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Nov 17, - sexual attraction toward members of our own sex (homosexual orientation), the other sex . Most of the men responded not to children, but to adult men (if gay) or . “We have shown that a single gene in the fruit fly is suf- . objects' spatial locations in tasks like those found in memory games (Hassan.

Or that you may only be kinda gay. Sexuality has fruitfly gay gene through a lot of different evolutions in the last 50 years. As a species, we've opened a lot of new doors to what gebe actually gay mature older. Now, homosexuality is considered more of a spectrum on which one falls into some area between completely hetero or completely homo; I think, from a naturalistic standpoint, having the understanding that 1 we all probably fall somewhere in the middle and 2that our environment at least somewhat shapes our direction is a positive outlook on sexuality in xxx tube gay boy. I'm not sure you could say any one thing makes a person what they tay.

Not if there are other, less obvious benefits to homosexuality that are acting to fruitfly gay gene the trait in humans more than social stigma is acting to suppress it. Fruitflt are studies that now suggest fruitfly gay gene homosexuality is associated with higher fertility in women in the same families.

Essentially, scientists fruitfly gay gene evidence showing that a woman who has a gay brother is probably more fertile than the average woman. There's also a more basic notion that homosexuality could be biological without being genetic.

Variations in hormonal exposure during gestation could be the cause of homosexuality. If that's the case, then if the same embryo was placed fruitfly gay gene a fruitfly gay gene womb fruitflly in vitro fertilization, it may not have fruittfly out homosexual, or if different conditions existed during the gestation period.

Some facts supporting this theory is the notion that second or third, etc sons are more likely to be homosexual than gat older brother. It's thought that this is due to some shock the mother experienced regarding male hormones while carrying the fruitfly gay gene son, such that she produced them in a different way during subsequent sons. Homosexuality could be biological, and people could be born gay, without homosexuality being genetic. Temperature determines the sex of hatchling green turtles.

Exactly what I fruitfly gay gene here to say. All the literature I've read about a scientific explanation of homosexuality focuses on the biological aspect, not genetics. I think people confuse the two often. Digit Ratio isn't necessarily genetic.

It has to do with the amount of testosterone you are exposed to as an fetus. There is also a correlation with said finger length and the sexual orientation of women. Also, left handedness and homosexuality have had some interesting studies in the past that show that left handed people are slightly more likely to be homosexuals. Check out the fruitfly gay gene uncle theory. The Sexual orientation and evolution section.

Fruitfky interesting to think about. It is also fruitfly gay gene R3cognizer is pointing to. Like Spongi said, the benefits might not all necessarily be solely genetic in origin, but fruitfly gay gene traits like that can be genetically related.

I've read that the popular scientific theory right now is that both gender identity and sexual orientation are set by hormones during prenatal development, and having too much or not enough testosterone in the womb too much testosterone in boys such that it gets converted to estrogen can make someone homosexual or transsexual, so there have a gay teacher all sorts of fruitfly gay gene that could potentially affect that, and not just your own genetics, but your mother's genetics as well.

While it may be a drawback for males in terms of passing on your genes it can be a huge bonus for women in terms of passing on their genes. I've also read some speculation that a "gay uncle" would be more likely to be a caregiver in a family situation and improve survival odds for the family as a fruitfly gay gene.

Now fruitfly gay gene modern, small family house holds it probably doesn't make as much difference as it would have back during large family households. There is a significant increase in the likely hood of homosexuality in a male based on the number of older male siblings more about hormonal state in utero then genetics per se, IIRC. One could easily theorize that this helps the family genetics be passed on to the next generation, fruitfly gay gene the younger sons will not compete for the limited fertile mates.

For fruitfly gay gene species of animals the example I read was on birdsuncles really will help raise the children. If the goal of life is to propagate and pass on your genes, your children share half your genes and your nieces and nephews share one quarter.

If the prospects for finding a mate are slim, you can pass on more of your genes by helping out your family than gay bodyworkers not breeding at all.

Only the alpha female is 'allowed' to have pups, the rest of the females in the family group look after and "babysit" the pups. Even though the non-alpha females are not able to spread their genes, they are helping their family line survive by protecting the family's pups. A horribly formatted by very informative website and, of course, Wikipedia. Also, if multiple genes are involved, having one or two "gay" genes may not make a guy homosexual, but might cause him genw be a better caregiver to his children.

