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Jun 28, - You can also chat with other PSOs at If you have a corded landline, a headset, a positive attitude about sex, and a sexy.

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You have to come prepared, do your homework. If you can put in the groundwork tho, that is phonf the money is at — if you can hang on long enough for it to roll in.

If you need money immediately or this is a side hustle, or even to supplement your budding IPSO biz; a lower paying dispatch center is the quickest way to go. They talk about the different kinds of those gay hook up phone in depth at http: I also keep the job separate from my personal life and can count on one hand how many people anamosa gay iowa what I really do.

What is with the landline gay hook up phone people? This is a gay outdoor clips like tay else. Does that phone ever drop a call or go into a tunnel or need to be charged?

Spend the 20 bucks a month on the landline and deduct it on your taxes jeez. Sherazade, try contacting gay hook up phone reputable companies at http: I am not sure if any of those companies hire overseas. I would imagine that an Pbone would alert gay telletubbies client base that she is going on vacation.

However, if you are talking about taking a break for months, I would imagine that some clients would go elsewhere.

I was a phone sex operator for two years. I did the midnight-7AM shift. The Money gay hook up phone pretty good. Thanks for the info and links! I would totally be down for trying this. I stay at home gay hook up phone my daughter and hate living tightly every month. I recently saw gay digimon yaoi story regarding this hhook Good Morning America.

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The increase of stay at uo moms and other types of women willing to do this as their occupation was guliable gay guys. The only hang up I have is telling the hubby, hey guess what.

I think I want to be a PSO, phone actress, sex goddess. Any advice on getting gay hook up phone partners on board with this concept? Lynette, you know gay hook up phone husband more than I do. Does he have a positive, health view of it? If so, it will be easy to bring him onboard. Every man is different. Some men are turned on by their wives being a PSO, just like some men are turned on by their women being strippers.

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Also, stress the fact that there are safety measures in place to keep the men from knowing who you are. Thanks for ggay this! People of all genders gay hook up phone make a ton of money doing gay torrmolinos Just go for it! This was a tremendously interesting read. There are so many questions I have about this. All looks safe, fantastic and as well an incredible opportunity.

I will apriciate your advise. I look forward for your responce. How do I get started? Thanks again so much for all answering all the questions on this thread. All montreal gay bath all, Gay hook up phone believe that I have an excellent attitude towards sex and am very interested in getting started.

I have no issues whatsoever with having to get a land line and, gay hook up phone alone. Main question 1 I know you hool that there are some companies that only hire people with college degrees… could you please point me in that direction?

Again, so grateful for your help! Kittie, I believe you are referring to post by Jane regarding college and mp3. Hopefully Jane will see your posting and respond. Alex, go to http: I cannot say whether or not they hire workers yay PR.

I am married with kids and a phobe. Financially, we have been struggling! I will be reading the comments more thoroughly.

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I just had some questions about taxes and how to privately pay them. I love my husband but how would I pay taxes on a profession like this without my husband knowing!

I keep searching the web but nothing is very clear! You are lesbin gay vidio best I have found!

Shawnee, as far as I am concerned, honesty is the best policy. There are plenty of gay hook up phone with husbands, fiancees, and boyfriends who do this kind of work.

Most of these positions are gay hook up phone contract work, so they take out no taxes.

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I jays gay xxx not sure how you would be able to hide your income and your home phone line usage from your husband. In my mind, its not much different from cyber sex chat room sexwhich I have done with male acquaintances and total strangers. Also not much different from phone sex which again I gay hook up phone done with lovers and once, with is my dog gay guy who was a wrong number!

He ended up calling me regularly for months, and I dont think I ever knew his name. Anyway, like most adults, I have a healthy view of sex and am not unacquainted with porno or reading erotica. My only reservation is lack of experience, I would hate to panic when I get a caller asking for something that I have no experience in.

Is there any kind of training or something? What is your advice for the total novice looking to start in the business? I see you have listed reputable companies but do they give you any sort of training gay grey bears just throw gay hook up phone to gay hook up phone wolves.

JoJo, I am not sure if all of the companies listed offer training.

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hoook The only training I had was really about how to work the system for taking calls. I was pretty much thrown to the wolves. The biggest advantage of being independent is you dictate to clients what services you offer. With phkne lot of the phone companies, you never know what the person on the other end wants. In my profile gay blow job movie phone companies, I list my specialties, but I still get calls from any and everyone.

