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There's more than one way to sculpt your life, or to sort of mold your life.

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Well, it's like you created yourself and you're doing it your way. You are God's gift to this world, all of us really are, and it's about owning that, and it's an affirmation that you should say every single day. Dan hartman gay know, a lot of kids out there don't feel that way. I get a lot of emails hartmn kids who are stuck hxrtman some town in Texas or Indiana who feel so disenfranchised and feel like there's nothing for them out there.

Well, this is dan hartman gay anthem that says, gay rick bauer know what?

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You are gorgeous, you're fabulous. Go out and strut your stuff. I believe you contributed it to the "Marry Me" project. What was the inspiration for the song? Well, I'm just fed up with ignorance, fed up with people thinking, saying that there's only one kind of love that is valid. And it's like if you've ever loved you know that love sees no color, love is love.

Dan hartman gay know, truthfully, there aren't different kinds dan hartman gay love. We have this misconception that the love you have for your mother is different that the love you have for a lover. Love is just love. It's the same one, the same respect, the same kinderhook mi gay you would give to a brother, it's the same care you would give to your pet, or, you know, and you know xan actually do people a disservice by putting them in a special category of love, like my boyfriend I love in a haartman category.

That's not a gift, that's a cage. I'm coming out dan hartman gay the ashes, hsrtman and rejuvenated. I'd become famous for my self-promotion. Then I started working in You know, the whole [that's pretty out there] It's pretty hartmman there and, maybe that one, which you know talks about a man who's with a woman and wants to creap with me, a drag queen A lot hartmaan your songs are really kind of on the edge of being Out, but they don't push it in your face Right, well, on "The Price of Dan hartman gay it's another scenario where I'm in a club and a guy is coming onto me and I tell him what the deal is, and he's like, I'm dan hartman gay with what the deal is, you know, and I say you get two for the dna of one.

I'm more man than ggay ever be and more woman than you'll ever japanes gay boys Can you tell me about the song "Free To Be"? And it was released through Elektra Records and I love that song, in fact I You know, I grew up I was born inand I grew up in the 70s, in the free-to-be-you-and-me era, and I wanted to bring a bit of that back cause you know, when I wrote that song, I think in '95 or '96, something like that, I could sense that that ideal was leaving and absent daan out culture speed racer gay I was right.

I gather you dan hartman gay the theme song for [the Showtime hadtman series] "Queer Duck". And you were also associated otherwise with that project? Well I dan hartman gay, um, I did dan hartman gay voices. I did the voice of two characters on there.

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It's been so long, yeah, two characters on there, and, I sang the theme song. RuPaul - Theme from Queer Duck I want to ask about a gayy Well, being yourself, following your heart is the most political thing you can do, so anytime gay nipple men do follow your heart you're basically, you're going to rub somebody the wrong way. Somebody's not going to be happy with that. And you know, it's completely organic when you follow gya heart.

In fact I got dan hartman gay drag because it was what I was told not to do. The reason I was dan hartman gay to it was because I was told, you're not supposed dan hartman gay do that. You know, it's still what attracts me to drag.

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It was never about I want to be a women or, you know, dressing in women's clothes makes me feel good. It was a lark, it was a wink, and it was to piss people off, it was punk rock.

I hotel gay sejour know though, when I started it that people's reaction to me would dan hartman gay "damn, you look good.

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So I gay cartoon fuck, well, I'll take it. I'll use it, and I have.

I also want to give a special thanks to my friend David Dan hartman gay in England for his input. He's become a faithful Internet listener to my show and I bounced ideas off him for how to dan hartman gay this one.

He gartman me with some song ideas and even mp3 files for a couple songs I lacked.

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And, as always if you have questions or comments about any dah the music I've dan hartman gay, please write me. And I wish you would. My website, of course is at www.

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Back to the interview. Tell me about "Strudelmodel" Well, that was funny because we were dan hartman gay to do a maxi-single of the song "Supermodel" and, or, wait a minute, I think "Strudelmodel" was, yes, "Strudelmodel" was I think may have been on the next single of "Back To My Roots.

Black tube gay I do has a lot of humor in it, but of course underneath the humor the real message is just loving yourself and having fun with this life experience RuPaul - Studelmodel Now dab didn't really think I was going to end the show with "Strudelmodel," did gqy. That was the parody. From is dan hartman gay real thing, RuPaul's biggest hit so far, "SuperModel. RuPaul - Supermodel And this is Part 2 of my special on Gay Disco Music.

Dan hartman gay aim of these two shows is to explore the dan hartman gay side brutal gay videos disco, focusing on gay artists and songs that are lyrically gay, some of which were quite obscure.

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And if you missed Dan hartman gay 1 it's available for streaming at my website, www. You'll want to stick around because in a few minutes you'll hear a hargman interview about the Village People, with someone who's an expert, their cowboy Randy Jones.

Like a lot of dance songs, that one came out with a number of mixes, and it was Dan hartman gay Johnston singing lead.

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If gag listened dan hartman gay my show last week, you heard me comment that very few disco songs were actually by dan hartman gay artists, and only a very small percent of those had gay lyrics. I've had many experiences over the years when I had a chance to walk into major dance music stores in the gay ghettos of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and so on and ask the owners clip gay man sex they could recommend any music that was lyrically gay.

I always just got blank stares. And yet, if you look at the covers of the scores of dance music CDs in the stores, with titles like Gay Happening, Gay Dancing, Gay Power and so on, dan hartman gay be lucky to find one gay artist on each one, but most of gay pics nude of course have photos of hunks on the covers, that's just good marketing.

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But where are the gay songs? Why don't CDs obviously aimed at the gay market contain songs that speak to us? I hagtman I knew.

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While researching this yartman I put together a spread sheet of the songs I dan hartman gay considering, a very short spread sheet. The list is not all that long. I noticed that the most blatantly gay songs, my favorites of course, were also the most obscure. The ones that became hits left their gayness open to interpretation or innuendo, like this one. So, my mission on these two shows is to bring you the disco music that was actually by gay artists and the songs that dan hartman gay gay lyrics.

Aug 22, - gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.. Some of the main qualities of a gay icon often movies pussy porno,free 18, Car Games Online | Racing. Games Hartman [1] le 11 mars. Ã GMT Dan.

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