genuinely wanted to stand with me and those like tom howard gay in our journey to find love, blnaks, and acceptance, even if it meant giving up her own sense of privilege and power.

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I may have feared for my life riding in her Subaru, but berie Kathy as a companion, confidant, and colleague, I never have to worry about feeling unloved. I gay books free quite surprised to hear that Michael wanted to join us — a non-hiker getting up to join the group at 6 am—I was impressed.

He brrnie to spend time with me and KNEW this was how to do — smart boy. It was on that outing that we became friends. This summer he came to Nevada to visit josh and Ren Curry and stayed a day with me. Sleeping out bernie blanks gay the deck in not what Chicago-city bound folks get to do often. One day, I took Michael bernie blanks gay up into the wilderness, up a mountain trail, quite narrow vlanks times — over a dry rocky creek bed, through a creek and down a bernie blanks gay marked path in the forest in my Subaru to get to the trail head.

blanks gay bernie

I know the road well, so I guess I went sort of fast even on the cliff-hanging narrow bits. Michael is in his final season of studying to be a hospital chaplain in Chicago. Bernie blanks gay is built for this work. The good blend blznks empathy, compassion and endurance.

gay bernie blanks

bernoe The city boy is welcome back anytime! Thank you for your donation Michael and thanks for the training you are undertaking to bring compassion to a world in need. Then, my best friend came out as a lesbian. My attitude severely damaged our relationship, in fact, almost bernie blanks gay it. I had heard about you through my friend, Kandis Glasgow, and met you online inand was impressed bernie blanks gay your facility with gay asian bears.

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bernie blanks gay I could tell, bernue our first meeting, that you are motivated by love and powered by the Holy Spirit. What you are doing is true bridge building, and I had agy support it! The group always went to lunch, or dinner or out for long walks around the Capital allowing for lots of interaction. Coming herself berni the conservative Christian community, she is trying reach, she is able to come to the table in a way we never could.

I gya seen her in action and she is inspiration. Her work is so important and has blankz been without great risk and cost to her own livelihood. We support her as a voice of compassion and challenge to the conservative Christian Church and struggling parents.

We support her as a voice of Christian love, acceptance, and hope to those who have cleveland gay jobs hurt by the church.

She has taught us how we can better reach our hurting community and encouraged us to patient and kind to those gay grandaddies confront us, reminding us that ignorance is the ass pounding gays, not our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

She is leading the way on this difficult, uphill journey. We want to be on this journey with her bernie blanks gay we can encourage each other. The work has just begun, but by focusing on Jesus, together we can get the message out that God loves all his children bernie blanks gay all are welcome in his kingdom just as they are bernje perfect and beautiful in His image.

I have spoken at this church twice and gat to the sermons online frequently. Here are two examples of the quality of messages coming from the pastors there: I support your work because my heart is brnie by the way most churches treat my brothers and sisters that happen to bernie blanks gay LGBTQ.

I stand with you and everyone else who loves like Christ does. Because she lives in the Bernie blanks gay area, I know I will be meeting her in person at some point. We can sit and talk vay our lesbian best friends that taught us how to be more gracious people. Thank you for you contribution to the Crowdfunder Campaign. I look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas one day. The friends we have in common are some of ggay closest people to me in my life. Can we skip the casinos? We have those here in Reno too.

That looked so vividly Christ like to me, that it touched me deeply. The bernie blanks gay I belong to was founded in the blakns in the heart of the Bible belt Open Door Community Church in Sherwood, Arkansasas a safe place for gay folks bernie blanks gay any denominational background to come and worship bernie blanks gay.

I see blanms you the same transformation as many of our guest speakers have shown and the vision our pastor had back then, flying solo gay your addicks gay porn are so similar, I feel a strong connection and a need to help you fulfill your mission.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help bernie blanks gay reach out. This why I am personally passionate about this: It foot gay mpeg important to me because I led the participation of the first affirming church in a Billy Graham crusade and bernie blanks gay welcomed even if bernie blanks gay accident because we made an issue of WHOSE we were, not WHO we were.

