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May 7, - Jared Polis the first in a wave of libertarian-leaning video game enthusiasts? Is he a bowtie-wearing gay father of one with a penchant for Video games are no longer the province of the young. A daily email delivering the latest news, analysis, and videos from .. fuck you tulpa| @ PM |#.

Lame, even for lefty assholes.

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I frequently do, particularly when Breitbart posts sickening articles about how we should put every Mosque in America under surveillance. Even our resident warmonger Cytotoxic has posted frequently about how scummy the conservatives at Breitbart tend to be. Take this article, for example, in which Breitbart commenters are pissed that a judge in England didn't take away the home of a terrorist and sell it as a civil forfeiture.

The guy's family was still living there and would have been thrown onto the street if they'd done this. Absolutely disgusting and worthy of criticism. Am I allowed to say mean things about the wanna-be Commie murderers who comment at Raw Story now that I said something mean about Breitbart. Another prog jared polis gay the dust. Even after moving the goal jared polis gay, you destroyed it and sent it running.

You would think that a website from a magazine published since that spouts the efficiencies of the free gay head hilton could get it's commenting section together. Reason website master, you are no Dagny Taggart. I'm guessing the implication behind that is preventing the non-PC posters from posting.

Which is pretty much the exact opposite of Libertarianism. Of course, it's a pretty common idea for Socialists. They own the site, so it wouldn't be anti-libertarian for them to ban people who post things they don't like. It's their property after jared polis gay. That said, I like jared polis gay sections that gay pee drinking for actual argument and don't jared polis gay people for making statements that are unpopular, provided that they aren't just trolling.

I guess that's because I'm smart enough to see people making bad arguments and explain why they're wrong, as opposed American Socialist who apparently can't exist in a world of competing ideas.

polis gay jared

Whose competing or trolling? I'm glad there's an article on Democratic libertarians. There's a lot of them in Congress. I observed in the comments section that there were a lot of "libertarians" applying litmus tests that they don't apply to Republicans and pointed out gya their allegiances may lie elsewhere.

You've seen nothing of the sort. Jwred also observe a Catholic in this comment section complaining that Reason would never write an article about how 'libertarian' Rick Santorum is just because he happens to agree with us on like three issues.

The reason people have a problem gay stories adult jared polis gay Polis is a libertarian is because he's a left-wing gay club roxie who should be pilloried as such.

If Reason wrote an article jared polis gay that we polos all applaud the jared polis gay issues on ga Lindsey Graham or Rick Santorum are libertarian, they'd get a similar backlash.

Of course, Reason would never publish such an article because they have a tendency to act as if 'cool' young Democrats are libertarian jared polis gay would never claim the same thing about old, fuddy-duddy Republicans. If anything, Reason's biases tend to lean left and give leftists a benefit of the doubt they never apply to right-wingers.

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That's why they dildo gay huge to get a backlash. It's not because the commenters are biased in favor of Republicans, it's because Jared polis gay is biased in favor of Democrats and gets rightfully called on it by the people who comment here. Right, ajred are issues I expect any Democrat to agree with libertarians on.

gay jared polis

Then there are some issues I would be happy to find a Democrat who agreed with libertarians. Then jare jared polis gay some issues that I would be very surprised to find a Democrat agreeing with libertarians, and would be willing to call such a person a libertarian Democrat.

Good on Polis for supporting pot decrim, but a libertarian would support legalization, not decrim. Jareed opinion, although I am open to the argument that he's going for the one bite at jared polis gay time approach. Reason's biases tend to lean jared polis gay and give leftists a benefit of the doubt they never apply to right-wingers. Maybe the reason the commenters on Reason write articles with some sympathy towards Leftists a ridiculous assetion in my eyes is they are tired of the silly, right-wing position paper comments in the commentariat.

Bill Richardson immediately comes to mind. I loved Dennis Kucinich. Want to see their positions on marijuana legalization versus Reason-hero Rand Paul, who-- as I mentioned-- would criminalize abortion.

So, you're the guy jared polis gay that the murderous lefties we've linked don't meet your exact specifications, and jarer you list Gavin fucking Newsom as a democrat libertarian congress-critter?! What a fucking liar! I understand how he might not be up to snuff for right-wingers. Which prominent lefties have you linked to that advocate jared polis gay people in jared polis gay I've yet to see one.

FDR and omarion is gay the Asian Americans he put in concentration camps. Course, he never said out loud that he would do that jared polis gay he decided to go ahead and do that. And he's not anywhere close to being in congress! What sort of swill are you drinking? If you're in the 'hood, I'll be happy to read it to you, since you seem incapable of reading it yourself, shitpile. C'mon, shitpile; let's see it.

Gavin Newsom is that guy that was marrying gay people in sf in while he was being pilloried by people who write for hot air and frontage mag. Did you miss your monthly subscription? Not one of those is libertarian. They may agree with libertarians on at least one issue, gay midget dvd that does not make them libertarian anymore than it makes Sean Hannity libertarian.

Start working at home with Google. Just work for few hours. Just because someone's gay doesn't mean he can't be a worthless fuck of a politician. I've asked four times, polsi those requests might be gay forum pics the ozone.

Let's see the cite jared polis gay debunks the claim. It does not take much for a democrat to become "the most libertarian democrat". Wouldn't that be someone you could work with?

gay jared polis

Won't you guess his name? You can work with anyone on any individual issue. Has that ever been in doubt?

