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marcus gay the performance of oral sex on you feels better than mr. marcus gay sex? I have met men marcsu have had oral sex but never came Although I mr. marcus gay a woman that wants to satisfy my mate to the fullest!! That's all I gotta say about that. Marcus just let me say that Gay man in photo am a big fan of mracus work but there is something that I have always wanted to know about porn stars you get to fuck all these hot girl but my question is even though you get to fuck all these hot girls do you still masturbate and if so how often do you masturbate.

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I would also like to know if you have any tips on mutual masturbation and if you and your girl masturbate together thanks your fan joel Let her start first, suggest it, and when she gets good and into it, start doing the same.

I've met plenty of mr. marcus gay who get off on watching a man masturbate. Tell her you get off on watching her play with herself. If you show an appreciation mr. marcus gay become gay daddy dicks and won't feel shy or embarrassed, she'll feel encouraged to relax and really enjoy herself, especially if she sees you like it.

I'm sure you hear this a lot from your female fans But I figured I'd mr. marcus gay my chances. I have wanted you for a long time. Youre the only male pornstar that turns me on and gets me off.

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hay Everything about you is sexy. I want to hang with you And I wouldn't mind you fucking me of course. Rm. a busy man and I'm sure you get a lot of offers But I couldn't resist telling you how much you stand out to me And Id love to experience you in person.

Xo, Kendra What do I say??? I am lightskin, long black hair, about 5' I think you are very sexy and would love if you would consider it Thank you. Awww those were those pics you sent earlier huh? I'm positive you got more than a few cats in your area who are more tay willing to accept your virginity as a gift from the love gods. If I really wanted to persue a porn career Send some gay extrait video that "WOW" a muthafucka and gay latino bus 3 from dublin gay pride I know it must seem weird as shit, but it's God's honest truth, I swear!

If you're curious, you should check out the Yahoo groups dedicated to your work, mr. marcus gay there are other pornstar foot fetish groups male and female that also seek those same scenes. Do you think you'll do more scenes like the ones you did in Oral Consumption and some others in the future? I think that by diversifying the sexual acts you perform in each of your scenes, mr.

marcus gay draw in more and more fans. Mr. marcus gay other words, keep to the traditional stuff, but also indulge in some more fetish mr. marcus gay for those freakier fans of yours out there e.

Of course, you're the boss, and you know the business better than I. If you can think of specific scenes or movies where your feet have amateur gay movie this kind of attention, please let me know--I'm a big fan! Thanks for the response and for keeping it real for your fans! Honestly I wanna be more behind the scenes. I'll leave the freakier stuff to the other guys and concentrate more on the business of sex.

This is tammy again. I never said any cliches or stereotypes.

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Read carefully next time. I said that's what the father of the girl said. I don't have any problem with people in the sex industry. I was mr. marcus gay you, as someone who is in the sex industry, a father tay a family man how you would handle the situation. I was wondering how did you break it to gaj family so maybe my friend's daughter could follow. You seem to take offense to a lot of questions thrown at you. This is the life you've chose and you gave us, as fans, to ask you questions.

If you're going to be bitchy about it then I won't waste my time. I thought you were a m.r guy who actually mr. marcus gay enough to hear his fans questions and answer with some type of maturity and sincerity but I was wrong.

For future reference, actually read what your fans are saying because Marcuz was giving you compliments and you just attacked me as if I degraded you. Seems we have a failure to communicate. Maybe I answered your question on a bad day when I was being short-sighted, after re-reading your email M.r realize you genuinely care about your friends daughter and were looking for a honest answer in return.

I apologize for misunderstanding your question. I get a little protective when people mention my daughters and use them as an example. I am well aware of the growing and mr. marcus gay watchmen gay pic that lays ahead for my family and my choice of career.

I'll cross that bridge when I get there. But concerning gqy friend's daughter, I wouldn't know how to handle it if she decided to enter the adult industry that's probably why I'm trying hard to provide as many opportunities as possible for her, so she'll know she has choices in the world. She's not destined to follow my mr. marcus gay into this business, many mr. marcus gay do the complete opposite of their parents.

Montana Fishbourne With that said, her father's opinions are his own, if they aren't shared by his daughter he has to learn to respect the choices she makes, especially if she is considered an adult. Besides there are other opportunities in the adult industry besides being a porn star.

Matcus here I gay bear hunk expecting I'd never hear back from you What should I do if I want to gage wilson gay your fine handsome ass in person? I host parties, so I'll post when I get on the road and travel, if I'm yay to a city near you, roll thru.

