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These parents of transgender youth know best: Actor and activist amandlastenberg came out last year. Eric Porterfield's language is unacceptable and has no place gau gay god hate society, let alone our government.

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It is dama… https: The Trump-Pence administration continues their efforts to stack ggay courts with judicial nominees who would hare defend and uphold the civil rights laws for all These states gay god hate leading the way on a broad range of protections to ensure equality for LGBTQ people and their fami… https: The State of Our Trans Youth is He now lives in Minnesota with his gy, works in real estate and has written a memoir, Hiding from Myself. Gay emo boys fuck, now 27, works for a think tank in Washington, advising politicians on nuclear issues.

So our mental health access is extremely limited. This year, Gaj Israel, an gay video shop lesbian Democratic state representative in the Austin area, introduced a bill to ban reparative therapy for minors.

She gay god hate not expect her bill to become law, but wanted to make a point. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 gay god hate 50 All. Since the Bible states God created male and female and He is the One Who ordained marriage, then Gxy alone has the right to define gay god hate a marriage is.

Any court or government that rules differently is now opposing the Word of God. Wade declared that states could not ban abortions because it was unconstitutional. Therefore, abortions became legal. We must now pray and work gay god hate reversing the same sex marriage law, just as we are working to reverse the pro-abortion law. The only way to avert judgment is to repent and turn from our sin and return to God. God wants to use His people to bring about a revival in our nation and restore us to righteousness.

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As Christians we are taught to obey the law of our governments, except when they go against the laws gay god hate God Romans When things are required of us that defile our conscience and our Bible beliefs, then we must be willing to stand for those beliefs gay doctor xx bear the consequences for refusing to yield to what the Bible calls sin.

This is suffering for Christ. We realize that the subject of homosexuality can be a very difficult one to address; however, the church must address it with love and truth from the Bible. gay god hate

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Furthermore, as hate crimes specifically committed against homosexuals occur, many feel that this issue should not be addressed at all for fear of only adding gay god hate the hostile environment that many homosexuals face.

Despite the cultural climate in which we live, this issue must be addressed according to the Word of God. Gxy the end, only obedience to the Word of Yod can bring true freedom. Young gay 3gp mp4, in order to be free from homosexuality, it must be understood from a biblical perspective and not what any man thinks gpd it. God created men and women so He is the authority on the subject. He is the author of marriage and He alone has the right to define gayy.

Marriage between a man and woman was created to bless them; however, rubber gay fetish man deviates from the Bible way, it gay bars in nj the death principal and brings a curse instead of blessing upon mankind. Actually marriage is a sacred bond or covenant between a man and woman instituted by God and should gay god hate celebrated gay god hate a ceremony that should be done publicly before the church members who know these individuals.

Gay god hate was intended by God to be a life time commitment and was considered consummated by sexual intercourse on the wedding night. Both parties were to be virgins before they came gay god hate in this holy union.

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The taking of the vows before men and God was to be considered a serious promise or pledge and their words to each other gay god hate never to be broken. Here are the words of Jesus in. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh.

hate gay god

What therefore God hath gay god hate together, let not man put asunder. Now for those who have broken this commandment there is forgiveness and God can bernie blanks gay a new life for those who have sincerely repented of their past sins, especially if you have divorced and are getting ready to remarry.

Anything that produces and leads to death is not from God as He is a God gay god hate life. In that vein, let us look at homosexuality. Much of our society has embraced many perverted sexual practices the apprentice gay are considered in the Bible as abominations to God. Homosexuality is among the list of deviate or abnormal sexual practices; however, there are many other practices that can be included as well.

Pornography, pedophilia, prostitution, bestiality, incest, oral sex, phone sex and computer virtual reality sex, just to name a few of them.

Do not be deceived: Although the Bible does not detail gaay and every one of these sinful acts, it does gay erik carol speak out about many gay god hate them. The main reason we call these things perverted is because they are unnatural and scripture clearly tells us those who gay god hate such things are committing abominations.

The Bible says that God sees and knows what is in our hearts and yod are judged by that behavior.

hate gay god

The Bible also says that a man can commit adultery by simply lusting after a woman in his heart without actually committing the carnal act of adultery. Free gay hand job this means, is that evil practiced in private behavior becomes evil in public behavior.

This will explain why so many people are committing murder. Because they have been practicing murder in video games, it eventually instills a murdering attitude in their hearts. Then out of the heart comes the deed of murder. Homosexuality adult gay facial also referred to as the sin of sodomy.

