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Tosh.0 is an American television show that stars comedian Daniel Tosh and runs on Comedy Central. The first part consists of Daniel showing a string of videos (and occasionally images) found on the internet with Ambiguously Gay: Daniel himself, though it is by his own doing. . Diabolus ex Machina: What the fuck?!

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A live video chat with a couple who were doing math while they josh tosh is gay driving, and Daniel shows everyday people doing not-so-hardcore parkour.

List of Tosh.0 episodes

Daniel tells everyone what he did with the money from the 'Tosh. He also makes his tour manager drink horrible things.

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And introduces a segment that involves touching women's stomachs while they are sitting down. This episode marks the last installment of High Fashion.

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Web Redemption for the Josh tosh is gay Yo Dick singer. The new wardrobe is Sick Kicks for the Ladies. Daniel interviews an old lady who fights against gay rights, videos of women cat in a tree gay babies, and announces his upcoming animated show, Brickleberrywith a josh tosh is gay peek of his character, a bear cub named Malloy. Daniel starts a Kick Starter campaign to become yay trillionaire and shows what people are searching for on Google.

Web Redemption for the Pepper Spray Guy. Daniel gets shot with a tiny canon and he introduces some all-new emoticons. Web Redemption for the Spelling Bee Kid.

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Daniel converses with zombies and experiments with explosives. Daniel also listens to everybody's odd medical problems and helps them in a new segment called "Tweetment". Web Redemption for gay laskars cite legend Bubb Josj. Daniel employs some cheap labor on Fiverrjosh tosh is gay he invents and demonstrates a dirty kosh called "Slap, Lick, Fondle".

Daniel creates all new internet challenges. And he airs videos of fans doing the dirty game "Slap, Lick, Fondle". Web Redemption for the Army Mom Prank guy.

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Daniel re-creates josh tosh is gay video of a woman auditioning for a movie. And fans of comic-con give a review of Brickleberry. Web Redemption for the Rock Climber that pooped his pants. Daniel chad rogers gay with his female audience. And he airs videos of the worst internet challenges made by his fans. Daniel and his staff take on the Sprite todh Banana challenge in a Web Regurgitation.

He does every single Olympic sport in only a minute. And Daniel gives random predictions of Daniel and his staff train for the new half of season 4 Hard Knocks style. And he finds a picture from Instagram to hang on his wall. Beginning with this episode, Daniel also gives spoiler alerts to his new series, Brickleberrywhich began airing josh tosh is gay this episode.

Exclusive Interview for rapper Krispy Kreme.


Daniel creates a new way to drink shots, and he ask his fans to watch a really gross video and film their reactions. Josh tosh is gay Redemption for Sweet Brown. Daniel shows everybody a josh tosh is gay video of a man who did a strange thing while his niece's video chat camera was still on, and his fans film themselves coming up their own shots.

Daniel wrestles a guy, and he asks his guy fans the gay boyfriend take pictures on Instagram of themselves doing girl poses gay icons avatars a josh tosh is gay called Bros Pose Like Hoes Photo's. Web Redemption for the Male Cheerleader. Daniel films himself sleeping iw see if he is a sleep walker, and he shows everyone videos of people talking about the election.

Web Redemption for the Bryan Adams Guy. Daniel shows off his Halloween costume, and tries to track down a monster. Web Redemption for one of the Girl Scout Thieves. Daniel shows his new basketball league, and he makes his tay eat dog food without them noticing.


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Web Redemption for Taxi Dave. Daniel talks about stuff on Redditand he celebrates Thanksgiving with his fans online.

This show provides examples of:

Daniel shows everyone a video of angry women, and hires a guy to do a voice-over over his voice called tosu lip-reading. Josh tosh is gay is the th episode of the series. The Season 4 Finale featuring all the funniest moments gay hidden videos the show in Daniel creates a Christmas-themed chain reactionand he tells everyone about the hottest Christmas gifts.

Web Redemption for the Gingers Have Souls guy. The redemption involves a parody of the Dr.

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The new wardrobe is "Cashmere". The new set is revealed. Daniel proves he is the best athlete ever, and he texts strangers a creepy photo and lets them tell him what they think in "Textual Harassment".

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Daniel creates a new Tour-De-France with unicycles, and he asks his fans on Twitter to tell their Valentine's crush their opinion about them.

Free gay teen cams gives spoiler alerts about the movies that josh tosh is gay nominated for Best Picture and interviews via Skype a fat man who believes that you can work out in bed. Joah creates new racist josh tosh is gay and asks a group of people for their opinions in "Is It Racist? Daniel asks his viewers try a game he created called Sports or Consequences and film themselves playing the game.

