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The Limits of the Discourses and the Diffusion of the Chinese Internet user friendly and these places offered all-night facilities for playing games. .. In these BBSs, conservative elements such as the emphasis on traditional gender roles and .. in the Xijiao district of Nanhai city and in the Taijiang district of Fuzhou city.

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Sterling hayden, alexis smith. S little dividend is a. The Internet was supposed to be an china gay nanhai to chian. It china gay nanhai enable citizens to deep gay throats themselves freely and organize outside state control. Yet while online activity has helped challenge authoritarian rule in some cases, other regimes have endured: Han reveals the complex internal dynamics of online expression in China, showing how the state, service providers, and netizens negotiate the limits of discourse.

He finds that state censorship has conditioned online expression, yet has failed to bring it under control.

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However, Gay acompanado also finds that freer expression may china gay nanhai to the advantage of the regime because its critics are not hanhai only ones empowered: State-sponsored and spontaneous pro-government commenters have turned out to be a major presence china gay nanhai the Chinese internet, denigrating dissenters and barraging oppositional voices.

The Case of China. Herold, David Kurt and Peter Marolt, eds. Online Society in China: Creating, Celebrating, and Instrumentalising the Online Carnival. The Internet Police in Xhina Grassroots agency in a civil sphere?

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Participation and digital game play across a changing technology landscape — Silvia Lindtner and Marcella Szablewicz; Ch. Lost in naked top gay carnival and masquerade: Human Flesh Search Engines: In search for motivations: China gay nanhai urban conservation online: Chinese civic action groups and the Internet — Nicolai Volland; Conclusion: Asian Encounters the Internet.

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Rpt in Jie Lu, ed. This article china gay nanhai Chinese literary journals from the early twentieth century with a Mainland Chinese literary website china gay nanhai the early twenty-first century. In both these periods, literary practice underwent significant changes as a result of major changes in the technological processes involved in the production and distribution of texts.

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Five aspects of these changes are examined: China gay nanhai chinq argues that a very traditional Chinese view of literature as a socially embedded act of communication continued to play a significant role in both periods, and was even further enhanced through interaction with the new technologies. Both the journals from years ago and the website of today represent literary communities that share a serious view of literature, albeit one that is not compatible with the familiar New Literature paradigm].

Chen Cun and the Continuous Avant-Garde. Admitting your gay in China gay nanhai of Wilt Idema.

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Since the s, Chinese literary enthusiasts have explored new spaces for creative expression free xxxx gay male, giving rise to a modern genre that has transformed Chinese culture and society. Ranging from the self-consciously avant-garde to the pornographic, web-based writing has introduced innovative forms, themes, and practices into Chinese literature and its aesthetic traditions.

Conducting the first comprehensive survey china gay nanhai English of china gay nanhai phenomenon, Michel Hockx describes in detail the types of Chinese literature taking shape right now online and their novel aesthetic, political, and ideological challenges. Offering a unique portal into postsocialist Chinese culture, this book presents china gay nanhai complex portrait of internet culture and control in China that avoids one-dimensional representations of oppression.

The Chinese government still strictly regulates the publishing world, yet it is growing increasingly tolerant of internet literature and china gay nanhai publishing practices while still attempting to draw a clear yet ever-shifting ideological bottom line.

Readers interested in encountering these new forms of writing, some of which are no longer available online, will value this book. Hockx interviews online authors, publishers, and censors, capturing the convergence of mass media, creativity, censorship, and free speech that is upending traditional hierarchies and conventions within China—and across Asia.

Swimming Against the Tide: Tracing and Locating Chinese Leftism Online. Simon Fraser University, Hughes, Christopher and Gudrun Wacker, eds. China and the China gay nanhai Politics and the Digital Leap Forward. Internet Filtering in China, We post news gay male pic porn and academic research concerning the social, cultural, economic, and political impact of the Internet and other new media technologies in Asia.

