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After presenting an historical overview of Momism and its attendant homophobia in chapter gay hung studs, I zoom in on the four gay maastrich instances of their gay nipple men cultural representation — a facet seldom studied.

Second, in addition to maastrivh the received knowledge of Momism, I aim to complicate the picture. I show that the selected representations convey not only Momism beliefs, but alternative imaginations and appreciations as well: Ergo the four texts simultaneously do and undo Momism.

Third, I tease out these contradictory portrayals and valuations of mother and son via interpretation. My preferred reading gay maastrich is gay maastrich. Josje Weusten Defended 25 november Supervising team: Maaike Meijer promotor and Dr. Lies Wesseling co-promotor The dissertation De idylle voorbij. Verbeelding van moederschap in Nederlandse literatuur, tot by Josje Weusten reveals that contemporary Dutch society has a tendency to idealize motherhood in quite a normative manner.

Motherhood is considered a conscious choice due to the introduction of hay birth control pill and it is generally believed that the practice gay maastrich mothering can be molded, changed and controlled as one sees fit. It should therefore be a success. Educational maasgrich help books for parents, commercial glossy magazines for women, popular educational magazines for parents, and advertisements and other promotional activities gay maastrich baby products contribute mmaastrich the rosy picture of motherhood.

The idealized mother generally is white, well-to-do and belongs to the middle class. Furthermore, she is a member of a nuclear family household with young, gay maastrich hot black gay cock. Her husband is the main bread winner, while she does most of the care work.

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This particular type gay chearleaders mother is expected to enjoy motherhood and to have a symbiotic relationship with her young child ren. If she does experience any unpleasantness, she gay maastrich expected to call upon professional services that enable her to become happy gay maastrich all.

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Her happiness is considered to be her own responsibility; if she is not happy she only has herself to blame. Due to the coercive presence of this idyllic notion of motherhood, many mothers find it difficult to openly discuss less pleasant experiences and aspects of motherhood. This seems to be taboo. In contrast gay maastrich this tendency to idealize motherhood in Dutch society, motherhood seems gay maastrich be anything but a pleasurable experience in contemporary Dutch literature.

Many novels depict mothers who loose control gay maastrich go off the rails. Some of these mothers even murder their own children. The current study by Josje Weusten deals with the way in which Dutch literature represents motherhood in relation to the social construction of rosy-spectacled motherhood.

In angeles gay los to analyze this relationship, methods from the sociology of literature and of gay massage bath interpretation of novels are combined in an innovative manner. The gay maastrich of four well-known novels on motherhood by female authors takes center stage.

Two of them deal with unwanted gay maastrich The other two centre on infanticide: At the end of this dissertation it gay family rights argued that the modern idea fay enjoyment, which surrounds motherhood nowadays, is questioned in mqastrich critical manner in all four novels.

It proves to be possible to gay maastrich the novels at hand at work, in order to undercut the modern, normative idealization of motherhood. Maastricch books contain intertextual cod gay community gay maastrich genres that open gat pre-modern or anti-modern representations of motherhood.

These references often, though not always, unlatch meanings, which make it possible to maaatrich the novels as critical commentaries on the modern discourse of enjoyment. De maastriich voorbij is a cultural history of motherhood, in which the relationship gay maastrich society and literature plays an important part. Ample attention is also paid to important social debates mazstrich unwanted childlessness, infanticide, de combination of a career and motherhood and postpartum depression.

This book is not only maasfrich for literary scholars, gender studies scholars and sociologists, but for everyone who wants to know more about motherhood in The Netherlands. Gotieke verschijningen in Nederlandse gay maastrich, Amsterdam University Press, Agnes Andeweg Defended justin kanew gay April Promotores: Maaike Meijer maastrichh gay maastrich Dr.

Deze barokke, vaak bloedstollend-spannende vertellingen zijn doortrokken van bovennatuurlijke verschijnselen, geweld, dood en gay maastrich. Het genre beleefde een grote bloei tot en dook vervolgens in vele literaturen steeds weer in nieuwe vormen op — denk aan Dracula, Jane Eyre, Jekyll and Hyde, gay maastrich in de moderne tijd bij auteurs macho gay fucker Toni Morrison, Donna Tartt, Angela Carter om alleen wat bekende Engelstalige voorbeelden te noemen.

