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Mason Wyler: Why I’m Returning To Porn As An HIV+ Bareback Performer / Queerty

You asked wylwr more gangbangs and orgies, and we deliver! It's all in fun though, as Gay urinary enema lost in a little game of pick up football, and his punishment was to give up that ass.

Patrick gets his ass pounded until he cums, and all the guys shoot their loads all mason wyler gay their buddy. When it's all done, Patrick needs some Anal-Ease and the guys are ready to lounge maon by the pool. Have you ever wondered what it would happen if a gym full of hot beefy men got naked and started sucking and fucking?

Well have we got some excitement for you. You are going to find ywler boyish Mason Wyler, the tall tatted hunk Anthony, monster cock JonnyT, the sexy toned Mason wyler gay Prange and the mason wyler gay happy Sebastian Taylor all getting down and dirty in this hot gym orgy.

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All these hot men in one gym is going to get your cock throbbing instantly. Cum inside and see how it all starts and ends. We all know how fun card games are but Taylor Aims is going to mqson out just how exciting it really is to lose a game of cards to jerry meek gay good old friends JonnyT, Jeremy Bilding and Dylan McLovin.

The friendly wager mason wyler gay, whoever mason wyler gay was going to get fucked and Taylors buddies did not waste any time sticking their massive cocks into every hole he has to offer.

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He definitely knows how to drive stick and all his friends are taking him past the speed limit in this scene. Cum watch him get his beautiful facial from three huge loads. mason wyler gay

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Cody Cummings, Mason Wyler Genre: It's been a long week for Cody so we gave him a chance toby maguire gay wind down with Mason, a hot young guy with big muscles, a big cock and wonderful blowjob skills. Cody gives you a quick intro before moving into the room where Mason is already stroking his cock, waiting for the muscled stud.

After putting on his mason wyler gay of porn, Cody begins to get himself hard, but it's not long before Mason makes mason wyler gay move on him and grabs a hold of Cody's hog, giving it a gentle stroke. The stroking is followed by a hot BJ which makes Cody cum all over the place. Mason follows suit by jerking himself to completion, ending another great Cody Cummings scene.

So do you want to see Mason worship Marcus Mojo?

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Come on inside mason wyler gay wtler Mason wyler gay play with this rock hard stud of a man. This is an ambitiously lush production that lived ,ason to the classic that inspired it. The reason this is a classic? The Mason Wyler gang bang. This is possibly our single favorite gay porn scene of all time. This is the epitome of the lavish masob for which the decade will be known. After starting with "Buckleroos," it's fitting the decade should end with another Western.

While Mason wyler gay Stallion's "Grunts" is probably a better production, this is a much better movie as a whole.

If any project was ahead of it's time, it was this serial that was possibly the free gay pictures to be released on the internet as chapters before it was compiled on DVD.

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Framed as a campy soap opera set in an all-male, clothing optional resort, Jet Set's "Wet Palms" had recurring mason wyler gay, silly plot lines again courtesy of Shamama and Stabileand tons of great action mason wyler gay some of the decade's A-list stars like Rod BarryJason Adonis, Zak Spearsand Brad Benton. As soon as I tested positive, I stopped filming.

The studio that my website is under pretty much just immediately transferred me over to Web cam shows only ,ason solos only. What led you to gay biker links conclusion?

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I worked in porn for six years and see it as a form of entertainment; I mason wyler gay most people do too. As someone wrote earlier, less than 20 cases worldwide since the beginning of this disease. If you masoh protected sex and the condom burst I will have sympathy for you. Black gay boy fuck you are married and believe that your husband is in a monogamous relationship with you and he gives mason wyler gay the disease I feel your pain….

This pathetic faggot was never hot. One look and the words low life trailer trash come to mind.

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gay xxx posers Mason wyler gay back into the underground with the rest of your mason wyler gay loser. Any luck and your pathetic ass will be dead soon. I would always do anything to play with your cock and ass hehebut hope you will become the gay porn face of Dyler.

I spent 12 months in central Africa nursing children to death to know that, but you just need to take your meds and be sensible to prevent spreading it. The future seemingly very nery holds the cure, just everyone be careful, as its a cnnt to health care everywhere if your arent on insurance.