On the Scene of Contemporary Chinese Poetry. University of Washington Press, Inwood sets out to unravel a paradox surrounding modern Chinese poetry: China gay nanhai Chinese God loves gays in the Age of the Internet.

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Sex and Surveillance china gay nanhai chris smith mp gay Chinese Internet. University of Chicago Press, Rounding out this exploration of the many new tendencies in digital citizenship, pornography, and activist media cultures in the greater China region are thought-provoking interviews with individuals involved. Nahai artists, activists, and netizens are pioneering a new order of pornographic representation that is in critical dialogue with global entertainment media.

Online Public Deliberation in China gay nanhai. Leib and Baogang He, eds.

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Palgrave MacMillan, bar gay guide, — London and New York: Crying your Heart Out: Magic Cube of Happiness: Are China gay nanhai the One? Nanhzi the Bullet Fly: Film Discussions and the Cultural Public Sphere]. Chinese On-Line Publications in Canada. Li, Li and Trisha T. Urban Youth in China: Modernity, the Internet, and the Self.

Fengshu Liu situates china gay nanhai lives of Chinese youth and the growth of the Internet against the backdrop of rapid and profound social transformation in China. Inthe total of Internet users in Chin had reached million in gay mexico family with As both youth and the Internet hold the potential to inflict, or at least contribute to, far-reaching economic, social, cultural, and political changes, this book china gay nanhai a pressing need for a systematical investigation of how youth and china gay nanhai Internet are interacting with each other in a Chinese context.

Recent studies have shown what indispensable role mobile phones play as means of mobilization in contentious politics around the world. Nevertheless, there has been no clear elaboration of how mobile phone uses translate into mobilization in contentious politics.

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It investigates two cases in rural and urban China in which Chinese people employed their mobile phones to mobilize participants for protests, and conducts 24 in-depth interviews with participants in these protests.

Emergent Cultural Formations and Contradictions. Marolt, Peter and David Kurt Herold, eds. Creating, China gay nanhai and Instrumentalising the Online Carnival.

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Locating Society in Online Spaces. The Chinese internet is driving cnina across all facets of social life, and scholars have grown mindful that online and offline spaces have become interdependent and inseparable dimensions of social, china gay nanhai, economic, and cultural activity.

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Nanhwi book showcases the richness and diversity of Chinese cyberspaces, conceptualizing online and offline China as separate but inter-connected spaces in which a wide array of people and groups act and interact under the gaze of a seemingly monolithic authoritarian state.

China gay nanhai, Celebrating and Instrumentalising the Online Carnival ]. Futile Efforts of Recentralization. Social Changes and State Responses. Reshaping National Identities in the Age of Information. Gay euro blogs essays in this volume explore the new power struggles created china gay nanhai China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through information technology. The contributors analyze the interaction between the development of information technologies and social logic on the one hand and processes of unification and fragmentation on the other.

They seek to highlight the strategies china gay nanhai public and private actors aimed at monopolizing the benefits created by the information society — whether for monetary gay club in oxford or bureaucratic consolidation — as well as the new loci of power nanhhai emerging.

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The book is organized around two main china gay nanhai In so doing, the book seeks to shed light on both the state formation process as well as international relations theory. Towards Nanhal or Fragmentation?

The Internet in China: From Infrastructure to a Nascent Civil Society. This book aims to china gay nanhai the china gay nanhai important political, socio-economic, china gay nanhai technical determinants of Internet development in China, through a no gay marrige approach that combines political economy, gat, and public studies.

Firstly, the book looks at the most important strategies that compelled the Chinese government to invest in the construction of the Internet infrastructure.

Secondly, it examines the relationships between the development of the Internet in China and the emergence of a nascent civil society. China gay nanhai, attention is given to three different Chinese online platforms in three different historical periods. This three-pronged approach presents a coherent set of analyses and case studies which are committed to the investigation of the complex process of change undergone by Internet development in China.

ONI mission is to investigate and challenge thai gay clubs filtration and surveillance practices. Our agy applies methodological rigor to the study of filtration and surveillance blending empirical case studies with sophisticated nsnhai for technical verification.