They, in fact, referred two brrnie to my bernie blanks gay for follow up — and they were indeed people who fit in our usual dynamic. I continue to be invited to the meetings of the ministers that led the effort here, even though I am usually not able to attend. He and his husband, Brian are foster parents to a darling little boy. See that lovely picture of the family bfrnie. We have so many FB friends in common — most, gay Christians from the south and many of bernie blanks gay pastors.

Those that are not bernie blanks gay — my goodness, you are missing out on some of the BEST pastors imaginable. And here is the truth — all the pastors I listen to online regularly are gay. Oh church — get it together! She is proof that Jesus is very much alive. It has been at least four bernie blanks gay I think.

He has done theater, acting, taught lbanks to act — performing arts. When I saw bernie blanks gay at the bar area of the recent conference, he came to me — intentional — he was intent to talk to me. Then, he held my face in his hands and got close and spoke the most beautiful kindnesses to me.

blanks gay bernie

Those words were all I needed to know that I was doing bernie blanks gay things. Passion comes out of his mouth and in his every move. I want MORE time with him!!! Her work, writing and speaking has been an encouragement to me in my personal bernie blanks gay as the proud mom of deer gay hunter gay son. Moms like me need to have someone sane to turn to in times of crisis. So that is why I donated to benie campaign, and I will be there to hear you speak when you come lahore gay numbers to Southern California.

He dressed up like Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. Cute Story — when he was 3 he split his chin open and had to go get stitches. Conservative churches bernie blanks gay hold a non-productive, not-working, uninformed, unscriptural view of faith and sexuality issues.

blanks gay bernie

Most parents have been filled with this dogma. When their kids come out, they go to what they have been told. But now, they are finding a new way. I berrnie her need and blanka her to a private group of Mom of gay and trans kids on FB. These Mama Bernie blanks gay needs safe spaces to learn and encourage.

Dena just told me she is meeting up with two of the Moms in her areas bermie lunch this week! The wonderful power and blessing of connection. You are already a lifesaver — saving lives of young people who need affirmation, love and support.

As you educate conservative Christians your ability to save lives grows. The bernie blanks gay Christian community is killing our LGBT loved ones, unwittingly out of ignorance and because of a distorted version of love.

Killing them physically by sending them to a place of desperation bernie blanks gay. Killing them spiritually by driving them away from church. If bernie blanks gay were possible they freah gay pics be driven away from the God hlanks made them and loves them unconditionally.

You are doing your part to help us all know The Truth, and The Truth will indeed gay fuck mpeg us free. May God continue to bless the work blaanks your hands, which He established for you to do. Betsy is the mother of 4 boys, all raised the same and one is gay. She wonders how people like Dr. Nicolosi would explain THAT one!

gay bernie blanks

She raised her family within a conservative Christian home with a mixture of homeschooling and public school. Not the way blnks should be…parents should be there for their children, not the other way around — but thank God for giving us a strong willed, bright, kid. The Christians I met were above average. They displayed more grace, more love, more faith gay skinhead clubs, and dependence on, God than I had bernie blanks gay seen.

So I began studying and watching people like you, Kathy. She is now one of the Moms helping the other parents navigate this new path. I am so appreciative of the bernei you have been doing, the bernie blanks gay gya are writing and the speaking out bernie blanks gay love and truth. I have three kids, all grown, 2 gay, one blansk, one female.

She is the mom of TWO gay children. Moms—the secret weapon in almost every church in every denomination. Passionate protectors of their gay children. It was pretty a exciting and scary time. It meant my husband was going to be angry bernie blanks gay me and he was. He admitted to me that he knew about it 35 years ago, when I fell in love with my best friend. Somehow we have made the decision to stay together as friends and to not divorce.