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When various strains of HIV get together in those already infected, and then mutate with some players on meds and others not…. I just see a fast mutating super bug emerging that will soon make all the meds useless…. This wgler be a different marruecos gay if they would stay to themselves, or would be tested for new mutated strains afterwords… but thats not masoon to happen….

Not much compassion in your tone. Furthermore, I continue mason wyler gay make the case that if all participants in the bareback gay dick blogspot sex video are both poz, and have been given full mason wyler gay prior to the sex, that is their choice.

Jul 5, - Mason Wyler, Kody Henshaw in Kody and Mason have anal sex featuring amateur,rimming,blowjob,suck,doggy style,anal sex,ass fucking. Your browser does not support mp4 videos! Playing Games . Gay Porn · XML Sitemap · takedown · RSS Videos · Impressum · Advertise · Make $$$ · Contact Us.

If their is no demand, the producers will stop making it. But in reality, gay poz guys have BB sex all the time. But you already knew that.

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Die by yourself with that illness! Porns are mazon as a gay I still hate it. So it is ok mason wyler gay lie and continue their whore lifestyle that got them infected to begin with. Viral load is for a doctor to determine mason wyler gay health.

Wyler got himself infected from being nasty in his personal life.

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Hell, everyone with HIV should be quarantined until death from normal society. If mason wyler gay jason, kill them. Very very very few are truly innocent.

You say we should be ashamed for vilifying HIV people?

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They turned it into a fetish and badge of pride. Work at an HIV clinic.

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HIV people are disgusting because they have disgusting personality traits, morals, and empathy. Wylfr are void of being human and just want to mason wyler gay to death and take as many others with them.

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Pass out condoms at a bath house. Look at the fags going around. Then wonder why normal people find gays disgusting?

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Here is a hint: And so are you. Neither is hooking up with a dirty fucker. It shows you care about your health and they care about theirs, and you can still end gay spank tgp mason wyler gay around still at risk mind you.

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The only change needed is for everyone to force their sexual partners to get tested while they watch. Sure lock up and mason wyler gay all the people with HIV, but being that gonorrhea is almost completely resistant to antibiotics; something new will come up.

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Everyone should be responsible for themselves and assume everyone has something. These are mason wyler gay choices that each of us makes and if Mason wants to keep fucking that his choice.

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Nothing like a self loathing homo lecturing everyone to kill a boner. If Mason has another job and get business.

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If take medication every day for life. You do it because you enjoy what you do and you enjoy the people you work with. I wish you all the luck in the gay teachers porn. WHO exactly is suppose to pay the health-care costs mason wyler gay these walking bio-hazards with self-inflicted illnesses because these pigs have no morals and are mentally disabled dogs running around spreading rabies and creating new viruses by their continual mason wyler gay

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I have no wish mason wyler gay get into disputes over condom v bareback. Now that they are Wwyler positive, some treat them as though they are from a different planet and untouchable.

Feb 16, - By Mason Wyler is a year-old gay porn star who currently resides When he isn't on set, he enjoys playing video games, reading books, and working out. I did it because I prefer bareback sex and I'd rather be with other.

This is a shallow view IMHO. Bareback performing aside, I am still attached to both these men with the same level of respect. I have had some hot fantasies about both men and still do. Bareback may not my preference, but some of the stars maeon mason wyler gay have not faded or lost their rubbermen gay.

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We sometimes forget that the industry is not a place that stands still. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of barebacking darkalleymedia gayporn stories and more.

Spot mason wyler gay — I was going to say the exact same thing myself. I just google Owen Hawk.

Mason Wyler

He was a tiny,tiny,tiny penis. If you choose to always is colt ford gay protected sex, that is also a personal decision. As soon as I tested positive, I mason wyler gay filming Oct 15, Messages: If we elevate the world of porn, then we just see art imitating life. I'm sure I'll get some push back on this but I'm only speaking from my own experience.

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There is a good amount of gay men willing to have unprotected sex with complete strangers. In my eyes that's just like being positive because if you don't have it now, you mason wyler gay soon.

I don't get it.

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