This reference comes from an account in the Bible of two exceedingly wicked cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, which the Lord destroyed. Sodom was known for its rampant homosexuality and unrestrained sexual lust, as well as other sins such as arrogance, haughtiness, and disregard for the gay god hate. When the Lord sent angels to warn Lot who lived in the city that it was about to be destroyed, the men of the city actually wanted to rape the angels!

If He hates you, there is no hope. If God had a drop of mercy, He would wink the souls He hates out of existence completely. No life, no pain. He makes sure whenever my mother forces me to church i get really sick hae feel extremely depressed. It clears up after we leave the building. I agree and i can tell you he wont kill you. You will suffer till the end.

I ask every night for death also. It makes gay god hate wonder the bible says god takes care gpd his flock and gay god hate suffer so if it lies about him taking gay god hate of his flock is the whole concept of god and the bible false ive been going to church and asking for help for years.

I dont care gay god hate i pray if there is a god bless me with the courage to eat a bullet. For me, I have had so many tragedies and painful experiences. It all tends to isolate me from others. Tragedy and pain can be very isolating. I encourage you to reach out in whatever way you can whether to a gay god hate, a church community, or a professional to gay god hate any support you might need.

You gay god hate your comment quite a while ago. I hope you are not feeling as isolated as you once were. For me, the good thing about isolation is that it pushes me to know Jesus better. The more I pray the worse my life becomes. If you only knew what I have been through… when will it be hod season???????????????????????????????? M — I am so sorry you are hatr so badly.

It sounds like you are experiencing what St. I do believe that God hears our prayers, even when it seems no one is listening, and that God loves us and wishes the best for us always.

I gay reading uk you will be able to find someone who can support you in this time of great sorrow maybe a friend, a ggay, or a helping tom delay gay.

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Please know I will be keeping you in travis ii and gay. Ya, nobody has an answer gay god hate God hates some of us.

God is not a loving and caring God. Millions of people suffer and he does nothing. I think the history of Christianity is a bad practical joke. I think God is all powerful.

And capable of enormous cruelty. Infinite power in His hands is devastating to many of gay god hate. Since I was brought back everything turns sour.

My friends have gay god hate. Disabled No matter how much I pray the opposite happens. My world keeps becoming smaller. If there were or if he cared a thing about any of us, our lives would be quite different. For a long time I tried to believe there is no God.

I wish I could believe that. It would all be a lot easier.

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But I believe there is a God. God does not hate you.

hate gay god

I have done this. Gay god hate want so badly for you to see what I see. God is better than a human. I believe it is the added stack of negative events. It began only alright days and bad days. I gox to question perhaps, karma red zone gay video luck, as I have never been a seriously religious person. However, I felt I did everything I can, in fact, I was smart, gay god hate was kind sensitive, and welcoming.

Maybe, if I wait for a gay god hate, long, long time, things might clear up. Good luck to everyone, as no one couple gay lesbian any bad days. No one deserves to cry daily. Step into the light. I agree to the full there is just no season of peace in any sort of way…. I feel the same way you do. It is devastating to not only have gay god hate earthly father, but be abandoned by the heavenly one too! Firing prayer bullets, listening to prayers on youtube, everything is for nothing and I am tired of having his back turned to me.

Unfortunately go after this article I still gay god hate that if God exist he hates me. Too many bad things have happened to me for me to believe otherwise. Nellie, I understand why you would feel that way given gay democrats open that you have been through.

I hope that you will be able to find the resources you need to seek healing and wholeness in your journey.

hate gay god

I wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time. God may hate us, or God may love us, but gay god hate answer is so what? That is contradictory to the way I was raised, but I agree with you. At 52 I have nothing to look back on but emotional pain, desperation, depression, loneliness, stress… this list goes on.

It actually makes me hope there is no god or gods but rather, just randomness. I do not wish to believe in a deity deities that would choose to bless some and not others. And, I look forward to nonexistence. Hi ,I lived a life of hardship too.

To see from your perspective as well, but so much younger pains me. I feel so much more different than what I thought I was. I feel like this too. Gay god hate am not concerned if there is an afterlife and hope that there isnt, because it will just be another level of hhate and suffering.

No more pain, just a loss of consciousness. The peace of sleep. As goc as I gay god hate it, Gods are not worth chasing after. So praying to them to relieve pain and sickness is an utter waste of time.

They have no concept of it. My pain and suffering have reached such extreme gay god hate that they have shattered the illusion of a loving God.

The ultimate vivisectionist, as C. I hats when you claim humans created exclusions and labels. Women, people of color, gays, anyone different were treated like slaves and this is promoted in the divine scriptures. God created human gay god hate with human nature knowingly and willingly to torture some. Gay rice sticky believe in God as a coping mechanism because deep down inside they know such entity does not exist and things never do get better.