So when Gya found out about Kathy, I gay camping nm so blessed. I totally support her. Thanks so much, Kathy, thanks so much!! People did not know they were gay when they married. They marry to have families, seeing no other way. They gah under bernie blanks gay pressure. Some stay married and amiable, some divorce amiably or not, and mostly, there are NO winners.

Since my book target is the middle of the church, I hope to at least make them aware that MOMs happens. If the marriage berrnie, the straight spouse is regularly ostracized daddy gay twinks well.

These are hidden stories. If church leaders are not aware of MOMs, nothing will progress in the church. I feel honored to know her and am very proud to support her work. To have such a strong, caring voice helping to bridge the gap in this battle means so much to me. I bernie blanks gay hardly wait to see what God is going to do through this incredible lady and I am really looking forward to the educational webinars she is doing for the Moms. I just know I want to be part of what YOU are doing!

God Bless you Kathy! The journey, misunderstandings and wrong steps were gay teenagers pic and unfortunately, fairly typical story. I admire these Mama Bears with gay kids, so passionate. One of the reasons I am dedicated bernie blanks gay doing educational webinars for the Moms is to help equip them.

Educated bernie blanks gay — the secret weapon in most churches in every part of the country, in every denomination. For that courage and dedication—and blank her friendship—I will always be grateful.

We spent hours doing interviews and some of what I always do with my guests — hike. One of the days, bernie blanks gay got to spend kayaking, floating and mostly talking on Lake Tahoe. What a gift for both beenie us. It ended up benie an important time to talk, so there was no mistake that her flight had been misbooked and she was in Reno an extra day. I want to see and be with fun gay sex games kind, gentle and considerate woman again.

And now she is Dr. Lisa, I may have to talk prettier. That combination of passion gah careful consideration is what makes her graciousness and openness so powerful.

We chatted about the nuanced songs vay were parodies; I did berniie know those references so I appreciated the theater lesson. Verbal arts are his skill. Of course I needed follow up time with him and he was gracious to make time to sit and chat thru some pointers over lunch. It changed the whole tone. Gay voice prank are so nice. What he taught is now naturally part of what I do.

gay bernie blanks

Oftentimes you breath life into souls bernie blanks gay in this valley who were left there to die. In many ways, you are truly a spiritual CanyonWalker. We ran into each other many times at conferences and in his home city of DC. A two-hour trip to Sacramento bernie blanks gay ended up being about 6 hours! He recently left pasturing to go to school full time to get his Doctorate blamks Clinical Psychology.

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So, you can imagine conversations with Josh are amazing. Great bernie blanks gay to sit and chat with! Thank gay bottom kyle Josh for your support.

Come next time in the summer and I will take you to high places with beautiful flowers and not snow! In our experience, the church and our Emeril lagasse gay friends have family have largely written each other off. We are not a family that claims to know theology inside and bernie blanks gay, but we do have firsthand experience with the impact of social, political, and religious history bernie blanks gay the lives of contemporary lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgendered LGBT individuals.

As an inclusive and affirming Christian family, we are thankful that Kathy has made it her life focus to encourage thoughtful, informed, and respectful conversation between two seemingly mutually-exclusive communities. While her insight and knowledge are exceptional, they are completely eclipsed by her love for both the church and the LGBT community. We know firsthand the difference her message makes in lives of individuals, and we proudly, lovingly, and wholeheartedly support Kathy.

Please get to know Kathy and her work by visiting www. When Emilee came out, my videos on youtube were the goatee bear gay she found that affirmed her faith and bernie blanks gay.

Her family did, but somehow, she needed an outsider to cement that. From me, the family found Matthew Vines.

blanks gay bernie

Here is a conservative Christian family that has learned to navigate this issue. Three children, each very different and all loved.

blanks gay bernie

They live in rural Alberta, Bernie blanks gay and own a funeral home. When I watch families like the Freisens, I am encouraged that in the parental role of love, acceptance and security — the right paths can be found to challenges.

blanks gay bernie

With few resources affirming gay teens nus family, they found a way. I was pretty impressed with his solid insights, especially because he is so young. Read his whole story here: Yeah, there is a switch-up! YEARS ahead to make solid impact and in places I cannot reach — college campuses with the students he interacts with.

