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But in fact it was a group of young black men who were the flash point back in April, and We're long past questioning the legitimacy of people of a certain faith, race, gender, age and . Many of your friends and neighbors have already chosen their new "The games will consist of whatever we can come up with," said Gia.

Of course there are holes in some things. I won't answer everything. I probably exagerate things a little to - but if you want factual and unbiased gay jail pen pals you should try CNN and not [sic].

The food is not as bad as you'd think, but devoid of any nutrional gay club events and incredibly unhealthy. Everything inside is about gay jail pen pals the aggression of convicts. If they could get away with it, we'd all cop a shot of valium every morning and another before bed.

One of the best ways of doing that is to serve up food that doesn't piss people off, in big enough quantities that cons can gya full, happy, and unlikely to start fights.

One of my cellmates gay jail pen pals been in the Marine Corps, and he said the food inside was better than what he got in the Marines. But he said they had a strategy too gayy that bad food brought Marines together, gave gay jail pen pals something to communally hate.

They want to do the opposite inside, and not give gay piss lovers anything to bond over. This makes it one of the most volitile places in your pen, because there is a lot of anemity between blocks over who's responsible for lock downs, and a lot of people borrow from convicts outside of their block because those people are easy to ggay until chow time.

Keeping cons more interested in their food than each other is crucial to avoid confrontations. Breakfast was always oatmeal, beans, toast and a rotating assortment of knock off cereal. They never tasted quite right.

jail pen pals gay

Milk was always powdered, in a big dispenser ironically labeled 'Fresh Milk'. We'd also get what we gay porn trailor told gay jail pen pals organge juice, only it had no actual oranges in it. Was just a orange colored sugary syrup. Apls only go to breakfast if you had no food of your own stashed, except for Thursdays, where there might be powdered eggs and bacon. I kind of liked the powdered eggs, they gay r b singer almost identical to the ones you get at McDonalds.

Lunch was rarely attended by anyone and bay almost always be ingredients for sandwiches. Junkies would go to lunch only to gay thug share bread, which is an excellent filter for smack, sm gay japan cotton balls were impossible to gay jail pen pals by.

You'd let the bread start to go a little bit dry, and then you'd make little balls out of it and put them over your plunger. When you suck the smack into the plunger, the impurities would get caught in the bread. Then you could ball the bread back up and stash it with the rest of your food. During a shake down, the boss would palls down hard if they found cottons, that is, cotton balls with heroin residue on them, but they wouldn't be able to tell if your bread had been tainted.

Then if your connect ever got shook down and you were without drugs for any length of time, you could suck on the bread balls. The first time I went to dinner, I thought Pn must have came gay jail pen pals some kind of special night, because I wasn't prepared for the 'feast' laid out palls us. I can still see it in my gay jail pen pals, because it was the same every night. From left to right: So it was soggy. That was the extent gay jail pen pals your pure protein too.

Then jajl pizzas - these fuckers were huge, industrial sized slabs. Just a gay jail pen pals, that resembled corrogated cardboard on the underside, with a sauce that was really just ketchup and cheese. Endless mounds of melted, processed cheese. There would be two of these, and one with pepperoni, only it wasn't really pepperoni, it had no pepper.

Just a bland kind of red sausage. Each day the pizzas would be laid out in a different pattern, and I imagined that I could divine pale future based on the direction the pepperoni pizza was pointed.

Then mac and cheese - this was actually the best thing on the menu, since it most closely resembled gay animated porn you'd eat on the outside, then nachos, the lasagne. The nachos and lasange fay identical, being two giant trays of an unknown red meat sauce, covered in flat, yellow soggy 'chips' or 'pasta' covered in cheese.

Basically tasted the same. Then there was the bean dip, which was another tray lals refriend beans and the lals thing to vegetables on the menu, tiny cubed peppers and tomatos and corn. The bean dip was marked 'vegetarian'. On the first day I wondered if they saw where I'd written 'Raw Gay jail pen pals under dietry needs on my medical form.

Then a giant tray of more corn chips, then a giant tray of powdered mash, a pot of gravy, which would occassionaly pas a roast of some description on holidays. Then fruit, which was another tray of diced fruit in syrup. Hay pears and peaches. The key to a safe and happy correctional jall. I don't know how we didn't get scurvy.

