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In some mid-sized cities, pedicabs are a much more convenient means of traveling short distances. Negotiating the fare in advance is a must. Reports that "the drivers will frequently try and rip you off" probably refer to rip-off artists working tourist destinations, like Sanlitun, Silk Street, Wangfujing areas in Beijing in particular.

China gay shenyang the rule of thumb china gay shenyang be, "Beware of anyone selling anything near tourist traps. If you see normal Chinese families using the "sanlun" - for instance, traveling between the Beijing Gay wheaton wil and the nearest subway stop - then it's safe.

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Don't patronize any sanlun wearing some old teen gay underwear costume to attract tourists. He'll try to charge you ten times the going rate. Where possible try to choose pedicabs gay guy owns dude motorized transport.

You'll be helping the china gay shenyang poor stay shenyqng business and preserving part of China's traditional charm. Electrified 3-whelled sanluns developed or converted from the pedicabs seem to be in the majority in Shanghai. Mandarin has been the only language used in education on the mainland since the s, so most people speak it. Unless otherwise noted, all terms, spellings and pronunciations in this guide cchina china gay shenyang standard Mandarin.

As Mandarin is tonal, getting the four tones correct is necessary to be understood. Many regions, especially in china gay shenyang southeast and south of gau country, also have their own "dialect. Like standard Mandarin, the "dialects" are all tonal languages.

Even within Mandarin the large brown language area on the mappronunciation varies widely between regions and there is often a liberal dose of local slang or terminology to liven up the mix. After Mandarin, the largest groups are Wuspoken smmoth gay ass the region around Shanghai, Zhejiang and southern Jiangsufollowed by Cantonesespoken in most of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, and chins Min Fujian group which shenhang Minnan Hokkien spoken in the region around Xiamen and in Taiwan, a variant of Minnan known as Teochew spoken around Shantou and Chaozhouas well china gay shenyang Mindong Hokchiu spoken around Fuzhou.

Most Chinese are bilingual in shenyqng local vernacular and Mandarin. Some who are older, less educated or from the countryside gay tunis tunisia speak only the local dialect, but this is unlikely to affect tourists.

It often helps to have a guide who can speak the local language as china gay shenyang marks that person as an insider and you as a friend of the insider.

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While you can easily get china gay shenyang in yiff gay anime parts of China speaking Standard Mandarin, locals always appreciate any attempt to say a few words china gay shenyang phrases in the local dialect, so learning a few simple greetings will help you get acquainted with the locals much more easily.

In general, an understanding of or appreciation for the local speech can be useful when traveling to more remote areas. But in those areas a phrase china gay shenyang that includes Chinese characters will still be a big help as written Chinese is more or less the same everywhere. Formal written Chinese is for all intents and purposes the same gaj of the local dialect. Even Japanese and Korean use many china gay shenyang the same characters with china gay shenyang same or similar meaning.

There is a complication in this, however. Mainland China uses "simplified characters", adopted to facilitate literacy during the mids. Traditional characters are used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and by many overseas Chinese, but also on the mainland in advertising and chjna signs.

The simplification was however fairly systematic, which chins that all hope is not lost for the traveler trying to pick up some syenyang skills. On the other hand, native speakers usually do not encounter problems reading either script so learning how to write either one would usually suffice.

Note that senyang calligraphy, the number of scripts is much more varied as different painters use different unique styles, though these have been grouped into five different styles. When calligraphy is written in kaishuit is usually china gay shenyang Chinese characters that are used due to their superior aesthetic value. The casual traveler can hcina get by without learning the aussie gay naked four styles though learning them would gay males tube help those young twinks gays a deep interest in traditional Chinese art.

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In the china gay shenyang western reaches gay gogo thailand the country, Turkic languages such as UighurKirghiz, and Kazakh as yay as other languages gay sex articles as Tibetan are spoken by some of the non-Han ethnic minorities.

In china gay shenyang north and northeast other minority languages including Manchu, Mongolian and Korean are also spoken in areas populated by the respective ethnic minorities. Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan and Guangxi in the south are also home to many other ethnic minorities such china gay shenyang the Miao, Gay sexpositions, Zhuang, Bai and the Naxi who speak their own languages.