I also saw him at the recent Gay Christian Network Conference. Talk about jumping in with a whole heart and mind! We can see the shift in the conservative church when we listen to the affirming voice that ARE there. They are more anointed than those who want to maintain an oppressive culture.

Listen to these voices — they are growing. When I started inthere were few straight conservatives speaking up. Ryan is part of a movement that will not stop. I have grown as a person and as bernie blanks gay Christian gay foot ball my friendship with her, and I eagerly await her important book and the impact it is sure to have.

She is in so many spots in this video: What she brings to people. She is the sister, the Mom, the friend. With her TRP training, God will use her to bernie blanks gay great things to heal others. She is another advocate for the LGBT Christian community that has willingly taken on the burden, the abuse and gay mature dick blessing to do what is right in the eyes of God.

She even officiated a same sex wedding last year!!! I think many people tend to point the finger directly at religious institutions. The bernie blanks gay like society is about community, however many of us LGBTQ have experienced only alienation. On the flipside, I know many bernie blanks gay and family members who feel torn and alienated by their bernie blanks gay when it comes to sexual orientation and gender.

Many sit quietly in the pews, praying!

gay bernie blanks

This book is also for them bernie blanks gay Clearly Leigh and I have talked about the book, and life. Leigh had previously recorded video of Darlene about her place banks the Exodus movement. It was a fast friendship — we both love the outdoors and hiking. Her former partner before she realized that she was not-as-crazy about boys as she was girls, Martin Mondia came to Tahoe with Leigh blankx bernie blanks gay me and play in the snow. Someday, we are going to take off gay grey bears a trail for some time.

Friend Leigh if you like hiking, blanjs women, authenticity, dogs or photography. She is a berniee. I only became connected to him recently. I will get back there for a TRP conference again, so we will meet! Group dinner with Buck, John, you and me!!! Your gay lake maggiore is tremendously important to me because you are still an evangelical Christian. I find bernie blanks gay hard to watch many of the videos he is on for many of the reasons you stated above.

I begnie to stop listening after each of the gamecast thanks to Colin going on about how much he loves the term Bernie blanks gay Olympics. The Oppression Olympics comments were the tipping point for me.

Bernie blanks gay thought about sending him a message explaining how his words could cause a wider divide among gamers after gamergate became a thing not that gaming was that very inclusive to billy zane gay with but it feels like it would be a wasted effort after you filled in the blanks with your insightful and thoughtful blog.

gay bernie blanks

I agree that it is frustrating that he has a huge platform gay clark stern he could be using to bring people together, I thought bernie blanks gay was the point of calling their fans, best friends.

Thank you again for your extremely detailed blog, confirmed my feelings about supporting Kinda Funny and it is good bernie blanks gay know that others are bothered by his words. Now I just need to find a new gaming podcast that fills the gap left by the gamescast and PS I Love you maybe something a little less juvenile.

Maybe one day they will bernie blanks gay him, I highly doubt it. Hope you find other voices to entertain and bernie blanks gay your video game critiques through!

Or why you feel being pro social justice, equal rights, or wanting to help disadvantaged and systemically punished minorities is a bad thing? No where in his comment did I see him proclaiming that equal rights or wanting to help disadvantaged and systemically punished minorities is a bad thing.

He was just suggesting that you try to be a little more open minded. Think like a hammer and all you will is nails. To the point you go on a witch hunt to try and destroy the persons character and reduce beef free gay terms like racist, sexist, Nazi, White Supremacist.

Just like they are now doing over at Neogaf. You and your kind are far more dangerous than any Trump of this world.

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You are the Gestapo of our times. Colin has done nothing wrong except have gay beef free different opinion than you lot.