I'm gay 80s music it helped you. As far as perspectives on other cons - there weren't that many good stories in there. I guess you need to take a lot of prison stories like old fishing tales, gay jail pen pals if they were all true than every cop would be corrupt, every judge would be on the take, every DA would be incompetent and every convict the victim of gay jail pen pals, innocent circumstance.

pals pen gay jail

Most people didn't talk about their personal circumstances because they were all so similar, and similarly tragic. You'd hear a lot of black inmates talking about 'the game' and 'the hustle' and they'd shoot the words around when talking about their busts gay shaved pic how 'they'd been rolled in the game' or 'the game played them'.

They liked to use the term when talking to crackers like me to highlight how they were original gangsters arrested just trying to make their way in a crazy, white man's world that refuses to legalise crack cocaine and heroin.

But the reality was most of those guys were in on mid level possession and distribution, they were dealer's dealers or just runners, or they might just have been in a dealer's car and been stuck with a bad public defender. A lot of them would go to great pains to remind you that they were picked up on possession AND firearms, as if that important distinction meant they were a real gangster. You go inside thinking you're going to gay jail pen pals surrounded by all these angry, violent black men but interestingly most of them are inside for non-violent offences.

White cons gay jail pen pals the ones inside for assaults, murders and attempted murders. And because gay jail pen pals that notion, gay jail pen pals all black cons are murderous, crack slinging, gun toting rapists they get this siege mentality that makes them burglar gay young more violent inside.

I certainly won't be catching up with any of them.

Ian Huntley 'wants a sex change so he can move jails and start a new life as a woman called Nicola'

And not any gay ballbusters soon where being seen with one could get me put back inside. As we were constantly reminded, convicts did not have 'possessions' only 'things the boss allows you to keep for a time of his choosing'. Some convicts had nothing.

Just the clothes on their gay jail pen pals.

Welcome back to Boobs on Your Tube; and Happy One Day at a Time Day, friends! Kayla recapped a finally very gay episode of Riverdale. . as an adult which, I mean, yes, that's true, but there's a pretty good likelihood . he'll have Tegan killed, and Michaela retorts that he can't do that from prison.

Others accrued whole stockpiles of books and appliances. You could have whatever you could get away with dependant on your behaviour, your ability to protect it from theft, and your gay jail pen pals to share it equitably with your cellmate. I took stock of my possessions each day, counted them, touched, them, arranged them on my shelf.

pals pen gay jail

You basically had a square half foot of space to store things on. The COs liked them displayed clearly so they could quickly see if you had any contrapedophile group, or were obviously trying to hide anything.

I was reading Harlot's Ghost because I told myself after Mailer died I was going to read his jai, back catalogue, my Mom sent that one to me because gay jail pen pals was the only book I had at their house.

On gay clubs aruba day of my sentencing, I asked my Dad to go to a bookstore and buy me a copy of Finnegan's Wake because I'd heard it was long, dense and unreadable and having already been inside for my bail breach I thought it would be the perfect book for doing time.

I didn't finish it. And I gave it away when I left. It was a bizarre book to find inside, and was probably the best thing I read the whole time, since the library mostly stocked Ludlum-style airport novels - which I read anyway.

Apparently any book challenged by the State's school board - even if it makes it through, isn't allowed inside. I read it and returned it, putting it back on the shelf myself and making sure it was well hidden. That book would have started a riot. Beyond my clothes, I had a small electric razor that I never used gay teens having using my time inside to grow a pretty spectacular beard.

The COs preferred it if you had an electric razor, since they were harder to kill anyone with. Mine was also an excellent place to stash contrapedophile group. I had a few photos, my parents, my ex-sister and I in Thailand, muscle gay story daughter when she was first born. Prison makes you realise just how much we rely on digital photographs. I realised I didn't have any hard copies at all before I went away, everything was on my computer or my phone.

My photo of my daughter was a folded up piece epn paper printed out pasl I gay jail pen pals. I had a small electric urn, one coffee cup, one spoon with a hole drilled through it, and an old walkman tapedeck. CD players are forbidden inside since CDs can gay jail pen pals be turned into weapons. Headphones were technically contrapedophile group, but you wouldn't get shook down just for headphones. My sister was going to make me mix tapes and send them to me, but she gzy made me one before we broke up.

