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She left the US for a few years to teach English in Japan -- she's a fergal devitt gay woman with a college degree -- and recently she reconciled with her mom after their having been estranged for years. I used to wonder about Bill Goldberg.

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I know he's married with a kid, but gay pretten boys looked like a Titan Media exclusive.

Fergal devitt gay is very open minded I bet he got into lots of fights as a kid with all of the anti semites who live there. I know cute pocket-Bi Jimmy Jacobs isn't. Shame he keeps falling in love with girls that treat him like shit.

Dean Ambrose has fergal devitt gay very feminine body-shape. He's old-school, his style and his shape are noticeably different to the blocky, cut, G. Joe looking dudes Vince usually hires. I think Regal really went to bat for Dean and got him in with the McMahons. I can't see Vince hiring him otherwise. Minute I heard that I knew fergal devitt gay had to be Triple H brain candy.

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No way Stephanie, The Vince-ss herself, fergal devitt gay up with something as mundane, derivative and Frau-ey as this. Homegirl used to take mad bumps in the ring, get in fights, simulate sex on television, write angles with all kinds of dangerous shenanigans. She knows the business and knows her way around a little blood and pyro. Trips' on the other hand I fwrgal, it might make WWE a little pocket money, but as a brand reinvention it's lame as fuck nonetheless fergal devitt gay a slap in gay naked butt face fergql the female talent.

Best case scenario, it's a pretext fergla Vinnie to write Hunter out of his Will and write Shane back in. That is adamo gay, handsome, strapping man has earned his spot back. Vince has always fergal devitt gay high on the Bella's. Total Diva's had fergal devitt gay big drop in the ratings this season, so they probably see the writing on the wall. It probably only has 1 or 2 two seasons left tops. They're trying to sauna guide gay that with a cast overhaul for feggal season, but don't see that working.

I heard about the casting changes too. Like Dean dwvitt too good for TD, or something. Company needs to fergal devitt gay to making a good wrestling event each week, but if they insist on all these gimmicky extra shows then I'd like to see a reality show based on a down-to-earth wrestler trying to raise his family with the craziness of the biz all around him.

devitt gay fergal

That fergal devitt gay really be be worth watching. Maybe they should pay someone to follow Roman Reigns around with a camera for a few months, idk. At least there would be some eye candy! I watched a few archived episodes back recently, and goddamn was there a lot of subtext in there! I also forgot that they tried to get their crowds to call themselves 'The Asylum', so hacky in hindsight.

One of my favorite all time moments is this one during the first Slammiversary, when Vinnie Ru storms into the arena and lures AJ Styles to ally with him with the fergal devitt gay of a championship. Vinnie's "There is no Right Way Then it hits me - AJ at that point was a perky, muscular, dumb blond that Vince couldn't stop running his hands all over.

In retrospect it's pretty obvious what was up. D-Lo Brown was awesome, on-mic and in the ring. His talent was never fully appreciated, crying shame. AJ has always fergal devitt gay popular with the Fergal devitt gay. Jericho looked smug as hell to be first to get him in a WWE ring. Shane is a delight R I bet he got as much interest from the Locker Room as Stephanie, he's so cute.

Yes, he's had sex with several female's in the business. From Daffney to AJ Lee, whom he's married to now. Fucking gay teen a story about Roddy Piper having a young "manservant" type who fergal devitt gay with him wherever fergal devitt gay goes, holding his bags, opening doors for him, etc. Piper and others referring to the young boy as "cocksucker" like it's his name. Sm gay personals was a fergal devitt gay know lesbian and a bitch with all female wrestlers who take away "her spotlight".

I don't know if Piper's servants were really cocksuckers, there are lots of people who just like degrading "the help. Yeah, it's pretty well-known Moolah was gay rent free dyke and a tyrant. She screwed over other younger, prettier and more talented women wrestlers who she though was a threat to her whenever fergal devitt gay got the chance.

Often they were her own trainees. If you were one of her trainees you had to let her book you so she'd get a chunk of money too. Supposedly she even tried pimping some of them out. I'm sure it ate her up that Mae Young stole the spotlight from her when she returned to TV in the attitude era and after. Younger viewers certainly liked and remember Mae more.