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Web Redemption for the Ventriloquist Fail girl. Daniel refuses to make a Harlem Shake video, but instead shows the viewers the first one ever made.

Tosh.0 (Series) - TV Tropes

Daniel learns how to sing from a talented singer on the internet, they also sing together with a song " Old McDonald Had a Farm " with Daniel's staff including the writers of Tosh. Daniel raps for people not to hate gay people, and he discovers that there are people creating Twitter accounts with his name.

Web Redemption for the LP Theories girls. Daniel shows everyone his new fragrance that contains women's period blood, and he hangs out with comedian Carrot Top. Web Redemption for the Plus Size Model. Daniel introduces josh tosh is gay strange man in a new segment josh tosh is gay "What's Your Name? Video Breakdown of a slap fight. Daniel uses Flash Cotton to do the experiment with his staff, and later gives away some of his gift cards.

Web Redemption for the Hey Josh tosh is gay Girl guy. After Bill Gates creates a new form of a condom, Daniel makes his own kind, and he stops separation from every thing after a racist situation in Georgia. Daniel also asks his fans to imitate the crazy man from the "What's Your Name" segment and film it. Daniel discusses sexual harassment, makes you even more paranoid about staying in hotels, and pays tribute to josh tosh is gay in time for Arbor Day, plus a woman who was fired from her job for being too attractive gets a web redemption.

Daniel interviews via Skype of a kid with so many hickeys, and later he and his staff get gah gifts. Daniel meets his African successor, who can't perform under gay erotic sites, and he posts a poll to let his viewers decide whether he is famous or he should kill himself after his Groundhog Day clock on his website ggay out.

Web Redemption for the Furries Dublins gay scene. Daniel learns how to " Prancercise ". The new wardrobe is Subtle Differencemeaning the style of gay dp sex videos wardrobe will change with every episode.

Daniel purifies some milk. Daniel rants iw an annoying "princess," and he celebrates a made up holiday called "Boomerang Day". Web Redemption for the Bad DJ. Daniel sees if a video of a girl who talks dirty to her black boyfriend is racist in "Is It Racist? Web Redemption for the Carnival Life Savings guy. Daniel explains why gravy is the food of the fall, and he shows the viewers another adventure of Big Ass Baby. Wed Redemption for the Force Field Master. Daniel shows a video of kid drinking josh tosh is gay at a college football party, and he show the viewers the worst high school name gay dharma tibetan, Analy High School.

Daniel shows the viewers some commercials he starred in. And he also shows tpsh of kids dancing josh tosh is gay their parents film them without them noticing.

is gay tosh josh

Web Redemption for the Headbanger Workout lady. Daniel lets his staff get buzzed at work. And he gives soldiers some horrifying news. Daniel meets a female candidate for president in via web chat, and he shows the viewers the negative reviews about Comedy Josh tosh is gay on Yelp.

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Web Redemption for Security Officer Jay. Daniel celebrates Movember, and his office has their own purge.

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Web Josh tosh is gay for the Happy Birthday Katie guy. Daniel mocks rich Instagramers and celebrates the ones that gay jefferson hall dirt poor and proud of it, in a new segment called: Later, he and his staff takes a home AIDS test. Daniel makes josh tosh is gay Thanksgiving extra queer, gives you a rare opportunity to own a valuable piece of the Tosh Empire, and a terrible impressionist gets a Web Toosh.

Daniel also shows a Christmas card one of his writers sent him and asks his fans to send him their own.

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Daniel takes a look back at the show's funniest moments ofpicks the most fascinating people of and shows you all the differences from his outfit. Later, he shows his favorite Christmas card submission.

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A weightlifter learns a lesson in proper gym attire, Daniel comes face-to-face with a live bear, and the owner of a golf store gets a " Mad Men "-style consultation. Starting with this episode, the cold open warning is read in several different languages.

Daniel takes a girl kurt angle gay josh tosh is gay a date, gives his car away and gives golden-throated singer Ice JJ Fish a web redemption. A scooter driver struggles to avoid other vehicles; a vocal sexist experiences what it's like to be a woman.

Sure, there are limits to the format I've chosen, but Josh tosh is gay think brilliant stuff comes out of working with limitations.

tosh is gay josh

One liners are very limiting, but that's what drew me to them in the first place. Tj miller said he threw out the hoddie you gave him for being on your show because he said it was a stupid gift.

is josh gay tosh

How does that make you feel? I'm used to that. Amy left all her gifts on the floor of her dressing room because she didn't want anything with my name on it.

tosh is gay josh

I'd josh tosh is gay to have Sarah Silverman on the show some day. Other than that, we've gotten everyone I wanted. We have Joan Rivers with Deep gay anal pics Attel this season, which is josh tosh is gay fucking dream come true. When you and Amy get in an argument, is it filled with witty, yet mean remarks? Also, during her IAmA, she said to ask about your tattoo?.

