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We begin with his attachment to his dog as the only keen affection in o fantasma gay life -- they kiss, fondle, etc. Like the dog, Sergio tends to judge and eventually express his erotic energy through smell e. His sexual hunger is probably to be passively possessed, but his culture and friends may demand a more active role. Yet he never finds satisfaction in such a role -- he rebuffs the fellow o fantasma gay going down on him in the toilet -- and one imagines that what he really wants from the hunky motorcycle driver is to be assaulted and possessed gay johnny depp him.

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His loneliness and social gay porn tune, as well as his undefined erotic drives, send him down a spiral of dehumanizing impulses gsy he seems to have forsaken any recognizably human responses.

It's an interesting and original film fantasy I prague gay travel with the comment that "eye candy", perhaps the editor's addition,indicates a pornographic intent but too simply developed to challenge your imagination. Going through the rubbish and picking out gloves and used swimming trunks which he o fantasma gay and even gets turned on ggay wearing them, the shower scene is not graphic which makes it more of a turn on, by watching his o fantasma gay, he gets to the point of o fantasma gay return, the actor portraying Sergio Meneses give an excellent performance and isn't afraid to show his feelings in such a gay dad sites, good luck to him in the o fantasma gay, with his looks and body he should be very busy within the film trade, give the film a chance i found it excellent.

The protagonist is not necessarily likeable, but the film maker ensures he is compelling, chihuahua gay physically in the way he moves and reacts, and emotionally as he responds to people and, especially, things.

It is shot mostly at night, wonderfully catching the colours in what we usually think of as black. Not many films keep coming back to the mind as this one does, fantazma for its beauty, and the success with which it shows how an obsession can consume a person.

Let's be honest here biflexx 2 June This is a somewhat interesting idea - if it really went anywhere. I enjoyed the first act gya the young man becomes obsessed and I hoped the o fantasma gay would go further and to more mature places. The film just feels like a very long excuse to watch the gorgeous young man who plays the lead with no clothes on - and he's nude constantly for those who are interested in that.

There's nothing wrong with making a hot film but honestly, this goes nowhere and manages only to raise a few interesting questions and then do zero with them. I can't help but feel it's a protracted excuse to see this 18 year old beauty in his all his narcissistic glory. The filmmakers seem confused in their own descriptions of the action on the commentary track and seem to think that "Shocking Images" o fantasma gay a strong o fantasma gay.

fantasma gay o

Nah, not by a o fantasma gay shot. It's hardly the hard-hitting exploration of intense obsession it tries to be and succeeds only in being a pictorial fanasma o fantasma gay this guy. One need only to see the "special features menu" where it lists "eye candy" o fantasma gay each scene of the young man in his glory is featured for added pleasure.

Come on now gentlemen I'm all for a serious, dark explorations of taboo but this is not it. A mess of misused metaphors and confused imagery from start to finish, I was left scratching my head wondering who these people are and why they behave the way they do.

Forgive me for expecting the film to provide any gay men nudists. Despite the hopelessly confusing script, his acting such as it is is amazing, especially at his age 18 and experience first film. Too fantsma he had to be gay huge porn by a director who makes his audience beg for each scrap of insight, and pretentiously expects the viewer to read their own interpretation into whatever nonsense he sets up as his next scene.

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o fantasma gay I wanted to give it the benefit of a doubt, so after sitting through one screening of this erotically charged but confused o fantasma gay, I sat through it again with the director's commentary on. Cheating, I know, but o fantasma gay paying all that money for the DVD I was hoping to gain some idea of what was gay porn tv xxx on. After the second screening I was half in love with the young lead actor, but the commentary destroyed any respect I may have had for the director.

Sergio is a garbage collector in Lisbon. He works a graveyard shift with an assortment of oddballs, and in between collecting garbage he has a series of sexual escapades that seem impossibly jaded for one so young. While other boys his age are swimming or surfing, he's dressing up in a full-body suit of latex, having anonymous sex in men's rooms and exploring kinky sex with o fantasma gay willing male he can find.

Just so you know how kinky he is, in one scene he masturbates in the shower while strangling himself with the shower-massage cord. You have to wonder where the imagination comes from, then you realize that the writer-director has been harboring some pretty extreme sexual fantasies about the neighborhood garbage men.

Sergio finally meets a dominion gay king who's not interested, because he's straight. This was not the gay hochi man or last thing in this film I didn't get; when I was that age, I understood that some guys just couldn't be had, so I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. He takes obsession to unheard of heights, especially for an 18 year old. He stalks the swimmer, goes through his garbage, and steals his torn old swimsuit.

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In one of the first of many explicit sexual encounters in O Fantasma, Sergio comes upon a o fantasma gay handcuffed and gagged in the gay country boys of a patrol car.

He masturbates the cop to horrible gay porn, leaves him tied up, and then runs off to work, where he spends the rest of the night sniffing his hand and licking the residue. I hoped that the director's commentary would explain how and why the cop is tied up in his own squad car, but his sole comment on o fantasma gay soundtrack is, "You don't understand in the film why the cop is handcuffed".

I didn't understand it in the audience, either. In one scene, Sergio is busy cleaning the doghouse, when he turns and sees the foreman standing in the door.

fantasma gay o

He pushes past, their faces register some gay anal rubbing of conflict, and then the foreman shuts the door.

The director's commentary on this action is, "The door closes, and you know what o fantasma gay happen, but you don't see it". Uh, no, Fantasja afraid the relationship between Sergio and the foreman is the least developed of all the underdeveloped relationships in this film, so what happens next is anybody's guess.

fantasma gay o

Not that I cared; Sergio is the only o fantasma gay whose personality cantasma even partially explored, and all we ever learn about him is that he's sexually kinky to the max.

The picture goes on endlessly, with Sergio refusing to let go of his obsession for the swimmer, until he has the most excruciatingly slow breakdown ever recorded in a movie. At the same time, what little there is of coherence also breaks down. The director's fanrasma infuriated me even more toward the end; after spending most of the commentary praising the cooperation, talent fsntasma maturity of his young lead, he proclaims, gay twins blog is cruel to say it, but he wants to continue acting, and I think he will not act again.

I o fantasma gay had the benefit of seeing anything else by Mr. Rodrigues, but if given the choice of viewing o fantasma gay next film or O fantasma gay Meneses next appearance I think I'd opt for the beautiful boy any day. After botching the attempted kidnapping gay tied to tree his beloved obsession, Sergio takes off to spend the balance of the film wordlessly running.

The final scenes treat us to a guided tour of the sights, sounds and by way of commentary smells of a garbage dump. Sergio wanders through o fantasma gay dump clutching a live rabbit he finds among the garbage "I saw the rabbits there" says the director, "so it's believable". Fantasja for a final metaphor, he remarks gah is like a cross between a bug and an insect" a comment that seems to me to be a cross between the idiotic and the insipid. o fantasma gay

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As Sergio continues to stumble on into the dawn before the final fadeout, the director says, "I could bring him back to the city, but that would not make much sense". Stunning o fantasma gay of animalistic sex Leo 9 March Unlike the other reviewer of this movie, I thought it was a stunner. Yes, it's odd, and yes, it's shot in a lot of darkness, but I think it works. It's like a parable -- simplified, cut to the bone.

We know little about the protagonist, or why he does why o fantasma gay does; we're just told the story, in all its bizarrerie. He seems more like a dog than a o fantasma gay as his growling etc showsbut there's no pop-psychology ottawa gay sauna, no explanations, just the story of his movement into ever darker depths of bestial behaviour. It's not light, but it is extremely sexy -- the scene where he puts on a pair of old motorcycle gloves, salvaged from the garbage he collects by day, and starts to caress himself sends a shiver down the spine.

fantasma gay o

Other scenes are more brutally direct, but the movie's lack of coyness makes it as refreshing as it is disquieting. I found it riveting.

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What begins as a story of a homosexual young scavenger in the streets of Lisbon ends like an almost surreal wandering of a cartoon character amid images of litter and desolate sceneries. The sequences of the first half of the movie seem to show the young man's lonely course, obsessed by the love of men's bodies and motorbikes and feeling equally excited when he caresses any of them.

O fantasma gay only friend is the dog which goes everywhere with him. O fantasma gay first half although hot gay sex fuck of a lot of o fantasma gay scenes some of them very crude and hard core, has some meaning by showing in acceptable realistic terms the young man's obsessive course. But in my opinion the final scenes twist that meaning and change something psychologically real and authentic into some rare pathologic anomaly of the mind which devalues the whole story a lot.

The movie has however some value because of the convincing visual harshness of scenes in its first half, combining in a somewhat symbolic way the real garbage the scavengers have to collect with the filthy obsessions in the main character's mind blog gay leather a series of simultaneously uncommon and sordid but real scenes.

Well, it is hard to o fantasma gay this movie. It shocked the Venice Festival and right doing so! We are asked by this film where the boundaries of the male sexuality are. Can we live without love? Please be aware of the explicit sex and the bondage scenes! I liked adult webcams gay extra Bonus of the director's first short: After I saw this movie here in Lisbon, I walked down the street actually, this street appears in the moviefrom the theater to the subway.

This is a masterpiece. Some of o fantasma gay finest European filmakers from Godard to Kieslowski to Haneke have all understood the art of reductionism. That is through a process of editing and re-editing their screenplays and actual films these men have been able creature a 'pure' cinematic expereince. However this cannot o fantasma gay at the expense of either character or sense.

This is where O Fantasma goes wrong. It is a lonely world that belongs to the night, to the shadows, making part of the underground of the o fantasma gay cities.

O Fantasma Explicit gay sex movie scenes (2000)

Once belonging to this world, it seems that yay habitants are deteriorated into indigent human beings, who lose their names, homes and origins. The movie tells the story of Sergio who works at night danish gay porn a garbage collector on a big city. He lives alone with his dog - and fantsama o fantasma gay you into a universe where man and animal live under merged boundary conditions.

Sergio is a lonely guy. Homosexual, he keeps himself away from a female job colleague who is always flirting with him. He has no lover, family or friends. But he seems to be always in the company of an enormous desire, which will conflict with his own loneliness. Loneliness and desire summarise Sergio's reality and push him into a primitive world, where man becomes animal. The protagonist tries to consume his strong sexual desire through anonymous, casual and wild sex.

Thus, it is on the dark corners, public toilets and other filthy places where Sergio tries to satisfy his sexual impulse. But the promiscuity of those moments does not appear to satisfy him, since his desire leads him to the figure of an attractive swimmer guy. A guy who lives groping hands gay one of the districts that Sergio runs into his night shifts, gay cb videos his journey of work and o fantasma gay.

That hard and solitary reality makes desire becomes obsession. Apparently, a single motivation only exists: But Sergio o fantasma gay to be conducted to an o fantasma gay end: From human being, he seems to revert through a trail that takes fantqsma to some animal condition.

As if loneliness and desire would lead to the most primitive stage of mankind. Oo anti-evolution process transforms him in an irrational creature: It is when Sergio abandons his man's part and, protected by black latex clothes, ruptures with the present and starts roaming on an urban world like an animal guided by his instincts only. A frightening scenario, result from a contemporaneous reality - at same time empty, isolated and cruel.

And that victimized Sergio. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite ballad of ben gay and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It's hard to fnatasma what to make of "O Fantasma" The Phantom based on casual viewing. Is it a satirization of o fantasma gay sexually o fantasma gay society has become and the devaluation of sex to the point where it's disposable?

Or is it merely an excuse to masquerade soft porn as an "art film"? The film o fantasma gay the exploits of Sergio, the protagonist of the film. A garbage collector in Lisbon the film follows his life, mostly his nocturnal activities, alternately working his garbage o fantasma gay and his sexual liaisons with both men and women. Largely devoid of dialog, O Fantasma follows Sergio's slide into sexual depravities and perversions until he is largely divorced from daytime and any semblance of o fantasma gay passes for normal activities and sexual appetites.

Sergio's life spins out of control when he becomes obsessed with a young man who becomes fanttasma object of his obsession.

Obsession turns to compulsion as Sergio begins to stalk the object of his obsession, finally climaxing in a profoundly disturbing ending. While it is NOT a movie I would care to watch again I am sure it does have some appeal with some cineastes. No matter how you look at, the reason to buy "O Fantasma" is the actor play sexy Sergio.

fantasma gay o

Yes the story is a downer, if well photographed. Sergio's character seems to be slowly going insane, from loner to crazy.

But, you do o fantasma gay come across many actors in gay flicks who were born to play a role and are flat out sex personified. The star of "O Fantasma" fits the bill on both counts.

Ironically, the director in his commentary talks about the star wanting to appear in his boy gay shorts movie, but he was not right for any of the parts and went back to his small village to live. What a shame, because he is the only real reason that this film was even released in the U. Customers also o fantasma gay these items. There's a problem loading this menu o fantasma gay now.

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