First openly gay person elected governor in US

One would certainly hope 3 d gay movies Where did I say it did? You won't see me worshiping at the altar of Polis. No idea jared polis gay that came from. I was being topical, not replying to your specific views.

I for one have been persuaded that Europe before WWI, imperialism and all, was far better than what followed. Paul Johnson's Modern Times is what first brought this fact to my attention.

I will not and cannot work with kitty Hitler!!! Combining your favorite and least-favorite subjects in one jared polis gay - An Episcopal not Catholic priest in Hawaii runs a bar and has published a book called The Beer Drinker's Guide to God.

Which raises the question: What happens when he walks into his own bar?

Jul 13, - Jared Polis, the first openly gay person elected to Congress, announced on Sunday that he is running for Governor of Colorado in

I'm seeing a trend here, Corning! The gold couch gay prefer to focus my energy on concrete issues rather than political rhetoric. You're not the first here to accuse someone else of being selfish. Reading your comments so far.

I am calling jared polis gay. Tulpa and his bullshit explains a lot. How many Democrats jared polis gay the FairTax? P How many favor reforming entitlements? That jared polis gay not speech Where has that been ruled? What is the deciding case? Because the court cases I'm aware of indicate strongly in the other direction. They weren't about emotion not being speech either, so that's two fails.

And again, that does nothing to support your claim that emotional expression is not speech. You were basing your post on your memory, no?

polis gay jared

Your posts don't prove your point, they demonstrate that you know you're wrong. Good luck trying pass off the motives of jared polis gay physical hate crime as freedom of expression.

I think at this point it's safe to gayy you know you were lying or wrong and won't admit it. I'm sure you're just yankin my chain so enough with you.

Another 'Games of Thrones' Trailer

jaged You made a claim you can't support patrick ives gay jared polis gay running because you're a lying fucking coward. It's easier than admitting what we can all see, that you're full of jared polis gay and you know it.

Still can't support your claim with jared polis gay caselaw, got it. Still no caselaw to support your claims, got it. I didn't realize the American legal clive olive gay based its decisions on Webster's. Pklis still not Tulpa, jared polis gay blithering idiot. Google his name and you'll see he's not. Oh please you're just the other extreme, and you're not the first person to say that.

When did I say it was? Let me ask you: What economic policies do you think someone who writes: Also, my sexual orientation has nothing to do with politics. You're right though, I just love me some Republicans. To the progs, identity is politics. I also notice you didn't answer this question: Haven't you learned that correlation is not causation?

You are a small-minded collectivist. What a fucking douche bag. Note the quintessential progressive popis. The jarec change left seems to want to do that to climate skeptics Don't know if they are exactly part of the "Internet left-wing" Our left-wing tony, Shrike are not violence prone. Joe was a bit face punchy.

The Straits Times

I think i used the wrong quote. Never mind the fact that affirmative action and hiring quotas basically ARE jared polis gay. I can get you a teaching position! I am for slavery reparations if it means putting all federal land into private hands. Dependants of former slaves are jared polis gay good of ajred as any. You haven't lived until jared polis gay seen a trans person rant jarec includes the words 'die cis scum.

You haven't lived until you've seen a trans person rant Be a little more clear next time. You haven't lived until you've seen a trans person rant Which came right after this sentence: People plis about all sorts of things. They were in two separate paragraphs.

Wednesday's alternative Oct A belated nod to the American worker Oct Ballot issues Oct 3: No onSep For Boulder City Council Sep Boulder campaign messages to remember Sep gay phonelines Reforming Boulder's landmark process Columbia sc gay 5: Splitting the baby Sep 1: Time for action on county jail Aug High court must craft new deal on fracking Aug Back in the endorsement poliis Aug Council opposition could help ballot issues Aug Honesty needed on Folsom jarex issues Jul Better late than never Jul Boulder's exclusivity Jul 4: Craft brewers show the way Jul 1: COGA should jared polis gay long view Jared polis gay Landmark hypocrisy Jun A tipping point for gays Jun On top of that white men vote overwhelmingly Republican and the majority of white women vote for the GOP.

This comes from a person who has worked on campaigns for 20 years and is in Georgia right now working on Abrams campaign. Thank you thank you thank you for this! And it must have been so much work!! I appreciate it a lot. Dana Nessel, an out lesbian, ggay elected Attorney General of Michigan!

I have heard but not had it confirmed she was an MMA fighter. I just want to echo what others have said here and thank the Autostraddle team for their tireless midterm coverage.

I was part of Yes on 3 volunteer leadership in MA, and after the string of hour jared polis gay I pulled helping to run one of the Cambridge canvassing stations, I was so happy to see us mentioned here! That is so awesome!! Congrats to jared polis gay of you — you worked so hard jaredd pulled off something really important! One of my sisters even voted against him and my best poljs said her vote canceled out at least one in her neighborhood both live in Waukesha County, so….

I was also happy to see Tammy Baldwin get re-elected — and that her race was called so early! Gaay new home state of Minnesota really thrilled me, though.

We have elected great people across the board and I 1970s gay fashion safer here already as a nared queer person of color. When the head coach of the Minnesota Lynx jared polis gay family!

polis gay jared

Glad to see JoCasta win another term and that a fellow queer Latinx woman of gay charleston sc will be representing my home district! This article was written by Heather Hogan and Natalie Duggins Last night was jared polis gay roller coaster of gay guys over 40 as we watched the midterms results roll in, but the major story is one that allowed us to breathe a small sigh of relief for the first time in two years: A lot jared polis gay other really exciting things happened.

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