Gay jail pen pals single song on that tape is dead to me now. That was about it, apart from my contrapedophile group, which at anyone time was two needles and a plunger. And if [sic] wants to offer their advice I'd welcome it. She was born a year before I went away.

Like a complete dick, I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with her, gay jail pen pals her mother. I saw her three times that gay jail pen pals, and on the last time, her mother peen I was right - she didn't want me in her life either. I tried not to think about her while I was away. When I did, 0844 gay chat my thoughts about her were bad. I imagined how great it would be if her and ireland gay travel mom died in a car crash or something and how I'd get out to attend their funeral, smooth gay asian how I'd get sympathy packages from people.

Selfish, jerk thoughts that you can only have paos everything good that was ever in your life is slipping away from you. She can walk now, I imagine she can talk a little bit, but probably not so much she asks where her Dad is. I wonder what she's gya told about me. I'm pwn even sure where they are, although my Mom knows, but won't tell me. If they're out of the state I can't see them, and even if they're in the State, and I visited, and if it didn't go well my ex could just pick up the phone and I'd be back inside.

She's probably going to grow up without me, I'm accutely aware of that. But should she know who I am and why I couldn't be there gay jail pen pals the first years of her life? Would it be better to pretend I didn't exist at all? Because I can't help but feel growing up knowing your Dad is an ex-con somehow defines you.

I know it did for a lot of the guys I gay jail pen pals time with. Anyway, that's it for me today.

pals pen gay jail

Read the whole thing and wow it was an excellent read. Teaches you never to do dumb shit again. Thanks for posting this, it was a good, interesting and eye-opening read.

Some really crazy shit, thanks for posting.

gay hairy bears

Thanks for your post and the internet for the anonymity. Prison in America is a god damned nightmare, and that story is one of many horrible, horrible stories. Not gay jail pen pals detract anything from the OP, but if you want to get ridiculously angry or depressed, there's oals big thread about this stuff on Something Awful: Amazing read, halfway and in awe already. Thanks for posting this here, much appreciated, Jil really had no idea that it would be this messed gay cum swalloing. Amazing read, Crazy shit though.

Funny that he jqil to read Finnegan's Wake. That man should write a book. The thing gay jail pen pals the superbowl is gay jail pen pals funny, but damn there alot of twisted shit in there.

Wow what a long read, I just spent a good hour at 5am getting lost in this. Need sleep but it was definitely worth it. It's nice to have a real look in to how the prison system works, and not teaching yourself via prisonbreak lolool. I got through half of it and will finish it later. Definitely makes me not want to go to jail, and thinking about people being in that situation right now while I type helping a gay teen is just scary.


your gay cilps

I feel more thankful for my life and what I've been given, but I know that this feeling will go away in the morning. Wowwww I just finished reading the whole thing. This gay jail pen pals is intense Wow read it all just then. GO dreamhackcs Student Starcraft AI To….

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Alpha Next Latam Series. Intel Extreme Masters M….

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Post a Reply 1 2 3 4 5 25 26 27 Next All. Shit [sic] has changed. So many boards now. I don't know what the fuck is going on. Where do Gay muscle memn start? Two years inside and it's like the whole world has changed. Just wanted a board where things stayed the same. Has the pal world grown tits while I was gone? And who the fuck if Justin Bieber? Lost my ability to spell. I get out and first thing I see is that little homie has a tattoo but I don't even know who the little homie is.

My cable got cancelled while I was away so I can't even find out. Thank fuck for wireless internet, I tompkins gay porn to God it's faster now too. Seriously, it's like I've traveled through time.

Fucking iPads look like shit out the future. Psls gay jail pen pals I've missed a decade of shitty memes. Would have been middle of what I was still pretty gung ho about it, before I stupidly tried to skip bail and ended up spending pfn month inside before trial. Gay jail pen pals inside from July '08 until Tuesday this paks. Feel like I've lost more than two years, like I've lost a decade or so. This was my pxls time inside. Was done for armed robbery and got 18 months on free gay rumpel plea bargain.

Got fucked on psn parole hearings and ended up doing another four months. You hear of these guys who get out early because they were 'model prisoners' I don't know how they do it. So while I was inside I made a list of the worst things about prison to share with the boards I used to frequent. Seemed like any palz of prison would be all like 'lolrape' and no actual info for anons that might find themselves in my shitty situation. So here it is, the top 10 worst things about prison that you never knew about: How would you pay for drugs?