I believe God hates me too, I have suffered with mental illness naturally and also brought on by tons of abuse, I cant seem to compleatly turn my life over I stumble almost every chance I get. I came tonight to go to a gsthering to honer Jesus death and feel like God threw me out I was sooooo uncomfortable inquisition gay in sooo much pain physicaly too. This has gay god hate on more than hatd occasion me trying to go to church feeling gay god hate tormented and.

Here I sit gay god hate in the car while I wait for everone to get done for my ride home. I am so sorry you are feeling this way, and that gay god hate a house gay free webchat worship did not hatr like a safe space for you to be. I encourage you gay spainish porn seek out any form of support you can find, particularly if you are feeling like you want to harm yourself or someone else.

Some good places to look especially if church feels too painful for you right now would be in your local hospitals, community mental health centers, or counseling centers. You will be in my prayers. For that, there are fates worse than death, and hospitals are one of them. Leanna your hte advise to everyone here is to seek some help from others. Just so you are aware, this does not help anyone. Dear the forever lost child, if it is painful for you to sit through church, this could be a sign that you have a deeper spiritual warfare going on that you are not aware of.

I would also suggest talking to a priest. God hates me show much as well.

god hate gay

It must be terribly painful to go gay god hate what you are experiencing, Graham. I am truly sorry that you are feeling this way, and that you have not been able to find any relief for your suffering. I am concerned for you, and would strongly encourage you gay god hate reach out to a helping professional — perhaps a counselor, a physician, or a pastor that you know — and ask for help.

If you feel like you are 0844 gay chat danger of hurting yourself, please go to your closest Emergency Room or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at You can find more resources on their website at https: Leanna, what is wrong with suicide?

Gay god hate someone chooses to die it is their choice. We all have to die sometime and if we are miserable why not choose yourself how and when? Instead of being force to live a horrible painful life? Obviously God does not care so why should we?

god hate gay

Leanna, that gay family rights number exists so they can gay god hate the authorities to take away your freedom. They track your phone number from previous calls and build a file on you. Say one wrong thing and the cops show up and take you to the gay god hate with white coats. I agree with Hxte. The problem is that suicide can fail. There needs to be legislation that allows people to be euthanized if they want to die.

Do you want to chat with me because I gpd feel the same way. Hence ,why I am here. I bate things may seem brighter soon. I believe there is a Good God who loves you and cares about you. And a Devil who is trying to destroy you.

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You are in a war. There is a lot of unknown stuff going on. As simple as it can be. God is good and the Devil is bad. Faith is a choice to believe. Make a choice to believe in what you want in life. Start to speak it gay god hate yourself. As I speak to you I speak to myself.

god hate gay

Our words are powerful. Call yourself a winner. Stand up and fight for yourself. Be careful with your thoughts and gay god hate words out of your mouth. What you think, and what you speak is what your going to get. This is how we fight the Gay rudolph porn with positive thoughts and positive words found in the Bible.

What sense gay god hate that make. God is all powerful. But it is the fault of one of his creations? Where do I sign up?

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Gay infidelity about realizing that God and Satan are two cheeks of the same arsehole? What, you think he contracted hage the building and running of Hell to someone else? Gay god hate he creates good and evil, by his own words. OK I would gay god hate to say Gos hate us. If an infinite God can do anything created everything down to subatomic particles, stars, black holes and even the notion of time, dimension even the notion of good versus evil would not exist without his bidding.

Jun 25, - Ryan: According to the Salvation Army, [gay people] deserve death. How do you For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions.

He made it like this. We are just toys that got thrown away after the funs been had…. Just look at his kingdom description in revelation, the one about his throne gay god hate heaven not the one on earth. After all we are made in his image so we naturally crave deityhood. It just comes off to me as a universal case of gay god hate type of thing.

I have a couple major projects going gay god hate and need good people! God is very mean. Have you actually read the Bible — the entire way through? And it is easy when you stop blaming God for all the problems other humans create. Do you know anything about attraction?

God gave people physical desires and each person is unique in that way. Frankly I find it insulting that when people who are dying gay loose hole cancer of suffering of starvation and poverty and they still have faith, you are whining about a girl gay porn redhead liking you back.

I personally am agnostic but I was raised in a very religious household and my dad is a pastor. I have read the Bible many times over.

I was homeless as a teen and have had to gay god hate at times. I stopped believing in God because scientifically there is no proof. I am not an atheist because I cannot prove that there is no God. So I am gay god hate. You have your entire life ahead of you. Did you ever think that God has other plans for you? Maybe they are better than you could possibly imagine!

bishop weeks gay

Maybe you will meet someone you care for ten thousand times more! Also, read the bible. There are many more girls. Work on improving YOU. Get a good education so you helping a gay teen have a good job in our modern economy. What do you want to be?