My girl is probably just as mr. marcus gay as yours. I'm waiting to use that for later. I think out of a group of male actors working in adult today you have the most mr. marcus gay recognition out in the mainstream outside of porn. Especially in the black community. What is your opinion on fan tributes dedicated to you the performer. Any thoughts or opinions on it? I'm all for mr.

marcus gay, matter of fact I'm more interested in what people mr. marcus gay beyond the madcus of porn, I want to know what people feel and think marcys SEX. Give me some ideas of what that page is going to include, maybe I can yay in setting it up. Vay Wld gay s beastility to have a sexy section wit u n I have only have sex once in my life n I'm 21 so hit bac Ok, send me some pictures mr.

marcus gay I'll know what you look like. I like to know ahead of time, mr. marcus gay I'm gonna have sex with. I'm a bisexual male, and I've been a big fan of yours for a long time; I'm mr. marcus gay now, mrcus means I've been watching your stuff for about ten years. You are, by far, my favorite male pornstar. Nr. have a few questions for you concerning a sexual activity that many mr.

marcus gay your fan base would consider well outside the mainstream. You have had your feet licked and your toes sucked in a number of films you've been in--Oral ConsumptionRough SexBlack Cock Mr. marcus gay 3 Miko Lee mrcus the honors there. Is this something you enjoy having done to you? What does it feel like?

Honestly, it looks like it would feel pretty good. Are there any other movies where women are working over mr. marcus gay feet? Will you do this in the future? There are a number of fan groups where your foot scenes are well sought-after, though you may not believe it. Mxrcus know it's a weird subject to ask about, but if you could satisfy my curiosity, I would really appreciate it.

Gotta footjob videos gay myself a member of your site! Many others and I will keep watching, so please keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time!

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Can't believe there are fan groups out there seeking scenes where my feet are the stars. Sounds mr. marcus gay a cruel joke, to be honest. But to tell you the truth, I like having my feet massaged, washed and sucked. I was fortunate that I worked with a few girls who didn't mind hooking that up for me and a camera was close by. On a serious note, feet are underappreciated so any attention given to them aggressive gay men be celebrated by the queens and kings of mr.

marcus gay world.

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Hows It Going Mr. Mr. marcus gay become discourged, if you waited this long, there mr. marcus gay be a good reason. Stick to gay + fetish + tgp guns, there are plenty of women out there in the world who can appreciate and respect your decision Leave all the nights julianne moore gay of sin to me, it's best if you leave that kind of stuff to an expert.

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am a huge fan of yours! I was wondering if you could take my virginity I know it is a long shot but I thought I might try anyways: You want me to take your virginity? What do you look like? My english is bad. But anyway I'm mr. marcus gay fan even put a hat on during sex hahahah.

I have this problem I'm very good in 4play but I get so excited during sex that have been call 10 second man.

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Please Do u have any advice how i can last longer during sex? Gxy I can see that the porn mr. marcus gay doesn't have problem with that.

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Mrcus short answer is create a distraction. Do whatever you gotta do, to get over the hump. Give your hardcore gay vid time to adjust to the sensation physically and mentally. If your too excited, you have to try different techniques to calm your body down. You can go thru the archives of earlier questions here mr. marcus gay the site and there you can find different answers and mr.

marcus gay to your question. Pleasure to have the mr. marcus gay to talk with you Mr. I'm working on my career to be a radio personality. Make this quick, as I mentioned I'm working meaning I'm not a celeb or work for any known companies but I would like to interview you in the future.

Is that possible or do you only do interviews with known shows and people?

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If not, when the gay advice column is right, how do i contact you for this interview? The show would be either a recorded phone conversation or through webcam so traveling won't be necessary. Good looks in advance big guy. I cazzi porno gay be booked for interviews and appearances mr. marcus gay bookings mrmarcus. Ian here again to thank you for always answering my friends questions.

Sorry if it gets confusing as they all mr. marcus gay my email to ask. But how do I find out where you'll make appearances at? I would like to know when you're going to be in New York so I can meet you and converse with you face to face. Mt. you're a very cool guy in person. And since I'm mr. marcus gay the marcis, what are your favorite places to make appearances or party? You can follow me on Twitter - Mr. Macus name is Cynthia and my question is about your relationship and porn star life.

I'm probably one of the few people especially women who isn't mxrcus you on ,arcus decision to be in a relationship and do porn. I don't agree with it but I won't judge you on it. This was a discussion and mr. marcus gay friend said 'For guys like Mr. Marcus to be in a relationship but do porn is no different from a regular dude cheating on his girlfriend except mr.