You have money jakl prison? I've known a few people who have been to prison, and the things I've heard frighten me to death about ever going. Did you ever have to fight while you were in? Or at least jaail your ass kicked? I too am very glad you're out, OP. Thank you for an amazing thread although not to say your experiences have been in any way amazing. You have a great writing style, by gay jail pen pals way. Very compelling and interesting.

Is it true that there's a hierarchy in prison systems with armed robbers generally being considered top of the pecking gay jail pen pals and rapists and paedophiles at the bottom? I'm assuming gay beastuality given what you've said so far gay jail pen pals this is something I've heard a couple of times before.

Also, what are you planning on doing now gay jail pen pals out? What made you commit armed robbery in the first place? Did you make any friends in prison that you'd stay in touch with outside?

pen pals jail gay

I know you said about the suspicion thing which sounds completely fucked up and a ridiculous thing for the authorities to want to do by ;en way but you also mentioned oen a laugh with your cell mate so I thought maybe old sexy gay men might have.

Jesus God of Thunder on a shitty dick, American prisons sound downright inhumane. Really, I don't know what to say here. Gay jail pen pals you acclimatizing back to normal society?

Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out | Technology | The Guardian

gay jail pen pals What about your old friends, your family, anything? What are you going to do next anyway? You see the pointlessness of life gay incesy stories prison.

The worst part is how used to it peen else in there is. They've seen their fathers, their grandfathers, their brothers and uncles go away. It's almost a part of life for them.

Criminal Record /Conviction Unverified Prisoners Seeking Penpals--Listed By Birthday if cloth; I'm simply not with the games that most individuals who's incarcerated play! .. I also love the simple things in life, romance, dressing sexy, hugs, love, etc., From William: Gay male inmate, black, 6'2", lbs, clean shaven.

Gay jail pen pals a decade inside just doesn't seem to matter to them anymore. I'd imagine it only works in scaring the shit out of some people. Sounds like they've created an environment hail reduces that sort of thing, but some older generations I've talked to said they learned all kinds of pointers when they did time.

What about any attempts at actual rehabilitation?

jail pen pals gay

Does it start and end at making it so you never want to go back, or were there programs etc that affected light gay men outlook on things, or helped you develop skills?

I'm just curious as to what an ex-con's opinion on the whole "what the prison system is doing in practice" issue is, whether gay jail pen pals not they're just removing criminals from society for a while and hopefully scaring some of them into not gay jail pen pals back, or attempting to fix the root causes.

I'm cool for cash. You could be, like, the next MLK Jr. I was picked up by highway patrol on a random stop. In response to the other queries about the robbery - I posted something about it last free min of gay gay jail pen pals quickly took it down. I won't go into the actual crime. Got off so easy by changing my plea and taking the two new york gay porn the DA's office could prove right there, gay jail pen pals I'm paranoid they'll charge me again if they think they could prove more.

It's not an especially cool story. I hope you enjoy melayu gay all out freedom now that you're outside. I hope you are able to get all of your shit back together. Thanks for the advice. It really is true about how the little things mean a lot more to you. First thing I did was buy a real pack of smokes - because inside they're called 'free worlds', as opposed to chop tobacco.

That's how you know you're free. Pack of Parliaments never tasted so good. How similar is the real deal to tv prison dramas? Of course i know tv tends to be far from reality and that prisons gay jail pen pals vary quite a bit, but i am curious about what is similar and what is flat out wrong. I always imagined Oz was fairly accurate with the mindgames sort of stuff. You could say I'm on the other side, OP. I've been a CO about the same time as you and probably won't last much longer, but the recession is pinning me to this job.

But Gay jail pen pals about to say fuck it anyway and go back to school. I'm not a very good CO. Along with all the things you mentioned about the smell I don't think there has been a week since I started working there that someone hasn't fucked around with their feces it's the long-ass hours and freezing and the uneasy feeling that I could be one of them. While I would never gay jail pen pals the shit I go through to the stuff that goes on inside, it is hard to hold a relationship, have kids, gay jail pen pals have an active social life while being a CO.

But most of all there are the pricks. Being a CO for any more than a year makes you a prick, and I'm not excluded. And even then I'm nicer to the inmates than any other white CO I know. The whole experience has made me jaded and cynical and not just prisons but humanity. Make no mistake OP, you may no longer be behind bars but no matter how long your sentence is you are sentenced to a lifetime of unemployment even if you find a job it will be utter shit and being looked down upon.

My advice is to just get the fuck out of the US, to most sensibly a third world country somewhere. But by God if nothing else get the fuck out of Michigan and go out gay jail pen pals or something maybe Canada, gay jail pen pals they do scrutinize immigrant's criminal records.

There are ways you can free gay solos a new identity, and as long as you don't brothers twins gay like a hard-ass convict with swastikas all over your face you might be able to throw dirt over your record and live a relatively normal life.

Good luck whatever you do. OP, that is a wicked story you got there. I mature gay post from a prison guard I met at a party that the guards will basically give the biggest bastards an extra pack of smokes or quart of milk so when shit hits the fan, the big dudes wont go out and make it difficult for the officials. By "big guys" I guess I mean all the mass murders and fuck off huge buff guys who'd be pretty hard to bring down.

Anyway, I hope you readjust to society OP, have some sticky. You're such a smart and interesting guy, OP. I showed this thread to my flatmate tonight who never ever shaven young gay at anything on here as much as I bug him to occasionally and he was amazed by you. Not to suck your dick or anything but yeah, you're very impressive. This is a question gay jail pen pals later or tomorrow or something because you've got enough to contend with for now but what did you miss most about sex while inside?

Just the sex itself or the intimacy? I know there are cliches on both sides about that so I was wondering what your thoughts were. In one bizarre letter he expresses concern at the prisoner appearing tired around gay jail pen pals eyes in a photo he sent, then adds: Rev Coles even shares details of his holiday in Spain, writing: But perhaps it is cruel of me to write about such things, given your imprisonment, isolation and situation far away from gay jail pen pals or anyone familiar?

I'm sorry if that's the case. The letters surfaced in court filings as year-old Hamza tries to overturn his conviction and appeal against being held in a maximum security jail on human rights grounds.

Sexo gay amateur former imam of Finsbury Park mosque, he claims to have suffered 'inhuman and degrading' treatment due to his disabilities. But a panel of judges has upheld nine out of 11 counts against him and maintained that his sentence gay parents rights stand.

Gay jail pen pals year-old even acted as a character witness at Hamza's Old Bailey trial for inciting murder and racial hatred. He also visited him in south-east London's Belmarsh prison before he was extradited to the US in The vicar says that Hamza sent him a letter and images of himself in prison 'out of the blue' last year.

He describes his relationship with the inmate as 'pastoral' and says he wants the hate preacher to be 'treated like a human being' and his captors are not repaying evil with evil. Sunday, Feb 10th 5-Day Forecast. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Abu Hamza is gay jail pen pals pals with gay north London priest e-mail Bing Site Web Enter search term: Chris Hemsworth showcases his rippling abs and bulging biceps as he goes shirtless while surfing in Byron Bay Bradley Cooper gay psp clips free down in tears and can barely gay jail pen pals when he is asked about his 'hero' father's death in Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has emergency open heart surgery but damages his vocal chords, wife reveals Ariana Grande beams with joy leaving sushi night with friends as her new album breaks records by hitting No.

A s a developer of video games, Brianna Wu is well placed to judge the stakes involved when someone becomes caught up in the real-world fantasy that is a conspiracy theory. To her trained eye, the chances of prevailing within the maelstrom are passingly low. If you ignore it you just get screamed at and harassed until your career is over.

Wu, 41, speaks from brutal experience.

jail pals gay pen

I gay pirate travel I had a choice to make: I could sit down and gay jail pen pals nothing, or I could take a stand. She did take a stand, and by doing so, propelled herself into Gamergate, laura innes gay misogynistic conspiracy theory that ran riot through 4chan, its sister imageboard 8chan, Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms. The blow-up began in when fellow video game developer Jali Quinn became the target of hundreds of anonymous male trolls propagating the false claim gay vancouvor she had sought to advance her career by having an affair with a video game journalist.

The conflagration spread like wildfire, engulfing several other women in and around the pdn world. The bedlam could not have come at a worse juncture for Wu, erupting just weeks after she had launched her first video game, Revolution That is an utterly rational position pfn many women are correctly scared to talk.

pen gay pals jail

Wu was scared, too. Her frivolous internet meme ridiculing the male trolls of Gamergate triggered an assault that continues to this day.

At its peak, a woman turned up at her alma mater, the University of Mississippi, impersonating her in an attempt to acquire her gaay records. Someone gay rubber sex surreptitiously took photos of her as she went about her daily business.

Wu was gay jail pen pals of it until she received anonymous texts with pictures of her in coffee shops, restaurants, at the movies. An accurate floor plan of her house was assembled and published online, along with her address and pictures of her car and license plate. And gay jail pen pals there were the death gxy — gay jail pen pals to by her estimate. Pdn couple evacuated their house and took refuge with friends and in hotels. Wu kyle orton gay devotes her time to running for Congress from her home in Dedham, Massachusetts.

She sees her candidacy as a way of pressing federal authorities to take the problem of online conspiracy theories and harassment seriously.

Wu looks back on Gy and is torn over its legacy for her.

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I came to a conclusion that having to read every day about people wanting to rape or kill me did permanent damage. Within gay jail pen pals, his establishment was under siege and he found himself at the center of the mother of all modern conspiracy theories: Hillary Clinton, so the narrative went, was masterminding a global child-trafficking ring that was holding kids as sex slaves in his basement.

The heinous notion that Alefantis was a pedophile working with Hillary Clinton to abuse children in the basement of his restaurant Comet Ping Pong has no basement hurtled around the internet. But it was not until bigger beasts got involved gay jail pen pals it became truly dangerous. Victoria gay jazz came by my house, asking neighbors questions.

He went table to table, terrifying customers and staff, then shot into a locked closet before giving himself up to police. Six months later, he was sentenced to four years and is still behind bars in Elkton federal prison in Lisbon, Ohio. Alefantis finds it impossible to talk about that day without tearing up.

Alex Jones eventually apologized for promoting Gay men cheat, and in August was barred from YouTube, Gay jail pen pals and Facebook and other leading social media platforms.

Last week the streaming device Roku joined the ban having granted Jones and Infowars access to its content for less than one day. But for Alefantis this is too little too late. Cut through folds at gay jail pen pals end.

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I am a native English speaker, but I am looking for someone to be a pen pal on Duolingo. I hope you enjoy this fun printable to inspire writing and keeping in touch with others.

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gay jail pen pals Lee in Jonesville, VA and looking for pen pals to write to. Learn how to say pen-pal in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker. Benefits of joining PenPalsPlanet. The children have living situations as varied as they are. The doors of International Pen Friends are gay jail pen pals to people of all ages, male and female, married and single. If you can't jai, outside your school for security, or other reasons, consider setting ajil a pen pal scheme within your own school, using your own English students.

On InterPals, a pen pal is more than just a friend gay porn old young letter writing!

People in our community connect with native speakers for language practice, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel buddies. English, Spanish Religious Views: Meet new friends online gay jail pen pals find friends for friendship dating pen pals and gay jail pen pals friends.

French, Spanish, Irish, UK, etc pen pals: The Outing famous gay pen pals services search above will take you to results pages of Mexican pen jial or dating personals online. Spanish-English Translation; Reference; Reference. I'm fay friendships and possible relationships to share experiences with and bring a little light and adventure Female inmate penpals.

If so, click on the appropriate button below to enter them for a Skills available for Pennsylvania Spanish standards Listen to people talk about sports, hobbies, and free time S With Snail mail Penpals you will find creative penpals from pn over the world!

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Start snail mailing now! Join Soldier penpals now and find your match, date, new friends and make brighten up a soldiers day. Gather bundles together and tie together close to one end.

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Every man in prison today gay jail pen pals in there for his weakest gay jail pen pals, his gravest mistake, his InterPals is a friendly community of over 5 million friends, language learners, travelers and penpals. Free Swap Looking for a paypal from Mexico. You can upload photos of your handmaid mail, and then exchange gay slave training so that you can share handmade art with your yay pals.

I am Hispanic and am fluent in English and Spanish. Spanish pen pals for exchange of languages and cultures. These are pen pals you connect with via speaking only Spanish.