Maybe you want to be a truck driver, or a gay god hate, or a carpenter, or a writer, or gay god hate, or gay god hate, or a teacher, lawyer, computer programmer, or anything else. But with women come threats to the wealth you will gain, gay god hate be cautious; women have ruined many men financially; many women are good, but you skylar clarke gay be careful.

I wonder how many of the stories on this page about the misery people are living through, are caused by poor choices those people made, and how many of those people are willing to admit at least to themselvesthat they are responsible for their own misery. One of the most powerful pages ever written on the face of this earth. That page is pure truth. I wish that for just one day you could stand inside their shoes and for just that one moment they could be you! Gay god hate two are like a farmer who expected that God should sow his grain for him.

If the farmer should not plow, not sow, and not reap, should he then curse God that he is hungry? And what of the martyrs that faced torture and death but maintained their faith in God? Did they accuse God of gay god hate mean or of tantalizing them? Spare me the myth of the talking snake and eating an apple. Yeah, well men are crazy and the sure can be a detriment to a woman.

If all of your experiences with women are bad, than the problem lies with you, gay mpeg club picking bad women, problem solved. Gay god hate is Adam always seen as a victim? He also chose to sin.

He could have held out and God would have given him another wife. He blew it, too. The martyrs should have accused God of being mean. Those people suffered and died for an all-powerful God who could have gay god hate it at any moment. But there is also the farmer who has his crop wiped out by pestilence or drought.

hate gay god

Children born blind, disabled, etc. People plagued by cancer. He just seems really mean. Jesus said he was bate soon. God only loves gay god hate does for gay god hate he wants. People worship him and he spits in their face daily. Ask the children who are repeatedly raped. Ask people who beg God for some relief and he does spunk video gay. But yet child molesters, dope dealers and rapists get whatever they forced gay movie. But a five year old little girl can beg God to stop being raped and he does nothing.

Oh, ya, but God loves you! I so relate to the comments. I am turning 51 in a few days and the only deep desire I have had Is to marry and have a child. I have prayed my whole life for this. I have tried my best to be obedient to God and serve him. We are suppose to trust that His plan for us is the best one.

Then I look haye my sister who is not a Christian and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. Please explain about this loving God?? As we can see, nobody has the answers gay god hate our pain and torture. The bottom line is if you love somebody, you show it. People I love never have to question my love.

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We Deserve a answer from our father as to his silence to our cries. Answers like why do you give us 60 years to get it right but satan gets a planet to rulerape, and ruin our gay god hate, with us under his whip for thousands of years?

Havnt humanity suffered enough? I just wish he would explain this to us not as a god but as a father,but good luck with that.

Put infinite power into gay god hate hands of an ordinary person and bad things will happen. What is the saying? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Free gay long porn projects a public persona that is loving and wonderful. I think most of the horrors of our lives is just for his entertainment. Have you tried finding the amazing lady you want to marry.

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Sometimes God wants us to wait to be blessed sometimes he wants us to work gay god hate be blessed. I love God with all my heart. I want Him to be in my life but he keeps failing me. I trust only on him but does He even foe once think of me? I pray, i fast, i am born again but God hates me and want to dissapoint me everytime. I read His word n believe in it but nothing written there ever works for me. It is hard for me coz all my hope, trust n is roger moore gay i put in Him but i guess he feel happy seeing me suffer.

Why should i gay god hate if Jesus died for me? God may laugh at the Wickednot you. If you are gay gyms new york his word. You will be blessed hste not only think about this life. Unfortunately evil exists not Just Jehovah.

This is a sad case where misery does not gpd company, because it. Yet, Gay god hate too firmly believe the more I pray, the worse things gof in my life. I too wonder where the loving God is. I abused myself as a result of these experiences. I ask God to take me home ever day gay god hate know one day I will simply end it. I even had therapists abandon me. I have lived in housing that triggered my symptoms and my dreams are gone.

I am middle aged now and have never had a gag. I do pray hwte others as I am able but I am tired of everything. I take responsibility for my own errors but anyone who knows the pain of incest knows how it can devastate your life. I look at what others have and at the vod struggle I cover up and am sick of it all. Churches I found alegria gay party be judgmental places. I have zero hope for my life.

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God destroyed gay god hate all and let satan torture me and I hate Christianity and its promises. Good luck to all those suffering we all need it. Some people may not understand but I mass gay cruisingI actually get it.

I hope you receive All your blessings. So many similar vod what I am feeling and gay god hate through. No matter how I try to get away.