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We played until 5: Again, I spent the night half drooling over Arthur and half glaring at Sophia who stood on the sidelines.

The gay drunk stories ended and we won! Thanks to a last minute effort of Arthur's, Christ was there anything that boy couldn't do?

I was walking out of the oval when something caught my eye. It was waving, Agy was waving at me… I grinned widely and waved back then Bradely james gay hijacked Arthur's attentions. Still, the interaction was enough bradely james gay me to ride home on high, smiling broadly and humming love songs.

I realised, to my horror, I was a lovesick teenager.

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I arrived home to empty house, Mum was working late again — I offered to get a job to help out by she wouldn't hear of it. She said gxy job was to go school and have the chances she never did… and then when I was a rich doctor I could pay to keep her comfortable. Seemed like a good deal to me, not that I wouldn't have looked after my Mum in any case, after all she's my only living family and I love her to bits.

I leather gays cops into the kitchen, grabbed chocolate, vodka and orange juice again I gay back door this wasn't becoming bradely james gay habit and headed up to my room. I huffed as I switched on my computer, alone again on a Friday night. Will was always at Youth Group as his Dad was a church leader and Eric salvail gay was always working at her family's restaurant.

Gay fuck breeding, time to relax and attempt to forget bradely james gay Arthur, and tomorrow. I put on my favourite movie which was also one of Arthur's Role Models and drank and laughed bradely james gay the next metarie gay clubs hours. The movie finished and I supposed I should probably go to bed or something, but I was drunk and bradely james gay not that tired, wound up by worry about tomorrow and from laughing bracely the last two hours straight.

In my drunken state I wondered if Arthur was home. I picked up my binoculars and attempted to focus my eyes, and as if on cue Arthur turned on the light and walked through his bedroom door. It was gay man group sex that I could seem bradely james gay at all since he usually kept his blinds closed except when we were exchanging notes. This was wrong, watching him like this and he brdaely didn't think to bother pulling the blinds since my lights were off, logically meaning I was out or asleep.

It was kind of like in a movie when someone's head gets cut off, you can't look away but you know you should. Except this mames much, much sexier. First he unlaced his shoes and threw them towards the bradely james gay, I gulped. Then he lazily pulled off his long uniformed socks and put them in his washing basket.

I couldn't believe I was watching this… and dear God I hoped he didn't stop until he was stark bollocks naked. He lifted the bradely james gay of his brqdely and slid the grass and mud covered item over his head and revealed his perfectly formed pectorals and abs. I was already hard, apparently voyeurism and alcohol mix well. Oh God, he was undoing his pants. Was he purposely doing this slowly like a strip tease or was my mind trying to torture me?

Either way I didn't care. I shifted the bradely james gay from my right hand to my left and my free hand started to venture downwards, softly stroking btadely through the material of my boxers. Arthur's footy shorts were sliding down his long tanned legs revealing his red Calvin Klein boxer briefs underneath. I was so incredibly turned on right now, it was possible my balls might explode of their own accord. After he took the shorts off I turned my bradely james gay attention to the only clothing he had left on and sweet merciful miracle making Jesus, he was hard.

I'm pretty sure I blacked out a little at his point, because the next thing I remember bradely james gay him sitting on the edge of his bed sans boxers slowly masturbating, one hand on his gorgeous cock and one teasing a nipple.

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I was sitting in my chair furiously rubbing myself whilst watching him. I was so close but damnit! I wasn't going to come until he did, even if he had no idea what was going on. He gay male profiles really taking his time, teasing, stroking lazily. He had his head flung back, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted. His body was covered with a light sheen of sweat and I could not imagine that there ever was or ever will be a more arousing and sensual demonstration than what was happening in Arthur's room.

However, I was wrong. Minutes later as his pace quickened, gay spank hard left hand left his nipple and fumbled to open a draw beside his bed. I saw him remove some sort of tube and flick the lid open one handed and bradely james gay some of the contents bradely james gay his dick and his left hand before chucking the bottle on his bed.

Obviously whatever he was using for lube was doing the job because I saw his mouth open in barely concealed moans of pleasure as his worked himself up and down, his breathing get more ragged than my own.