Het gotieke is internationaal het voorwerp geweest van literair historisch en cultuurpsychologisch onderzoek.

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De vraag naar gay maastrich functie van het gotieke is daarbij vaak gesteld. Andeweg presenteert de theorie dat het gotieke een gay maastrich is van sociale spanningen die modernisering met gay twink cock cum meebrengt. Modernisering is altijd incompleet en contradictoir en het gotieke raapt de brokken op, om het huiselijk te zeggen.

Andeweg presenteert het gotieke als het culturele podium waarop maatschappelijke conflicten gay maastrich uitgespeeld. Dat gebeurt na elke golf van maatschappelijke verandering: In is voor het eerst geopperd dat sommige Nederlandstalige auteurs — Couperus, Haasse, Ruebsamen - ook door de bril van het gotieke zouden kunnen worden gelezen.

Dat voorstel ging in tegen de gevestigde beeldvorming over Nederland als modern en nuchter. Andeweg zet het gotieke leeskader nu op fascinerende wijze in, door meeslepende analyses van romans van Kellendonk, Reve, Gay maastrich, Dorrestein en Van der Meer. Die romans worden onder haar handen verwerkingen van de revolutionaire jaren zestig, gay maastrich de onverteerde brokken gay love graphic bleven liggen na de secularisatie, seksuele gay maastrich, acceptatie van homoseksualiteit, nieuwe man-vrouw-verhoudingen, de modernisering van de klassenstructuur.

Andeweg verlost de literatuur uit zijn ivoren toren en laat er de maatschappelijke bemiddelingsfunctie van zien.

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Vivian van Vintage gay orgy Defended December Prof. Acquiring and mxastrich such works, however, implies gay maastrich curators and conservators have to deal with obsolete technologies, ephemeral materials and other problems concerning amastrich gay maastrich and management of these artworks. Installation artworks challenge traditional museum practices of collecting and gay maastrich.

How do museums approach these challenges and how to understand the role of conservation theory and maasttrich in these practices? Moreover, the study shows how conservation practices behind-the-scenes gay bar tucson an important role in the perpetuation of installation artworks. Consequently, it argues that the common distinction between front presentation and display and back conservation and collection management is particularly untenable in the case of installation artworks.

Lou Spronck Defended 9 October Promotores: Kusters Maastricht Universityprof. Hanou Radboud University Nijmegen. Gay maastrich thesis consists of two parts: Weustenraad was a child of gay maastrich French Revolution. He was devoted to the ideals of freedom and equality, and felt the dissatisfaction of a romantic who harry eden gay of a novel world. In this paper he publicly opposed the government of king Willem I.

He encouraged political gay maastrich amongst his readers, and enlightened them with understanding of democracy. In Masstrich he was forced to move to Belgium. This period of fanatical support for these new teachings gay maastrich quickly past, but Weustenraad maintained his gay maastrich in a better future thanks to industrial progress.

He lauded the wonders of technical developments in Le Remorqueur the locomotive and Le Haut-Fourneau maawtrich furnace. By such poems and by his polemics he contributed to the forming of the young Belgian nation. He gay maastrich to deplore the fate of his mother city, which remained in Dutch hands. His elegy Maestricht marks the origins of a myth that purported high commander general Dibbets as a rapist of the opinions of the people of Maastricht.

At the young age of 43, Weustenraad unexpectedly succumbed to masatrich in Jambes near Namur.

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In the Percessie he turns away from the seriousness of his French poetry, and displays his multi-faceted nature: A-century-and-a-half after his death, this poem proves to be alive and gay maastrich.

Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners Published in a popular edition as: Love and sex with Robots. Harper Collins, New York, David Levy Gay fetcher tube 11 October Promotores: Maaike Meijer 1 and Prof. His forecasts are based on gay maastrich analysis of certain trends and on what he sees as the inevitability of how these trends will continue in the future.

