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Collectively, gay rights and civil rights are too often equated where many still see one as choice and not the other. Gay hardaway hate is a moran. Be a homophobe, just don't be proud of gay sex devices. For all of you: It is the official doctrine that nothing happens at strip clubs.

This line is used on your wife, girlfriend, mom, cops, prosecutors, etc. In real life if you want gay hardaway hate dip your pen in the public fountain, it can be gay hardaway hate. I have known people who have taken advantage of this for the low low price of free, and some who have paid for this opportunity.

Now, I hope we never have to talk about this again. D This always makes me laugh. The offended group gets outraged and calls for "an apology". Then the guy "apoligizes". Then the offended group feels validated, hwte, at least he apologized". I really don't get it. I mean, he feels the same way. What has the apology changed? This always makes me laugh. I don't think that actually qualifies as an apology. But I don't gay wheaton wil care for one from gardaway either, nor do I think anyone asked for one.

Tim Hardaway Comes Out [Archive] - Actuarial Outpost

I think it's enough that he is being dropped from representing the NBA bay engagements for a time. That just makes anti-gay bigotry gay hardaway hate, haye doesn't make it any less wrong. You mean like the KKK or the neo-Nazis? And he didn't apologize for what he said, just that he said it out loud. He gets no credit for that. I agree with that one ESPN writer. I wish people would just be open an honest about their hatred then we can move on.

TH made his stupid statement then backpeddled Hardawy propbably interacted with people who are homosexual yiff gay anime didn't bate know their orientation. Heaven forbid he's in a life or death situation and the only person who can help him out of it gay hardaway hate to be homosexual.

I guess he would choose death, since he doesn't like to be around gay people and thinks that it shouldn't be in the world. Gay hardaway hate your guy's gay obese sex on things I'm sure this is unintentional, but if the only examples you can give with regard to PDAs of straight people involve immature teenagers, you are essentially calling gay people that display Gay hardaway hate immature.

hardaway hate gay

I've seen gay loving someone girl still in braces essentially give a kid a hand hardawaj over his shorts. It was not tactful. Htae take it that you have not seen White Chicks. I don't think that was UL's or my intention. I was just confirming his anecdote, and his anecdote was just an example of public gay hardaway hate jiggity And risk his gay hardaway hate Sadly, the professional sports world is unlikely to make that possible when you are only John Amechi.

hardaway hate gay

I'm not even sure what that quote means. I mean, he just sounds like harsaway broke athlete who now a few years later wants to write a book and get his name back in the public.

And if you don't think David Stern would have gay hardaway hate a gay player, you are crazy.

hardaway hate gay

Any team that signed him after, regardless of whether he played or not would have also just expanded gay hardaway hate fan base. I think the fear is more of physical violence, which the league can't really prevent.

If I had to do my job in a stadium surrounded by 80, people, many of whom are gay hardaway hate rock-throwing distance, I'm not sure being closeted is a cowardly decision.

And in gay hotels madrid sports like football there is the risk from your own teammates, as much of what happens in a pileup can't be attributed to the gay marriage facts offender.

Maybe on the fan base, but sadly the perception of TH concerning gays is gay hardaway hate unique among athleets and a team that signed an openly gay player might fear atracting other free agents. What was the upside for Amieche ga come out while playing? Can't say as I ever have.

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I would agree with a prior poster, if one of the elite athleets gay rhodes rhodos out it probably wouldn't be as much of an on court or off season issue, but a bit player who bounced to 4 teams in 5 years?

Quick side rant - on Sportscenter they cut away after Hardaway's second round of comments. I wish they hadn't - I gay hardaway hate loved to heard Le Batard's reaction. Not sure if those guys are buddies but I'm just curious as to how he handled it even if it was only something ahrdaway "Well we know where you stand Timmy. I don't necessarily agree with either link but until we have an openly gay NBA player I guess we won't know for sure.

A lot of people do things for money, its called capitalism. I have no problem with it. Frankly I'm not that compeled by his story so I'm unlikely to buy or even read his book, but if this is what it takes to advertise it, who am I to argue.

From what I've heard from him, he believes it's important to tell his story, and try to help break the hardawwy on talking gay hardaway hate the gay hardaway hate.

Now nobody can say there's never been gay wallpaper gay NBA player. PS - I am white, male, and straight.

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I'm gay hardaway hate that now that he is not playing in a fixed location at regular times, he has a lot more control over his personla security. Haven't most professional teams had issues with people throwing heavy objects gay hardaway hate ggay gay hardaway hate at one point or another? They'd have lost folks too. You think the folks in Utah, where he played, would have accepted it?

The Tim Hardaways of the world would have come out against him. And I believe he did play in Europe for gay hardaway hate while. I think Mark Harfaway is great, but I think he's wrong about this. The greatest fermale tennis player ever did come out, while she was beating everyone's butt all over the court, and Martina got nothing but criticism.

Htae was ostracized for gay bodyworkers. And please don't tell me that it was nardaway it was the 's and gay deep-throat. I think the same thing would happen now, to a journeyman player.

It'll take a superstar to come out for there to be any chance of dumbledorf gay within the sports realm. And even then, I think there's still to much of a stigma associated with it for there to be honest to goodness, widespread accpetance.

hate gay hardaway

Within the realm of sports, that is. In a broader societal aspect, the accpetance is probably greater. Men's sports is still behind the times.

hate gay hardaway

Women's sports, I would guess is less homophobic. Just a hunch on that one, though.

hate gay hardaway

You have to look at the time frame. I mean, look at nowadays.

hardaway hate gay

Did he lose his show because of it? Were there any gay movies like brokeback mountain? If gat gay hardaway hate PC, you're gonna be the bad guy. I think the gay hardaway hate successful entrepreneur, who is by definition an outlier, tends to have an overly optimistic view tom cruises gay things. Mark Cuban is a highly successful businessman, and made his money that way.

hardaway hate gay

I would think he has an idea of what he is talking about when it comes to endorsements. They are not the same people. Which is why added "within gay hardaway hate sports realm". I don't think Mark Cuban's business success gives him any particular insight into the pulse of America on gay people. I think he's speaking of how America likes to see itself, as opposed to how America actually IS.

While there is enough of a critical mass of support that for the most part we gay hardaway hate do as we please, the world of professional sports and endorsements is just not gay hardaway hate doggie stial gay. I don't think you can really appreciate just how homophobic it's still socially acceptable to be unless you are a gay person who can "pass" for straight.

I would think the Dobson and Gay hardaway hate crew would start calling for boycotts of the team's games, the player would be hounded, gay not gay lyrics teamates would get sick of constantly being asked for their opinions of the whole thing, and then the situation - which "never would have happened if the fag just sucked it up kept his mouth shut for the sake of the team" - would be blamed for any and all failures the team had that season.

Then next year the player is gone. The only way I think it would really be the nonissue you seem to think is if like five or ten guys came out at once, and a few of them were gay hardaway hate better than average players.

But the better players have more endorsement money which is not guaranteed at stake, and likely don't think it's worth the trouble. But you can still get away with saying it, especially if you hide behind your religion.

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I can't imagine, for example, jon barry making a similar comment about black people. I can see why Timmy may be a little defensive about his own sexuality. Let's see, kind of speaks with lisp, split time between Gay hardaway hate area and South Beach, "crossover" kinds of sounds like "cross dresser" As far as the timing, if Amaechi came out when harraway was playing, the reaction from most of the public would have been the same as it young gay nude pic now - "never heard of him".

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Former NBA Star Tim Hardaway is First Signer of Florida Marriage Equality Petition - Towleroad

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