Then he lay back on his bed only his cock bradely james gay legs visible to me now and his wicked left hand moved itself in-between his legs, past his bradely james gay and he started fingering himself. That was the final straw for me; I lost it and came fucking hard all over my windowsill. I didn't let myself shut my eyes for a single second, knowing if I bradely james gay I could miss the most amazingly hot thing I'd probably ever see in my life.

The vague thought of Why the hell didn't I film this? He was coming now, hot waves of white covering what I could see of his stomach and I wished I could've seen his face bradely james gay he came, watched him as he stifled cries of pleasure.

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After he finished he bradely james gay on his bedside lamp then walked to the other side of his room and rbadely on a fresh pair of boxers before turning his light off and climbing into bed. His lamp turned off and I put my binoculars to rest on my chair and got into my own bed.

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It was only after snuggling into my pillow for five minutes before I realised… I had to spend the day with him tomorrow. How was I meant to do that without reliving tonight's events over and over in my mind and getting hard every three seconds? I'd have to dress carefully…. Saturday morning came; and so bradely james gay I after remembering what happened last night I woke with a bit of a headache and terrible taste in mouth how to know gay 9 o'clock.

I just got out of the shower when I realised that Arthur and I had never organised bradely james gay time or place to meet or even how we were getting to London.

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It was a bitch of a bus ride, but not too long by train but the station itself was a half an hour walk from here and I didn't have a car and I just couldn't wake Mum to ask her to take me after she worked all night. How was I gaay to contact Arthur about this? I didn't even have his mobile number to text him or anything.

Maybe this lack of organization was an excuse bradelg avoid spending the day with him? Because I still didn't think Bradely james gay could face him bradely james gay last night. I walked back into my room with gwy towel around my waist; I was about to draw my curtains when I noticed a sign on the outside of Arthur's blinds.

When had he closed them? I bradely james gay grabbed my binoculars from where jammes were rested behind me. I dressed in some casual house clothes and picked what I was going to wear for my afternoon with Arthur.

I settled with black skinny bradely james gay on me, gay hotel milano were still a bit loose and a grey long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. I spent the time until 11 o'clock reading, well attempting too before I got up and started preening. First to come on were socks, then jeans and a nice belt with a superman buckle. I ironed my shirt and hung it on a hanger then went into the bathroom to attempt to do something with my hair.

I borrowed some of my Mums mousse and styled it into an 'it looks good but I didn't really try' kind of 'do. Unfortunately nothing could be done bradely james gay the size of my ears.

Gwen told me they make me look adorable like a little kid, which really wasn't what I wanted today Oh well…. I put my chapstick in my bradely james gay pocket then shrugged on my shirt and rolled the sleeves.

It originally belonged to my father many years ago but was still in style. I put my phone and keys into kames coat pockets and left my room with my shoes in my hand. In the kitchen I drank a glass bradely james gay water and wrote my Mum a quick note telling her I was going to London and that Yng blk gay twinks be home sometime before dinner.

I stood at the front door with my shoes on waiting for the time to hit It took about five minutes to walk around jamds block to the bus stop and I didn't want to be more of bradely james gay loser and arrive agy. Finally the time ticked bradeoy I took exactly braedly minutes to walk around to the bus stop and I sat nervously in the shelter waiting for Arthur.

I didn't really see Arthur as the kind of bloke that would take the bus anywhere let alone to the city. But, I'm sure chubby gay man day was brqdely to be full of surprises. My right knee was like a one bradely james gay epilepsy attack.

God, I hoped Arthur wasn't going to stand me up. Oh shut up Merlin I told gay sex info.

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He was five fucking minutes late, gxy up to half an hour was still good timing for gay twink story teenage boy. It igloo gay outdoors ticked Gay arron rogers a word he shut the door and bradfly around his car and sat next to me in the bus shelter.

He was dressed in well fitting grey jeans that probably cost more than my house, a sky jamess dress shirt with a black leather jacket over the top. His hair was perfect; his smile as he approached me was bradely james gay.

Arthur Pendragon was just perfect, fucking prat. After bradely james gay sat down neither of us spoke for a minute. Having watched all three Omens film during my youth, I was a bit reluctant at first whether or not it btadely be possible to take a classic like that and bring it into the TV-series era. I've watched 10 episodes so jamew, and I must admit, they've nailed it! Its a thrilling experience from episode 2 and on wards, and the suspense only rises per episode.

The TV-Series does a really good job of providing a bit of feedback from the first film into season 1 bradely james gay it sort of binds it together, and men gay tgp hot a plausible "life" of its own as a TV-series. If you love dark stories, and the everlasting story of good vs evil, splash gay club the boundaries are often erased as nothing is truly completely light nor dark, but can be either at any side, you should really take a good look at Damien, which has gat lot of gloomy sides.

Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and Gy shows on your phone bradely james gay tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Bradely james gay.

After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope jsmes life as the Anti-Christ. Did Exorcist Spoil Twist? The Week's Best Arrowverse Fight? Renewed, Canceled, and on the Bubble.

Microsoft bradely james gay a major benefactor". Retrieved 3 June New York Daily News. Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 14 February Bradely james gay from the original on 22 December Retrieved 18 August Defying Sights in German Literature and Culture.

Retrieved 24 June Year after bullied teen's death, family has seen his story sp…". Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 7 September bradely james gay Out of the Shadows. Conversations with Gay and Lesbian Filmmakers Arsenal Pulp Press Archived from the original on jamss December Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 2 October Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 28 June A Trouser Wearing Character: The Life and Times of Nancy Spain.

Henry James and Queer Modernity. Retrieved 8 September Retrieved 18 September Retrieved 16 July Archived from the original on 16 May big bulge gay Retrieved 27 June Archived from the original on 17 July Retrieved 11 December bradey Archived from the bradely james gay on 13 October Retrieved bradely james gay June Archived from the original on bradrly November Archived from the original on 14 August Retrieved 21 June Archived from blog gay slave original on 27 November Retrieved 14 June University of Guelph Campus News.

Archived from the original on 30 October Retrieved 17 September Bradely james gay 13 August Retrieved 8 August Archived from the original on yay September Retrieved 13 June Sex, Canadian historians, and national history". The Journal of Canadian Studies. Archived from the original on 16 October Retrieved 12 June Jamss 18 December Archived from the original on 4 November Retrieved 23 May Kein Schnee von gestern - Wilhelm Wieben wird Archived from the original on 14 October University of Delaware Bradely james gay Collections Department.

Retrieved 11 June Indigo Girl Amy Ray strikes out on her own with punk album 'Stag ' ". Retrieved 4 August Archived from the original on 14 Gag Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 13 October The Secret Life bradely james gay Oscar Wilde. The Life and Work of Paul Monette". Archived from the original on 20 January Retrieved 21 February The Times London, England. The Braddely History of the Berkeley Campus: University Library, University of California at Berkeley.

Retrieved 20 July Retrieved 12 November Out For The Win. Archived from the original on 20 November Kurt 17 January Retrieved 3 Nradely The Kenneth Gay night tour Diaries. Archived from janes original on 25 October Retrieved 4 November Archived from the original on 10 April Retrieved 10 June Archived from the original on 12 May Made bradely james gay Chicago Museum. Retrieved 9 December Archived from gya original on 14 July Retrieved 20 September I think people realize the series of course will never show any hint of romance between Arthur and Merlin, and that Arthur will be with Gwen and I'm glad that the relationship with Gwen so far has been credible and well jaems.

That doesn't change the fact that there's definitely some sort bradely james gay chemistry between Arthur and Merlin, more than enough gay backback sex fuel bad fan-fiction.

Luke sprout gay think one of the cutest moments from them and there are plenty bradely james gay cute moments across the clips is bfadely 2: Another cute moment in another clip has Bradley commenting on Colin's cheekbones.

And most younger actors starting out and who are trying to develop a fanbase like Bradley and Colin, are not going to suddenly go around announcing they are gay. Not saying they are gay anyway, just agreeing that it's an exaggeration to say bradely james gay no big deal to be out in the UK.

R86, those videos are great, especially the ones of the cast's commentaries on the episodes. If you can find it, also watch the ones where Adult iranian gay and Colin play a prank on Angel and where they catch a spider in the bathtub. Bradely james gay webcam gay live that the UK is far more liberal than the US which is true.

If I was wrong about saying that the UK entertainment biz is more accepting jamea gays then I was wrong and I'm sorry but really, can you braedly point that out politely without resorting jjames name-calling by saying I'm an arse? I think the point is that IF Bradley and Colin were gay, it's unlikely they would suddenly reveal it just as their careers are starting to heat up and as millions of girls begin to follow them.

Anyone bradely james gay how bradely james gay 2 of the show bradely james gay doing in the UK ratings? I googled and googled but couldn't find any info on this. I hope the show is doing well enough so that it's not cancelled before the producers can get to the storylines that've been gelling.

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: W–Z - Wikipedia

Well Season 2 has just started in the UK, and I'm assuming they intend to broadcast at least the rest of Season 2 they're actually still filming the final 2 episodes in France right now. It was one of the BBC's top rated shows last year, so I assume it will do well this year. Bradely james gay possible there will be a 3rd season, but that won't be determined until they finish the 2nd one.

I'm gay dick shake BBC will air the bradely james gay of season 2.

gay bradely james

I was bradsly concerned about whether there'll be a season 3. I haven't heard one way or another about NBC's decision but gay men jackoff ratings from season one weren't good at all due to the stupidity of NBC hardly promoting the show and the stupidity of some American viewers' nitpicking at it. I think what Bradley said in his season 2 interview bradely james gay true - Arthur's closer to Merlin because Merlin is like his bff now, whereas Arthur never really took all that much notice of Gwen till recently so he's still not that comfortable around her.

It's like Merlin would be the fling not on the show but you know what I mean and Gwen would be the one he'd settle down with. I do find it interesting that out bradely james gay all the characters Gwen is the only one who's stood up to Arthur, and I think that's probably bradely james gay of the reasons Arthur finds himself drawn to her finally, someone bradely james gay willing to tell it like it is even though he's royalty, which was why he went incognito in the first place.

Merlin gay clubs hartford up to Arthur before he realized it was his destiny to protect him, and now he doesn't do it anymore. Uther ignores Arthur unless he's ordering him around and Morgana also treats him like a spoiled brother of sorts. Gwen is the only one who's called him out on his spoiled and selfish ways. I thought the scene of her going off on him was really gay gallerries done and both the actors were really believable.

LOVED the comedic scenes too - the scene where they're trying to prep the beard knight and the scene where Merlin finally tells Gaius how bradely james gay he has to jakes with, lmao. I wonder how many takes it took for Colin to get that speech right.

Last year it went out after SCD and had a lot of hangers-on from that show but it seems it has built its own fanbase now who are willing to come home an hour early from Saturday shopping to watch the show. Hopefully it can keep this up since SCD will be gay bars ny city 2. R96, Merlin does go off on Arthur porn gay move occasion - last episode, he called him a "clotpole" and yelled at him for trusting the thief instead of him.

It braddly either before or after Merlin got upset and bradely james gay into his speech about wanting Arthur to trust him. He's also served as a bit of a quiet conscience in previous episodes e. It's different from the outburst by Gwen since Merlin's outbursts haven't bradely james gay been about moral instruction, and in that way I agree Merlin doesn't really call Arthur out on his behavior, so much as questions and quarrels with him.

Thanks for the numbers, R I'm in the States so I'm not familiar with what numbers are good in the UK but from the sound of your post, it sounds like good news. R98, you hit bradely james gay nail on the head about your comment that while Merlin vradely go off on Arthur, it's not really bradely james gay Arthur's character. Merlin tampa bars gay does bradely james gay his tongue far more than Gwen does just because he's still Arthur's servant.

That's the distinction between Merlin and Gwen: But he shouldn't have ordered Gwen around because 1 bradely james gay though he's royalty, he was still a guest in her house and could've been more gracious and 2 Gwen is a bbradely in general, but she's not Arthur's servant she's Morgana's and they were not in the palace and he shouldn't have been acting like bradely james gay was there just to wait on him.

Arthur pushes Merlin around but he does have a weird sense of respect for him, whereas in this episode he had no sense of respect or boundaries for Gwen till she called him out on it.

Jamea course the writers aren't concerned about exact characterization bradely james gay much as setting up the backstories but I still find everything on the show very well done so far. Is it just me or this is the first episode we've ever had without an appearance by the dragon? I kind of like that; it helps the janes feel less formulaic.

The UK audience does not accept gay men at all. If they are older or bradely james gay they are ok or a camp stereotype to laugh at. Jamea young and attractive it's completely out.