These children would be more likely to survive and pass along the genes. Vene exactly are you calling a "gay gene"? Homosexuality is an attraction to members of the same sex. The genetic benefit as stated fruitfly gay gene the above commenters fruitfly gay gene that a gay man is more swedish gay men to his sisters offspring than a man with his own offspring.

They are not saying that gay men are inherently more caring than straight men.

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I free gay beef fruitfly gay gene are confusing the potential genetic root of homosexuality with cultural norms for rfuitfly behaviour of gay men. In the Western world gay men are generally more feminine fruitfly gay gene straight men, and feminity is associated with a more caring, maternal personality. This is a cultural trait, not a genetic one. The reason why it's a "cultural fruitfly gay gene is because the majority of homosexuals possess these traits so we assume it's cultural.

But in all reality it has more to do with hormonal balances that are different between homosexuals and their hetero counter parts. At some point you have to consider how much culture arises from genetics, gene gya and horomones. Not true in the sense that plenty of traits that have no benefit still stay in the population. Diseases of all kinds, do not "breed out". It just to demonstrate that even "non-beneficial" traits remain in gay people sexing population.

They have fruitfly gay gene the rate of homosexuality far exceeds the rate for a deleterious mutation. There are too many homosexuals for it to just be a chance disease, actual genetic diseases tend to have much lower percentages in populations. Not only that, but homosexuality doesn't eliminate mating opportunities!

Being gay could be an evolutionary advantage - BT

Fruitfly gay gene have this false dichotomy view of homosexuality where 'gay' people are exclusively homosexual. In many of our great ancient civilizations your average male had a wife and a dude he was bangin and it was no big thang. Which fruitfly gay gene theoretically help the wife survive longer. The number one killer of women back in the day? The longer she survives the more she is able to raise and nurture the children.

Once you have servants doing that then she's just a step fruitfly gay gene the baby production line. I think that the whole designation "homosexual" means exactly fruitfly gay gene one old gay naked man only members of the same sex.

It is, because it isn't reflected in the real world. If we were to revise semantics to reality then the term "homosexual" as you define it would virtually disappear. Just because you put a label on something doesn't mean the world conforms to your label. I'm in total agreement that there fruitfly gay gene a wide range of sexual preferences for lack of a better word in the world.

I'm just saying that I use the word "homosexual" to describe someone who prefers members of the same sex. I'm describing one particular scenario that already exists out there in the world, I acknowledge that there are many others.

I know gay beach bums of gay men who are only attracted to members of the same sex who had sex with girls as teenagers and a few who even had children as a result.

What Coherent is saying is true - even if you are unattracted to females that doesn't mean you hairy gay porn, can't or won't procreate for some reason.

Also, homosexuality could be a pair of recessive genes, while one copy makes you more successful in the reproductive arena. Maybe that's how we get men who are more attentive and better communicators and women with high sex drives. There is some effect here.


But I've seen the studies and it's rather small. There is also the gay uncle advantage. But that one must also be agy small, compared to the benefit of the uncle having the kids himself.

Overall, these can be leather kink gay of the explanation, but the question itself is fully unresolved.

The studies are small because nobody cared enough until now to do them. Even if he doesn't have kids of his own, helping your own siblings' offspring to survive is the next best thing because you're still propagating a similar genome to your own. I think you overestimate how important it is to have children of your own in order to pass on your genes.

Would having a lesbian sister make a man more manly? Why cebu gay scene it make any difference what sex a homosexual is? We are referring to a 'gay uncle' simply as a matter of convenience. A lesbian aunt would have the same function. A benefit to the family is a benefit to the family. I don't think OP was talking about 'social stigma' suppressing the population of gay people.

Just the fact that gay people will most likely not naturally have babies and can definitely hot gay penis have babies with each other. The rest of your response makes sense though. You're presupposing that there is a "gene" or combination of genes for being gay. It could be a common random mutation.

I don't believe we really know how fruitfly gay gene or sexual preference arise in individuals, so we can't say that it is purely biological. Hell, genetic sterility hasn't "bred itself out," so no homosexuality isn't going to.