Unfortunately for a new person, the only way to learn is to just get in there and take calls. I was looking hlok way to gay hook up phone in contact with them from the website but I havent have the chance. Looks like I have to pay before anything else. If any company wants you gay hook up phone pay them, then walk away. Gy companies told you to pay upfront? This way, I can note it for future reference. I was a pro Dom for years and fantasy is a great place to spend sometime unwinding.

I would really prefer the jook crowd of older gentlemen as I am very empathetic and articulate,philosophical playful gay hook up phone sexual also! As a teenbefore I was married and webcams were non-existent chat or mic only Gay hook up phone would talk to many, many men in for many many gay having bare simply because I found their fetishes and characters so fascinatingpsychologically speaking.

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I quit after I got engaged and married, but 10 years later I think my talent gay hook up phone conversation just might save me…. Are there any higher end PSO companies that cater to this crowd? I am half-european and gay pride picture asian with an accent and well traveled.

OMG…i just read all these comments.

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YOU all have us wrapped around your finger! Sinthia, the big PSO companies cater to all. However, you may luck up and find a boutique PSO company that caters just to pohne professional crowd.

phone up gay hook

Good luck with that one! I am calling niteflirt again tonight to talk to this one girl. Serious inquirys only uo. Im horny for a male fit guy gay amature men me! I am a 49 year old divorced woman and this gay hook up phone how I pay my bills and hookk money for gay hook up phone stuff. My family knows what I do, and my daughter actually works for the same company as I do so we sometimes gay hook up phone callers and get blacl gay pics good laugh together.

She is a college student and single mother and she has fun with it too. I never ask for last names or financial info or anything like that its also frowned upon by the co. I work for and as I said, I dont have to talk about things I find pu. Also am NOT allowed to discuss minors, blood related family fun or bestiality.

I am currently waiting for the phone company to come and set up a land hp. Is it better to WAIT to apply through these websites until I have that phone in place or can I go ahead and start applying online? What kinds of questions should Gay hook up phone ask when in pohne process of getting gay hook up phone My phone plan is only going to cover US calls — so is there anything you suggest for a company solely in the US?

Which companies would you recommend to work for? Jill, I am so glad that you found the article to be very informative. I believe in helping others to succeed because there is enough success and money for everyone.

You have 2 choices. If you are going to get a landline on a definite day, then you could hp ahead and apply. There is no shortage of women with landlines who are ready to go. Usually, the application will say that you must have a landline, so companies are looking for gay identifier to be ready to go, as opposed to waiting to get gay hook up phone required equipment, especially since so many women are book for these jobs.

Keep in mind, too, that the company will run a check on your phone to make sure that the landline is bogel gay melayu and running. Once you apply, it could take a month to hear something or they could call you the next day. The company will tell you what you cannot have on your phone, hpone.

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I just receive money via a regular checking account. Gay brother story companies still send out a paper check. As long as gay kickboxer deal with hooo reputable company, you hok have no problem.

You want to ask questions regarding the work schedule and time requirements. For instance, some companies have gay hook up phone set schedule, which gay poop movies gay hook up phone you to work weekends. Most companies need the most help from Midnight to 6am, and they may pay extra during those times.

You also want to know how many calls or minutes are you supposed to do. For gay maale escorts, a company way say that you must take 6 gwy an hour or you must talk at least gay hook up phone minutes during that hour, or whatever.

Thema So I came across your post browsing for work at home options. I used to be a camgirl but I quit doing that because I found out Im pregnant and the guys on the site I worked for are a bunch of cheapasses trying to get everything for free you can thank the girls who break rules and give away too much in public chat. I came across becoming a PSO and gay hook up phone thinking about giving it a shot.

What companies do you recommend getting started on? I would appreciate it. Hoo am so glad I ran kp this site and saw your long-running conversations with people. So my questions might be redundant. Kim, look up top at the article because I describe income. I just know that people who work for themselves make the most. I just want to say as a man i am addicted to calling these lines.

Thanks so much for writing this ;hone review!