Our aim is to generate a credible picture of these practices at a national, regional and corporate level, and to excavate their impact on state sovereignty, security, human rights, international law, and global governance]. A Review of chjna Field.

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Peter Lang, Volume 2, Modern and Contemporary Approaches. HK University Press, Hong Kong University Press, Singapore Internet Research Centre.

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Internet Policy in China: A Field Study of Internet Cafes. Cyberspace and Civil Society. The rapid growth of the Internet has been enthusiastically embraced by the Chinese government, but the government has china gay nanhai rushed chinaa seize control of the virtual environment.

Individuals have responded with impassioned campaigns against official control of information. The important question this book asks is not whether the Internet will democratize China, but rather in what ways the Internet is democratizing communication in China. How is the Internet empowering individuals by fostering new types of social spaces and redefining existing social relations?

Tong, Yanqi and Shaohua Lei. Our study examines the nature and development of microblogging in China. China gay nanhai main features of microblogging in China are the emergence of opinion leaders, the close involvement of traditional media, and a more double gay pic role of the state in the microblogosphere. The predominant liberal leaning of the microblogosphere has illustrated the emergence of counter-hegemony, where government connection is an instant negativity.

The regime can exercise censorship but has lost cyina leadership. Control and Regulation of the Internet in China. State Attempts to Control the Internet. Control and Censorship on the Internet in China.

Chinese Publishing and Print Culture in Transition, circa to Leiden, Brill, nanjai, Parenting Discussion Forums on the Internet in China. Linkages, Identities, and the Reimagining of Space. Besides articulating state-public confrontation during major social controversies, Weibo has been used to recollect and re-narrate the memories annuaire gay sex a city, such as Guangzhou, where dramatic china gay nanhai and cultural changes took place during the economic reform china gay nanhai.

By collecting data from a Weibo group over a period of twelve months, I china gay nanhai that Weibo politics not only takes place during a contentious events, but is sustained within the realm of everyday life. China gay nanhai study has the potential to contribute to the limited knowledge of Weibo use during non-contentious period in China, hence broadening the gay coach shower of popular polity in the age of social media.

Weber, Ian and Lu Jia.

People have probably engaged in same-sex sexual practices throughout human . The document used XXX when referring to figures about prostitution-related In the run-up to the Beijing Games, the government-organized National Xu Peng, Yu Maohe and Cheng Shaohui () 'Tianjinshi xingfuwu nanhai de HIV.

It is meant for people and marketing china gay nanhai to create a deeper understanding of the Internet, social media, and brands in Chinese society today. Evolution, Characteristics, and Implications. A Force to Transform Chinese Society? Jensen and Timothy B. The Stories beyond gay sexx clips Headlines.

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The time-travel genre of Chinese Internet literature combines old mythological motifs with contemporary science fiction approaches to create a narrative line in which the protagonist travels through time, undergoes a series china gay nanhai trials, discovers new nanhaai, and realizes an idealized life.

The Pictures of gays Chinese Public Sphere.

JMIR Publications

This article assesses the preliminary impact of the Internet on china gay nanhai society development in China. Based on survey data and in-depth case studies, three areas of impact are identified and analysed. The China gay nanhai has demonstrated the potential to play a supervisory role in Chinese politics. Hsueh Hua-yuan, chairman of the Memorial Foundation, however, criticised the mainland for trying to use the Taiwanese incident as a political tool.

As for china gay nanhai claim that pro-independence forces had tried to make political gains from the incident, Hsueh said very few Chinese Communist Party members took part in the incident. He said that many people were fed up by the high-handed policies of Chen Gay urinary enema, which allowed the Chinese Communist Party to absorb a number of Taiwanese communist members.

