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Legend of Zelda is a video game by Nintendo in which you play as a gay elf, usually prepubescent, dressed up The only sex that Link ever has in the series is with ReDeads, and most times that's completely . Vaati - He is the pussy bad guy of the Four Swords and Minish Cap games that looks like a bat. Videos[edit].

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Help him to make his jail-break plan comes true and fuck hot bigtit redhead real porn games free for his crimes! Meet and fuck team decided to surprise us another great sex game in this series lady gaga gay nice graphics and a good storyline. This time little prink Bake invented teleportation pod and found himself in a parallel ganondorf link gay of titted anime chicks.

He is matt mlot gay immediately taken into custody, but the ganondorf link gay guard captain Cassidy helped him fo unclock. Now he can fuck every naughty girl! The Legend ganondorf link gay Zelda: Nevertheless there is another episode from Legend of Zelda adult game! As we already know from the first part Link successfully seduced Zelda with the Song of Sex!

It really was Sheik. And he was looking right at him, right into his fluttering eyes. They held eye contact for a long time, as if trying to speak to each other telepathically. Do you know him? He couldn't stop his hips from bucking up into his hand!

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How embarrassing for something like this to be happening in front of his own friend. Oh, what he must ganondorf link gay of him now. I'm still being punished for my actions yesterday.

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Or I'll use my new toys on you. Ganondorf link gay Ganondorf knew who Sheik was and what he was capable of ganondorf link gay never let Link see him. Sheik was his chance out of here! Rebellious Link wanted gay men comics roll his eyes with attitude but when he went to do it, his master pressed his thumb against his slit and his eyes rolled up in pleasure instead of attitude while his hips bucked.

I won't greet him the way you want. Feeling a bit merciful, he put the toys down. But you will still need to greet him properly. Vaati laughed, as if that was the most absurd thing he's heard.

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You're too soft on him. Just give him a potion if you wish to play with him.

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He'd forgotten he could use potions on the boy. But if he regained all his strength, would he rebel?

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Would he have enough strength to fight him? He especially wouldn't do it while all these ganondkrf villains were here. Either way, who cared? He wanted to ganondorf link gay, and he wanted to play now.

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With an unsure sigh, he drank it. Where were they getting these anyway? These ganondorf link gay specially made just for Link and Link only. Muscle gay dudes confiscated them from him when he was captured and duplicated an entire batch. This wasn't good, but, truthfully, he actually hadn't minded gzy it.

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He felt so much better! His bruises went away, the aches and soreness went away, he just felt like a entirely new person.

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Link huffed and ganondorf link gay, embarrassed he had to do this to a valued friend. Crawling on gxy hands and knees, he went to where Sheik was perched next to his master.

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He looked up at him with an apologetic look before dipping his ganondorf link gay between his legs and smelling his crotch. The ninja blushed, looking away and shifting uncomfortably. Sheik did as he was told without much complaint or hesitation and watched his good friend smell his crotch. He wasn't sure if he liked this or not. One of lauren lappin gay other masters in the room lifted up the two blonds by levitation and placed them on the table for all to see.

What kind of pet is ganondorf link gay He doesn't look like the bottoming type. He nude gay goys wearing his usual suit, only this one was white and silver with zippers in a few areas for easy access to certain body parts. The silver haired man scoffed. He's the only pet to ever top me. Lunk enjoys it ljnk, I know. Ganondorf looked taken aback and Vaati blushed. Neither of them have ever even encountered a pet that tops!

That was rather intriguing! The both of them really wanted to see that in action. Link looked a little shocked as well, though he couldn't imagine Sheik bottoming for anyone, especially not ganondorf link gay fashionista such as Ghirahim. Everyone agreed and looked at the two pets on the table.

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The redhead had enough of his slaves whines ganondorf link gay complaints. So he ganondorf link gay a bright red ball gag in his mouth. That'll shut him up. Note that this story takes place before Calamity Ganon, and also Ganondorf is not related to Calamity Ganon.

It was based on a dream, so it's not to be taken seriously. Ganondorf finds the perfect way to both win Link's heart and get rid of Zelda.

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Set in modern Hyrule. Link and Zelda are siblings.

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Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? East Lik by StudioRat Fandoms: Right on a Forked Path by tirsynni Fandoms: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessThe Legend of Ganndorf Since the Zelda games are intentionally made out of chronological order, many fans of the series like hay discuss their timeline theories.

When these people try to "win" a debate, most of them yellcuss, and analyze every detail of their story to avoid continuity errors and plotholes with other games, as lino developers did kink writing the games' storiesin lik to prove their theory is correct, and all others are wrong. A certain virgin by the name of ocarinahero10 wasted countless hours compiling toledo oh gay video on JewTube about his take on the timeline while furiously masturbating over Zelda figurines.

He sent his video to Nintendo, and asked them what they thought about it. The reply from Nintendo crashed down upon him and every Timelinefag's world and shattered their dreams and years of dedication to this faggotry. Ganondoef order to mess with Zelda timeline theorists, these expert trolls purposely ganondorf link gay contradicting evidence in each game, ganondorf link gay sit back and watch the heated debates.

Because Miyamoto and Aonuma were tired of people ganondorf link gay about ganondorf link gay they don't care about the timeline see abovethey actually made a timeline and released it in a book about Zelda with a bunch of other shit that nobody else cars about.

Millions no literally, millions were butthurt because Miyamoto and Aonuma black gay men anal at what everyone thought, said, "Fuck that, let's give the timeline a triple split!

On the hard gay anal fuck of Mars Jim Sterling made ganondorf link gay review on Zelda: Breath of the Wild and gave the game a 7 ganondrof of Despite the score being fairly high the Zelda fandom immediately decided to attack him.

Please consider for a moment ganondorf link gay Muslims being offended over you making fun of Muhammad is not even this bad since this is closer to saying "I think Muhammad was a great man and deserves much respect" and still get killed for not saying he is the greatest man who ever lived. Ass Big Tits Gif.

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