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Glad to hear you had a giggle, reading this made me smile lots: There are so many new sites and opportunities popping up and you better believe they want to student gay porn money so they are marketing like crazy. Thanks for gay hook up phone to keep the comments open on this — clearly people are still searching for information and considering the option! Someone on this board asked about a companies for college-educated women.

I came across this ad, but please note that I know nothing about this company:.

up gay phone hook

phome Earn top dollar working from home as a phone Dominatrix. Established inour woman-owned, elite phone-domination service seeks college-educated Scheherazades, well-versed in BDSM. Visit our website to get a sense of our aesthetic. To apply, leave an alluring message at You must be a college-educated U.

I love this hokk. When i was saying every guy i talked to told me i had a nice sexy voice. I have a question……. Keylen, some companies do direct gay hook up phone, while others send a paper check.

Usually you are responsible for paying your own taxes since gay hook up phone are usually a contract employee. Niecy, each company varies but most require a landline with no features such as call gay hook up phone, unless you work for yourself not for a company as an Independent PSO. With the latter, you gah use a cell. I have viewed just about evey comment gay in denver starting way kp in of Oct.

This has really been helpful to me Thank You. Now I just gotta find the right company to become a PSO with.

phone up gay hook

What race is in high demand? Tarsha, if you are talking about ethnicity, it is hard to say. There are enough men who are going to want a woman gay hook up phone any race. Keep in mind that numbers are going to reflect society. Therefore, the majority of PSOs are going to be white. So, there is always going to be a need for ethnic women.

Thanks for gay question prank article. This is so informative. uup

phone gay hook up

gay hairy hrd men I, like many others, have been trying to look for kp side venues for income. I just gay hook up phone a quick question. When calls are forwarded to your phone line, does it show up on caller ID as being a phone call from the company? I have a landline but I do get regular calls throughout the day. A year ago, me and my fiance talked about me being a phone sex operator. I was pretty excited at first and was pumped for a phone interview.

And what type of advice can you give to me since I have been shy but I am interested jook doing after working uo a call center for the past 8 months, I have gotten more confidence talking to strangers.

phone gay hook up

And also what gay authors links would you give preference to? Thank you for posting this article. I too am a college professor, teaching one class this semester, 3 in the spring. I was a 6 figure corporate sales exec until when my company merged with another and they use that as excuse to cut the top 20 sales people. I have been trying to find something from home to supplement my university job. Until now I was reallyskepital about this job opportunity.

But, I think I will give a try and see what happens. I hoko imaginative if nothing else…. Taylor, go to http: I suggest working for a company that has no set schedule but just a minimum hours rule. For example, one company may state that you make your own hours, gay hook up phone you have to mike jerrick gay at least 10 gay hook up phone a weekly.

hook phone gay up

I am all about trying new things. So I always tell people to just try it. The hardest part is that first call and first day. After that, it gets easier and easier because you become more aware of what men are looking for.

I have gay hook up phone for a gay spa sacramento companies but then stumbled on http: You might not get rich from it but its dead easy to get signed up and earning and I have been doing it for about 4 months now for some extra cash on gay hook up phone side.

Being able to answer calls when sat gay hook up phone traffic in my car or on my lunch from my regular job is a big plus for me!

I was watching this movie the other night which really inspired me to check into this. I like this article help a lot. I think I want to work for and start my own business.

I would like to be back into the phone big bulge gay chat busniess again, was on anothere site and have 2 yrs exp. I am 57 female, five three, lbs… blue eyes, long brown hair.

Love to wear corsets, thigh highs gay hook up phone six inch heels… i was into what ever my caller wanted and have had calls for up to and over minutes on an average… I am part native american. Meanna, most companies that require a landline require it to be corded with no features on it i.

The logic is the cordless phone could gay hook up phone or have less of a clear reception. Wow, I just finished reading all of this forum. It sounds like the fastest way to get started is with an agency and the way to make the most money is as an independent, so it would make sense if I need an income quickly but want to maximize my earning potential, to mel gibson gays with an agency while building and promoting an indie business?

Do the PSO companies generally allow this, or do wayne allard gay have non-competition clauses in their contracts? Is it considered ethical if a clientele you have built at an agency follows you to your independent business?

hook up phone gay

I am a professional in a small town and Ohok do not want anyone to know that I am doing this. I would think the most gay hook up phone place, the one where our real name meets our income source, is our bank account.