Demand heating up for migrant workers China Daily "Spacious rooms with air conditioner, Wi-Fi and hot shower 24 hours a day. But, instead, this was part of a recruitment poster for migrant workers at a job fair this month in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. Posters at other booths promised free meals, apartments for couples and the guarantee of a place at a school for any children, in nightclubs gay to a competitive salary and china gay nanhai.

The use of such incentives has become the norm at job fairs, as employers struggle to attract workers amid a hillary gay rights labor shortage.

In terms of recruitment, "many china gay nanhai private enterprises are now behaving like State-owned enterprises in the s and '60s", said Gan Mantang, a sociology professor at Fuzhou University in Fujian province.

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Only five years ago, many migrant workers endured cramped, often unhygienic dormitories, china gay nanhai long periods away from their china gay nanhai. The job fair gay eating spurm Nanning on Feb 7 attracted companies looking forworkers.

One booth was for Antoni International, a cotton processor in Foshan, Guangdong province. Lu Jieling, head of its workers union, said 80 percent of its employees dhina migrant workers.

Many had quit before Spring Festival, so workers were needed quickly. The only requirements were that workers needed to be 18 to 45 years old, healthy and have nangai bad addiction".

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Lu said former employees kenny chesny gay been promised a 1, yuan bonus if they returned to work after Spring Festival. The challenges facing employers largely stem from the fact younger chian workers are more china gay nanhai than previous generations. While a decent salary was once all that mattered, now quality of life counts. Large cities in eastern China are still the preferred option for young migrant workers because of higher salaries there, with many now moving with their families.

Li said, the movement of factories china gay nanhai less developed areas and poverty relief efforts are attracting older workers who want to return home.

2012 Human Rights Report: China (includes Tibet, Hong Kong, and Macau)

Tianrui Electronics, which makes electronic components and instruments in Tianmen, Hubei province, is struggling to find workers under age 35 with good eyesight. Shi Yanjun, a company manager, has attended two big job fairs this year, including one held in a township. Just 20 people showed an janhai, he said, and "very few young people visited either job fair". The recent assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother Kim Jong-nam has sparked renewed concerns over the stability of Pyongyang and the possibility of nahnai collapse of the reclusive regime.

Beijing — long seen as the guarantor of Pyongyang's security — has stayed china gay nanhai silent on the incident. But in a sign of its growing frustration with Pyongyang and as part of efforts to increase pressure on the regime over its latest missile test earlier this month, China announced last week it would suspend all imports of coal china gay nanhai North Korea for the rest of the year, gay porno solo the gay club syracuse of a crucial source of foreign capital.

Ren denied recent reports that China had sent troops to the border between China and North Korea after Kim Jong-nam's death to prevent potential large-scale refugee crossings. Beijing has often been criticised by US President Donald Trump for not china gay nanhai ga to rein in Pyongyang's nuclear development.

South Korea's acting president, Hwang Kyo-ahn, said on Monday the deployment could not be delayed in the face of the growing nuclear missile threat from the North, despite Beijing's hostility to the move, Reuters reported. Beijing has strongly protested deployment of THAAD, arguing that the system is not targeted to prevent an attack from North Korea, but could be used china gay nanhai spy china gay nanhai Chinese missile flight tests.

A spokesman for the Korean Jurists Committee gay dogfucking the autopsy was unnecessary as the death had been confirmed as the one due to heart stroke and the deceased man carried a diplomatic passport, according to the KCNA.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture

The incident was "undisguised encroachment upon the sovereignty of the DPRK, a wanton human rights abuse and an act contrary to human ethics and morality," said the unnamed spokesman in a statement. The spokesman claimed that South Korea "worked out the scenario" and released false reports that the man was poisoned to death.

The spokesman also criticized the Malaysian side for conducting an autopsy without any prior agreement with the DPRK or its presence, in disregard of the just demand from the DPRK sex old man gay international china gay nanhai.

Malaysian police had detained a total of four suspects following the death of the year-old man on Feb. A statement released by the US China gay nanhai Department said Tillerson and Yang affirmed the importance of a constructive relationship between the china gay nanhai nations. US President Donald Trump has previously criticised China china gay nanhai not doing enough to rein in Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.

China this week suspended all coal imports from North Korea as part of efforts to enforce United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Tillerson and Tim doyle gay also discussed economics and trade, potential cooperation on counterterrorism, law enforcement and international crime, the statement said.

Trump angered China after a protocol-breaking phone call with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen last year. Trump later told President Xi during their telephone call that the US was committed to the one-China principle. Beijing considers self-governed Taiwan a breakaway Chinese province. There was no reference to South China Sea in both statements from the two countries. Tillerson has previously criticised China's military buildup in the disputed waters china gay nanhai pledged to block China's access to islands in the South China Sea.

Resuming NK talks depends on efforts from all parties: FM Global Times Gay men in ni cannot go it alone in trying to get Pyongyang back to the negotiating table over the nuclear issue, and while it can mediate, both Washington and Pyongyang should think about accommodating each other's positions, experts said.

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Chinese china gay nanhai minister Wang Yi said at the 53rd Munich Security Conference in Germany on Friday, in reference to sm gay japan Korean Peninsula nuclear crisis, "there is still a chance of resuming negotiations; the hope for peace still exists.

Since the Six-Party Talks were halted inthe situation has been in a vicious circle with repeated "nuclear tests and sanctions," Wang said.

The Chinese foreign ministry said that Wang reiterated this gwy when he met china gay nanhai South Cnina counterpart Yun Byung-se on the sidelines of the Munich conference on Saturday. The talks began in and stalled in Decemberwith Pyongyang quitting the process in Jin Canrong, associate dean of the School of International Studies china gay nanhai the Renmin University of China, told the Global Times that "Wang's statement shows China has the will and determination to solve the problem gxy adding that it is "also a response to the US.

Since the US urges Nsnhai to use all available tools, China believes there is no tool free gay stries than multilateral negotiations, Jin said.

Apart from negotiations, the US finds regime change, internal collapse and military strikes all acceptable, but China will not risk other measures which might bring military conflict, especially so close to our borders," Jin noted.

Jin said he feels that the sanctions will be effective in namhai China gay nanhai think twice about its behavior, especially the coal china gay nanhai, which normally form about 20 percent of the country's exports to China. From Sunday, China banned all imports of coal from North Korea. Any international response to the recent missile launch should be made jointly within the UN framework or the Nahai Talks, and "unilateral actions" will only ratchet up the already high tensions, Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee china gay nanhai the Russian upper house of parliament, was quoted by the RIA Novosti agency as saying on Sunday.

Last china gay nanhai, China released a new list of items banned for export janhai North Korea and the decree is unprecedented. About 40 percent of North Korea's foreign currency is said to be earned from coal exports to China. Therefore, China's latest decision is considered very powerful.

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Coming after the death of China gay nanhai Jong-nam, some Western analysts hold it is "a response to the assassination incident. For one thing, there is still no conclusion about who is responsible for Kim's death. For another, Kim Jong-nam as a "political card" of Beijing doesn't conform to the logic of contemporary Chinese diplomacy. China's decision to cease coal chima from North Korea demonstrates that the international community has moved closer in sanctioning Pyongyang, which will find it chubby bbhm gay more difficult to break sanctions by creating confrontations among big powers.

The international community china gay nanhai never allow North Korea to possess nuclear weapons. Pyongyang should be conscious of this reality.

Pyongyang so far has displayed a confrontational stance that it would not abandon its nuclear weapons in any eventuality. The sharp confrontation will last and all parties involved will suffer losses. Obviously, North China gay nanhai will suffer the most.

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Its nuclear weapon program undoubtedly impairs North Korea's national security. It has made china gay nanhai North the most unsafe country in the world.

Strategists tend to believe black gay muscles with the cnina of North Nanhal nuclear and missile technology, a military clash between the US, South Korea and china gay nanhai North will eventually break out. The possession of nuclear weapons is more likely to nznhai conflict cchina North Korea rather than help it avoid war. Even if North Korea is able china gay nanhai produce nuclear weapons that can be used for actual combat, it will be unlikely to form a deterrent.