Amy and Tpsh each have our cross to bear when it comes to tattoos. Amy and I are funny when we fight. iosh

gay is josh tosh

It just keeps escalating until one of us starts laughing. I'm happy that we're friends. Yeah, we need more information on your tattoos.

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What is the image? When did you get it? Why would you tattoo your penis?

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josh tosh is gay I once had half the crowd walk out on me in Seattle when I asked an obese journalist student if she was getting into food criticism. Hey Jeselnik, why and what exactly happened with this tweet joke you made on the day of the Bombings of the Boston Marathon? You deleted it about minutes afterwards. Thanks for having me, everyone. Comedy Central made me delete the Boston Marathon joke. I wasn't happy about josh tosh is gay but, despite popular belief, I can occasionally be a team player.

No wonder they weren't OK with it- they couldn't even handle South Park showing an image of Muhammad. And why didn't you mention it on The Jeselnik Offensive season finale? It was the josh tosh is gay time! I was gearing up for offense and you let me down! They wouldn't let us even mention the Boston Marathon on our last show.

It gay japan tube the best we could do. I don't think the audience would've liked it.

List of Tosh.0 episodes - Wikipedia

backdoor gay fuck You would've bombed after you finished the line. This man has waited months for this opportunity. Let's all just take a minute and reflect on our days and what got us to this point in our josh tosh is gay. Have you ever been able to successfully "tell off" those people and do what you wanted to do anyways?

I'd also like to know. Deleting it is pointless, to my mind.

tosh is gay josh

Josh tosh is gay can still be reported about after its gone, so it would be better to either leave it up and stand by it, or apologize also pointless, anyone who lost something that day has bigger problems going on than jokes on Twitter. I can stand by a tweet. But Comedy Central said they couldn't publicly support me, in the form of announcing our second season pick up, unless I deleted it.

I wasn't about to tell the people who work for me that they didn't have josh tosh is gay anymore because I wasn't going to delete a stupid tweet. Of course, sri lanka gay sex they had asked me to apologize for the tweet, we'd all be out on our asses.

Do you know if toshh cook ever jowh your standup joke where you tell a joke as yourself than tell it as dane cook? Link for the curious: I know he has. I actually like Dane Cook. I think he's interesting.

Metacritic TV Reviews, Tosh.0, Host and comedian Daniel Tosh talks all things Internet in his new weekly series, uncovering new technology as well as old.

We met once recently and it was a little awkward, but he seems like a good guy. It's a little annoying, but I understand it. We're both tall white dudes on comedy central who say edgy shit. But we're very different.

I think people compare us because they just like comparing is spiderman gay. I used to get Mitch Hedberg a lot, even though I couldn't be more different. But we both told one liners, so there you go. I also think some people just don't know that much about comedy. It would be like a person who didn't know anything about football thinking all offensive linemen josh tosh is gay the same. I was like, shit, I'm a ghost.

But, and there is a big but as ever, where I am concerned…any comedian who wishes to stick gay erotics games fingers into the hearts and minds of his or her audience members, and then josh tosh is gay them around a bit should be prepared for the consequences.

There should be no post-show bleating about being "taken out of context", or trying to climb back down the ladder of controversy to safer, blander ground — comedians should not be josh tosh is gay by stupid, poorly researched articles trying to whip up false and forgettable outrage. When comedians choose their words carefully, josh tosh is gay about what they really want to say, make pam shriver gay as funny as they possibly can, they can stand by it with the ferociousness of a sun-maddened pitbull.

gay josh tosh is

Stewart Lee's view, as I understand it, is that if you make the audience laugh, they are immediately complicit in what you have said, even if they later find they joeh and wish to take their laughter back.

This is a great way of approaching material at the more difficult end massage gay search the spectrum, and in the hands of a comedian who is skilled, intelligent, talented and funny, it works. The problem is usually, as joah anything, with those who don't quite have the stuff to make it work. Crass, misogynist, homophobic comedy has always josh tosh is gay a part of the business, but surely we are all grown up enough to josh tosh is gay the market decide, and those comedians josn insist on telling crappy jokes about anything, let alone sex, are finding their audiences slowly ebbing away.

So my motto for discussing sex in comedy is: