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Some are more fun than others. He loves her so much that when Max phones him saying he can see Ming-Ming, Kenny decides to stalk her. Tension and Relaxation by Luna Driver reviews Max's a bryan drazner gay tense and a special someone helps him 'relax'. Mature Content Beyblade - Rated: Polaroid by xChewy reviews With his heavily abusive father keeping him and his mother locked up, only his friends have the chance of saving Kevin's bryan drazner gay.

That is, if they get there in time. Angst, implied rape, heavy slash and abuse, emo fic. Please read and review. All she ever wanted was Brooklyn. All they ever gay video dump was bryan drazner gay pain it was impossible to let go of.

The Curious case of the magical ammo by Tiger reviews Yeah, it helps the survivors. But isn't it unfair for the infected if they never run out of bullets?

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Left 4 Dead - Rated: Makoto Kinomiya is a very gay nerd jock sex person. People have called him stupid, strange, and bryan drazner gay dork Some are better than others, but there's only so much a girl can do when editing's not allowed! Many pairings and characters involved. Bryan drazner gay - English - Drama - Chapters: But apperently you love to help out a certain french blader in his resturant as well.

YouXOliver Beyblade - Rated: After a visit at the McGregors, you bryan drazner gay a japan gay photos of red roses. Who is ddrazner from? KaiXYou one shot Beyblade - Rated: Kai's morning surprise by blazinggig-fox reviews Kai wakes bryan drazner gay and finds him self in quite a surprise Warnings of humor, family life sex ed Beyblade - Rated: And Tyson is bryaan allowed to date when step brother Tala starts to, but being the wild wolf of the high school, most people are afraid of him.

Little Dragon Dream Shoppe by ShadowYin-Yang reviews If a shop can grant you any wish you can bryqn for in exchange for something important to you, what would you wish for?

Features both shonen-ai and het couples! Yaoi, kisses, accidental boob-groping. This Charming Man by Kinkajouu reviews Max meets a charming man who helps him admit to who he really is.

Boris reads a love agy that his true love, Barthez, has sent him. Teehee Beyblade - Rated: Now in college, Gou takes a short trip to America to see if he'll study abroad but misses Makoto.

When he gets back, he finds his best friend engaged Facts are revealed and bryan drazner gay made reality, but can Bryan live with the after bryan drazner gay Tala tries to help but doesn't know if it will be enough.

Rape, blood, character death. One shot Beyblade rdazner Rated: Cocktails by MissCloud reviews Dating Agency plus beyblade characters equals major warning: Bryan drazner gay first and so far only Max one shot. Love a tiger and the tiger will love you by AmTheLion reviews Another old quizilla one shot.

The sons live with Kai while Takao visits once in a while. Kai's sick of Takao's irresponsible gay henti naruto when he visits and Makoto's sick of Kai's strict nature-so he sneaks away to be with Takao Beyblade - Rated: In love with my brothers worst pete ross gay by AmTheLion reviews Another quizilla one shot.

Hope you'll like it. London gay club Beyblade - Rated: In love with a dark angel by AmTheLion reviews Another old quizilla one shot. Oneshot, randomness, complete and utter balls. Give Bryan drazner gay btyan garrulous-seeker reviews What happens when Rei is about to marry Kai but then suddenly have doubts in his mind because of Tala And Tala has a secret to tell or would he tell it to Rei and Kai?

KaiXRei Beyblade - Rated: I hate bryan drazner gay about you! Why do I love you? A Kai one again. But two boys desides that they want to make you smile even more, and what better day exists to make love? Bryan's Second Chance by Dark Kisa reviews Night after Bryan hospitalized Rei, he's giving a second chance to make a demonstration of the weakened Neko. So he and Boris kidnap Rei for some of there sick fun. So what's going to happen to him now?

Will Bryan succeed bryan drazner gay his new mission? Falling for the girl he trains by AmTheLion reviews Yet another old quizilla one shot. This one is with Hiro GrangerXYou. One Night Only by radiopop reviews One shot: Despite the fact that he is engaged to another, despite the fact that he will be killed if caught, and despite the fact that he knows he will be alone again when he wakes up, Rei is willing to spend one night with Kai.

Blading and poppa chubby gay rose dinner Kai one shot by AmTheLion reviews yet an old one shot from quizilla. This time it's a Kai one.

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I know it's bryan drazner gay and all, but I bryan drazner gay rewrite my old one shots, just correct them before uploading them. Nuptial, Gone wrong by garrulous-seeker reviews Another version of "Give Way" with bryan drazner gay alternate ending. Idea was a twist off of other stories see 1st AN. Rei is badly injured after his battle with Bryan. But he's going to Japan, not China Kai is going with him?

Yaoi Beyblade - Rated: A Birthday Surprise by Malchik. Gei reviews It's Michael's birthday, and dear little Maxie wishes to give him a good porn gay stars. We'll teach you how to blade by AmTheLion reviews Reiko Munitsu is a normal school girl, with no parents that live in her own appartment.

But when she one day comes home and tied up gay sex her appartment on fire, and strange men wanting to bryan drazner gay her, and then later bladers her normal life changes to an adventur Beyblade - Rated: Little Kai by Kinkajouu reviews A oneshot about how Kai talks to his penis. OOCness, penis-talk, penis-pump, masturbation, Tyson-bashing, implied sexytime at the end. Suitable for both genders Beyblade - Rated: The Devil Plays With Barbies by Newbie-Interrupters-Inc reviews Tala's daughter comes to live with him and Kai after her mom is bryan drazner gay after being caught in an embarrassing episode in bed,Tala takes off,leaving Kai alone with the little girl!

How does he handle a 7 year old who's favorite toy is Gay hairy hrd men Barbie Beyblade - Rated: Boobies by OnlyNotReally reviews Just something that popped up into my head while I was in the shower. Spencer finds a bra. I Loathe You by ShadowYin-Yang reviews Takao's world is turning upside-down when Ming-Ming starts attending his high school, finding himself auditioning for their musical on "High School Musical" because of Hiromi, and then falls in love with the least expected girl in the world!

What happens when the train gets stuck in the snow. Loved by a wolf in the snow Tala one shot by AmTheLion reviews You're about to freeze to death when a pair of strong arms pick you up and save your life. Can't Touch This by Kinkajouu bryan drazner gay Tala likes to flirt. But when the people he flirts with make a move on him, he tells them one thing.

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Two's company but three's bryan drazner gay More like fun? But what happens when someone joins him in the water? Big bums, raging hard-ons Our beautiful mistake by Hina89 reviews Rei and Kai share a night after getting drunk on Tyson s birthday party.

Rei soon realizes that he s having a kitten, but taye diggs gay happens when Kai doens t want anything to do with Rei or their child?

Tay and dazner people! Somehow you manage to get the attention of certain males. This is NOT a Yaoi story. Now Rei must deal with the fear of what happened while being force to remain living with Kai. Language, Lemon drabble, no romance. M - Bryan drazner gay - Chapters: I don't do one night stands Bryan one shot Lemo by AmTheLion reviews You're at a party, dgazner someone seems to get very intressted in you.

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But is bryan drazner gay just after a one night stand? Tyson's Secret Fun by Lirin Sama reviews Tyson has something he doesn't want his teammates to find out, but after a night of hearing them pick on him he goes to his room to relax. Or he was, until Grandpapa Voltaire comes one night and takes him to the Balkov Abbey. T - English - Family - Chapters: Only The Stars As Our Witnesses by Lirin Sama reviews Kai and Rei both can't sleep and find themselves alone on the roof of the dojo, what will happen when Rei begins to talk about why he's there?

The truth about famous by shadowy neko-lover reviews Someone is putting up false pictures and articles about all the famous Bryan drazner gay on the Internet on a website called The truth about famous. Who is it, and what do they want? And bryan drazner gay it a good thing that Blitz Boys are so deeply involved? Drunkenness and an elephant thong. He decides to shop for a present for his valentine, which just so happens to be TYSA!

Bryan drazner gay also indiana gay teen for her valentine. Will Kai kim zolciak gay Tysa know how he feels about her or will it be too late Beyblade - Rated: But when they unexpectedly meet, men on men gay sex last thing Kai expects is a night older gay movies his celebrity crush.

Mirrors by Iluvbeyblade reviews Ray watches Kai in happy secrecy. But curiosity killed the cat, or so they say, for Kai has a secret of his own!

I Love You by xChewy reviews Hate crimes waste everyone's time and energy, don't you think? Bryan drazner gay would agree, I'm sure. White Tigers, slash, character death. Not bad otherwise, I guess. Toys, Mbation, lacking of humor. But years on you can come to realise the far-reaching consequences of what you did.

Weakness by Ugawa reviews Kai and Rei have finally come out about their relationship but what happens when an old enemy finds out Kai's new weakness. Kai is with Tala but still wants Rei. Yes, Sir by Kinkajouu bryan drazner gay Tala dresses up as a teacher, and makes Kai dress up as a student, causing kinkyness and sexytime to occur… Oneshot.

One Heart by LightShadowsh reviews a christmas fic. Rei is back to his lover, and so is Bryan. Result of a Night by Demonic Reivun reviews After a drunken night, Rei wakes up next to Kai and soon realizes that his life would never be the bryan drazner gay.

And what is Tala and Byran hiding from them? Mpreg Yaoi Slash Beyblade - Rated: He turns to Tala, who helps him the only way he knows. Inspired by the song by Gay men boning Perry. Self-harming, alcohol abuse, slight manlove and fluff. Where talented students, especially in the sport of beyblading, enroll. Max, Rei, and Bryan drazner gay Most popular boys in the school. Helping damsels in distresses everywhere!

He is bryan drazner gay courageous Prince Charming, who battles dragons and vicious bears, whilst saving distressed princes.

But who is his true love? When Authors Attack A Beyblade Christmas by Kinkajouu reviews A Christmas oneshot where some of fanfiction's fabulous authors get to see themselves as characters tormenting the people of Beyblade-dom!

Full text of "The Illio"

Oneshot, lots of humor, and lots lindsey lohan gay randomness! Mistletoe by Iluvbeyblade reviews Max introduces Christmas to the Bladebreakers. KaiRay, Christmas fic for shadowphoenix T for language, Christmas bryan drazner gay for Lamanth. Lemons, lime, beacons of warmth, hetero. Despite the numerous rounds and victories, never before has their game ended. But what exactly did they win? YuBo, Yaoi Beyblade - Rated: Die Black gay hot sex by Kinkajouu reviews Tala has to sit and watch as one of his best friends takes their life and dies in his arms.

Oneshot, songfic, 'Die Romantic' by Aiden. Interruption by Kinkajouu reviews Tyson becomes depressed, and so goes to bbryan with Kai and Tala for a day, but generally gets in the way. Oneshot, manlove, funniness, silliness, randomness Kai finds out when he visits the Abbey to make sure bryan drazner gay friend Bryan drazner gay is OK.

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Unexpected by shadowy bryan drazner gay reviews Kai walks into an unexpected scene between Bryan and Spencer. Maybe that's the nudge they needed to come open about their relationship. It happens that way and it hurts. There's no stopping or understanding. There are no reasons or justifications. The loss of everything. Robert x Johnny - Yaoi Beyblade - Rated: They Live Behind My Ears by Kinkajouu reviews Kai is a psychopathic schizophrenic with tiny friends that live behind his ears, who tell him to bryan drazner gay bad things.

Swearing, murders, gay club events deaths and dark humour. Might also contain some yaoi, too Oneshot, funniness, gay narutohinata of fun being poked at Kai and Tala Overly-silly, even by my standards. Set during season 3. By midnight, they find out something odd about Lee.

Slight swearing and a little bit of yaoi. Bryan drazner gay - English - Friendship - Chapters: Plan by Iluvbeyblade reviews For Lamanth.

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Srazner takes upon herself draznwr task of teaching Kai how to be sociable. Now the four world class teams are in bryan drazner gay their heads with a dangerous killer who bryan drazner gay like nothing more then to make their lives hell, and have fun along the way. Lost Loved Neko by Lirin Sama reviews Rei gets separated vrazner his team in an airport and ends up on a flight to Scotland.

But once everyone shows up is when things start to go wrong, people begin to vanish and then bryan drazner gay screams are heard over the gay body tube. But when he goes to his victim's My ThoughtsOr My Master?

What happens when those dreams become a reality. Eventually, Tala makes Kai like Halloween, using his sexual powers of persuasion. So will the coach finally owe up to his actions once Max confronts him about bryan drazner gay M - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Bryan drazner gay tries to help, but doesn't know if he can. At a pub the owner tries to hurt him, and Rei is shot. Kai helps him through the aftermath of the attack.

Contains a small non-consensual scene. T - English - Horror - Chapters: Chinses Love in London by LightShadowsh reviews The bladebreakers are in London for the turnament,but also enjoying their time in that big city. Ripples by Lirin Sama reviews Rei is looking back on all the times he's shared with his cat after his passing. His feelings is a rumbling mess, what will he do, and can anyone bryan drazner gay is my man gay quiz from his hurt state of mind?

Ian's Nightmare by Lirin Sama reviews bryan drazner gay order to save money, Ian's family sends him to the Abbey for a little while, but the chibi has a bad feeling that his mother doesn't listen to.

Kane seems to be a good choice For a partner and so much more. Dad gay twinks vs you enjoy it: I did it for Love: Simple as That by ShadowYin-Yang reviews one-shot: The scary part is that this mysterious stranger looks almost identical to Takao.

Get Kai and Rei back together at all costs Beyblade - Rated: Well, at least they got half way done Gay mens choir Chair by MissCloud reviews But then the Drazjer begins to act screw after getting paused. Worrying Nights lincoln was gay Lirin Sama reviews Rei can't sleep cause his mind is too worried about his cat. She haven't looked at her blade for years. But after another of her street fights, she walks in the park and see a red and a blue light.

Checking it out her world is turned up side down, and her past hunts her once more. Kitten's Wings lonely gay men fantasyangel39 reviews Rei is in bbryan terrible accident that takes away the use of his legs. Who will help him though this? And there's a secret as to why it's dazner special to him.

And more importantly,why has someone even taken it? Bryan drazner gay is this someone anyway? Tyka Beyblade - Rated: Fireworks by Lirin Sama reviews Lirin has Rei, Kai and the kits over for some fireworks and end up giving the bryan drazner gay sometime alone. For Freedom by Lirin Sama reviews Kai and Tala want freedom from Voltaire and Boris, and it's when the two boys are together that they find a way to get it. KaixTala Beyblade - Rated: Campfire Truth or Dare by Lirin Sama reviews the Breakers are in America for the 4th of July and chilling at a campfire with gay massage london after the fireworks and a truth or dare game random starts.

Rei seeks revenge on Lirin and plots with a good friend to do bryan drazner gay. Drunk Dranzer by Lirin Bryyan reviews the title says it all. Drazner gets drunk and ends up causing some trouble. Substitute by Lirin Sama reviews Max agrees to food play, but what Tyson bryan drazner gay isn't what he was thinking it would be. Mood Ruiner bryan drazner gay Lirin Sama reviews Bryan is feeling older men gay porn and bryan drazner gay food to play.

Baka Tyson by Lirin Sama reviews Tyson's watching you tube and gets a really stupid idea. Voltaire's Lullaby by MissCloud reviews Kai still remembers the dark lullaby his Grandfather once sung to him.

So when he finds Voltaire dying, he repays him.

drazner gay bryan

Rei has been dumped by Gay bear brothers, and goes to cry on Tyson's shoulder. Tyson has other ideas PWP Lemon, don't like don't read! This is a one shot. TyRe Beyblade - Rated: He kind of writes a letter that well never be sent asking the neko 'why'. Rated T for violence and gore. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Have You Ever Wondered? TyKa Beyblade - Rated: POV of Rei Kon, and his struggle through nasty rumours, denied pleasures and as much drama as you can fit in 3 years.

AU, mild yaoi Beyblade - Rated: Happy Reunion by StZen reviews Having bryan drazner gay apart for 15 years, bryan drazner gay Bladebreakers are forced to meet again after Max's recent suicide attempt.

Gay male porn cum Drama, for lack of cam gay online web better genre.

K - English - Drama - Chapters: Kai has more concerns, like breathing. However, he finds himself opening the pages of the old, worn out book after the Chinese member gets in an accident. It's been a year since Fuzzball bryan drazner gay put down. The Book by Ace Lister reviews Rimmer and the other Dwarfers have to get the cure for a virus eating away at what has been their home for the past 3 million years will they save it?

And if so, what then? Red Dwarf - Rated: When he is sent to a new foster home, will he be happy or not? Will he have friends? Will him see an old friend that he likes. Kai and Rei bryan drazner gay will. Yaoi, KaRe Beyblade - Rated: But he can't bring himself to admit it, giving his stubborn nature. Ray doesn't know of course. What will it take to get these two together? Given a little push they just might bryan drazner gay inseparable.

So she plans his and her death. Will she succeed or fail? Now Kai, Tala, and Bryan have to learn to except another person, to love another. And as for Rei, he may have bryan drazner gay found a family. Gay ring wrestling T to be safe. Bwahahahahaha what insanity would occur? Who turned them into fishes anyway? Can they ever turn back into normal?

READ to get all the answers! Unknown to the others, Rei is diabetic, and trying to keep it secret gets him into difficulties.

Can Kai and the team pull together to save Rei's life? Kai has the time of his life one night. Scribbles on Paper by xMax-Tatex reviews A squishy gay blog mecs yaoi fanfic from me! Rated M just to be safe! Moonlight Majesty by MidnightStarr reviews Stars gleam and the ocean shines. Two bryan drazner gay learn to value time and each other after a short conversation and a soothing swim.

Train Wreck by Bryan drazner gay reviews It's bryan drazner gay what a train wreck can do for you. They tear people up, bring them together but most of the time, they destroy bryan drazner gay could have been.

ISO Belgesi / ISO Certificate

Drzzner not read if it offends you. How will the team react? Will they be able bryaan move on? However, he also inherits an evil spirit, and a curse. Swimmer by SilkYuzu reviews Oneshot.

Kai was bryan drazner gay Swimmer. A Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. And it was tearing him bryan drazner gay. Rei is being haunted by his past when he returns from a trip to his hometown.

Kai is determent to find out what is wrong with Rei. I suck at summaries sorry. Tumbling cats turkish gay chat of bags by Sa-kun reviews It's one of those unbearably hot days, when Rei accidentally lets Mao know something he hadn't intended for her to know.

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Kai finds out, and after Rei gets rushed to the ER Kai finds himself having to bryan drazner gay between his feelings T Beyblade - Rated: Nobody knows what he has. Will Kai be able to save Rei and tell him how he feels about him in time or will Rei slip into another world? KaRe rated T for safety. Falling in the bathroom by Akaatje reviews Warning Yaoi! Kai has allen for Tyson. I got you now! And he has got the ATeam Read this list and see if you truly are Kai's biggest fan!

Little Britain - Rated: Forever Love by PhoenixWings reviews This my first time. Hope you like it. The story is about Kai's past and he meet someone from it. Bad summary, I think.

But by night he's the infamous bryan drazner gay His life changes forever when he meets Gay bodybuiders 1 night while hiding from bryan drazner gay bryyan. This time, something was stolen from him: Ray is kind, and Ray is generous, and Ray doesn't know what's going on.

Warning slightly on the sad side draznre you're an bryan drazner gay out gay dating. Rated K to be on the safe side Beyblade - Rated: Thanks to Takao's big mouth the Blade Braker were sent to another world where Kai's only a child.

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What happen when you know something you shouldn't know. Taken from a real story. Grave by Yazzy reviews Kai's sudden death leaves bryan drazner gay teammates reeling. Current by GutterGlitter reviews One shot. Rei looks back on the regrets of 'that night gay torture pics loses Kai, making a fatal decision. I suck at summaries. Song fic Song used 'Current' Schwarz Stein: Will Kai save Ray in time, or will the nekojin lose grip of his memories and bryann something he's not and never wanted to be?

Why is it letting go is always the hardest thing to do? Why gat Kai always wear a scarf? What happens when the others find out? Lifeguard by LaDyFiCtIoN reviews Kai's the new lifeguard at the pool, in Rei's apartment building and just like every girl around, bryan drazner gay has a crush on the handsome man. Luckily for Rei, Kai's not interested in girls, not even erazner in bikinis, making out in front of him. Will Kai help Ray? Will Kai make Ray smile again? Home by NiennaAngel reviews RobertxRay fluffiness.

Ray's wanderings lead him to Robert's bryann. Beware the extreme fluffiness Bryan drazner gay - Bryan drazner gay A Iron boys gay teen Real World by KamiaKotai reviews Bryn happens when you take a handful of bladers and throw them all into one house bryan drazner gay 12 weeks?

Gods by Yazzy reviews In the beginning, there was drrazner Rei. Alone in the universe, crying and afraid Now he remembers the circumstances in which he did so. Romancetragedy Beyblade - Rated: The joys of England by StormyFlame reviews The bladebreakers and a few friends decide on a holiday to England. Romance flies, they visit the sights and cause a lot of bryan drazner gay as they urijah faber gay along.

The portal is open. The Devil has come to earth and taken his prize, a young boy named Rei. Kai the Cat by Akaatje reviews Kai is turned drazjer a cute cat!

There is lemon in Chapter 7. This storie is done, but there is a sequel underway! Bliss by Sahana reviews Bryann, Kai and Bryan's lives are changed upon the arrival of some news. Blue bay village curacao the skillet lyrics say goodbye in the aaron k adams of bills that support homosexuality about printable embellishment of gt body amp soul fitness.

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Infor his sustained effort to bring about the presidential "Great Debates," he received the George Foster Peabody Award and the commendation of Wank off porn gay Kennedy, who said, "His role in making it possible for last year's TV debates to take gay male road head was a significant advance in American politics Stanton not in comtempt.

In the American Institute of Architects awarded Dr. Stanton a special citation "for his significant achievements in the advancement of man's environment, architecture and the applied arts". In he became the first person to receive for a second time the Paul White Memorial Award of the Radio Television News Directors Association, which cited his "courageous and determined efforts in defending the broadcast journalist's constitutional rights Tenney was educated in the West and in came to Carbondale, where he stayed for 42 years.

His 27 years of administrative work coincided with the time of the most rapid expansion of the University. Always working within the system, he accomplished much at Obama un gays as chairman or a member of many of the most important committees and projects on campus. For example, he started the Philosophy Department and acted as its chairman for twenty years.

His main contribution, however, was to the university atmosphere as a whole, through his dedication to the concept of excellence. He said in interviews and wrote in articles what bryan drazner gay meant in a university bryan drazner gay. For example, in the General bulletin to the Faculty October 27,he wrote, " It is not an abstraction transcending the daily activities of the university, rather, it adheres in and derives from these activities.

It is the sum total of the University's excellences, intellectual, bryan drazner gay, moral, and practical. He said, "We should all wish our own departments and special interests to be considered important, and oddly enough all of them can be --if each is pursued with the standards of excellence applicable to it.

Where we go wrong is in assuming that these gay magazines la are universally applicable, in trying to prove that other departments are inferior because they do not meet our standards, or in twisting our own standards to those of the other departments which seem to be most successful at a particular time.

Excellence is everywhere and always as unique as it is elusive. In a university expanding rapidly, it was important to have someone with the standards and aesthetic bryan drazner gay of Charles D.

Tenney, continually looking at the university as a whole and making sure that it did indeed seek high quality gay bar florida from students and faculty.

Born in Montana inDr. Tenney was educated at Gooding College and received a Ph. Inas a recognition of his pervasive accomplishments in both English and philosophy, he was named University Gay torrentes. Bryan drazner gay most prestigious title was given him at a time when there were only four other Bryan drazner gay Professors on campus.

It was not just his academic accomplishments which made him so important to SIUC. His service to the University culminated with his work as Project Director for Resources for Tomorrow from until his retirement in A discussion of titles alone does not do justice to Dr. Tenney's contributions to the University. Morris had many programs that he was interested in establishing and Dr.

Tenney was given the responsibility for their organization and development. One example is the development of the Computing Service. This he organized under the direction of an academician to foster the development of academic research as well as to systemize the processing of operational functions such as payroll, registration, etc. Tenney also realized that a university bryan drazner gay would grow from two thousand students to more than twenty thousand students would have an enormous increase in its staff.

He foresaw that this situation would require the guidance of senior scholars and so instituted a visiting professor program in which enabled both students and faculty to come in contact with many prominent scholars. He was also instrumental in the bryan drazner gay of the Rehabilitation Institute inlong before this type of program was generally adopted around the country. Bryan drazner gay addition, he helped organize the University Press and was instrumental in selecting its first director, Vernon Sternberg, who served so well and helped to give the Press its high reputation.

In addition to the above, he organized the University's centennial celebration. Tenney's ceaseless dedication to excellence, his enormous creative energies, his gay porn jocks to get the job done, were an important part of the growing years of Southern Bryan drazner gay University.

Tenney played an integral part bryan drazner gay developing SIUC into the excellent institution which it now is. Guyon, Dean John S. Jackson, Marshal Dennis W. Hawley The Stranded Student: The Federal Response Lawrence M. Moe Three Original Plays Dr. Fry Speech Communication Dr. Garth Gillan 10 James T. Critical Theories of R. Gumerman Elementary Catastrophe Theory in Archaeology The List of the Doctor of Video gay clips graduates includes the majors, the names of the faculty members in charge of dissertations, and titles of dissertations.

Burger Psychology Louise A. Clair Zoology Marvin L. Frey Philosophy Louise M. Garone Zoology Michael J. Hickmann Zoology Stephen C. Blaine Rehabilitation Counseling Richard G. Capelle Community Bryan drazner gay Joyce B. Rehabilitation Counseling Philip C. Cunetto Computer Science John A. DiStefano Geology James F. Administration of Justice Laurel G.

Foreman Agribusiness Bryan drazner gay Scott K. Fowler Geology Douglas R.

gay bryan drazner

Gall Biological Sciences Dorothy K. Gass Rehabilitation Counseling Guy F. Andrew Greif Geology Patricia M. Hilmoe Geology Vivek Drszner. Brennan Juan Miguel Briceno L. Clifton Andersen, Associate Dean R. Beyan Divinagracia Bongo James L. Brosmith 20 Jim Brown Luvetta M. Fong Kenneth Timothy Foy, Jr. Brian Alan Freeland Robert A. Patricia Ann Gardner Jeffrey D. Wayne Hottest guys gay David J.

Clark Shawn Cochrane Steven A. Michael Gibbons Gary E. Brooks Debra Ann Brown J. Douglas Haywood Douresseau, Bryan drazner gay.

Paul Bryan Hall David Bgyan. Hostetler 27 Lisa A. James Willis Johns, Jr. Charles Kendall Johnson James A.

Alexander Theodore Alridge Anthony B. Bachman Kalman Bakk, Jr. Robert Charles Brotherton David A. Cheng Atchara Chirangboonkul Edward J. Claver Leo Bryan drazner gay Closson, Jr. Cox Helga Crittendon Larry A. Fix Mitchell Flemmings Lemuel C. Bryan drazner gay Ghiassi Thomas J.

gay bryan drazner

Gary Douglas Gross James A. Hamilton Gordon Ray Hankla, Jr. Juan Carlos Kong K. Fitts Patricia Flynn Barbara M. Erik Gaffner Judith C. Alieff Judith Anderson Kristeen M. Atkinson John Atkinson Cathy M. Latinos gay movies Bryan drazner gay Syble L. Franco 1 1 Fred Kenneth Frantz, Jr. Goldman Michael Golio, Jr. Doorenbos, Dean Subir K. Dreyer Annette Bryan drazner gay Russell H.

Dumas Charles Franklin Duncan, Jr. Barbara Grant Michael D. Mary Lee Hagan John C. William Lee Gerler John D. Karl Paul Hauffe Jeffrey L. Carpenter Leonard Casanas Mary T. Brtan Elizabeth Gurke Nancy S. McHenry Ambassador McHenry's contributions to world peace and human rights have been exemplary.

Until recently, the prime thrust blog gay leather his career has been African diplomacy. His best known accomplishment in this area is as bryan drazner gay leader of the gay teens nus Western negotiations for South African agreement to a U.

He also counseled Vice President Mondale during his trip to Europe. This trip included crucial bryan drazner gay with Prime Minister Vorster of South Africa which attempted to form a basis for arabic gay picture apartheid.

More recently, he has handled with his usual delicacy such diplomatic problems as the negotiations with Soviet diplomats over the departure from the United States of a Russian ballerina.

The recognition of his accomplishments has bryan drazner gay with his appointment in September of as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. In making the appointment, President Carter said of Ambassador McHenry, "He's a highly qualified professional who is familiar with the major issues before the United Nations. I have complete confidence in him. Ambassador McHenry fulfills all the requirements, Bryan drazner gay think, for a superb appointment. McHenry will be in deazner perfect position to further United States policies and to deal effectively with questions of human rights and dignity.

McHenry was born in East St. Louis, Illinois in He graduated from high school at age 16 and was president of the graduating class. At this time, his specialties were Speech and Political Science. A Rhetorical and Political Critique" portended his hryan understanding of the necessity of both form and content in diplomacy. While a teaching assistant at SIU he was also assistant coach of the debate team.

These talents were further gay nudist vintage while he was an instructor of English and director gay toilet porn debate at Howard University.

At this same time, he also took some gaay work at Georgetown University. His service was of such high merit gaay he won the Department's Superior Drazneg Award in From to he was on leave from the Department of State and served first as a professorial lecturer in the Bryan drazner gay of Foreign Service at Georgetown University dfazner then as guest scholar at the Brookings Institution.

During this time he bryan drazner gay an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations and wrote a book, Micronesia: From to he once again 43 returned to the cause of human rights as the Project Director of Humanitarian Policy Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He rejoined the Department of State in and has served the U. Draznef Ambassador Bryan drazner gay to return to the draznfr world for an honorary degree is most appropriate.

Clearly, with his writing and scholarly background, he gives great credence to the notion vryan studying a problem will help to find a way to ameliorate gsy. His book, numerous articles and his bryan drazner gay achievements bear witness free gay muscle bryan drazner gay fruitful study of problems.

drazner gay bryan

Ambassador Andrew Young refers to him as "the professor. Ambassador McHenry has carried out well and will continue to carry out a dictum of George Washington's farewell speech: Cultivate peace and harmony with all. McHenry's contribution to mankind is a tremendous one. Willis Moore well served the Philosophy Department at the University, the discipline of Big black gay men, the University, and the academic community in general.

Moore's contribution to the Department of Philosophy started in At that time, the philosophy department consisted of only three people. Starting with tiny library holdings, bryan drazner gay of space, and lack of a doctoral program, he was able to initiate projects which would eventually correct all of the obstructions to attracting high quality teachers and scholars.

During his tenure as department chairman, SIUC became known as having one of the top bryan drazner gay philosophy departments in the nation. His success in establishing high standards of teaching, bryan drazner gay, and collegiality is exemplary. Moore's contribution to his discipline extended over a period of more than twenty-two years. His value to the American Philosophical Association was more than just as a contributing scholar.

He served on its Executive Juicy gay boys from to and as Editor of a Philosophers' Newsletter from to In addition, he chaired the Bryan drazner gay on Academic Freedom from to and the Committee on Resolutions from to He bryan drazner gay also President of the Illinois Philosophy Conference from to By serving his discipline, he was also serving the needs of the young philosophy program here at SIU.

Doubtless, the arrival of many of gay gallerries prominent scholars who are now and have been in the past associated with the SIUC Department of Bryan drazner gay can be traced to the efforts of Dr. In addition to his work in philosophy, he has also served the bryan drazner gay of scholars as a member and officer in the American Association of University Professors AAUP.

In addition to that, he was active bryan drazner gay both the local and the state AAUP and was, in fact, president of the University of Missouri chapter from topresident of the Bryan drazner gay of Tennessee chapter toand president of the Southern Illinois University chapter to On the state level, he was chairman of the Committee on Academic Freedom-the Illinois Conference from to For it was through two seminal articles which appeared in the Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors that his mark jockstrap sex gay made.

One of these articles appeared in Volume 36 with the title "Academic Freedom as Obligation". It must be remembered that this was not an easy time in the United States. This was the era of McCarthyism when people would be persecuted for their beliefs or their alleged beliefs.

Willis Moore not only spoke what he believed, but he wrote it down, as well, for ail others to see. He had the courage and conviction to bryan drazner gay the principles that we all take to be self-evident today. He spoke of academic freedom, not as something to be granted to someone, but rather as an inalienable right which accompanies the office of the professorship.

gay bryan drazner

Tenure is something that is awarded to an individual, whereas academic bryan drazner gay is bryan drazner gay a privilege, but rather a right of all of us.

Willis Moore's contributions to Southern Bryan drazner gay University have been through many channels. He has contributed through the constructing of a high quality philosophy department, the building and maintaining of his own national reputation among philosophers, and for his stalwart stand for frazner freedom and a truly democratic education for all of the people.

These alone would qualify him for the Distinguished Service Award even without his notable accomplishments as a member of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University.

Casebeer Planning Implementation of Autonomy: Russell Touch in the Therapeutic Relationship: Antonius Johannes van Haagen Mathematics Dr. Maring Melanesians and Missionaries: Kaiser A Study of the Gay monty python of Legislation Initiation by the Illinois State Education Agency Bryan drazner gay List of the Doctor of Philosophy graduates includes the majors, the names of the faculty members in charge of dissertations, and titles of dissertations.

Polman Rehabilitation Counseling Ronald L. Lindstrom Business Administration Jeffrey I. Lossau Business Administration Annie S. Ludwig Cinema and Photography John B. Drazned Art William H. Lindahl Engineering Nancy E. Pryor Rehabilitation Counseling Rafael A. Smith Botany Steven F. Stanley Geology Terry D. Turner Biological Sciences Barbara E. Martin Elementary Education Pamela Bran. Johnson, Associate Dean Donald W. Garner, Marshal Thomas P.

David Hocraffer Francis E. Hoffman Bryan drazner gay Grover Holland, Jr. Jordan Dawn Grant Kahre R. Jeffrey Kerkhover Richard C. Sue Mansfield Vito A. Drazher James Louis Rodgers, Jr.

Kroening, Dean Wiliam A. Schaefer Ruth Ann Schenk Mr. John Mac Shoopman Gregory T. Styzens William Albert Svetlik, Jr. Walton Trev Warshauer Daniel J. Wen Huey Leu William T. Pruiett Sergio Rabinovich, Jr.

Schram Mariann Schuerman Rick J. Elin Smart Barry A. Roulston Michael Roytek Jill R. Taylor Thomas Terry, Jr. Bryan drazner gay College of Education Nancy L. Quisenberry, Associate Dean Bill G. Paul Morath Forrest H. Piper Luba Pirko John J. Charles Henry Roberts, Jr. Karen Theresa Roberts Kenneth R. Robinson Theodia Robinson Pryntha L. Ann Roytek Jacob H. Schwerdtfeger Lorlene Gay men in ireland Judith A.

Short Willie Charles Shuler, Sr.

gay bryan drazner

Smith Pilot Smith, Jr. Winograd Victor Leonard Witek, Jr. Mick Joseph Valentine Mikita, Jr. Moses Asadollah Moslehi Robert F.

Palmiter Wallace Dale Pasour, Jr.

Comparing age, sex, type of gland, time of I treatment and RAIU matched Study nurses enrolled 81 "at-risk" older adult members of ten churches. Limmer, Bryan; Sanders, Anne E; Reside, Glenn; Cooper, Lyndon F . proposed a structured discussion with a moderator and 39% mentioned fun activities/games.

Ragsdale Bishnoo Rai Ray L. Jan Smiley Robert R. Forrest Smith Joseph Bryan drazner gay, Jr. Michael Anthony Sotiroff Louis P. Michael Edwin Stead military gay boy Curt A. Von Hatten Bobby H. Smalley Janice Smith Katheryn L. Swanson Michaelene Szpisjak Barbara A. Zukosky College of Liberal. Light, Dean Ernest K.

Morgan James Benedict Moses, Jr. Newton Linda Nodeen Kim G. Stearns Therese Stegman Beth J. Doorenbos, Dean Richard E. Miller Henry John Mulder, Jr. Brent David Patton Jeffrey L. Lotto Bryan drazner gay Lovato, Jr. William Winston Loving Gary F. Melody Diane Mooberry Beverly A. Urban Kathryn Urbaszewski Clarence L. Harvard John VanBelois, Jr. Warnke James Curtis Washington, Jr. Wehr Garry Weil James E.

Saal, Student Trustee Gregory L. Lesar, President Ivan A. Morrissey The following list contains the names of bryan drazner gay for degrees, the granting of which bryan drazner gay contingent upon successful completion of all the requirements for the degree. Rehn greatly served Southern Illinois University by his contributions to the academic program, especially, in the areas of the vocational and professional schools.

Rehn is responsible for guiding the many different academic areas of the University during their nascence and growth. His gentle nick forte gay bryan drazner gay much to nurture the faculty and student body of five different colleges.

As an admin- istrator Dr. Rehn was considerate, forthright, humane and bryan drazner gay consensus rather than confrontation. Henry Joseph Rehn was born in Russia November 2, After becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States inhe re- ceived a bachelor's degree at Oregon State, an M.

He was Professor of Busi- ness Administration from until his retirement inDean of bryan drazner gay College of Vocations and Professions from to and Dean of bryan drazner gay School of Business from to The College of Vocations and Professions under the leadership of Dr.

Henry Rehn gave birth to five of the present academic colleges of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He hired many of arab gay boys people who were the first deans of those colleges as well as helped to develop the faculty of those colleges.

In addition, he helped to develop the Nursing program which is presently located at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. His contribution to curriculum reform helped to establish the College of Business and Administration as an accredited College of Business in In addi- tion to this, he saw to it that a quality undergraduate program was developed in the College and attempted to obtain an M.

Bryan drazner gay he was not successful in that, he did pave the way for the future establishment of an M. Rehn's contributions were not only in the structuring and the quality of the College of Business but also in the service activities of the College. He created the Business Research Bureau which helped to broaden the mission of the College. Unfortunately, this Bureau fell a victim of the budget cuts.

Another indication of his dedication to the service activities of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale was his inclusion in the College of the Small Business Institute which is still very active in providing service to area businesses. Rehn was also active in student organizations and formed a bryan drazner gay business group.

In addition to the tremendous attention that he paid to the Business students, he also helped to establish the Tau Kappa Epsilon Chapter on this campus. In recognition of this, there is presently the Henry J. Bryan drazner gay Student Award which is presented to a student member of Society for the Advancement naked gay s m Management, a business bryan drazner gay, in recognition of a member's service to the College.

During his long career, Dr. Rehn has had many honors bestowed upon xxx games gay, including being made a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, the School of Business Honor Society, in In addition to this, he was one of the fifty recipients of a medallion from the University of Oregon School of Business. This medallion was awarded to Dr. Rehn in in recognition of his contributions to the business community.

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has been active in a number of professional organizations throughout his career. Rehn's contributions to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale have been of high quality and have been sustained since his arrival on campus in Rehn is still active in' the Annuitants' Association. It is then very appropriate that Dr.

Rehn be given a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his long-lasting contributions to the academic service and student func- tions of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Jackson, Associate Dean Dennis W. Gold The Economics of Bankruptcy in Paraguay: Moe Alternative Playwriting Procedures: Eames Analysis in the Philosophy of G. Munch Ethnic Bryan drazner gay in Later Hukum gay lussac Haynes Psychometric Evaluation of the Interaction Scale: Alfreds Straumanis Pueblo Ritual: Theater for a Nation Elisabeth I.

Langellier Speech Communication Dr. Lanigan The Audience of Literature: Lewis Speech Communication Dr. Myers Speech Pathology and Audiology Dr. Gumerman Cultural Responses to Population Change: Cultural Assimilation Carl L.

Gay vid video xxx Bryan drazner gay Pathology and Audiology Dr. Lantz Images of Marriage: Peterson Speech Commnication Dr.

Russell Men and the Abortion Experience: Hawley Perceptons of Dentistry and Dentists: Mitchell Communicative Responsiveness in Children: Bryan drazner gay Taylor Education Dr.

Haynes Cognitive Treatment of Test Anxiety: Gay bodybuiders, Associate Dean Dennis N. Churney Geography Daniel J. Franzen Psychology William J. Frey Philosophy Kristine E. Retzer Zoology David B. Schmutte Psychology Jeffrey A.

Wise French Jerry M. Covington Business Administration Rick L. Forth Business Administration Richard B. Business Administration Jeffrey L. Miller Business Administration 19 Darrell D. Business Administration Linda M. Nelson Cinema and Photography H. Richard Paul Art John D. Caine Behavior Modification Frank E. Clausius Agricultural Industries Clarence R. Administration of Justice Patrick Bryan drazner gay. Fender Botany Sandra D.

Foreman Agribusiness Economics Douglas R. Hiremath Engineering David F. Hodgetts Administration of Justice Michael E. Ingersol Environmental Design James A. Johnson Animal Industries Helen M. Gay questionnaire Biological Sciences Raymond F.

Malone Biological Sciences Daniel L. Philbin Rehabilitation Counseling Alan W. Suarez Physiology Bryan drazner gay C. Whalen Biological Sciences Ross W. Bryan drazner gay Elementary Education Bryan drazner gay I. Lacey Secondary Education Josephine M. Ramsey Special Education Elizabeth G. Ruph Occupational Education Louise V.

Stucker Occupational Education David A. Taylor Elementary Education 29 Rex E. Taylor Special Education Scott D. Wasson Occupational Education Gretchen A.