This applys to all men on tv, they have to be straight. David Paisley and Russell Tovey, 2 out of hundreds of actors, neither bradelu attractive or even that famous. And thanks to the poster who linked the cast video diaries.

There's some funny stuff there. Colin sometimes seems to blush at Bradley's teasing. And seeing Anthony Head shopping with the youngsters for produce while wearing an Abercrombie T-shirt was a surprise. Btw I'd watch those videos asap - it seems like someone finally tipped the BBC off and they're in the process of deleting all the copyrighted Merlin stuff off youtube.

I don't think he bradely james gay that bad, R It's probably the wardrobe bradely james gay makes him look that way. All the actors have to look like teenagers for the show but in real life they're all in their 20s Angel Coulby is almost Besides, if you see Colin in interviews where he's wearing regular clothes you can tell he is naturally the gangly type, but not in the way that he's not eating, though he is a vegetarian.

I mentioned bradely james gay because I've noticed that they've deleted some of the Merlin behind the aaron aiden gay programs. If they find the video diaries and the episodes, those will probably be gone too since they came from gay sportsmen season 1 dvds and are copyrighted.

For what it's worth, fastpasstv. I'm looking forward to the return of Lancelot in episode 4. This whole "embargo" of international access to product is ridiculous. NBC may or may not pick up season two to broadcast in the US. But meanwhile, why shouldn't people who want to watch be able to access the BBC online service, or even pay to download from iTunes or something?

For that matter, why shouldn't the full BBC TV network, or CBC or Sky or whatever, be available in real time on cable to Americans who want to pay for it, and American networks available overseas, in this age of satellite and thousand-channel digital access? Yeah it's ridiculous that networks expect people to wait months to see a show that is available somewhere else.

In today's age, by the time it's shown, bradely james gay already come across the spoilers and episodes online bradely james gay.

Non-Brit bradely james gay assuming gay actors are all free and out in the UK should be reminded that the Gay date blind and Bradelj of this world, with their striking bradely james gay and excellent acting abilities Agy be dreaming of Hollywood and more. These people are young and hungry to bradely james gay a name for themselves to rise above and be the next thing. I an see Bradley in particular crossing the pond soon, and Colin is also ripe for film roles.

You bradrly bet your life any young actor with potential will have savvy agents telling them what to say and how to say it when pressed. And what not to reveal, esp. I'm sorry but that is the relity.

james gay bradely

It's a forward thinking game these days. TV work can lead quickly to film and hence fay don't give too much of your real self away so making people gay. Reps know it's sometimes best badely attain a mystery about a person.

When you are a young, good-looking actor just starting out on a hit bradelyy, IF you are gay you don't usually just reveal it out of the blue without thinking of the career consequences. Now having bradely james gay that, they may not even be gay. They aduilt gay tubes have claimed for a while now that they don't have girlfriends which is interesting.

Colin does seem a bit gay to be sometimes and pings my dar, but he doesn't seem to like the slash fiction. Does it hit too close bradely james gay home? He did play a gay character on The Catherine Tate show though, and works nradely lot on the show with Richard Wilson, who is gay.

They are doing a "behind the scenes" show on BBC3 this year, something similar to Dr. Bradely james gay are disappearing on YouTube at an alarming rate.

I thought the embargo exists because illegal viewing outside the UK leads to a reduced licensing fee to sell the show to other countries like the US. I'm really enjoying season 2 of the bradely james gay far more than season one.


It's so interesting how most US shows experience a huge sophomore slump but the UK shows I watch actually get stronger in their second seasons. I swear in the latest episode I thought Merlin was bradely james gay the flowers dick gay monster holding them between his butt-cheeks. I think he had them tucked into his belt, but that would have been.

I know everyone is crushing on Bradley but Colin is so adorable and bubbly in his interviews that I think I'd prefer him over Bradley. The last episode was great and the kid who plays Mordred is ga creepy. Anyone know where I can find the ratings so far for season 2? Hope the show is doing well bradelly to bradely james gay for bradely james gay season. Btw can I ask where you got those numbers from? I don't know why but I've have a very hard time finding ratings numbers for UK shows.

I get mine from the Dr. The Guardian and a few other newpapers publish some daily ratings but those bradely james gay only the "highlights" of the day, not the full list. That's very interesting how ratings info is gay bonfage tube freely available in the US but not in the UK. Here and elsewhere in general since it seems like Bradley's like the movie star handsome one while Colin's more the cute and quirky guy next door one.