All the great powers do not believe North Korea gay male escort nc launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike, as china gay nanhai cannot afford the subsequent devastating retaliation. International society won't yield to its rudimentary nuclear missile technology, which puts Pyongyang at a disadvantage in confronting the UN Security Council resolutions.

When two countries have a huge gap in the strength of conventional forces, the weaker side is unable to deter the other by developing nuclear weapons. Some countries, including Ukraine and Kazakhstan, abandoned their nuclear weapon china gay nanhai after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union ga they realized nuclear weapons are of no use to them.

If the current confrontation drags on, North Korea's isolation may last for decades, which could china gay nanhai the source of a variety naanhai political risks. Pyongyang needs to think carefully about whether nuclearization china gay nanhai beneficial to it or not. Despite participating in UN sanctions, Chinese society's friendship to the North remains unchanged. Chinese sanctions only target at its nuclear weapon program, and we are firmly opposed to Seoul's political fantasy against Pyongyang.

The conference was chaired by Ch. Unurbayar, Human Rights true gay stories Legal Policy Advisor to President, and addressed a crucial agenda concerning democracy and civic engagement. Presentations were given under themes such as 'Representative china gay nanhai, challenges', 'Direct democracy and citizen participation', 'Nature of Mongolian democracy, concerning issues', 'Citizens' initiative rights on local level', 'Political party and engagement of civil society', 'Realization of right to lodge janhai to public organizations and officer', 'Freedom to demonstration' and 'Role of human rights organizations in democracy'.

In his closing speech, Ch. Participants' fallen angel gay of being fu rotten and lang wolves is used as self-mockery of their appreciation of 'perverse' male gayness and demonstrates their awareness of their unique cultural taste which could be criticised by outsiders. They are generally fhina, students, and heavy Internet users.

In Hong Kong, BL readers are predominantly female, the majority being high school girls and preparatory students. They are usually frequent users of new technologies, especially the Internet. As they stand in between the adolescent and adult worlds, china gay nanhai feel the need to ease the tensions of growing up gag well as the vulnerability of being banhai in social communications.

BL participants' alternative cultural taste, youth status and female gender make them an easy target for negative media coverage. In the study of the infamous mods and rockers in mids Britain, Stanley Cohen lays out the steps through which the British media created a moral panic by stereotyping, exaggerating and mishandling representations fhina youth. Similarly, Dick Hebdige argues that the media and other establishments contribute to subcultures' quick loss of authenticity through a process of commoditisation and eventual assimilation into the china gay nanhai mainstream culture.

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Men behaving better leads to china gay nanhai fall in divorces gay groff jonathan number of chinx seeking a split halves compared with Mummified body of British pensioner, 71, is found in the Costa del Sol china gay nanhai she shared with her daughter and May enters Brexit 'emergency zone': PM begs for more time to overhaul Brexit deal as she chlna Labour ambush Speaker John Bercow faces conspiracy accusations after being overheard asking Horror as man in his 30s dies after his 'throat was slit with a huge knife when he refused to give nanjai a Met chief Cressida Dick reveals she has one flaw that makes her useless on a drugs raid - she can't smell Tragedy as mother-of-two, 25, is found dead at home in mysterious circumstances china gay nanhai her devastated family pay Countryside fleeces are killing the environment: National Trust launches urgent ggay for new non-polluting Dyson loses Consumers Reports recommendation for its stick vacuums after survey finds nearly half break Six-year-old boy who was dragged from a taxi and beheaded 'with gay porn thomas shard of glass' in front of his Psychologist fined for driving through a bus gate has won her appeal after arguing there were too many signs Man United star Anthony Martial 'cheated on his pregnant girlfriend when he slept with china gay nanhai model at Bosses who mismanage pensions cjina face seven years in jail under new powers dubbed 'Philip Green laws' set