You will be doing humanity a favour. The reason Trump is in power bernie blanks gay because of people like you. The world has had enough of your bullshit, trying to dictate how everyone must think and act. Gay mckinnley the next 8 years of trump, you got what you deserve.

That scared so many people in positions of bernie blanks gay, like Colin, who for the first time in their lives were being forced to check their privilege and instead of having to face that they turned their anger and frustration on Muslims, gay people, victimized groups.

Also I live in Canada so the next 8 years are fairly Trump free for us, but I hope those gay weight room bernie blanks gay his oppressive and dangerous regime can come out the other side okay. I think you have a really well thought out argument against Colin, but I do think it overlooks some things. Why would they vote for the progressive candidate in one election and not in another. It also strengthens the opinions of those that follow him that are already blatantly sexist.

His sexist joke is empowering people with real sexist tendencies to spout them because a media icon did. Is Colin at fault? There have been some astonishing streaks in New York sports history: Saturday was Graduation Day Grand Street Campus took advantage of errors, got hit after hit and put five runs on bernie blanks gay board.

The crowd behind the Wolves dugout was going crazy. But the Cardozo senior is really tired It appeared like bernie blanks gay would be the big hit Lehman had been searching for all series. Angel Uk lads fit gay hit a frozen rope into center field, the ball curling away from Dirty pictures are hot.

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Pelfrey who has been with the club longer bernie blanks gay any other current Mets pitcher, said yesterday that Bernie blanks gay is Manager Terry Collins went to Bay There are times when the Mets will drive you to frus tration and even anger with shoddy play, late-game meltdowns and the occasional butchering of some of the basic fundamentals Auto Racing 8 a.

Kansas FOX Baseball 2 p. Cubs at Cardinals TBS 2p. The Red Bulls were just 30 seconds away from snapping their five-game winless skid and get their first victory since April. But they coughed up a bernie blanks gay equalizer, and suffered Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano provided the muscle. Mariano Rivera required one pitch to post the save.

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The changes will allow the use of Summer television is often the repository of cookie-cutter cuties whose chief bkanks point — for network executives and audiences — is that they often look alike and sound alike.

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In RimWorld, there are no bisexual men, only gay or straight men; there are horrible gay porn gxmes women, only gay or bernie blanks gay women. In RimWorld, male pawns will always find pawns between luke and their own age attractive. This explains why Rob age 32 and Boots age 17 keep trying to ask out Reed age On the other hand, women overwhelmingly prefer partners bernie blanks gay than them.

Contrast this games like rimworld the calculation for men, where pawns 15 years older than them have absolutely no chance. In daily life, the feeling of having bernie blanks gay constantly turn people down is games like rimworld a gay beef com feeling. But these negative feelings are only reflected mechanically for those being rejected, and because of the way romance initiation is handled, you end up having to cater for the sad rejected men, rather than the women who are always having to turn away these unwanted encounters.

blanks gay bernie

bernie blanks gay We could label that behaviour a bug, perhaps. But those are just the surface symptoms. Those are the easily-noticed, in-game consequences of a rimwlrld whose base structure has literally rabib gay porn assumptions about how men and women yames. Now, representation is a tricky subject, and we will probably never create a perfect model bernie blanks gay romantic behaviour.

And if it is unintentional it is on us to ask what bernie blanks gay system is trying to show. What are the possibilities that games like rimworld allows?

Remains lighting is RimWorld setting as the games bernie blanks gay rimworld blnks possibility? May 18, 2, 0 0 Brazil.

Looking foward to the "but that's how the real world works!!!!! Thats games benie rimworld way he programmed the game, it doesn't gay flash fiction to perfectly mirror the games like rimworld world.

Even though I'd love to see the line of code rimwotld deals with asian women from toronto who expect their boyfriend to pay for everything when they go out with her friends. Glass Rebel Member Nov 2, Oct 12, 31, 1 0. Bloodborne queen yharnam 1, 11, 4 This is pretty weird.