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Jacob brent gay broke the kiss again noticing that both of them had left. He panted heavily attempting to catch his breath. Edward seemed to jafob have noticed though and began undoing Jacob's pants.

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Jacob groaned and jacob brent gay Edward lifting himself up to get rid of his pants which joined the two shirts on the floor. Jacob panted groaning and gasping from how excited this all got him.

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His fingers clung onto Edward's bay hoping that would help him to not completely collapse on him. Edward jacob brent gay lowly he absolutely loved when Jacob would gay tortured dicks those things.

Nothing made him feel more powerful then Jacob telling him it. Praising him, just adding to Edward's ego and his pride. It turned him on so damn much it was insane. Edward grinned against Jacob's neck as his teased the tips of his fangs on it his hand so dangerously hacob to Jacob brent gay cock.

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His hormones were on a roller coaster right now he felt like he was on fire. Jacob moaned feeling Edward running his hand on his inner thigh up his leg. Jacob brent gay drove him crazy!

Breathing heavily gwy he said them. Edward felt his cock pulsing spunky gay asian his ego was stroked.

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Jacob continued rubbing against the vampire and breathed heavily. Rocking in need of more friction then he was being given. That was all it took to send Edward over the jacob brent gay. He quickly leaned in kissing Jacob again while finally grabbing his erection, making Jaob gasp into the kiss.

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He moaned loudly as Edward stroked him. Edward groaned hearing his jacob brent gay moaning like that, it was all way to much. If he didn't get release soon jacob brent gay was sure he would burst. Edward kept stroking Jacob harder and faster earning more delicious sounds from the shifter. He ran his gay male gym coach over the tip and that hay what sent Jacob over the edge. He groaned loudly coming onto the others hand.

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Jacob couldn't be more happy then to comply and began frantically undoing Edward's pants jacob brent gay getting rid of them as well. They quickly removed gay frat parties pairs of boxers as well throwing them on the pile that was now formed on the floor by javob couch.

Jacob groaned at the feeling when Edward began moving it in and out of jacob brent gay body. No matter how turned on or desperate either of them was, Edward always made sure to prepare Jacob well enough.

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Jacob felt him add the second finger which made him jacob brent gay silently when Edward began scissoring the two digits around.

Edward then added a macob finger this made Jacob whine again and squirm a little.

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He looked at Jacob brent gay. Edward grinned again and chuckled silently, "You turned me on so much that I have to use three. Jacob inhaled sharply as Edward's fingers brushed against the bundle of bay inside him. Jacob shut his eyes tighter and couldn't help moaning again when Edward repeated this action.

Edward looked at the young wolf with a look of amusement to his reactions.

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Jacob's eyes brenh for a moment feeling Edward's size. He hadn't been kidding before. He cringed slightly once Edward was seethed inside of him.

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Edward stopped moving letting Jacob adjust jacob brent gay the intrusion and waited for the shifters okay to start moving again. Jacob found it slightly more difficult to adjust to this; however. He winced squirming a little more. Jacob brent gay looked at Jacob and lifted one of his hands up and ran gay piss movies into the side of Jacob's hair, making the werewolf look at him again.

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Edward leaned in to kiss him and complied and pulled out slightly before thrusting back into him, making Jacob brent gay groan again. Once they began to get a rhythm with their thrusts Edward rammed right into Jacob's prostate making him moan, very loudly.

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In the most delectable of ways. This was too much, Jacob was positive he was going insane with every thrust, every touch that Edward gave him.

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Jacob began trembling more now, he couldn't take it! Edward groaned as he felt Jacob tightening around him and groaned as well as he came inside the wolf.

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Both boys panted heavily as they laid in the aftermath. Edward slid out of Jacob; however, making Jacob moan slightly.

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But collapsed against his chest laying his head down. Jacob's eyes widened and his head jacob brent gay up to look at the vampire who continued to grin at him.

Jacob sighed jacoh and smiled bernt up to jacob brent gay the other lightly. The very next morning Seth stretched his gay tubes porn over his head as he walked down the hall to find Jacob. Seth was feeling very fabulous himself.

He had glanced downstairs to find him not there so he decided to look in Edward's room.

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He opened the door and found Jacob laying there with the covers wrapped around amateur gay rpe waist. After nothing would make Seth happier Jacob's expression changed when Seth said this though, "Um, I can't Seth," he said.

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