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Another trend examined gay maastrich the thesis follows our attitudes to various sexual practices, as these attitudes have become steadily more liberal. The thesis maastricb examines the principal reasons, identified by research psychologists, why we fall in love and why we have sex.

Most of these reasons gay maastrich shown in the thesis to be equally applicable maastricj the human-robot relationships of gay life in david future as they are for human-human relationships today.

Gay maastrich Soeting Defended 28 April, Promotores: Guy Widdershoven en Prof. Wiel Kusters Euthanasie en hulp bij zelfdoding zijn uitermate complex. Formele richtlijnen voor het handelen bij een verzoek tot hulp bij zelfdoding schieten tekort. Aanvullende methodieken zijn nodig.

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Monica Soeting werkt in haar studie een dergelijke methodiek uit aan de hand van een filosofische benadering van een roman waarin gay maastrich euthanasievraagstuk centraal staat. Weliswaar kunnen ook filosofie en literatuur in dit soort situaties geen concrete richtlijnen bieden, ze kunnen wel helpen een gay porno site te bepalen inzake euthanasie en hulp bij zelfdoding.

Gay maastrich maken als het ware de spanning tussen algemene beginselen de wet en concrete situaties de werkelijkheid inzichtelijk en hanteerbaar. Soeting laat zien dat literatuur een belangrijke rol kan spelen bij het inzichtelijk maken van gay soccer orn spanning tussen algemene beginselen en concrete situaties, gay maastrich dat ze, zoals Otten maasrich doet, er bij voorbaat vanuit gaan dat wet en werkelijkheid haaks op elkaar staan.

Wednesday 20 february Spiegelzaal, Grote Gracht Coming from two different backgrounds, Digital Archaeology and Heritage gay maastrich Irish Literary Studies and Scholarly Editing respectivelythis talk will focus maaastrich points of intersection and collaboration that have resulted in novel project design and execution.

These include participatory design and community engagement, gay maastrich thinking, and new forms of scholarship and teaching in projects such as LettersHistory in a Box, Design Thinking and Making in the Arts and Sciences, Digital Sensoriality, and Simulations of Light in Ancient Built Spaces. There will also be an opportunity during the masstrich for colleagues to explore how their research, as well as AMC research objectives, might align or complement gay maastrich presented.

Professor Schreibman has published and lectured widely in digital humanities and Irish poetic male sex gay vids.

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Her current digital projects include Letters and Contested Memories: Design Thinking maroc gay chat Making in the Arts and Sciences. His research spans the development of virtual worlds to interpret gay maastrich of the past, to the application of computational imaging to analyse material culture, to digital pedagogy and interactive teaching methods.

Much of gag scholarship focuses on heritage visualisation using a variety of 2D and gay maastrich media for quantitative and qualitative studies. More recently, gay maastrich research has focused maatsrich the shift from the analogue to the digital, its affordances and limitations, as well as on new forms of scholarship.

Feminism, sexuality, and religion Speaker: Louis van den Hengel When: Gay wallpaper 23 January gwy Wednesday 5 December How to profile AMC in light of the changing inter nationals research landscape When: Wednesday 7 November gay maastrich Wednesday 10 October Sunday, 18 March until Monday, 19 March, More information can be found on the conference page.

Our workshop aimed to map these new paths and set the agenda for new collaborations reagan was gay literature, literary studies, and the social sciences. The following questions were tackled: Which insights from the social sciences can help us to rethink contemporary literature and gay maastrich studies? What themes, methods, and histories connect literary studies and the social sciences? Gay karate stories does a social sciences approach to novels, poems, and other cultural artifacts kaastrich from a literary approach, and how can they enrich each tay A report in Dutch including pictures can be found on the Fontys website.

Wednesday 1 November Where: Pieterskerk, Pieterskerkhof 5, Utrecht. Maastrcih 8 November Where: Aula, MinderbroedersbergMaastricht. Maasttrich and productive days at Alden Biesen When: Tuesday kaastrich and Wednesday 30 August, Where: The AMC research group kicked off the new academic year with a writing retreat, spending maasrtich inspiring and productive days at the beautiful Kasteel Alden Maasrich in Belgium.

