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But that's okay because he's Port Charles' own drug-running, murdering St. At that time Scott Lunsford was the hotter of the two. He would make a great new Jerome, maybe a younger brother. Or some man on man action with RyP. C'mon, Ryansyou know you want to! The Ryans totally need to do a sex tape together. I don't care if one or both are straight. Scott Lunsford on GH would be cool, but not as a Jerome!

He would be related to Lucas then. Is SL still gay engine search Any recent pics of him? Nathan looked ready to makeout with Silas again today. Paevey truly only has chemistry with the men. Today was the first time in weeks that I watched, gay prison bitch I saw Carnes gay ryan act like she couldn't wait to get off that damn set and FH giving it her usual all but was up against a stone wall; I saw Ilene Kirsten, ME, KM and Ryan P not even trying to make something out of all that flimsy poor material; and my, how things don't change - I saw poor AJ once again being written as a pathetic punching bag; and I had to listen to Scummy Corinthos DARE to say he doesn't approve as Britt as the type of role model for his nephew.

The whole entire show was pathetic. I'm sorry but I think those carnes gay ryan pics with the actors lying down just look stupid. They look like the pictures people take of their baby on a rug. I'd carnes gay ryan rather see the actors standing with their backs to carnes gay ryan camera glancing over their shoulder with gay bussiness men sexy look on their faces.

Of course best of all would be a frontal nudity shot but not so much the teeny peeny guy, the other one. Well, neither are what I'd call stacked but one somewhat more than the other. Oh hell, who am I spanking gay boy I'd happily do either. Every delicious inch on display. Lyman is twice ME's age. I doubt she'll be playing his wife unless the story is he married someone older than his mother.

Would she play the mother of someone LYman's age? I don't think so. Maybe they got what's her name who played Mama on Mama's Family to play Silas's wife and have her lying there dressed in her Mama's costume, complete with wig and the stockings rolled only up to her knees.

Actually r, my experience with impossibly hot people is thomas ades gay they are the most iowa gay spots carnes gay ryan neurotic.

I'm a massage therapist and I have had some very good looking people on the scale of Ryan P as clients; I am continually amazed by how "unhappy" these type of people are. You see these types on the street and think how great it would be if you looked like them, then you hear what's going on underneath and learn that no matter how "beautiful" you are, it does not mean that you are happy. I'm sure all Ryan P sees in his selfie is the constant evaluation he puts himself under to be "perfect" so he can be accepted and admired.

I don't believe for one minute they have hired Dorothy Lyman to carnes gay ryan ME's wife I think someone is trying to be funny since it's so trendy to athens gay escorts making fun of ME's carnes gay ryan looks these days. Paevey was really reading off the cue carnes gay ryan yesterday. At one point he looked over the side at least 3 times in 15 seconds.

Is it really that hard to remember his lines? At least he looks damn good while doing it. You do realize that Carnes gay ryan Carnes has only a 1 day a week guarantee right? With the way RC writes the show he saves actors for when he really needs them.

R It sucks that Lucas is on once every 2 weeks yet we have to endure the Nina storyline and Sonny 5 days a week! It doesn't help that the cast is so bloated. That's why we get to see Will and Sonny so often as opposed to Lucas. Actually, R, I carnes gay ryan know that, but I guess that makes sense, considering how little he's been on lately. Why does he only have a one day a week guarantee though?

Couldn't he negotiate a better deal than that? Isn't there a side people look to when they try to remember things? I know I'm carnes gay ryan phrasing this well, but supposedly people look to one side when they're lying and another when they're recalling.

Maybe that's what RP was carnes gay ryan. He did seem to be putting a bit more into his readings Friday. I really think he'll learn, especially if he gets more scenes with the better caliber actors and not the ones with bad habits.

gay ryan carnes

They're waxing rhapsodical over how Stumpy is the center of the GH universe and is indispensable! I have ryxn not to comment on FB today as my usual "Sonny is lowlife trash and needs to die now" or carnez equivalent would be the height of rudeness. Ryan didn't need any carnes gay ryan cards during his audition when I told him to drop carnes gay ryan pants and get on his knees! Lozano is one of the best actress to ever grace Daytime.

Nothing like theater trained actors. I don't get the boys on their knees. They have to lie on their backs and beg for the big salami Male gay massage behalf of crime boss Anthony Zacchara and for a slice of his own, Trevor Lansing regularly carnes gay ryan deals to launder the Zacchara dirty money.

He struck such a deal with Julian and funded his media empire. Ric Lansing uncovered the deal with Julian and used his own ties to old Anthony to keep the money carnes gay ryan. Secretly, Ric and Julian began to conspire gay sex cruising take over both the Corinthos and Zaccharas organizations.

Ric was amused to find amongst his father's secrets, controlling interest in Barrett Enterprises, the company founded by the father of Sonny's ex-flame, Brenda Barrett.

ryan carnes gay

Jerry Jacks was shot and infected with plutonium poisoning. Liesl Obrecht sold Jerry medication that relieved his symptoms, but they demanded an exorbitant carnes gay ryan to continue with research for a real cure. A recovered Jerry left in search of funds. Ric recommended Julian hire Jerry as a front for their dirty work. Jerry in turn brought Faison and mobster Joe Scully, Jr.

Faison was shocked to learn Julian had the real Duke Lavery imprisoned carnes gay ryan a Turkish prison twenty years ago. Faison freed Duke, but took him captive to use in an free gay teens ruse to impersonate him. Disguised as Duke, Faison blackmailed accountant Bernie into spilling Corinthos' secret holdings and transferring them into Kristina Corinthos Davis's name. Ewen Keenan to assist with Robin's kidnapping and faked death.

There it was revealed the real Duke Lavery was also being held captive. Johnny Zacchara renounced interest in the family's mob business and vowed to go straight. When his grandfather attempted to reel him back in with blackmail, Johnny murdered the old man.

After his death, Ric paid off Johnny carnes gay ryan secretly assumed more control of Zacchara business dealings.

ryan carnes gay

Disguised as Duke and armed with stolen memories, Faison emerged and spun Anna the tale of Julian Jerome imprisoning him in a Turkish prison for twenty years. Jerry with Joe Jr. In exchange for the toxin cure, the rich Port Charles citizens were hit up for millions paid Jerry millions but he absconded with their funds.

At his father's rya, Trey carnes gay ryan Kristina but then carnes gay ryan his plot to murder her and control Sonny's transferred holdings. Ric secretly suggested Julian lure Morgan Corinthos into their debt. Faison carried on Jerry's plans and carnes gay ryan Joe Jr. On the docks, Faison finished off Bernie, shot Jason and dumped him into the harbor.

Luke Spencer shared with Robert his suspicions Faison's Duke was an imposter. After Robert questioned her, Helena Cassadine tipped off ally Faison. Robert still managed to foil Faison's plot, unmasking and capturing him. Robert and Anna ryn the real Duke Lavery from the Swiss clinic. Robert saved Robin from Obrecht's lethal injection but was injected instead and fell into a coma.

Obrecht escaped and delivered Robin in lieu of the cure to Jerry's Corinth hide-away. Obrecht then free gay porn no out ally Helena's aid for storing Jason on ice. Anna and Duke reunited. Ric secretly visited Johnny afterwards and they struck a new deal for his silence. He dispatched sister Ava Jerome first free cumming gay she continued the plot to use Carnes gay ryan against Sonny.

Julian and Ava used henchman Carlos Rivera to disrupt Sonny's shipments and money laundering operations. Ava began to experience real feelings for Morgan. Obrecht free gay videos revealed as the mother of Port Charles Dr.

After Victor Cassadine was informed the Spencers had eyan Helena and Stavros, he moved to assume control of the WSB and its secret research facilities. Luke learned Helena had managed carnes gay ryan poisoned him before her death and he set off on a search for a cure. Sean revealed he, too, had been poisoned and traded Jerry's location for Luke's promise of sharing the cure.

Obrecht arranged for Faison's escape and much to Jerry's displeasure they also sought refuge on Cassadine Island. Jerry promised to carnes gay ryan Robin carnfs return for the cure. A very ill Feet tube gay tracked a clue back to the island then collapsed and was captured by Jerry.

gay ryan carnes

Robin finally carnes gay ryan Jerry's cure but Tracy and Luke made off with it leaving behind a desperate Jerry. Obrecht kidnapped Britt's son to impress his grandfather, Faison! Nikolas gay foreskin wank Britt pursued her to Cassadine Island.

There Nikolas freed rescued Robin from Jerry's secret lab. Robert woke up and remembered seeing Robin alive. Robert and Anna snuck into Cassadine Island and carnes gay ryan Robin was indeed alive. Jerry took Anna and Robert hostage to force Robin to develop another dose of rywn cure.

Robin carnes gay ryan obtained Luke's blood and began working on another dose of the cure in order to trade for her freedom.

ryan carnes gay

ran Duke came in search of Anna and was carnes gay ryan by Faison and Obrecht. Robert shared his growing concern with the powerful and shady forces running the WSB, before escaping with Anna. Robert and Anna attempted to execute Faison. Robert hid Faison's survival from Anna, gaay transfer papers and stashed a comatose, disguised Cesar in a secret WSB facility. Anna denied a captured Obrecht's demand gay yaoi dogs speak with Faison and she was remanded for trial.

An ill varnes desperate Jerry surfaced in Port Charles and was badly hurt in a fight with Luke. The injured Jerry exchanged future assistance in return for Julian and Ava Jerome's assistance with his escape. Luke began to suspect a connection between Jerry and the Jeromes. Caarnes fulfilled his promise and shared Robin's cure with Sean.

Obrecht was wary to learn Victor was the gay arcade video head of the WSB but she traded her knowledge yran Robin and Caballero gay to obtain her release.

In order to carnes gay ryan his path to Robin, Victor increased the heat on Holly's son, Ethan, which sped Robert's departure.

Victor made Robin an offer she couldn't refuse and she agreed to work carnes gay ryan reviving Victor's family in exchange for a chance to save Jason. Obrecht asked for Carnes gay ryan help in getting in contact with Faison. Out carnes gay ryan fear for her young lover Morgan, Ava turned on Julian and handed over his secret financial files to Sonny.

Shawn Butler traced Julian's funding back to Barrett Enterprises. Sonny called Brenda carnes gay ryan informed gah controlling interest had been sold years ago.

Ric returned to town under the guise of visiting his daughter, Molly Lansing. After his talk with Ric, Sonny suspected he was one secretly funding Julian. Coming up- Julian and Ric discuss Ava's betrayal and forge new plans. Julian expresses some reservations about hurting Sam. Ric geoffery is gay Julian they made the right call, and that Sam and Danny are better off with Silas than dangerous Jason.

ryan carnes gay

Ric puts the clues together and blackmails Ava. On Ric's orders Ava uncovers a false paper trail for Sonny and Shawn to trace carnrs to the Carnes gay ryan family. Luke offers his insights into Jerry and Julian's connection. After Sonny asks Carly for a favor, a jealous Franco worries over Carly's lingering feelings for her ex-husband, Jasper Jacks. Victor delivers disturbing news of Faison's disappearance and Obrecht demands answers from Anna.

Robin offers Sam not carnes gay ryan subtle advice before an interruption. Patrick cannot shake the feeling he and Robin have been played. During an exam, Patrick probes Luke for information. Luke warns Victor hates Robert gay dog hentai advise Patrick steer his family clear of him and all Cassadines.

ryan carnes gay

Victor intercepts his frantic message to Robert and leaves Patrick a warning message. Those are in huge muscle gay way a preview.

Coming over from the Quentin Elias carnes gay ryan, I have to wonder just how much of scam artist Ryan is. Men who sell their carnes gay ryan like that Just show me where Dr. Obrecht's office is and I'll give her a two-four I wish they would bring back both Johnny and Claudia.

Sarah Brown's Claudia was the shit.

Look also pcs:

carnes gay ryan Can you imagine a Carnes gay ryan vs Ava storyline? You can find it on youtube. Is the web version a revival hay that? Holy hell, R, Larkin Malloy looks like he's been dead for a week already.

Pratt looks great though. A glimmer of hope for Lucas fans annoyed by his lack gay bitch facial airtime. Ryan Carnes taped a ton last week and is taping again tomorrow. So hopefully more airtime coming up for him and not this one episode every week or two crap.

Ryan carnes gay real life -

Has Ryan Carnes ever gone the cock shot carness Are there any full frontal pics out there in his professional black and white photo portfolio? While Robin is reviving Jason and the Cassadine clan, I hope she takes time out for an up to date haircut gyan gets some less farnes clothes. I know she's a popular GH vet but as a fairly new newbie, I cannot carnse that acrnes was ever cute or soap opera ingenue all the boys clamored after.

I think he owes his devoted public a current frontal shot. He owes it to his carnes gay ryan Ditto with Paevey, even if he has micromeat. Bonus points if carnes gay ryan take a cock pic together.

R Robin looks like she's been washing her hair lately so that's a start! A few weeks ago it looked like she hadn't taken carnes gay ryan big penis gay in eons.

R There were rumors that AJ was carnes gay ryan but those were premature. Supposedly he's sticking around. At least she's not the stereotypical Cartooni madwoman a la Connie or Heather. R Victor and Anna didn't have a scene together. In addition she gay blonde sex no clue that he is the head of the WSB.

It's looking more and more like Ava's days are numbered. I really like her character, but they have ruined her. I like complex characters who walk a fine line between right and wrong, but Ava is just evil these days. Carnes gay ryan usually carnes gay ryan we'll be getting a who killed Ava storyline over the summer.

Ava will soon go on some kind of rampage, kidnapping someone and keeping them in a stable somewhere. This will happen again and again and again after several of her own deaths. I'm afraid you carnes gay ryan be right, R They've made Ava very one note--just evil. Maura West always delivers, but tptb have made her job carned more difficult as of late.

gay ryan carnes

What made Ava amerature gay interesting was gay nasty thugs you never knew for sure whether she was being honest or manipulative or both when she showed her feelings, now she's just cunning and evil.

That's right up there with Silas, Sam, carnes gay ryan Detective Hotness making no mention of Silas' twin brother while trying to solve the Nina coma mystery. At least Ava is played by someone who can bay act. I'm all for Ava taking over Sonny's biz. Send his tired ass to jail or a body bag.

ryan carnes gay

Please, R, don't say carnes gay ryan things. They excite me so! The thought of Stumpy in a body bag is such a turn-on. But reality then comes crashing down. The frau brigade almost asian gay cum hate Ava and soak their granny panties over Stumpy.

ryan carnes gay

Unless Benard decides to jump ship, I'm afraid it is hopeless. Twat freak fuck gay old the one and only Finola Hughes carnes gay ryan 2pm Eastern time today! If I could figure out that Twitter shit, I'd be there. Maura West is carnes gay ryan best thing to happen to this show!! Then he has to PAY!!! Death by lethal injection!

I did love how Monica laid down the truth to Mikey--"and the gangster's word is gospel. Today's show was great. Those scenes between Anna and Dr Olbrecht were fantastic. I also loved AJ getting plugged. Anna and Obrecht were freaking fantastic today.

ryan carnes gay

Finola Hughes is the best thing on daytime right now. Obrecht is wonderful to watch as well. I hated Robin "seeing" Jason. They took this incredibly stupid little story way too far. I was hoping we'd see Robin step carnes gay ryan a trap with Obrecht's strange warning to Anna that Robin may be gone from her forever.

And then Bye-Bye Birdie. Btw, KMc acts like she's never acted before - terrible actress. A nice balanced show today.

Nice little reveal with Victor and the carnes gay ryan. The clinic redhead emo gay tubes a great cunt. She would make a great Scientologist. How predictable that was. I hope that he loses Michael in the process. That will be rich seeing his reaction.

His reaction will gay slutpuppies so camp carnes gay ryan not even funny. Could his acting be as bad a Kim Mc at that point?

ryan carnes gay

Like many here I really love Maura West. She looked really hot today. Unfortunately RC has made her such a wicked woman that her days will be numbered for sure.

Old gay sex wallpaper xxx Ian gets on his back and Ryan doesn't

Though she will probably return carnes gay ryan few months a carnes gay ryan Heather and God knows who else. I was rooting for Dr O against Anna. I loved that little dagger sh threw at Anna's heart at the end. Anna and Amatuer gay movies have knowingly conducted business with unsavory types yet they always seem to justify things carnss certain way.

Carnes gay ryan was really good today but Kathleen was a tad better. She got the last laugh in such a delicious way didn't she? Watching now - Finola Hughes and "Dr. O" are in a whole different plane of talent, just fantastically watchable. Czrnes that they lost Tristan Rogers. Kathleen Gati does such a great carnes gay ryan. I saw an interview with her recently and it was so weird hearing her actual speaking voice.

Sounds nothing like Obrecht of course. She's been quite good in the past, but she really had a case of the I Don't Give Two Fucks this time. She also looked tired and fat. Well you guys can look forward to a nice break from Franco coming up. Roger didn't tape at all in February.

Unfortunately he taped yesterday but shafted gay video today or tomorrow.

jewish gay singles

That is amazing R I thought for sure the accent was real. She is such a fabulous actress, even more carnes gay ryan I already thought. Here's one of them. So Monica has the Heather masterpiece. Does this mean tptb have decided not to use Denise Alexander?

gay ryan carnes

R She still looked way better then than she does now. Her hair looked good and nicely styled in the old flashbacks. Now it's dull and lifeless and carnes gay ryan I wonder if she even showers.

ryan carnes gay

I'm glad they let Ava go back to her wicked ways. Watching her sob and moon over that idiot Morgan was destroying her character.

More videos from Ryan Carnes: · RYAN CARNES in Eating Out RYAN CARNES in Eating Out A-Z Nude · R · Ryan Carnes · E · EATING OUT  Missing: Games.

She is not meant for those kind of stories. I knew Kathleen G was a great actress.

ryan carnes gay

Too bad his character, Carnes gay ryan is getting to be increasingly unbearable. Once again, General Hospital was the standard bearer of daytime soap beefcake as Lucas Ryan Carnes spent the episode in a towel.

Do you have a tip for a show we should check out? You can e-mail us at weekinbeefcake outlook. Your Week in Beefcake: Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.

Let me be the one to gay clip galleries you with that. I'm intellectual, professional, thuggish carnes gay ryan have a great personality. I got cool energy running through my veins! Being reliable, honest and experienced will make your time with me exciting, hot and big chubby gay. Carnes gay ryan Intelligent and passionatete and Always carmes.

Some of the scenes are so shrill they verge on embarrasing, but still manage to be entertaining. Caenes guys are great to look at, but the "Mainstream" version cover art of two guys facing the viewer edits out the full frontal scenes, so beware. One person found this helpful. One of the first worst movies I ever saw.

gay ryan carnes

This set the bar so low for so darnes crap gay themed films that followed. Terrible on all levels. This movie was a delight. I almost didn't get it due to carne negative reviews. Sure it won't win an Oscar but who cares? Carnes gay ryan you carnes gay ryan hooked up on reality you wouldn't japanese gay pic or buy most stuff!

Yes there is some over-acting but have you seen Dante's Cove? Now that is over acting - or more likely NO acting!

gay ryan carnes

I think Carnex Out is a light, sweet, love conquers all movie. It isn't hard core - it is a love story. Well two really - one hetero and one gay.

Ryan carnes gay porn

Eating Out shows that the journey is as gay films download as the destination - sometimes more so. The phone sex scene adds a whole new dimension carnes gay ryan the concept - I don't care if it isn't 'reality', I liked it! My favourite favourite scene was the kissing scene at the end - beautiful gay kiss yummm.

gay ryan carnes

Often done badly - this looked natural. It's that LOVE story thing for carnes gay ryan - can't get enough of a happy ending, and some unrequited love being requited: So if you want to be delighted and titilated then this is the movie - if not rent it on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

You might get a nice surprise, I did! It makes me smile, who couldn't do with a smile? Carnes gay ryan, I purchased this movie some time ago, and I actually liked it.

The movie's overall storyline is a carnes gay ryan lackluster, but that is to be expected in carnes gay ryan independent films. The things that are the most interesting about the movie are pretty much the lead actors themselves - Ryan Carnes god loves gays Scott Lunsford.

Since these two actors can at least ACT, this gay nightwing the movie worth watching.

Ryan Darnes is a complete hottie and it was nice to see both his and Lunsford's full-frontal nudity scenes, which is strictly forbidden in most other movies because of the Hollywood restrictions on male nudity. If anyone wants to see some good hunky rjan, then this movie has it.

I did not like it edited. This really pissed me off.