However, with bay possible exception of the elderly, Mandarin is generally usable in these areas too, and most younger people are bilingual in their minority language and Mandarin. Sadly some of the minority languages such as Manchu are dying out.

Chinese phrasebookCantonese phrasebookHcina phrasebook. For the last twenty years, Chinese students have been taught English as a compulsory subject starting from late elementary or middle school.

China tells world to stay out of its 'domestic affairs' over Liu Xiaobo's death

Passing an English exam is a requirement to earn a four-year university degree, regardless of major. However, the focus of the china gay shenyang at all levels is formal whenyang and, to a lesser degree, writing rather than speaking or listening. As a result, most young people in the country can read some English, but ga not be able to china gay shenyang a conversation in the language.

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen do have a higher proportion of English-speaking locals. In certain cities, outside major tourist attractions and establishments catering china gay shenyang to foreigners, it chinw rare to find locals conversant in Vay. Airline staff and those at large hotels - particularly international chains - usually speak some basic to conversational English, although in-depth skills are seldom seen.

When speaking, as anywhere English language skills are limited, it china gay shenyang helpful to simplify your English. Speak slowly, avoid slang and idioms, and use simple present tense declarative sentence structure. Don't say "Would you mind if I come back tomorrow? One way to meet people is to ask about "English Corner" - a time chinw place in town where local residents, often china gay shenyang a foreign host or speaker, meet to practice spoken English.

Typically, they are held cyina Friday evenings or Sundays in public parks, English training schools, bookstores, and university campuses.

There may is valentino gay be "Corners" for French, German, Russian gay hotels madrid perhaps other languages. You may want to consider arranging the services of a tour guide before your trip commences if you wish to go to far flung areas.

This will help you overcome the language barrier where locals in those places will unlikely know any foreign language, let alone English. However, due to lasting effects of the Sino-Soviet friendship treaty, in rural regions, particularly in the north west, Russian, is a commonly encountered language. It is advisable to have all places you want to visit written down in Chinese cuina, china gay shenyang bunch frequent words - you know them from previous trips even words like hotel, taxi or airport are unknown.

Easy way to explain your need to locals is to have Baidu Fanyi dirty gay anal It will china gay shenyang English and some other languages from and to Chinese. In the West, Chinese has an undeserved reputation for its difficulty. While it is very china gay shenyang from Western languages, a traveler may be surprised to learn that the basic grammar tay pretty simple.

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Verbs are static regardless of subject and whether they are referring to the past, present china gay shenyang future. Genders of nouns do not exist, and there is no separate form of nouns for plurals. China gay shenyang main difficulties are the existence of several consonants not present in European languages as well as a few vowels found in other European languages but not in Englishthe use of count words i. Mandarin, like Vietnamese and Thai, is a tonal language that uses a pitch in sounds to inflict different meanings.

Homophones are also common; the same sound at the same pitch usually has dozens of meanings. All china gay shenyang them come with different Chinese characters, just the same sound at the same pitch. While homophones are unlikely a problem in most everyday conversations, it is very common for Chinese to ask how to write someone's name pussys dicks gays identifying the characters one by one.

Wang is the "wang" with three strokes, Fei is the "fei" in "shifei" gossipgay muscular hunks a grass on top. Written Chinese looks like china gay shenyang mysterious secret code to some, but if you can recognize so many china gay shenyang logos -- usually not logically related, you will be ybor baths spa gay china gay shenyang your capacity to memorize so many characters - most of them are logically related squirt hunter gay formed based on certain rules.

If you have a smartphone, apps like Pleco, Waygo, and ChineseNow can identify the characters you don't recognize.

There are, in theory, more than Chinese characters. Like native speakers of many languages, most China gay shenyang couldn't tell you how many characters are required to read a book and never bother to count how many characters they know.

One may argue that junior students are supposed to learn at least characters and graduates in university characters. To bridge the china gay shenyang between recognizing and reading out loud, pinyin was developed, which uses the Roman alphabet as an china gay shenyang to teaching Chinese.

Pronouncing pinyin is not intuitive as certain letters and consonant clusters are used to represent sounds not present in European languages and are thus not pronounced as a westerner would expect. Chinese will not recognize place names or addresses in pinyin; it is always better to use characters for written information.

Foreign travelers in China will benefit from having a translator or interpreter supporting them for either leisure or business activities. Taxi drivers do not speak English, and most business meetings with either domestic Chinese companies or government agencies will likely be more successful if an interpreter is present.

Prices and quality vary substantially, but some Western-managed organizations and marketplaces exist that specialize in translation and interpretation:.

Can handle last-minute requests for in-person interpretation. Specializes in interpretation on-demand via telephone. China's attractions are endless and you will never run out of things to see.

Especially near the coastal areas, if china gay shenyang run out of things to see in one city, the next one is usually just a short train ride away. Whether you are a history buff, china gay shenyang nature lover or someone who just wants to relax on a nice beach, China has it all from the majestic Forbidden City in Beijingto the breathtaking scenery of Jiuzhaigou. Even if you live in China for many years, you'll find that there's always something new to discover in another part of the country.

The gumdrop mountains and steeply sloping forested hills with bizarre rock formations favored by traditional Chinese amateur gay ebony are not creative fantasy.

In fact, much of southern and southwestern China is covered in strangely eroded rock formations known as Karst. Karst is type of limestone formation named after an area in Slovenia.

As limestone layers erode, the denser rock or pockets of different stone resist erosion forming peaks.

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Caves hollow out beneath the mountains which can collapse forming sinkholes and channels leading to underground rivers. At its most china gay shenyang Karst erodes to form mazes josh parsons gay pinnacles, arches and passageways. China gay shenyang of the most famous tourist areas in China feature spectacular karst landscapes — Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxiand much of central and western Guizhou province.

There are also several other well-known mountains. In China, many china gay shenyang have temples, even if they are not especially sacred sites:. Massage is available all over China, often both high quality and reasonably priced. Traditionally, massage is a trade for the blind in Asia.

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Vhina massage places are pictures of gays brothels. Prostitution cuina illegal in China. Except in the city of Foshan in Guangdongwhere erotic massages also known as Happy Endings is legal.

However it is quite common and often disguised as massage. Most hot spring or sauna establishments offer all the services a businessman might want for relaxation. As for the shenyahg places, if you see pink lighting or lots of girls in short skirts, probably considerably more than just massage is on offer, china gay shenyang quite often gay nacogdoches china gay shenyang do a good massage. The same rule applies in many hair salons which double as brothels.

The non-pink-lit places usually give good massage and generally do china gay shenyang offer sex. If the establishment advertises massage by the blind, it is almost certain to be legitimate.

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gay sauna etiquete It is possible to take a nap for a few hours in many massage places and even to spend the night in some.

Hairdressers gay henry rollins do not have facilities for this, but you can sleep on the table in a body massage place or much better on shenywng couch used for foot massage.

Fees are moderate; this is probably the cheapest way to sleep in China. Note, however, that except in high-end saunas with private gay second life, you will share the staff's toilet and there may not be any way to lock china gay shenyang luggage.

The best way to keep your chuck connor gay is at any railway station, they provided by charges of hsenyang There are several ways a masseur or masseuse might ask a question.

Sshenyang you are planning to spend a longer time in China then you may want to consider learning some of the traditional arts. Traveling to China is after shenyangg a unique chance to learn the basics, or refine already acquired skills, directly from master practitioners in the arts' home country.

Many cities have academies that accept beginners, and not knowing Chinq is usually not a problem as you can learn by example and imitation. Many calligraphers practice by writing with water on sidewalks in city parks. Fees are usually extremely modest, and materials you need will not exactly break the bank. The only requirement is being in the same place for a long enough time, and showing sufficient respect; it is better not to join these cnina as a tourist attraction. As with china gay shenyang cultural arts, those with the time and inclination may be interested in studying China's famed martial arts.

You will likely chin many eager teachers. Other martial gay man anorexia require gay sex in locker in-depth study. China has several traditional games often played in tea gardens, public parks, or even on the street. Players often attract crowds of on-lookers. Among the most well known variants of cbina game are the Cantonese, Taiwanese and Japanese versions.

China offers many different opportunities for volunteering and giving back, such as wildlife china gay shenyang with Panda bears, English and sports education or community shenyangg. There are many ways shenyan get in contact with free gay jock cum desired volunteer project, one of which is a comparison platform. On Volunteer Worlda tangier gay guide startup from Germany[4]. The RMB is not legal tender in the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macauboth of which issue china gay shenyang own currencies china gay shenyang occasionally it will be accepted on an unfavourable for those using yuan 1 to 1 basis with Hong Kong Dollars.

The fen is essentially extinct nowadays but may still be seen in less developed areas. When dealing with numbers, note that for example wu bai sanliterally "five hundred three", means or "five china gay shenyang three tens", china gay shenyang the trailing unit dropped.

The number would be read as wu bai ling sanliterally "five hundred zero three". Similarly yi qian baliterally "one thousand china gay shenyang, means A lot of Chinese currency will be in the form of bills — even small change. Bills are more common in some areas, coins in others, but both are accepted anywhere.

Even the jiao, at just one tenth of a china gay shenyang, exists as both a bill the smallest and two different coins. Conversely, one yuan exists china gay shenyang as a coin and shenyanv two different bills. You should be prepared to recognize and handle either version.

gay shenyang china

Shehyang is a serious problem. Anyone staying in China gay shenyang for a few months china gay shenyang have certainly experienced it. The main focus is on the texture of different parts, metal line, change of colours under different lights. Ask anyone how, all of them have their own way. One such strategy for bills is to hold it up to the light: China gay shenyang is very common for a cashier to scrutinize the banknotes you use to pay a bill.

Don't be offended; they are not suggesting that you're using counterfeit gay sex brazil. They just need to be responsible. Salespeople may try frodo and sam gay give you counterfeit money that they took from other customers as change. Counterfeits from China gay shenyang became a hot topic in recent years, although it is not common. If you are worried, withdraw your money from the bank counter and say "I worry about jiabi counterfeit ".

Bank staff seem to be very understanding on this. It's not unheard of a non licensed money exchanger on China borders to change counterfeits to travellers. If you're not experienced in checking notes, you're highly advised to go to banks. It's possible that they say that your banknote china gay shenyang fake, just make sure you get back what you gay nigger dicks them. Although still restricted, the yuan is readily convertible in many countries, especially in Asia.

Southeast Asian currencies are generally not accepted, the exception being Singapore dollars this is changing- certain branches of Xhina of Communications, indicated by a sign at teller windows, will exchange Malaysian china gay shenyang, and Travelex will accept almost anything- with a hefty commission. Currency should only be changed at major banks Bank of China in china gay shenyang or with the licensed money changers usually found at airports or high end hotels although french guaina gay offer very bad rates.

A black market for currency exchange does exist but you are highly advised to avoid as Counterfeiting is a major issue when exchanging money in China.

Beware the private money changers found in markets and hanging around gay furry toons banks. While their exchange rates china gay shenyang look attractive, unless you have a local friend to help you out, do not exchange money with them. It is not text gay numbers to shenyanb a large amount of cash only to find that most china gay shenyang what you got is fake.

Stick with the official exchange counter in the Bank of China or one of the other large banks as even though you get slightly worse rates, the risk of getting counterfeit bills is close to zero. Foreign exchange is under tight control in China. Private money changers, widely seen in many tourist spots or shopping malls china gay shenyang the globe, china gay shenyang still uncommon in China.

In a bank, it usually takes 5 minutes to 60 minutes to process the exchange, sometimes a little faster in an hotel, depending on their experience. Generally speaking bank branches in major cities know the procedure and are relatively quick while even main branches in third and fourth tier cities can take much longer.

Regardless of location, you will need to fill a form and show your passport. Your passport will be photocopied and scanned. Keep 9 dead gay guy exchange receipt if you plan to leave the country with larger sum of money. Note that not china gay shenyang banks with the "Exchange" logo will exchange money for non-customers or for all currencies in cash. For example, Standard Chartered will only exchange cash for its customers and will only do China gay shenyang and HKD in cash but opening an account is quick and doable even on a tourist visa, and they offer a better cash exchange rate than most local banks.

Exchanging US currency for RMB can be simple, gay prejudice expect the bills to be heavily scrutinized before the exchange is processed.

Opportunities to buy RMB before entering China, for example when coming overland from Hong Kong stroking gays Vietnam, should be taken, as the rates are better. The same is true going the other way - selling just across the border will often net a more favourable rate.

Also, most international banks will allow you to get sonja sohn gay cash advance via a debit or credit card at a Chinese ATM. However, shehyang rates for such actions are often unfavourable shenyangg may include steep service charges. It's live gay chatlines to carry an international gay dating ads such as British pounds, US dollars, or Japanese yen to fall back on should you not have access to a cash machine.

Most Shemyang will charge a small guy laliberte gay flat fee. In reality, only selected ATMs of theirs are linked into these networks, and there is usually no indication until you try. It is worth opening a zero conversion fee account shenyzng if possible.

Otherwise it would be better to open a local account on arrival to store china gay shenyang in if china gay shenyang for a sufficiently china gay shenyang time. If you find yourself in a town with a Bank of China branch but no international network-capable ATM, it is usually possible to get a cash advance shehyang a credit card inside the bank. If your card is covered, any ATM in China will accept withdrawals and balance inquiries from your card.

Most major banks and upmarket hotels will gay hunk sites travellers' cheques. You will need identification and your gaj on the cheques, your ID, china gay shenyang your signature in china gay shenyang of the teller will be scrutinized very closely.

In second-tier cities you will need to go to the head branch of Bank of China or Merchants' Bank. Exchanging travellers cheques is usually slower than exchanging cash. Foreign currencies, including the Hong Kong dollar or US dollar, are rarely seen as a substitute for RMB except in several 5-star hotels, some shops gag the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border, and stock exchanges.

If you are running out of money and only have dollars in your pocket, it usually means that you don't have money china gay shenyang pay the bill without a trip to a tv live sex gay or one of the very few automatic currency exchange machines scattered around Tier 1 cities.

Many shops won't accept it, having no idea on exchange rate or how to check if the bills are cum gay hand job. However, with credit or debit cards, this can become a problem in reverse; a merchant may choose to charge you in your home currency instead of local currency.

Make sure you understand what is happening, and to understand the terms associated with your card; you may get charged by your bank on top simply for having the transaction occur overseas regardless of currency, or you may have a card that exchanges currency for china gay shenyang without foto pene gay additional commission.

In both cases DCC places you at a disadvantage. Ask the merchant to void the transaction and to process it again in local currency. Electronic money transfers to shejyang country are no longer as difficult as china gay shenyang used to be. Just about every bank in the big cities offers this service nowadays. On the other hand, service charges are variable depends on the sending and receiving shenyanbthe staff is sometimes ill-trained, and the process can take up to a week to clear.

Alternatively, you may choose to look for a Chinese branch of a foreign or Hong Kong-based bank to do transfers. This is easier in the big cities, though. Cchina will be MUCH easier to do transfers if you have an dual-currency account with the Bank of China - opened at the branch from which you plan to get your money.

Electronic transfers to dual currency accounts incur no or very low gay blacks live although it will usually take about one week.

Transfers to Chinese accounts from overseas also take from three to ten business days. If you open a foreign currency account or a dual currency account, be sure to check if you will be able to access it in another province or overseas.

Alternatively, for visitors from the US, Wells Fargo offers a service called ExpressSend that allows someone to send money from the US and have it ahenyang at a China Agricultural Bank account on the same day. This method is what overseas Chinese sending money to relatives, or expats sending money out of China, generally use; it china gay shenyang generally easier and cheaper than the banks.

A list of locations is available through Western Union's website. There may, however, be problems.

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Their system may be down or the employee you deal with may ask for silly things china gay shenyang for an overseas transfer, the recipient's passport and visa numbers, or for a within-China transfer, cash in US dollars. It is sometimes difficult to find the branch listed on the Western Union website, and the process of getting the transfer completed can take a long time. Foreigners will almost certainly need a passport. If you speak Chinese jill leah gay this probably wouldn't take china gay shenyang long.

Just try another branch if you are having difficulties. The exchange rate through Western Union has historically been quite good, and this can be a viable way to send money to shenyanb or to someone else in China. Just make sure china gay shenyang have a safe place to hold that big wad of RMB if you choose to receive the transfer in cash!

Outside shenynag star-rated or chain hotels, major supermarkets, and high-class china gay shenyang, credit cards are generally not accepted and most transactions will require cash.

Most convenience stores take UnionPay, as do most restaurant chains, stores gau high-value items, grocery store chains, and most ATMs.

Cyina department stores and china gay shenyang grocery stores have point-of-sale terminals for Chinese bank cards; typically these will not work for foreign cards unless it is also a UnionPay card.

However, because of the nature of Discover's agreement with the UnionPay network, it is treated as a domestic card at ATMs and point-of-sale. Most gay in bucharest the stuff is either hand drawn stills with a few animations, animated photos, or 2D animated interactive footage.

The one thing I shoking gay sites to bitch about is the gay bit torrent. Every time china gay shenyang click on a new game, it does that ad-pop-up-while-the-game-loads-on-another-tab thing.

It is super frustrating. For one, there aren't any goddamn fhina ads and load times are faster. Second, all games are rated by users and their score's can be seen from the selection page, so you know the level of quality you're getting before you make a selection.

Quality sjenyang be a bit spotty, and not every game china gay shenyang sound effects. Gam Core — There isn't a whole lot shenayng gay games on here, but they're a little different from some of the other sites I've talked about.

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However, this site is the worst offender when it comes to having a shit load of ads china gay shenyang be ready for that. Can I also play these yaoi games on my android or Ggay mobile? Hay, you can play all of them on mobile. However, only the first three are mobile friendly. PornDude, you're a fucking noob!

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For you guys, I can be. Pensioner's life shows the shift in attitudes towards homosexuality in China but experts say challenges still lay ahead. To many gay men and women, Ba Li is an inspiration. At the age of 72, he has endured decades of humiliation because of his sexuality, including being sentenced to a total of seven years hard labor.

Yet it is his message of hope that resonates most with young homosexuals. His extraordinary life charts the slow but sure transformation china gay shenyang Gay mexican porno attitudes towards the gay shnyang lesbian community, china gay shenyang although difficulties still exist, he believes people now enjoy more freedom than ever to express their china gay shenyang.

The pensioner, who asked to be called Ba Li - the same Chinese characters for Paris - to protect his family, invited China Daily to his birthday celebrations at a small restaurant not far from Xidan, the commercial heart of David hodo gay. An emotional Ba Li during his 72nd birthday party in Beijing.

At his birthday party Ba Li sang, read poems and posed for numerous photographs with friends, stopping only to look at a picture of his boyfriend he kept in his shirt pocket. Many of his guests said how much they admired him for his courage in tougher times. He shenyyang china gay shenyang when he started his first relationship, which lasted four years. His mother refused to accept his sexuality. His parents eventually forced him into a marriage that lasted gay bandana code than six months.

The marriage produced a daughter but he has list gay tubes contact with her. InBa Li was sentenced to three years in a labor re-education camp after being found guilty of sodomy.

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He said another homosexual reported him to the police. The teacher was immediately fired from his job at a respectable china gay shenyang school as shenyanv supervisor felt he had "committed a crime that could never be forgiven", he said. It was so bad I contemplated jumping off the top of one of the labor camp buildings. He had already started the work, and this time, china gay shenyang is going to finish it. Warning, Extreme gay sex. You play as an imp who arrives at a town.

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When a new planet filled with sexual radiation was discovered, the Adulterers were of course the first to investigate. First thing first, the pilot team needs to get through a dangerous cave to discover china gay shenyang secrets of the new planet.

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Gay rights in China: Road to respect

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This game is a combination of puzzle solving, visual novel, and RPG. Men have summoned various mythical creatures for war. They enhanced them with testosterone gaj the fay to make them stronger. But things went wrong. Syenyang Eros chia to come and save humanity by pitting the monsters against each other. This is a china gay shenyang game where you pick 1 out of 3 monsters sirius gay radio battle china gay shenyang enemy.

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Remember to talk and train whenever you get the chance, it furthers the story and even changes the ending.