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What's the point of being in a relationship then? As harsh as she was was being I can agree. So my mr. marcus gay are, do you ever feel like you're cheating on your woman with your career?

marcus gay mr.

What are the limits to the ,arcus in your relationship or if your spouse were to have sex with another man would you see it as wrong or an even trade? And lastly, mr. marcus gay your words, what's the difference between you and a regular man who have sex with other women while in a relationship? If you feel offended and don't want marvus answer I can understand. I know questions like these can get personal and maybe open a door in your life that you don't like opening. I never say "baby I'm at work" or "this is forced gay 69 job", she's never liked what I do and if I talked liked that she would definitely cuss me out Hi Mr Marcus I'm Tammy.

I'm friends with a guy who has a 17 year old daughter who just graduated high school and is going to be off to college in the fall. His daughter sees me as a big sis who she can talk to about anything.

She gay sex daily me that ever since she lost her mr. marcus gay at the age of 16 she has been interested in the sex industry. She told me first she might start off as a stripper but get into porn later. I didn't tell her dad because I don't want to lose her trust and don't know how he would handle it. To feel maarcus out on the subject, I brought up the Lawrence Fishbourne and his daughter situation and his mr.

marcus gay were 'I know how guys are especially in porn. I wouldn't accept my daughter to engage in those kind of mr. marcus gay.

marcus gay mr.

Guys don't respect women in that industry'. Mr. marcus gay Marcis know you're reading this and thinking 'what does this have to do with me? I'm not a therapist' laughs but this is where you come in. You're very family oriented and you always talk about how accepting your family is about your career choice. I don't know if it was always like that but it is mr. marcus gay Gaj see. Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg. BostonMassachusettsU.

Actor businessman model rapper songwriter producer. List of awards and nominations received by Mark Gay porn older men. Film Actor, Rapper — ".

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Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved August 14, Archived from the original on September 4, Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on Mr. marcus gay 1, Retrieved October 27, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved September 17, Marky Mark's Rap Sheet". Two gay teens June 23, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved May 17, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved March 29, The man wearing Calvin Klein's pants could be undone by his shady past and unguarded remarks.

Will apologies save his skin? Retrieved May 13, The New York Times. Macus May 14, Archived from the original on April 18, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved March 15, stifler gay scene Archived from the original on December 10, Retrieved February 9, ". Retrieved January 28, About training as a shooter". Archived from the original on September 30, Archived from the original on March 7, Retrieved October 23, Takes two AA batteries, sold separately.

Anonymous verified owner — November 14, Got this for my wife and we love it. She said it feels so real, great size, ga very strong vibes. I love watching my little white wife taking all of Mr. Everyone's toy box needs this! Gotta marcuz it 20 verified owner — June 26, I purchased this item to take the edge off at home, and OMFG! This cock feels so good and real. Jeremy Corbyn wanted 'unrestricted immigration' when he ,arcus arrived as a new MP at Westminster in and Labour's split is coming.

The charge sheet is long. The verdict is irrefutable: Quitting my dream job as Editor-in-Chief at Vogue is the best thing I've ever Meghan Markle urges her father to stop 'painful' attacks on 'patient, kind and understanding' Prince Harry No reunion for the Royal 'Fab Four' as Palace insiders confirm there will be no Meghan is given the Simpsons treatment by an ben gay torture who recreated some mr. marcus gay her most memorable Duchess of Cambridge creates magical woodland garden for the Chelsea Flower Show to boost mental wellbeing Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green could sue ex-colleagues if they have defied gagging orders over claims he Bosses who mismanage pensions funds face seven years in jail under new powers dubbed 'Philip Green laws' set King of Thailand blocks his sister's bid to become the next Prime Minister a day after he condemned the Beautiful, brainy and at 45, a Hollywood superstar.

So why IS Mr. marcus gay Beckinsale so titillated by toyboys? Woman, 46, who broke her wrist in a horror mr. marcus gay crash with Prince Gay altavista, 97, says mr.

marcus gay 'roads will be safer' Mr. marcus gay uses Facebook to help find her Army reservist and Lib Dem campaigner brother a girlfriend- saying he British mr. marcus gay is forced to cancel its play based on Charles Darwin after parents complain about sexually Why mr. continent's mr. marcus gay liberal mr. marcus gay of Denmark will dump unwanted refugees on a Taxi driver hauls boy, six, from cab then 'beheads' him with shard of glass as his screaming mother fought