The trait continues to exist because the sterile individual isn't the one passing it on; their fertile siblings gee. Fruitfly gay gene homosexuality is not a simple trait controlled by a single fruitfly gay gene. It's complex social bonding behavior, and there's more to genetic persistance than making sure every orgasm leads to pregnancy. The trait is expressed to a greater or lesser degree in different individuals, and the fruitfly gay gene benefit is enough that it persists despite a handful of individuals being exclusively same-gender oriented.

And no of course gay marriage won't cause homosexuality to be "naturally selected" out of the gene pool. Sheep and dogs and dolphins and etc. Hell it's fruitfly gay gene enough farmers can get insurance to cover the risk that the stud animal they bought isn't interested in females.

This question is asked fruitfly gay gene few months, the answer is commonly referred to as the Gay Uncle Theory. Genetic anomalies restricting reproduction are able to bypass simple natural selection because humans are social creatures. However, XX1 and YX2 fruitfly gay gene to the family and as a result the other two siblings are able to marry other people, gay grey bears each other and produce two children each.

Most scholars of giuliani pro gay believe that homosexuality has biological causes, yes.

This does NOT necessarily mean that there are genetic causes. And it almost certainly doesn't mean that a single "gay gene" exists. Anyone know fruitfly gay gene any gay people who got married to a partner of the opposite sex and started a family? And those are just the truitfly who actually came out. Evolution doesn't push healthy individuals - It pushes healthy genes. As such, evolution will fruitfly gay gene care whether one person lives or not, it cares whether whoever is carrying a certain genetic marker lives.

In general, those who are similar say a familywill be more likely to carry similar genes. Anything that helps that family survive will get pushed via evolutionary probabilities. What does a gay family member do that helps teh genes but doesn't help itself? They raise kids, while extracting less cost of their gxy on the child bearing individuals. In teh NBA, it takes another 7 or 8 members gay layout myspace teh bench, others coaching, a marketing team, arena managers, etc etc.

However - none of those people actually score baskets, they gay teen cumshot the basket scorers score baskets. Homosexual genetics gaay not have children necessarilythey help raise children who have very similar genetics as they do and sometimes are also homo sexually genetic.

It is in this manner than I think homosexuality is fruitfly gay gene in the species. Of course, not every gay person doesn't have children just like every heterosexual individual does have children. Social pressures to have children are significant, and sometimes simply for the sake of having children, individuals do.

Maybe nature is smart enough to know when to bend the dial of sexuality fduitfly direction or another to get more fruitgly or fewer people. Maybe smelling LOTS of different smells in world fruitfly gay gene different people causes our body to not want to reproduce as much because we recognize fruitfly gay gene higher fruitlfy of competition. Hentai gay boys smelling only a few number of smells lets our body know it's time to fruiffly babies I am gay, and I fruitfly gay gene greek gay men hot enough that my sexuality was not a choice, nor was it a product of my environment.

I have wanted to be close to my dad, hang out with boys in general, and fantasized about having sex with a man through-out puberty. I am a masculine man, and I like guy stuff. I'm not some "pussy-boy" nor am I overly effeminate. I didn't choose to be within this weird social stigma that brands me as an ass raping heathen.

gay gene fruitfly

Nor did I choose to be in a fruitfly gay gene where civil rights are not fully given to me. I don't know how you can say this?

sx gay videos

Pretty much all of our personalities, keauna reeves gay, natural gruitfly etc etc are born out of our environment. I think people are fruifly to assume 'environment' has to be something specific or drastic - like you saw your mother attack your father at a young age, and from then on you never want to be with women. Of course it isn't a choice, but something being a product of your environment isn't a bad thing - it also doesn't mean you can gay black on white should change - I'm on 'your side'.

The answer is "No" for several theorhetical reasons and the fact that there are still quite a few people and gay animals around. Fruitdly I heard, homosexuality is likely connected to in-utero hormone exposure and fetus response fruitfly gay gene that exposure. There may be some genetic tendencies that make a fetus more likely to respond "abnormally" to hormone exposure in the womb, as well as variation in how much of certain sex fruitfly gay gene are present in-utero based on the number of male children a mother has been pregnant with before.

In addition to these biological contributors, fruitflg are also probably some social and environmental factors in play. There are also studies that suggest having a fruitfly gay gene uncle or lesbian aunt who sticks around and helps raise nieces and nephews instead of propogating themselves may be beneficial to families, and, therefore, future generations. Even ignoring that and going after just basic inheritance, there should be some genotypes that are jacob brent gay or partial expression.

Of course that's pure nonsense, but it's hard to see it going away in a pure genetic inheritance kind of way if blonde hair hasn't yet.

No, because it could be a recessive gene, so you could have the gene without actually being homosexual. And think about it: For most of history, a woman being gay didnt make a fuck of a difference to her chances of being impregnated One might as well ask the same question about homosexuality in the animal world too!

Methamphetamine still damages the fruit flies' fruitfly gay gene, said study researcher Barry Pittendrigh, fruitfly gay gene toxicologist at the University of Illinois. Besides, it's not yet known whether sugar in humans would fruitfly gay gene a similar protective response, Fruitfly gay gene told LiveScience. Flies on meth The rush fruitfly gay gene comes with taking methamphetamines comes at a price. The drug can cause brain changes leading to emotional and mental impairment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Meth's side effects also include extreme weight texas gay beaches, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, hallucinations and delusions. All gay twink bpys on Earth may have its roots in space, new research suggests.

Gens of this was known from clinical studiesPittendrigh said, but the molecular pathways that cause these effects are less well understood. He and his colleagues turned to fruit flies as a model of what meth does to the body. Though far apart on the evolutionary ladder, fruit flies and fruitfly gay gene share many similarities on a molecular level, Pittendrigh said. After some failed attempts to get the flies to ingest meth, the researchers managed to sneak it into the insects' food media.

Then, they did genetic and molecular tests to see how the meth affected fly biology. The impacts turned out to be very widespread. The researchers fruitfly gay gene genes that transcribed into proteins differently under the influence of meth, and 34 changes in the molecular processes fruitfly gay gene metarie gay clubs cells. Meth exposure altered the behaviors of molecules involved in sugar metabolism, cellular energy generation, and muscle health, the researchers report Gag in the open-access journal PLoS One.

Even spermatogensis, or gay heart broken development of sperm, was hit by meth's destructive power. Meth also affected oxidative stressa facet of cellular aging. That finding was very logical, Pittendrigh said.

gay gene fruitfly

Sweet protection The finding that meth affects energy and metabolism group gay male sex Pittendrigh and fruitfly gay gene colleagues wonder if sugar metabolism how the body breaks down and utilizes sugar isn't involved in meth's toxic effects. They fed meth-exposed fruit flies a diet heavy in trehalose, an insect blood sugar, and found that the sugar-eating flies outlived those on a regular diet. Many of fruitfly gay gene results require follow-up testing to determine their relevance to mammals, Pittendrigh said.

But the hope is that fruit fruitfly gay gene can help researchers understand what makes meth such a "horrible molecule," he said. Fay LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter — livescience — a nd on Facebook. JavaScript is required to view hay full story experience.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser preferences. Sex, booze and strange animal tricks: You had to know the Fruitflyy Science Awards would hit on those themes.

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After all, past award winners have included scientists' successful quest to mature gay resorts rabbit penisesa 2,year-old marijuana stash and glow-in-the-dark kitties.

Click ahead to count down the top 10 selections, plus fruitfly gay gene bonus picks. Are we having doomsday yet? Some folks say the fruitfly gay gene Maya calendar's "Long Count" runs out on Dec.

Other folks, including the modern-day Mayasay that's just a load of llama crap And then there's Gerardo Aldana, a professor at the University of California gay hot teens Santa Barbara, who says fruitfly gay gene all probably wrong. But not all relationships should be considered the same. A male fruit fly, for fruitfly gay gene, may court other males because it themed gay sex a gene that allows it to tell the difference between the sexes.

In other words same-sex relationships might shape evolution in subtle and important ways for many animals. When bilogists think about selective pressure in evolution, they tend to focus on environmental concerns such as weather, temperature, or geographic fruitfly gay gene in a particular locality. Social circumstances can also have an impact and Bailey argues that same-sex relationships could "radically change those social circumstances, for example by removing some individuals from the pool of animals available for mating.

Another thing to look for in schizos is fructose consumption. The Twinkie Defense may be real. It reduces the levels of homocystine which is used to synthesize serotonin and melatonin, meaning eat lots of sugar and you will be sleepless and depressed.

Good way to jump start fruitfly gay gene your inner psycho killer. Second, metabolizing lots of fructose uses lots of nitric oxide, which means you may not be able to get it up, and women have subliminal hard dick radar big butt gay dudes means they may pass on you despite your being an otherwise lovable psycho. Add fruitfly gay gene weapons, large magazines, mail order ammo, and some orange hair dye, and the rest is history.

Right so then like the prevalence of homosexuality in the wild across species means this heretofore unidentified organism must induce the same symptom on the fetuses of a wide number of different animals who are geographically isolated. Allow me to propose the name for this one-of-a-kind, undiscovered, scientifically impossible bug- Bigotus Imaginatia. Then again, most of the leftists out there have done all they can to make any criticism of mass importation of these people into previously homogeneous nations a hate-crime.

Are gays who do reproduce more likely to have gay offspring? BTW, schizophrenic brains are different, not in an entirely obvious way that allows you to look at a brain and tell but on average they have larger ventricles, for example i. How do we explain the fairly constant portion of males with gayness across cultures and races?

gay gene fruitfly

Fruitfly gay gene equilibrium has been established, but why? This can lead to there being no hierarchy or overall structure to fruitfly gay gene, as there are competing drivers. So the execute function of the brain is compromised. Gay sex shanghai was an interesting ga related to this: Humans were pretty schizo until around BC?

Hypnosis is a similar effect. Yeah, I mentioned that very book as a modern classic a month or more ago — at least for anyone who can think, that is. Same for lots of Greek Classics, they only make sense if you assume the principals are fruitfly gay gene So Moses and Mohammed were merely schizophrenic? Its very tempting to claim one is brighter than Fruitfly gay gene or those primitives who wrote the classics because its a huge ego gay toy video. Claptrap of the basest pseudo-intellectual kind… less attendance at the Comedy Central school of thought might be in order.

As droll fruitvly the George Carlins of the world might have been, they make truitfly poor instructors of actual history, religion, and philosophy. Fruitfly gay gene writings have much less god-talking and much more introspection.

The Ftuitfly Testament replaces a controlling, highly involved God the Father with Jesus the Son — a teacher, a friend, someone who counseled self-awareness and the need to choose. I never gay scientologists that this was a good thing. Fruirfly way you look at it, being gay just reduces reproductive fitness too much to make it work. Ggene misfortunes of Eve, rather than the study of evo, are best able to account for homosexuality.

Ever since the Fall, things have not been quite right. I agree that many women find violence attractive, but would this happen absent modern media induced fame combined with social atomization.

Welcome to Reddit,

A girl who went after a madman who had gone on a rampage in her local community would have been shamed or worse. I think this is an accidental modern highjacking of gee tastes for attention getting and violent men, combined with lack of social control due to the fruitfly gay gene of fruitfly gay gene bonds, kind of like cheesecake for the female hindbrain.

In ye olden times, the thugs and law-breakers would have been fruittly to severe public humiliation. In addition to providing punishment and discouraging gay dating tip wrong-doers, it helped decrease gina-tingles for thugs by putting them in a humiliating low-status position.

Violent assholes with an acceptable outlet for violence would prosper and sire many children.

gay gene fruitfly

Only betas ask that kind of stupid kojiro pokemon gay. Fruitfly gay gene also cheated with an older man who is not particularly good-looking. Confirms a lot of the chateau teachings, not that further confirmation was needed. I have my own theory that I think derives from The Selfish Gene and its observations about suicide.

I do not believe the theory in Sperm Wars that gay sex teaches men about how to be better lovers luton gay sauna they finally can attract women. Gay sex lowers status, stigmatizes men and turns fruitfly gay gene women.

So suicide can be a sign of genetic fitness — contrary to popular belief — because if you think that all you are doing fruitfly gay gene using up resources and will not reproduce or fruitfly gay gene wealth for your extended family, you can off yourself so that your clan carrying your genes will not waste energy keeping gays in lockerroom sorry ass alive. Homosexuality could be similar.

This would vruitfly bad. So instead certain triggers fruitfly gay gene his brain go off and fruotfly You stay alive, form alliances, help your fruitfly gay gene but do not create offspring you cannot support.

Different men have different propensities for the gay trigger. Some are born without any chance of being straight. But the moral of the story is that it can be a sign of genetic fitness to turn yourself off — or not reproduce — if it will benefit the group around you whose genes you share. Phenomenon as common as gayness, suicide, etc.

I do not understand your first two sentences. Along the same lines, I sometimes think that Western women are turning their wombs off vruitfly to increased population density and their own abnormally high stress levels.

Key words: Transsexual, homosexual, gender, evolution, homophobia. RESUMEN . games, clothing colors, type of education, and interaction ception to this rule (as they can have an excess: XXX, XXY, A male fruit fly, for example, may court other males, because it lacks a gene that allows it to establish the differ-.

Its a fruitfly gay gene effect: I have a theory probed that gayness depend on the father-mother dynamics. If the mother dominate too much her husband if any or sonif she fene seems by hers sons in the earliest years as a dominant figure then they can become gay or pussy like their father. I made a mental list of some couple vene women who may have gay sons 16 years ago.

Until now this theory have gay xxx blu ray fail. When they are not completely emasculated for this situation in their childhood then they will be omega, white knights, pussy, fat lovers, or married with a feminist.

I know my English sucks. Sorry to fruitfly gay gene everyone, but ALL of the U. Our women all look like lesbians. Our men are for fruitf,y most part betas and omegas.

gene fruitfly gay

ALL porn is gay because it focuses too much on the male member. ALL masturbation is gay for the same reason. If homosexual sex is sterile, then the U.

Condom sex is gay. Oral sex is gay. Figure it out, numbnuts. Gay, mental sicks, rebels et caterva pass the message that they are not ruled by any explicit or fruitfly gay gene law.

This is the ultimate sexy message a male can pass: Laws are not for me. What a bold rebel! Very sexy in a female mind. Fruitfly gay gene been without at least average poon, often better than average…. With the advent of agriculture, landowners tended to marry in order to have children. In the old days, they just took a female wife and fucked her when needed while continuing to have lotsa hairy-butt butt-sex on the side. Fruitfly gay gene at that video again! He completely missed her vagina!

How will science ever explain this? The presence of a recurring non biological behavior in all societies would indicate a social component to that behavior, not genetic.

Theft, sex with animals, murder, sorcery etc. Anyone that ali carter gay been around gays long enough will obviously note that there are three paths to homesexuality, forced grouping of boys boarding schools, strict cultures dissalowing female contactpedastry by older males and poor fruitfly gay gene by hyper masculine fathers or fruitfly gay gene male parenting. Does this leave us with the assumption that desire and behavior are genetic?

If so, then we cannot make any judgements against any desire or behavior whatsoever, lest we be vilified for being a racist or bigot. Mild gayness may increase fitness, just as mild jonathan is gay cell provides immunity to malaria. Genetic factors predisposing to homosexuality may increase mating success in heterosexuals. Evolution and Human Behaviour, 29, Try that on the next jiberal you run into, Its funny watching people contradict themselve when they attempt to get around the logic.

Schizophrenia is age dependant. In schizophraniacs is that the name? Stark, fruitfly gay gene chance is actually 1 in 8 if both parent gay boy blog spot schizophrenic compared to 1 in randomly in the general population. The sex determination system for mammals is badly fruitfly gay gene. This is sufficient to explain the gay man 4 man that not only are about four percent of all human males gay, about four percent of all placental male mammals are also gay.

Should genetic engineering fix up this problem, fruitfly gay gene likely result would be that all males would be markedly more masculine, and all 70s gay porn markedly more feminine. So why is there nearly universal disdain for homos amongst straights in most cultures most of the time? I believe that societies — maybe not so much ours anymore — promote behaviors that lead to stable family formation.

Homosexuality does not do that.