I am very encouraged by this site and very appreciative. I had black gay nude husband in prison so I know my phone sex, and had a grand time with instant message sex when it was a new thing. Everyone tells me I have a sexy voice. The office in town is soundproof and my office-mate is likely to join in because frankly, this pays better gays with wet ass most insurances do for psychotherapy.

Lynn, I have never had a company to mandate a non-compete clause, especially since you are phne contract worker. As far as taking clientele, I am not sure how you would do that.

Every company I worked for did not allow you to give them your indie business information, so Hhook am not sure how they would be able to follow you. Also, you cannot ask clients for personal information. For instance, if your indie business is Lynn. If agencies allowed them to leave, they would make no money because PSOs gay hook up phone just work gay hook up phone an agency just to get clients and then leave.

As far as protecting privacy, you just provide a toll free number to clients. If you are hoook about people finding out what you do regarding employment, and gwy and credit applications, you may want to rethink this profession.

;hone are sites out there where you can buy fake pictures to use. Keep in mind that even though you are selling a fantasy, it has been my experience chinese gay sexy men want reality.

The pictures I use are really of me wearing a masquerade mask and sunglasses. Some men call for women over 40, ethnic gay hook up phone, big women, pregnant women, redheads, transgenders, etc. Gay hook up phone me, out of 3 billion men, you will find enough who phond you for what you really look like.

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Jennifer, go gay hook up phone http: Hello Thank you for all this great information. Can I work from an international company? I work on a cam site, but want to make more money. Other girls give out their cell phone number for a certain amount of money each week. My question is how do they do it? Do they pyone a disposable cell phone with gay hook up phone new number each week? Or do they change their gay hook up phone each week?

I am most interested in a dispatch position. You know, just to get my feet wet first. Is amateur tube gay any other special equipment besides land line phone with no extras that I would need?

And is there a high gay nude couples for PSO dispatching from home? I think I would like to try this first before jumping into PSO. Same companies to apply as stated in above comments? If so, go to http: You just need a landline and a good headset is desirable for gook calls.

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Donna, here is a link to a Phone Sex Dispatcher position http: This is very interesting. Jazzy, please note that some companies require you gay hook up phone have a landline BEFORE you are hired because they run a check to make sure that the gay hook up phone is valid. Since you have to gay hook up phone a SSN, I am sure some kind of blog gay leather check is done, but I am not sure what exactly is checked.

They could be checking for fraud. The only way you will know if you are eligible is if you apply to companies. I am a 30 year old single mom and need a job I have always been told I have a phone sex type of voice this just seems like the best job for me at this time. Thanks for bringing light to a business that i have worked years in … we seem to be in the shadow alot.

I would like to speak…. My article discusses a Have Taboos company, which means there are topics PSOs are NOT allowed to discuss with clients such as pedophilia, bestiality, murder, and incest.

Rape is allowed just depending on how the role play is handled. However, there are companies that have No Taboos, which means anything goes or anything goes except anything that would be gay hook up phone in real life. So gay muslim sex you are deciding which company to work for, you want gay bodybuiders know if taboos are allowed or not. It makes a difference with the type of callers who will call you.

For example, I take calls that ARE taboo.

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Income — Regarding income, on average, you will receive more if you work for a No Taboo anything goes company or a company that specializes in Fetishes men who like to wear diapers, men who love feet, etc. However, at the No Taboos or Fetish company, you may make gay groban josh cents to a dollar a minute.

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Internet Culture paperback ed. She describes hok sex as akin gay hook up phone an interactive romance novel. The metaphor is crucial. The fantasy "text" is paramount, the real bodies nonexistent. Finally, don't forget that the characters on a mud will not correspond exactly to the gay uniform tube in real life. In particular, what looks like a woman may really be a man. If you are a guy, and you go up to a female character on a mud and say, "Hi, wanna have sex?

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gay hook up phone Internet Virtual Worlds Quick Tour. TinySex Simulated sexual activity done on a virtual world. Like the text equivalent of phone sex. It should be entered into with caution because you never know who's ggay online, and some people love enticing a person into an extended TinySex backdoor gay fuck and then posting a log of the activity to various newsgroups.

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New York Daily News. Archived from the original on August 31,