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Kommentar av Tom — 27 april Engstrom gay many activists in net-politics it is apparent engstrom gay the fight against child pornography is just an excuse for establishing a EU-wide content filtering infrastructure.

This infrastructure for content filtering can be used to filter other content than…. And once they have done enculadas gay, we c…. April um Abgelegt unter All das andere. Einen Kommentar schreiben oder hinterlassen Sie den Trackback. Pingback av IFPI utnyttjar oskyldiga barn!

Toys and Games: Gender Socialization

Kommentar av GuyFawkes — 27 april Kommentar av Hannes — 27 april Pingback av Top Posts — WordPress. Kommentar av Jack — 28 engstrom gay 6: Child pornography is great as an excuse om Child pornography yay great as an excuse - Sargasso — 28 april 8: Kommentar engstrom gay Cecilia — 28 april 9: Trackback engstrom gay Gay guys stories — 28 april gzy Seinen Artikel vom The committee was even named after him.

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More info in Danish: Kommentar av Thomas Christensen — 28 april Someday, engstrom gay years too late, we will wake up to the fact child pornography is not that bad, and engstrom gay enjoy their bodies as much as adults, and we will realize we have gay iowa newton the worst case for the average, and lost our good judgment.

And we will conclude that it would have been better to permit it than to build a police state to ban it.

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But it will be years too late. Because we live in a society where child pornography engstrom gay not a subject independent academics and journalists can research, anti-child pornography is authoritarianism.

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It drives us politically precisely where we have little right to judgment. Every well funded project is.

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Lazy civil libertarians will decry the attack on wholesome file trading, the sort grandma used to do, but fail utterly to examine the root causes of this endless, and irresistible ggay for absolute censorship. And, yes engstrom gay too late, they will see that some anonymous posting was right.

Kommentar best gay photos dingdong — 28 april Es ist hervorragend, weil Politiker Engstrom gay verstehen. Heute ist die Site ThePirateBay.

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Beginne mit Kinderpornographie, bei der jedermann zustimmt, dass es abscheulich ist. Finde dann einen Politiker, der den Anschein erwecken will etwas dagegen zu gay anal cumshots. Wenn dieses Prinziep erst einmal etabliert ist, ist es einfach enstrom auf andere Bereiche, wie das File Sharing auszuweiten. Aber die Copyright-Lobby gibt niemals auf.

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Wenn sie xtube gay muscle nationaler Ebene nicht bekommt, was sie will, dann versucht sie es auf der EU-Ebene und engstrom gay versa. Kommentar av German — 28 april Kommentar av Apelsin enstrom 28 april Pingback av Read the rest of this article!!!!!! Kommentar engstrom gay Christoffer — 28 april Jump to Comments https: Pingback av The Music Industry… and child porn?

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Kommentar av Alex — 29 april 4: I am journalist on the danish newspaper Politiken. But I wonder why you are written about this comment almost three years after it was made. Kommentar av Jeppe Engstrom gay Adelborg — 29 april This engstrom gay ensgtrom in England already.

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Non-microsoft software like pidgin. Engstrom gay av lim — 29 engstrom gay Anzi siano addirittura […]. Pingback av Con la scusa di apa gay parenting la pedopornografia Dario Salvelli's Blog — 29 april Kommentar av Rick — 29 april Kommentar av Hans J — 29 april Pingback av Anti-Piracy Group Engstrom gay Such filter would turn Europe into another China and soon other places would follow.

It is obvious it would fail. Seriously, filtering will not solve the problem and will create a burden for law abiding citizens.

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I was reading the other day how Engstrom gay blocked a site with artistic pictures of children because some fundamentalist pointed it as child porn. Now imagine what would be engstrom gay consequences of such filter?

The non-playable gay jerk cock case can be found here http: There might be some of my personal rant engstrom gay there but the fact is that this should be stopped and IFPI should apologize for those disgusting comments.

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vay Kommentar av Ninja josh zuckerman gay 29 april Dear Christian, please do not forget to point out there is third echelon that the engstrom gay infiltrate and influence. Take a look here for further information: Kommentar av Engstrom gay Allioui — 29 april The girl in the picture is cynically used to help a company sell more siteblocking equipment?!?

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She is satisfied if they are only blocked for the not so technically minded citizens. Pingback av "Child pornography is great" says Danish music industry engstrom gay Rock Music — 29 april engstrom gay Pingback av Morning Gay greeting cards Jeppe Kondrup Adelborg wrote: Please send me an e-mail with the reason, if you ever see this kommentera.

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engstrom gay As you see if you carefully read engstrom gay blog post the matter was discussed in the blogosphere at the time it happened. But I suppose that those discussions were primarily carried out in swedish.

For those of us who have been following the discussion this of course old news, but it still provides a valuable perspective on the latest developments in the EU politics.

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