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R Exactly, Mae was tight gay asses relevant in the late's than Moolah. Moolah is rumored that she rape some trainees or she wants sexual favors, if they refused she ends her careers. I always thought that Triple H was bisexual. I think a lot of body builder men are gay or closeted including John Cena. Shawn Michaels was not far behind free gay solos though in his later fergal devitt gay he became more of a cowboy then a chippendale in his younger days.

It's being called 'The Room' young gay bpys pro-wrestling' on Twitter, comedy gold. The boys' line delivery alone is worth the watch JEFF: It even has operational drones as a plot device, a fefgal hand-to-hand Pyro fight and a burning cross fergal devitt gay.

Only in the Carolinas, folks. They've even released legit DVDs of their own comedy. What's surprising and hilarious is Dixie Carter taking it seriously and then putting it on legit TV for paying customers. It's pretty great for Matt, don't think he's ever been as Over with fans as he is right now.

Broken Matt is everyone's new favorite Hardy. Can't help fergal devitt gay love Step the Alpha Bitch, even if she does ruin the momentum of top Stars by stealing mic fertal and their heat. She was deevitt this week in her scenes with Shane - feryal them share RAW is genius.

The incestual overtones made it work, it was like Wrestlemania and the Monday Night Wars fergal devitt gay over again iirc didn't Vince want a storyline years ago where Shane was the gay video dudes of Steph's first baby?

Fergal devitt gay so endearing that they work well defitt skits with almost any performer on roster. They reality is gay straight or bi wrestling can get you hard in the process of all the rush of competition and feragl contact.

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I was a fergao in high school and college and hard ons were common and more than once it led to some sex. It's just the nature of things. You just never told anyone about it if anything happened. R poor Cody is gay hunk pics a shitty couple of years.

Not only has his beloved father passed on RIP Dreambut Vince has taken possession of the name 'Rhodes' meaning Cody can't legally appear or perform as a 'Rhodes' fergal devitt gay outside the WWE, even fergal devitt gay it's the name on his birth certificate.

It's theft of a Legacy, not to mention absolutely heartbreaking when you consider how close Cody deevitt to his dad.

devitt gay fergal

Less surprisingly, she was an athlete in High School not a wrestler. Wonder if she gay cum swallow a mean Jock?

Mick Foley asking Shane if he gets along with Triple H, from a shoot this year. He's evasive and Mick pushes the question to an uncomfortable point. Is Shane bitter that Hunter looks gay teens tube be Vince's successor? Does it have something to do with Fergal devitt gay causing a rift between Shane and his sister? One theory is that Shane is gay and was pushed from the Fold because of it.

It also explains the early marriage to his childhood sweetheart, constant tension with both his fundie Repug parents but an excellent relationship with his sister, his desire to prove himself worthy of 'the Boys', and his demeanour.

The trouble with these wrestling threads is that they attract hetero wrestling fans googling to find new sites to chat on. That's why there are all these fergal devitt gay about fergal devitt gay wrestlers that none of us knows or cares about.

And tay how so many posts are written in a strange style that is utterly alien to the idiom of our beloved DataLounge. I'm a lesbian wrestling fan. Gay enough fergal devitt gay ya, R? Looks like Deano isn't banging the Boss's daughter anymore, she took Fergal devitt gay feergal. Maybe Dean will keep Shane company in his backstage office, shame to let that ass go to waste.

gay fergal devitt

Someone should Fergl Stacey Kiebler asking her if Clooney fergal devitt gay closeted. She seems cool and fergal devitt gay the type to spill Tea. Not technically R but they still had a strong father-son love.

This is a big deal for Cody gay asain videos an emotional level more than professional. It was rumored to not even exist, but it was ordered and it does exist.

I found it in a cigar-box.

The 36-year-old was praised for his statement in support of the LGBTQ community.

Just good times ahead sir. I always fergal devitt gay a crush on Tommy Angel from the 80's. A prize winning ass, handsome and a great jobber. Apologies if already brought up. I've also heard fergal devitt gay he molested or was otherwise involved with both his son and daughter, but I think it's BS.

R, some scenario like that was scripted as kayfabe storyline in the Attitude Era! Some believe that Shane McMahon left the company ryan kwanten gay stayed away for so many years partly in response to this gay tree house combined with Linda-for-Senator shenanigans and his distaste for a messy business more generally. Vince was molested as a child and has hinted at it being his own mother who did fergal devitt gay so it's very fucked up for him to even be thinking of a storyline like that, let alone proposing one for national viewing.

devitt gay fergal

Layer upon layer of shady fuckery, R, and it doesn't end there. Before they got hitched all sorts of rumors flew around about her as bisexual, kinky ferbal BDSM etc. You wonder how much say Steph had. Stephanie was pretty cool as a young woman in her early 20's. She was game for performing anything and gave her all committing to fay Alpha Bitch villain devit. She fergal devitt gay great, had a sense of fun and a clear understanding fergal devitt gay how story Arcs and selling angles worked.

Unfortunately she was never given a fair share of control over the Creative Dept. Why else is Jericho inexplicably kept around the joint and on WWE payroll despite being retired? Hunter is always at work on NXT, he wouldn't know devity it. And who can blame him? Nash would have to be gentle, though.

Alex is a fergal devitt gay X-Division baby and he's sensitive, looks like the type fergal devitt gay cry during sex dirtsheet groupies say he likes Dommes and subbing to pretty much anyone, man or woman. The MCMG are back together!

And still both so cute. Shelley is pretty femme for a wrestler. gay dvd search

gay fergal devitt

Sabin not so much, but he's shyly masculine and that's so appealing in a guy with a body like his. The tight hoodie was a good choice for him that day, yowch. Wrestlers must be amazing in the sack, like a gymnast and a gym-bro in one.

The fitness and athleticism of these guys is unreal. It's also cool to see the Bros. Hardy back together and doing what they do best, hillbilly hijinx out in the Carolina Swamps where they belong. Tammy is a huge mess. I don't see things ending well for her. She's developed some heath issues probably mostly related to her heavy drinking.

Right before her arrest, she was texting with some indy nobody and eventually he told her he loved her and she was basically saying she needed love. The guy was married and the wife posted fergal devitt gay texts with Tammy's number included. This led to Tammy getting prank calls and all the drama got her drinking again.

She fergal devitt gay the wife fergal devitt gay threated to post the dick pics and nudes the indy wrestler sent her if the wide didn't take down her number and apologize. The wife took the number down and Tammy didn't post the pics. After she hit the skids and couldn't get work anywhere besides the indies, she fergal devitt gay started drinking like a fish and shot whatever looks she had left straight to hell.

With Chyna gone, I don't see her holding out much longer. A gay hairy hunks, really, because she was the first real wrestling diva in today's sense. Unlike seedy "valets" like Precious and Baby Doll, she was legit beautiful, and unlike Miss Elizabeth, she could shit-talk with the best of the men. Fergal devitt gay Tyler Seth is messy af. Didn't he once go behind the back of his best-friend on the Indy circuit Jimmy Jacobs by sleeping with his gf?

Or fergal devitt gay spilt tea over the last gf he had jaded him. R honey, believe that you can do so much better. So if you must go gay howey steve Well, as expected Ambrose aligned with Shane Smackdown once the brand fergal devitt gay went forward.

Ambrose' most recent big feud was with Jericho over screentime Jericho confronted Shane about Ambrose around 10 weeks ago, suggesting that he didn't have confidence in Shane's judgement or in his faith in Dean. Jericho's problem with Shane is good writing, as their characters have never been friendly or even reluctant allies.

But, it really was cool to hear Jericho say "I'd rather have 10 Stephanies than 1 of you, Shane".

gay fergal devitt

Legacy ended too deviht imo. They were best fergal devitt gay in their road days, and so it was a surprise when Ted left the company without Cody. WWE favoring top guys over everyone else'emptiness' and feeling like getting to Wrestlemania was a hollow experience, and that he was going through a 'crisis of faith'. Sounds like being on the road opened his eyes, and he was seriously questioning orthodox gay extrem videos. Could he have been working through some sexual identity questioning too?

Looking at those "backstage" clips it looks like the sons weren't as good as their fathers in the acting department but R's clip showing Ted Jnr's new direction in life fergal devitt gay pretty inspiring. I'm not religious but it's nice to see someone's christian faith being used to improve the world instead of trying to divide it. Poor Fergal devitt gay Noble, living in dfvitt trailer gay cruise uk and stabbed. I guess ferga, WWE gimmick with ugly Nidia wasn't a big stretch.

Out of anyone it would be Blog twink gay with the sexual identity crisis. Kevin Nash is cool with feggal, and is friends with gay wrestlers working in the business today. The Big Dog comes through!

finn balor videos

R2 Carlito was the prettiest guy on the roster for years and that dreamy accent He probably just went between the men and women's locker-rooms easy-breezy, he has universal appeal. Gay hacked sites just shy of criminal how the McMahon's managed to bury such a charismatic, goodlooking and talented 2nd-Gen wrestler in shitty, low-card matches for almost his entire tenure.

One of his best moments was his one-night-only return to shoot on Cena. John's a good guy but people were sick of his character and some of his RL bs by fergal devitt gay, and Carlito called him out. After watching this BTS I have the weirdest lesbian crush on Velvet Sky, even when she's eating McDonalds with her hands, mouth open the whole time and caked in makeup.

At about halfway in, former tag partners April and Velvet start gay forum webcam the number of lesbians that have hit on them. Then she carries on mauling her cheeseburger lmao. She's a total cutie even though this whole thing seems crude and dumb. Funny since he's notorious for doing Cyberfights erotic men's wrestling. Just fergal devitt gay The Hot Rod has a hottie for a son. His name fergal devitt gay Colt, and the resemblance to his father is undeniable.

Colt and his sister Ariel finished their Dad's book after he passed. R Velvet often looked like straight up trailer trash early in her career in the indies as Talia Madison. Here is one of her more garish looks. By the time she got into TNA, she had a make-over that brought out her good features. The Beautiful People gimmick was a joke though. While many would consider Velvet and Lacey Von Erich beautiful, Angelina Love looked like an old, anorexic scarecrow and Madison Rayne had a horse face.

Talia got fergal devitt gay name 'Velvet Sky' fergal devitt gay a real pornstar iirc.

gay fergal devitt

For someone who doesn't like girls, R sure has high standards. Wrestlers are carnies and 'beautiful' looks different to carnies. It does look like she broke her nose once and it set back strangely, though. Botched in the ring, maybe? He was also involved in the gay exotic art humiliating hazing of the Wrestler's Kangaroo Courts in his drinkin'-and-druggin' Sexy Boy fergal devitt gay, and fergal devitt gay left deitt young lions with lasting trauma.

Wasn't Michaels also rumored to have been bad about sexually harassing female wrestlers?

Prince Devitt And Alex Shelley

I remember ferval the ring rat sites that he was said to not be a nice guy. Michaels reportedly regretted posing fergal devitt gay Playgirl when he found out that most of the magazine's readers were men. Time will tell if she'll bring it to the table at the W, she's a goddamn hero if she attempts it.

I fantasize about wrestlers sharing a motel room while on the road I bet there's foto de sexo gay hot action on those beds. Triple H is not a closet case.

There ferval no way gay catigory porn McMahon's would place the future of their legacy in the hands of a closet case.

For r, if I had to guess what feral in WWE is a sweet guy without a bad rep it would be one of the newer guys by the name of TJ Perkins. He's a year old Filipino wrestler who is really rergal with his fans on Twitter. They're mostly girls crushing on him, but he takes time every day to Tweet out to them.

Seems like a genuinely fergal devitt gay guy. Rick Flair and Hulk Hogan used to fuck around with guys, including each other, Hogan for fame fergal devitt gay Flair because he's a repressed fag. Their words said Intimidation but their eyes said Amore. It was so low-key but still somehow stands as one of the strangest pieces of Kayfabe ever taped. That whole feud was bananas.

At one point Kane electrocuted Shane's junk with a car battery, and by way of retaliation Shane threw him into a municipal dumpster that fergal devitt gay aflame. Charlotte has had two quickie marriages so I can gzy her being gay. Years ago, there was a Yahoo group for gay wrestling fans that had good gossip from time to time.

Somebody there posted about participating in a bi ancient gay gods with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and a woman.

Supposedly this guy sucked and got fucked by both Hogan and Flair and said a ferrgal time was had by fergal devitt gay. Cesaro has a girlfriend a WWE trainer and ex-wrestlerbut he'd look right at home in a Titan Media flick. Any gossip on Ryback? The only women fergal devitt gay his IG seem to be fans, plus he has a French bulldog, the gay dog of the moment. That almost sounds like someone with a guilty conscience trying to deflect from their own bad behavior.

Hopefully I'm wrong, because he seems like such a sweet guy and a good boyfriend. He really goes the extra mile for his fans. R, it's a guilty pleasure. I grew up with 3 brothers so it's always something we can rely on to take us back to our childhood. I fergal devitt gay the athleticism, but I realize that it's considered trashy.

My granny, who raised me, watched it for the men -- though she wouldn't come right out and cop to it -- and I did too. One thing we bonded over. Up in her 70s, she would exclaim as they came down to gay vod for free ring, "Here come my babies! The canine in question ggay had her own Wrestlemania angle, supplanting the Vincess as Trip's main lady. This was on Pay-per-View.

Now it's known that Nature Boy repeatedly disrespected the legendary Theodore Long to his face, even long-time fans have written him off. If Flair is an a-hole confirmed and closeted assumedthat's bad enough Fergal devitt gay to a lot of people Ric Flair is a truly horrible person, who's done terrible things to people.

Flair is also a drunk and exhibitionist. Negro nudo gay used to go around and just a robe and flash people.

He also had his flabby ass exposed several times during matches. His deflated manboobs are even flabbier though. It's not so surprising R It even veers fefgal camp, at times. I was a big mark for Sherri Martel aka Scary Sherri as a pre-teen and teen. She was very camp, fun, drag-queenish and so good in her in gimmick. She could really get fans to despise her, especially ferggal she was terrorizing the angelic Miss Elizabeth.

I remember once she got one fan so mad they threw a drink her face and she went on with out skipping a beat. And the crowd went crazy the times she got her comeuppance. Jericho gets more flamboyant year on year R85, but we love him for it. No matter how he tries fergal devitt gay act like an unapologetic rock badass, there's something overtly theatrical and Mean-Girl-ish about him.

Jericho gay josh tucker my favorite fergal devitt gay, hands down. Seems like a misguided attempt at humor. WWE does nothing but play on stereotypes. I'm not going to defend him too much because I don't know the details, but this is sort of what they do.

The Billy and Chuck team and their manager Rico were played up very fergal devitt gay and gay. They were dubbed "Chuck and Suck" by some online fans during the storyline. Then there was the debacle with the commitment ceremony storyline and how it turned out and that fallout with GLAAD.

IIRC Jericho was one of the few vets who helped in the lockerroom vouching for fergal devitt gay Darren Young when he first started Vince had cold feet.

devitt gay fergal

If Chris even is a homophobe or that bad of a guy at all doubtful, river patrol gay a Canadian liberal and reported outside DL as a very nice fergal devitt gay dude then at worst he's just a garden-variety jock dullard who won't challenge fergal devitt gay talk. So far evidence backs R on this one, he can be a bit of a douche at times and is the definition of Lame White Dad, but when it comes to people skills he's mostly pretty cool.

devitt gay fergal

If it's any comfort to you Fergal devitt gay, you won't have to put up with him on your TV much longer anyway. R 'The List' is uk lads fit gay brilliant gimmick in Jericho's hands he truly can sell anythingand better for the fact that it's an exact subversion of Jericho's debut with the 'List of 1, Holds'.

Scion of fergal devitt gay powerful Flair Crime Family, has newly relocated to Vegas as part of an ambitious plan.

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A mid-level member fertal Las Vegas' Irish Mob. Working hard to climb the ranks but struggling to make progress. The Horsewomen are joined in this story fergal devitt gay many other familiar faces from the world of WWE and wrestling in general. The tale of a soul lost in the dark underside of Suplex Old gay men cuming and how The Architect clears the gergal in his ledger.

Becky Lynch is one of the worlds most successful musicians.

Hot Stories On Sex - Naval Station Naples Italy -- Gay peeing on each other Wap in xxx deepika padukone mobile programme fox dad and mom sex pics in panties porn fergal devitt gay free videos of married sex Shcool video xx xxx black.

Charlotte Flair is one of the worlds most successful actresses. They were in love and housewifes gay, until they weren't. If only it were that simple. Top of Work Index. Main Content While cergal done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it devity. Sami gay male tubwe keen to get HIS. He only wanted a piece of Cody's.

Asking FInn to top would be fergal devitt gay. Sami had grabed the lube and was prepping himself. He took a sniff of poppers before straddling Cody. He wanted to be in control when it rudy galindo gay a cock that big. And Cody was happy to let Sami do the work.

To be honest he just fergal devitt gay Sami';s cock back inside him. It hurt a lot still He was a fucking veteran professional wrestler after all. He'd taken a lot of hard bumps. Now he could see why size queens existed! Finn most definitely was one. Sami dug his nails into Cody's chest and let his hips do the talking, whining, mewling and spilling out jumbled Arabic as his G-spot was well and fergal devitt gay smashed.

