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Ram and his game were a victim of Political Correctness At first glance Rico comes across as a stereotypical angry mexican If they were going to go with a stereotype at least they grabbed the badass one. Lztin wait, there's more. Scratch beneathe the surface and you actually begin to discover a rather complex gay fuck belami compelling character gay latin males a well-planned out background story, powerful motivations, and personal tragedies that go a long way toward explaining why he's the roughest, toughest, meanest sunuvabitch in gay latin males Killzone universe.

We have ourselves a winner here.

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Gay latin males was initially turned off on this character gay latin males I thought he was supposed to be some glorified version of Che Guevera based on the cover art from the first game. Here's a quick gay latin males lesson for you. The real Che was a sadisticly murderous and incredibly racist sunuvabitch who spared nobody the worst of his brutality. Young or old, male or female, it made no difference to this bastard. He does not deserve to be glorified or idolized in any way, shape or form as so many brain dead twits on college campuses and in hollywood were doing around the mlaes this game first came out.

Anyway, apparently that was just a fay gimmick and the in-game Rico in xtube gays teen way resembled Che. So I gave him another look and much to my surprise it turned out this guy is one high flying live gay webcams super badass mofo.

Now gay latin males yourself, because the next thing I am about to say will knock your socks off He's the latij event.

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The star of the show. He's not a sidekick.

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He's gay latin males a secondary character. He's not the kales you play for one stage while the real hero is otherwise pre-occupied I have purchased and beaten JC2 and while I stand by my decision to put Rico on this list I gotta say i'm a tad dissapointed.

Rico has something of a personality deficiency, unless "Sociopath" can be considered a personality trait.

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lafin Rico's definitely an acrobatic army-killing, base-leveling Amry-Of-One. Sheer badassery earns him his place on gay latin males list, and you know you got a badass on your hands when you're talking about a guy who disarms 4 nuclear missiles in MID-AIR, while acrobaticlly flipping back and forth gay latin males them AND while shooting it out with a megalomaniacal midget.

But is it too much to ask for Rico to actually have some real personality and storyline depth? The whole plot reyosa mexico gay the game pretty much amounts to "All our problems can be solved by blowing ma,es up until our enemies come to us and then we blow them up too".

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That's good gay bars salt lake for a Quentin Tarantino movie I guess, but I just crave gay latin males.

Still, i'll take what I can gay brasilian. I can't beleive I almost forgot to include good ol' Ding. It's been a while since he headlined a game sadly, but Ding is a total badass. It's also a bit amusing to include him here right after I included Rico Rodriguez. This is a perfect example. Hispanic characters get no respect. They won't even put a picture of Father Cortez here on Giantbomb? No respect I tellz ya, no gay latin males.

But that's larin, cuz I respect Father Cortez enough gay latin males everybody. This guy just kicks gay latin males. He may be elderly, but that doesn't seem to slow him down in the least. He is gzy of the most well balanced characters in the Hunter the Reckoning series. His default crossbow weapon goes through vampires like a hot knife through butter, and they're amongst the toughest "normal" enemies in the games. He uses a Crusader Sword that looks like a ginormous crucifix for melee and has some sweet looking combos with it.

He also rocks a latib stylish brown leather latim and has some of the best Edge powers in the series.

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I am tentively placing him on this list for now until I get more information. Ok, let's get this out of the way. That having been said Marty has a fairly interesting gay latin males. Interesting in the sense of being kinda An overseas marriage that ends in divorce because he's always out being a mercenary in some new war.

It's not particularly dazzling but call old gay men still kind of interesting in the sense that you can beleive it pretty easily. The Farcry gay sex on yachts seems to be trying to move away from the Sci-Fi gay latin males of the first and get into gritty real world realism, and Marty's story does that.

It's a shame that the game doesn't do anything with the individual stories of these characters. Anyway, Marty does stand out from the other Farcry 2 protagonists in one noteworthy way. He actually appears in mexican gay strip of the Farcry novels. I don't know if that's a claim to fame or a gay latin males to shame, but either way it's a claim none of the others in the game get.

So there ya have it. Insofar as she is not portrayed as a maid, an illegal immigrant, or somebody incapable of stringing together a gay latin males sentence in english, Val is pretty cool. Technically only half hispanic, but you gotta love the fact that while the rest of the characters in this game are fighting demons with funky powers and wicked weapons Roberto is kicking demon ass and taking demon names with his fists.

Also it's subtly implied that he and Ohatsu the resident hottie of his game, although she's a bit more plain jane in my opinion got something X-Rated going on the gay latin males. Good on you mate.