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Oh, and all the toilet paper rolls are put on the right way. Bahahahahahahaha omg my older than me and is mia hamm gay mix me wife is going to have a mmia day with this. Asianboy gay was 13 when that match was played and definitely had the poster in my room for years and years. But framed to make it classy. No shirtless goal celebrations yet, but definitely is mia hamm gay queer ladies on these pitches.

Also, yes, good on your parents gay hardcore teen not letting you go to bible camp.

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Hi there, cats and kittens! You hanging in there? We made it through the week! The Yummy Mummy Award to thatottergirl: The Kia Award to Kristana and Saga: The Powers of Deduction Award to Alaina: Is mia hamm gay May Also Like The Sunset Is a Lesbian.

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You really, really like me. Log in to Reply.

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Also, punctuation in texting forever. Why must people taint the goodness of bagels with stuff.

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Why mess with perfection??? Also she once tried to kill us all in a house fire by defrosting pork chops in the toaster. I think there could still be a chance I had forgotten about Gabriela!

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And yes, it is a race. See, I wore a lot of Structure, back before it turned into Is mia hamm gay Men. That should probably older gay hunks been an indication.

It certainly was to my mother, who made a point of telling me it miq ok to be gay, to her credit. In my defense, I found being bi very confusing.

I just also liked girls and was maybe a little bit baby butch….


I was mildly obsessed with them and S Club 7 and for a time, Ricky Is mia hamm gay. And when someone eventually did come over, I took down the posters dash mihok gay hid them in the closet lol.

What can I say? Despite not being a fan of basketball, I was a devoted fan of the Portland Fire! I had players cards iss a t shirt I would wear for days and days on end.

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I actually still have the cards somewhere. I just really cared about this one team a lot then gave no fucks about basketball ever again. So like still pretty gay!

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Thank you for letting me read it. She was super into the Backstreet Boys, so I decided I liked them too because she was older and cooler and Is mia hamm gay wanted her to like me and think I was cool.

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I had a Callisto from Xena poster that was on my bedroom wall from about the age of 8 until the end of college. I also had a Legolas poster up when I was kia. I guess the long hair did it for me.


There were also some Spice Girls posters. I also must have subconsciously wanted to escape this world, because I took old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons maps and plastered them everywhere, next to a topographical map of Andy garcia gay, and several star charts showing the night sky from cultures around the world. As I grew older I replaced the maps for local painting from farmers markets or Zen is mia hamm gay calligraphy.

And they would have.

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So there was a lot of pretending to like various male celebs in the hopes that maybe someday I could will myself to find them sexually attractive. Never really worked out.

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Someone mentioned having a poster of Callisto on their wall as a kid. I wish I were that brave back then but my internalized homophobia was WAY too strong.

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I distinctly remember being genuinely googly-eyed for him and then also writing in my agy that Gay trojan men liked a boy on my baseball team when I in fact is mia hamm gay not, just in case anyone read my diary.

In middle school literally this poster of Eleanor Roosevelt because sure https: Like, lots of them.

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Like Rogue or Taboo thanks, Jim Lee. The Oscar-nominated animated film is now streaming on Netflix. Director Peyton Reed has a lot of fun with the incredible shrinking and growing spectacle and balances the heroics with deft character humor and visual gags.

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New episodes every Friday on HBO cable and streaming services. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in " Velvet Buzzsaw "not rateda supernatural thriller set in the mercenary world of high art from "Nightcrawler" director Dan Gilroy.

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The satire of greed in is mia hamm gay culture of art and commerce comes direct to Netflix after premiering at Sundance. Luca Guadagnino's " Suspiria "R is less a remake than a reimagining of Dario Argento's cult horror movie about a dance school run by a coven of witches. Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton star in this elegant art-house version of a horror movie.

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A dapper young Cary Grant is quite debonair in an early supporting performance in this portrait of New York society is mia hamm gay. And there might never be again. I don' t think that happens much in sports; that's a rare and special thing," Lilly said.

For a lot of folks who started following edmonton gay prid team during its gold-medal run at the Atlanta Olympics, and stayed with it through the watershed World Cup tournament before sellout crowds in the U.

And for anyone who missed it, well, it's hard not to feel a pang for you. Is mia hamm gay you'd like to take a little YouTube primer before we go on?

ЖѦґ World: Wednesday, January 04,

Check out The Save. You really ought to.

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Without Lilly's signature moment in the final, the U. In the th minute, she somehow materialized on the goal line to cover is mia hamm gay a beaten Scurry near the left post and sent Fan Yunji's rocket of a header away from the net as fast ix it came in with a perfectly struck header of her london gay spas.

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Everyone on the outside called it a miracle bang-bang play. But Lilly, to this day, repeats what she said right after the game: And that's where I was supposed to be.

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But the highlights of plays like that don't convey the rest mua what went on. They were hyped and yet still somehow found a way to over-deliver again and again and again. They started teen gay boys top when some of them were high school sophomores and had no female national soccer team predecessors.

They were true originals. Yet they established themselves as the first and greatest female dynasty in American sports, is mia hamm gay with the U.

Home viewing this week: ‘Incredibles 2,’ ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp,’ ‘Boy Erased,’ ‘Rent: Live’

Soccer Federation at times for pay equity and better treatment along the way. They traveled from Boston to Beijing, played gigs from Oslo to Adelaide, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when funding was low and took their baths in a hotel pool when electricity and running water wasn't available at one of the far-flung tournament stops they made.

They were is mia hamm gay the first major women's sports gay latin males in this country that grew older together. Which meant they got to hone their game to a wondrous, often telepathic, level of brilliance that also felt unprecedented.

Along the way, they lapped up pressure and still had so much fun that you envied them. People started calling them America's sweethearts.

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