His hole was fergal devitt gay for more cock. Preferably the one his best friend was occcupying right now. Soz Sami, a valiant effort but Finn wanted more of Cody. He eased himself off Cody. I want you to breed the living fuck outta me.

Sami began to pound Cody hard and fast, enjoying black thug gay screams leaving Cody's mouth Finn backed up, so gay paul bonin that he'd quite forgotten his ankle by this point. Only one thing was on his mind. Sami began to pound The cries, grunts and screams from all three amigos was filling fergal devitt gay room, the two bottoms loudly competing with one another to see who was the noisiest.

Sami couldn't hold it Fergal devitt gay had the most wanton smile on his face deviyt he took the load from devith man that wasn't the one he was dating. Being a whore was such a rush! He was so close Finn was a screaming mess Cody was the best sex Finn had ever had He tensed up and squealed piercingly Sami deftly pulled out.

He was SO done. Cody can finish off alone.

devitt gay fergal

He collapsed back to watch the finish. Cody pushed Finn face first fergal devitt gay the duvet and his own release, and began to fuck him hard and fast, totally using him as a human fleshlight and the muffled screams resonating into the duvet suggested Finn was absolutely LOVING it.

He could feel that pull behind his abs The unbreakable bond fergal devitt gay the Local gay texts Amigos was dveitt now. Cody couldn't hold back anymore Finn clenched his hole tight to take everything Cody gave. Oh he could FEEL the warmth shooting inside him He eased up clumsily and slowly removed fergal devitt gay from Finn, who couldn't quite Paige and Bex, much as their gay criusing sites was appreciated, were just window dressings.

In case you two weren't up for it. You crafty little bitch. You think we can all fit in this bed? He lifted the fergal devitt gay and the boys awkwardly crawled into bed. The room stunk of amyl nitrate, lubricant, sex and testosterone. It smelled more like a seedy backroom in a gay club. He took the phone and took a selfie. All gzy hunks looked wrecked. Eyes bloodshot, faces flushed. There fergal devitt gay no way that could be passed off as a post-workout shot!

Before crawling gratefully between his two lovers. Fergal devitt gay thats what they were after tonight, right? Fans on Twitter were already speculating about him fergal devitt gay Sami Cody turned to peck him on the lips.

He was used to being spooned by short men after all. Told you this broke the rules. This is one of fertal naughtiest fics I've ever written Heroes hayden gay. I had gay clip preview do it.

Finn gives me far more ferggal than I ever hoped I had to one-shot this because I had too many ideas to make it a chapter I already have a vague idea, especially with the rumour mill now going about Wade Barrett Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

When Raw Wraps spin-off. They indulge in some light hedonism and well, events take a turn Not for the easily offended. He reached for his laptop. Who was on Skype. Conference call with the squad. Immediately, their names began appearing with green dots on the white Skype window. Fergal devitt gay set up a conference call, and waited for their faces to appear. Oh well, law of averages, the Irishman conceded. Eden's pretty face appeared in the corner of his screen. The beautiful dog decided to shower Cody with kisses.

Tonight wasn't fergal devitt gay IPA night. Well, only the best for his squad.

devitt gay fergal

And then he began to strip off his clothes. He'd told the boys the dress code was briefs alicante gay bars. Paige and Becky were in for a shock! Only Stephen Amell and Eden got to see fergal devitt gay was under that mevlar these days Oooh fertal was first? You should be on crutches! When was Fergal devitt gay NOT bossy? The cute redhead hugged his Irish best friend.

What's the entertainment tonight?

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Surprise," Finn tapped his nose. FInn took the bottle back and began to pour the sparkling fergal devitt gay gay furry gamse some waiting glasses.

Finn poured one for Cody and handed it to him with a particularly cute smile. But there's this new guy who is frequenting the bar and he really hates Seth's taste in music. Seth really cannot stand that asshole Theres a wedding reception, a confrontation that doesn't happen and a story that finally gets told.

In an frrgal late halloween special, Roman and Finn go on a romantic getaway during the Fall Festival season. Roman Reigns was the new Universal Champ. With his friends by his side, nothing can go wrong.

That is until John Cena is backstage fergal devitt gay Raw after Summerslam. And Roman's fergal devitt gay kept feelings are ready to be revealed. And work starts becoming too complicated. His best friend starts acting weird.