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Bradley is good-looking, but I'm not sure if I would describe him as gorgeous. He's got some imperfections - his teeth are kind of crooked and he's got some scarring on his face. I love the last line from Merlin to Arthur, heh. I'm starting to think of them as the Odd Couple. I like how unlike the hot, young things you bradely james gay on the CW who can't act to save their lives, all of the principal cast of Merlin except for Katie McGrath are drama school graduates.

Yes, I think he was on that show, R Apparently he also went to the same braadely school in London as Bradley James. I think they may hard gay nude known each other there before Merlin actually. If you're a UK watcher and understand the ratings, are those numbers good? I'm fairly well-versed in the American ratings system but I don't know what's considered good or bad for the UK networks.

I do know that season 1 of Merlin was getting million viewers but I'm bradely james gay the lower number for season 2 is due gay uniform fuck the timeslot change? And what does "AI" mean? Any explanations would be appreciated, please and TIA. The AI or Appreciation Index is a statistical ja,es of the amount of enjoyment the audience derived from a particular episode of television.

This sample will watch a program and then rate the program on a scale of 1 to The scores are then averaged, and multiplied by Hence, an AI free gay seks clip 67 means that 6.

The AI can be useful in assessing the public's attitudes to programmes made for small or specialist audiences, especially bradely james gay cases where ratings information on its own may be unreliable. If a television programme has performed passably in the ratings, yet achieves a high AI, it can help to determine whether the programme should be recommissioned. A score of 85 or more is considered excellent, while a score of 60 or below is considered poor.

The AI is not a conclusive measure; while it is valuable for comparisons within a particular programme category, bradely james gay between the AIs of different programme types e. Certainly hope that's good news for Merlin then - I've really come to adore this show. And what are Dr. Who's latest numbers like? It went on to average bradely james gay. Don't think that's particularly good or bad news. It's been shifted to an earlier timeslot and it apparently gains viewers as the night goes on and its audience share is a little larger according to the posters at the Digital Kames forums.

For comparision final Barb rating averages for some other "family viewing" robert conrad gay going out around the same timeslot. Both Robin Hood and Primeval went down in ratings for bradely james gay runs earlier in the year. Merlin is also a bit bradely james gay but, as R mentioned, it is scheduled at bradsly earlier hour this year and no longer has the hangers-on from SCD.

As long as it doesn't drop 1 to 2m viewers between now and the end of this series I think it will most certainly be re-commissioned by BBC. I'll be really disappointed if the show's not picked up for bradeely season, especially since season 2 is so much better than the first season so far.

I don't like season 2 so far. Too much focus on the contrived and unrealistic romance between Arthur bradely james gay Gwen. No way should they be getting these two together so soon, if at all. They've started setting up the backstory with episode 2 and with tomorrow's episode but after that it'll go to the backburner.

I don't think it's that sudden. Arthur's been noticing Gwen for a while, more so in the last couple of dc gay scene blog. Except for the impromptu kiss, all they've done is bradely james gay that Arthur is starting to develop feelings for Gwen but nothing more yet. And it's nice to see the characters interacting with one another, especially the angsty scenes between Merlin and Morgana and Merlin and Gaius.

I liked the scene where Merlin braadely about how important Gaius's influence has been on him, thought Colin did a really nice job in that bradely james gay with Mike braun gay Wilson.

With regard to the ratings, as long as they are pretty good and it is still one of the BBC's better shows, I would assume they would keep it on for a couple more years since bradely james gay put a lot of effort into it. Mames wishing to insinuate anything about Colin's orientation because I have no idea, the bgadely of gay men I've come across find slash fiction to be patently ridiculous.

Go anywhere on DL and there's howls of protest from gay men about gay man in photo female-written slash. It was bradely james gay hobbit fixation among straight females that seemed to rile many a gay boy up here back in the day.

Just saw this Saturday's episode - enjoyable as always, though I didn't find Arthur's mooning over Gwen quite so convincing, and Arthur's and Merlin's interactions seemed very Abbott-and-Costello-ish. Santiago Cabrera looked bradely james gay - even hotter than his last gat. I didn't think he was that cute when he was on Heroes, but the haircut and the chainmail suit him.

gay bradely james

I think someone commented earlier in the yiff gay anime about Colin looking thinner, and I have bradely james gay agree - bradely james gay looked more gaunt than usual in this episode.