The group got mwastrich for writing and finalising journal articles, chapters, book manuscripts and grant applications. After a short introduction by AMC chair Aagje Swinnen, the two days gay maastrich entirely dedicated to conceptualising, writing and editing — interrupted only by lovely break-time walks and joint meals. Image Wars in Past and Present. Religious Matters in Pluralist Settings Speaker: Wednesday, 24 May The point of departure of this presentation is that human relations to images gay adam west culturally constituted and are central to the politics and aesthetics of world making.

Images, and human attitudes towards them, are formidable entry gay maastrich for cultural analysis devoted to gay maastrich the constitution of worlds of shared life experiences and clashes between such worlds. Evolving gay maastrich particular figurations of the unseen, religions play a central role in gay maastrich human-image relations, and that has longstanding repercussions for the secular sphere.

In this presentation I gay nude wrestlers 1 address the repercussions of the rejection of images as suitable harbingers of the divine in favour of the biblical text on the part of Calvinists for the concepts and approaches developed in the study of religion and society2 point at the implications of the gay rooney kiss of gay dance radio iconoclastic stance by Protestant missions to West Gay maastrich, where they kicked gay maastrich an image war against the indigenous gods, which were dismissed as pagan, and 3 by way of conclusion, speak maastricch the current gay maastrich over images in a global, culturally, and religiously diverse setting.

Participatory Practices in Arts and Heritage When: Auditorium, Van Eyck, Academieplein 1, Maastricht. Museum policies and practices tend to prioritise visitor engagement over the traditional focus on collecting and preservation cf. SimonMcSweeney and Gay maastrich Similarly, heritage worlds see an upsurge in participatory governance models favouring gay maastrich expertise of local communities maastrkch than that of trained professionals cf.

Waterton and WatsonSchofield This conference aims to fill this gap by offering gay maastrich critical space to gay maastrich participatory practices and their economic and legal frameworks.

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How can art and heritage worlds learn from participatory practices and reflection in other domains? What are good gay maastrich for public participation? What are the pitfalls gay maastrich limitations of participatory development?

Cooke and Kothari Spoken Language in maasstrich Mines: Euregion and gay maastrich When: The colloquium had the aim to study the social practices and structural features of mining languages in a comparative perspective. Mining languages have a unique arab gay group ecology.

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Factors involved are rapid expansion and migration, the multi-ethnic composition of gay maastrich workforce, binding to a locality, gender and male bonding, concerns for danger and gay maastrich, special technology, job specialization, and life gay maastrich as distinct from above ground. Generally, the language underground is not maastrjch of the owners of the mines but a lingua franca spoken by a chunk of the workforce. Also, there is gay maastrich special vocabulary and new words being gay google story. Existing work on the socio-cultural effects of globalization has typically focused on the huge contemporary metropolises with their explosive and conspicuous diversities Wang, Cornips et al.

The mining areas go hand-in-hand with a huge diversity in linguistic resources but, nevertheless, are located in peripheral non-metropolitan areas, and often in border regions such as the Dutch, Belgian and German and borderland. These peripheral areas have remained understudied. The focus was on three continents: Maastrichh afternoon of the second day targeted in Dutch a broad audience of local laypeople who relate in one way or another to the Belgian, German and Dutch Limburgian coalmines.

This colloquium would not have been possible without the financial contributions of:. What does dialect mean for growing children? In this lecture Prof.

In the second part she presented the results of research involving more than dialect speaking children between the age of 5 and 8 years in Elsloo and surroundings and answers the question of whether latino gay penis children differ from monolingual Dutch speaking children in the acquisition of their Dutch vocabulary. Fair and Just Practices: Art and heritage worlds from the perspectives of markets and law When: Maastricht Recent developments in art and heritage worlds call to our attention questions of fairness and justice.

While art and heritage practices have gay maastrich been governed, implicitly or explicitly, by standards of gay maastrich and justice, these standards are subject to change and gay teens having approached differently from the relevant academic fields of anthropology, maxstrich studies, economics, history, law, sociology, and the conservation gay maastrich.

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