Gay arron rogers - Aaron Rodgers: Packers teammates questioned sexuality |

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arron rogers gay

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rogers gay arron

Sign up Log out news. Hard-core gay sex Post November 20, 6: This aron gay arron rogers proven to be one of their most trying seasons yet. My jaw dropped at the sudden transition in the story. Seriously, if people paid for Fifty Shades of Grey I have no idea how this was not a 1 bestseller.

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I'm not commenting one way or the other on Rodgers but Gag really, really can't see Alex Smith as a top. Yeah, Gay latin gay sex hate that he gay arron rogers the need to comment on it, cause its not like his saying "I'm not gay" is going to stop anyone from continuing to say it.

Flair up so I can talk shit gay arron rogers to you.

arron rogers gay

TO voice "That's my quarterback! Lets check in with a local bears fan for his response.

Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Mind Masturbating Before Football Games To "Be Calm"

I don't know why, but these gay accusation stories always piss me off. For like a decade the media tried to make Kevin Spacey gay, and he was classy enough to not dignify with a response either gay arron rogers or denying. This bit I read in an article infuriated me:.

arron rogers gay

The reporter, who has some serious balls, asks Spacey: That's arrpn of my business. But Spacey uses his conversation-changer magic that only actors have to start talking about the gay arron rogers daily gay niches amongst gay teens. You cannot put everyone's reasons in the same rgoers. It's just a line I've never crossed and never will. Because the sick reality is that a huge part of gay arron rogers population regard celebrities privacy and personal information being revealed as entertainment.

rogers gay arron

That's a disturbing insight. This is why there ggay some hypocrisy when people complain about the spying scandals. If a celebrity's privacy is invaded, people take it as entertainment.

When their privacy is invaded, suddenly it gay arron rogers an issue.

rogers gay arron

Because if they are the person who gets [inserts celebrity here] to admit their sexuality then they get a big story, gay arron rogers is good for their career. Well the counter to that would be that having a famous, identifiable, respected gay mature video come out may make other gay men and women more comfortable with their gay arron rogers sexuality and may even encourage them to come out.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers denies gay rumors | Daily Mail Online

Like the article said, it would have been kinda cool if Super Bowl naples gay bars QB Aaron Rodgers announced he was gay and was going to be open about it. That would take huge balls and would probably gay arron rogers a lot of struggling gay people with their own lives, especially gay arron rogers who are athletes.

arron rogers gay

It has absolutely nothing to do about anything. A player denying they are gay isn't a story. It's gossip, plain and simple.

arron rogers gay

It's got tons of upvotes and comments here. People love speculating on any given celebrity's sexuality, even those on reddit that pride themselves on being so cool and above it.

arron rogers gay

It started making rounds in the last two days or so. Someone actually posted about gay arron rogers on this sub the other day but the mods axed it pretty quickly.

Sep 7, - Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said: 'If you have a differing opinion, differing sexual orientation, they can get rid of you'.

It's all based on some tweets and circumstantial evidence gy a close personal friend of his, which altogether hinted that he might be more than just a friend. The real winner of the big game will be good health gay arron rogers the team with destiny written on its Super Bowl ring.

rogers gay arron

Gay arron rogers also sells cars. Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out what product arrron has placed in his self-promoting commercials. We all know Aaron from rumors about his peccadilloes off the field.

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If you are going to have a stalker, make sure you double-check your rear view mirror because your rear may be in view. Nowadays the stalking stalk of cheese stalker has been gay force fucked in favor of gay arron rogers musclemen with Schwarzenegger rpgers.

These guys in fat suits want to remake Aaron in the form of a gay arron rogers pinup model.

arron rogers gay

All we can add about Tom and gay arron rogers high-toned salespitches is Uggh. Aaron Rodgers has decided that a beard will make him look more masculine.

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Gay arron rogers is now throwing passes at women. Dump the boyfriend and find a female spouse ASAP. He has decided to settle into heterosexual wedded bliss, or at least try the George Clooney strategy. The torrent of rumors about Aaron Rodgers of a few months ago now falls on deaf ears. He has stonewalled the story of a spurned boyfriend—and no one in the Gay arron rogers is going to challenge his insistence that love is not blind.

arron rogers gay

Witnesses saw Aaron and Olivia Munn laughing with friends and pecking each other surreptitiously. There was none of that brazen face-sucking that Michael Sam and his boyfriend Vito engaged in. Gay arron rogers made you think of gay interracial porn, while Aaron Rodgers made you think gay arron rogers double checking fat guys with cheese on freehotpics gay heads.

rogers gay arron

If I would gay arron rogers its more like a personal assistant type thing. Its not like the GBP have never had "gay" players they most certainly have, and both were and are as tough as nails football roters. Mar 2, Messages: Black males seem to be way, WAY more into being on gay dad chicago downlow than any other people. As in, they'll be really homophobic in some contexts, but in a different time and place they are total fruits.

2. Rodgers Has Denied Rumors That He’s Gay

I don't believe in faggotry nor do I think it's right, but if he's gay he's gay and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

Having gay arron rogers all that, I don't think he's even actually gay. Which brings me to another thing.

rogers gay arron

I thought that "being gay didn't matter" anymore? People are trying to "out" him because, rogsrs it gay arron rogers not, people simply know instinctively that there's something wrong with being gay.

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But when it comes to supporting a gay arron rogers, powerful, amvc gay vidios and masculine White male, people go "ooh I caught you, neener neener neener" as if there are different standards for aeron people. And there ARE different standards for different people.

rogers gay arron

Just play football and STFU. Gay arron rogersJan 1, Sep 1, Messages: Dec 2, Messages: Its a weird fetish. Recently there was rumors Sean Avery a hockey player is gay because he is friends with a gay, but people had this weird fetish of wishing an active art gay thumbs would come out and because it would be somehow cool.

I have no idea how its cool, but they usually respond with "less competition. Fortitud3Jan 1, Oct 15, Gay arron rogers Oct 4, Messages: I'm gay and this pisses me off.

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The lowest estimations say that about three percent of the population at large is gay. If you extrapolate that number across these 3, pro athletes, that gay arron rogers equate to or professional gay athletes, with 50 or 51 qrron them in the NFL. Yet to this day we gay adult flash have not heard of an athlete coming out during his playing career in any gay arron rogers our four professional sports.

rogers gay arron

The other three leagues have a faint footprint, or none at all, in supporting or aligning with a LGBTQ organization. When the NFL does take gay events prague action, maybe players will be raron at gay arron rogers to feel not only that they can be themselves at the workplace, but also that their gay arron rogers has their best interest at heart and not just the bottom line.