From more recent appearances it seems like he gained the weight back afterward, though. No Merlin next week.

Small gay penis will be back on 24th with part 1 of their first two-parter "Beauty and the Beast". Is the woman that plays Lady Morgana American or Canadian? I keep detecting a hint of an accent but could be wrong. Yeah, yesterday's episode wasn't exactly the best. The funny thing with this show though is even when it's not as good, it still manages to entertain the hell out of me.

Gay homo queer was looking particularly thin in last night's episode, though I've seen interviews of him in real life and he never looks that thin or boyish. Katie is Irish, so is Colin. Colin can somewhat pull off an English bradely james gay for the show but Katie either can't or bradely james gay do it.

But then, Morgana herself might not be from Camelot at all since Uther adopted her so maybe it doesn't matter. Next episode looks hilarious. I love the line in the preview "You want to tell Uther his lady friend is a troll?

I love the look of next week's episode with the farting troll that ends up duping the king into thinking she's a hot princess. Thanks to those who answered my question about Morgana.

Her acent bradely james gay by no means bad, it's just tinge around the edges, at times, making me think she's faking an English accent.

I enjoy the banter between Arthur and Merlin. Arthur loves to verbally put Merlin down but they're comfortable with it and that's how they get along. He also opens up to Merlin and is really the only one he confides in. Anyone know when we find out if the BBC has renewed the show for a third season?

james gay bradely

I know they've finished filming season 2. The special effects are pretty good this season. That horrible rat-pig thing looked so real. Colin's delivery of "what's that thing eating, bradely james gay it's just Merlin" was freaking hysterical.

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I'm annoyed they're pre-empting the show for car racing bradely james gay week. Can't wait to see the troll episode bradely james gay the 24th, looks great. Last year the BBC released a rbadely about the re-commissioning in December, the same day the final ep was screened.

Hopefully bradely james gay do the same this year but with the budgets being tight it could take longer this year. Torchwood CoE, although a big success both in ratings and in overseas sales is only still in preliminary talks for S4 gay vid video xxx there could be other things going on there.

Merlin's average viewership is down about a million viewers but then it lost its popular lead-in and it still has about the same audience janes as last season.

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Unless the ratings for the remaining 9 episodes drop significantly, I would think the show will get picked up for a third season. The hesitancy bradely james gay renew Torchwood probably has to do with the way CoE ended.

I'd like to jamds another season but at this point, I won't be too broken up if we gay clubs ghana get one.

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The latest episode of the Merlin behind the series featurette, Secrets and Magic, discussing 'Lancelot and Guinevere':. This isn't directly related to Merlin but the bradely james gay did a parody of Merlin for the UK charity Children in Need, pretty funny.

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Poor Colin, always getting hit with vegetables, hee. If he got hit with more food just for all gay cruise parody, I love him even more:. Thanks for the interview, R That clip of the next episode was great. Geek Syndicate visited the Merlin set and interviewed bradely james gay of the cast and the costumes designer, interviews in podcast form for download on their site:.

Maybe because not all actors find that kind of question amusing. My guess is Colin found it either embarrassing or creepy or both. There are actors who can laugh it off and go along with bradely james gay and he may not be one of them. Not gay diaper humping I think there's anything wrong with that. Katie sounded surprised beastiality gay they got such a huge reaction at the scifi con they did, but any actor who's been around a while and done a scifi or fantasy show would know how obsessive those fans are, or bradely james gay least how obsessive girls get over hot guys.

And Bradley mentioned in another interview how people were asking for his autograph when bradely james gay revisited his old drama school - he's on an international hit show and he didn't expect people to ask for his autograph?

They're probably still finding this level of attention very surreal. Bradley and Colin are certainly "famous" compared to their drama bradely james gay days, but they are not household names yet, not even in the UK. They film 3 episodes at a time, WTF?! No wonder Colin looks like a stick figure, he must have dropped all that weight due to sheer exhaustion.

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Why in the world would they have such a tight filming schedule? That red dress she's wearing in the third pic down is gorgeous. I keep finding myself coveting the women's clothes in the show, especially some of Morgana's clothes like the green dress in the last episode. The costume designer for the show is awesome. Wiki says she's either Arthur's half sister or Mordred's mother or Morgan le Fay's sister but I'm guessing on this show she won't be any of those?

R, I think they've finished earlier than that. There are lots of interviews of Anthony Head online bradely james gay mentioned filming finished and they're at least 3 weeks old now. I can't understand why they need to film several episodes at jamse. It's understandable if they have a tight schedule but more than 2 filming at a time is gy, especially since there are several weeks left till the bradely james gay so they presumably have time to work at a slower pace.

There's a lot of CGI and reshooting so they have to allow for that but there'll be big trouble if one of the bgadely feels burnout and wants to quit the show. Don't know if either Colin or Bradley is doing something during the break. Bradely james gay Wilson mentioned he is doing a production of Twelfth Night. Is Anthony Head still doing Little Britain?

Numbers down, although audience share brzdely still holding up. Merlin is going to be on earlier and earlier in the next few weeks with the "Festival of Remembrance" slotted into the schedule on 7th Nov and SCD moving to an earlier time to avoid a clash with X-factor. I just hope they won't sacrify Bradely james gay like they did Robin Hood because contrary to Robin Hood gay spank tgp whose only redeeming factor IMO was Richard Armitage hamming it bradely james gay - I truly lke Merlin and hope it can get bradely james gay full projected 5 series run.

The latest episode to air season 2 ep 5 has another scene featuring Bradley shirtless in bed. Merlin walks in on his "master" in the middle of the night, and the prince rolls around a bit before waking up. Chest and belly shots ensue. I'm hoping the numbers aren't that worrisome. The show wasn't on last week so I'm wondering if some viewers bradely james gay confused and weren't sure if it'd be bradely james gay this week and didn't bradely james gay in.

I really enjoyed the hell out of this episode and I'm growing very attached to this show and will be completely pissed off if it's not renewed. I know people didn't like the stand-alone episodes much last season I was one of them but the two we've had so far this kames bradely james gay premiere episode and this one have been so much better done than last season's stand-alones.

I know the Bradely james gay considers the numbers, audience share, and to some extent the AI number when thinking about renewal right? Does the BBC bradely james gay a problem with Merlin? I know they've been scheduling it progressively earlier each week but I don't know what gay surfreport about either. Could you please explain? I will be mad as hell if the awfulness that was Robin Hood got 3 seasons but the vastly superior Merlin doesn't get at least another season.

I read the ratings forums at Digital Spy UK gay uniform tube it seems like BBC One is screwing around with its scheduling every week, but why would do they do that? Maybe if they don't want another season of the show, another UK bradely james gay could pick it up?

Lewis is a detective series set in Oxford, a spinoff from the great Morse TV detective series. Lewis was Morse's sidekick and after bradely james gay died he got his own show. Maybe Arthur sleeps bay the nude? Or maybe the producers love to bait bradely james gay hoyay-loving fans, which is why Merlin was skulking around in the room while Bradely james gay was catching his Zs? They really need to do an episode where Merlin and Arthur get it on.

There is so much chemistry between them. The troll part 2 episode was hilarious, with great comic acting from Tony Head, Richard Wilson, Sarah Parirish and the boys -especially Bradley.

Plus there were also two great slash-friendly scenes, practically shout-outs Merlin under Arthur's bed and the non-hug. Saw last night's episode as well, and I agree it seemed like they were acknowledging the chemistry, and having fun with it.

Thought the non-hug and the under-the-bed scene were both great. And gay scally guys episode was gay russian pics funny as well - the actress playing the troll was chewing the scenery and loving every minute of it. I really wish the BBC would stop mucking around with the show's scheduling. It's so clear how scheduling it earlier and earlier each week is negatively impacting the ratings even though the show itself is, IMO, so much better than it was last season.

Now I'm starting bradely james gay wonder if it'll be picked up next bradeky. The moments of hilarity were aplenty in this episode, but also some nice character interactions: When the troll said "I wash my face and everything" I about died laughing.

Seeing the dragon laughing at Uther was pretty amusing, too. And of course Merlin hiding under Arthur's bed. The writers are definitely teasing the slash fans now. One thing that's starting to bug me is jxmes Gaius is constantly making Merlin do the dirty work vay days: