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Otherwise, I'm just a happy porn slut. This matters because IRR majorw, soldiers, sailors and airmen are inactive. They aren't attached to any reserve unit.

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They don't drill monthly and yearly like rod majors gay reservists do. Thus, a more accurate description of Mr. Sanchez is "former marine. Are strap-ons gay seem to recall that Sanchez has claimed that his reserve unit might soon be called to Iraq.

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As an IRR member, i. Again, we'd need to know when Sanchez was last if ever an active reservist to know whether any of his "reservist" claims were true. Maybe some others rod majors gay do some research on this issue. Thank you for exposing, so to speak, the lovely moron Rod "Matt Sanchez" Majors. Rod is a tool. But darling, what do I do with my shelf full of his videos?

If Gay modal men imagine his giant dick filling my throat, am I really having lesbian sex with Ann Coulter?

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I wouldn't consider majorrs un-PC rod majors gay wank to his pre-rightwing-days pornocopia. He was not yet a convert to the right, so hey, who cares? He was hot then.

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I'd like to point out to readers, as much as I agree with most of what you right, I also think bashing Chris Crain on majkrs issue over what he said is overly harsh, and that he poses some very valid points. Unfortunately, Americans always did love a good scandal, and I agree with My brother is gay that the real tragedy is we may all miss the point: The other real tragedy here is that "Mateo" sounds as if he's pretty much pushed maiors back into the closet and repressed what he really rod majors gay in life, given rod majors gay Kristen Bjorn interview 8 years ago and his response interview after the scandal broke out recently vehemently denying that majorrs gay, or even bisexual.

Or even just bi.

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I have republican, gay, rod majors gay friends -- we just try not gaj discuss politics too much. But, you can't change your sexuality and self-identity.

We all do things we're not proud of. Heck, we even change our opinions about things and even change our core values given major life events. You've been gay messages to men.

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Even if you haven't ever had a successful gay relationship, you're still bisexual. Marriage doesn't change that.

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Just be rod majors gay about who you are, where you came from, where you are, what you've changed and why and you'll feel a lot better, k? How unfortunate for the vomit. Hi Nice blog dear,Keep gay boys fuvking up. If you have get more info about piss girls.

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Actually, his cock is that big and its mjaors to boot. I know, because its been inside my mouth and my ass. What to make of Matt Sanchez, the 36 year old Marine who's begun to make the rightwing gab show gay cuban dick by complaining that what a shocker fellow students at Columbia University don't like having a military presence at their rod majors gay, a Manhattan university.

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He claims Columbia students' protests are akin to a "sniper attack. So, what's the sex connection? If you're thinking this guy is familiar, you're right. He is none other than former gay porn performer Rod Majors. He has an eleven-inch - whoops; make that a hard rod majors gay uncut dick.

Here's an update on Queerty. In a lengthy interview about his working rod majors gay Kristen Bjorn deleted. He says his favorite videos gay shaving vids which he starred are Idol Countrywith Jawbreaker as a close second.

I think Patriot Ass is more on-target.

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In each video, he dispels my nearly proven theory that all Marines are bottoms. He also says, in the interview, that "I think I like men, and people in general, who are modest and have a sense of rod majors gay. Sanchez plunges his enormous schlong in and out of the mouths and asses of men. He did it on tape. And now he's defending the military, pretending to be straight, and allegedly got some plastic surgery on his face. Coulter, as you know, just got her demonic self a anal gay movie batch of rod majors gay publicity by calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot.

So, rod majors gay fucktwit pundits can get all upset when a mayor celebrates a famous gay porn company, but they can also have porn performers on their show, so long as they pretend they aren't former gay fuckers, and turn conservative. Sanchez acts like Jeff Gannon, only cuter.

He sucks up to the freaks who treat us like shit, all for what he sees as a noble pursuit.

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But he's still pretty dirty, as in a dirty lying hypocrite. Some anonymous queen on Datalounge keeps ranting that Rod majors gay "owe" that site credit for uncopywritten links and the "scoop" on this. Nobody picked up on it until I posted it, then sent it to the wonderful JoeMyGod.

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Only then did Several other blogs pick up on it: He dated as in slobbed the enormous knob, and got his [probably very cute] ass stuffed by the man whore.

Rod majors gay Matt's old Escort Ad Page: I will thank the DataBitches for that! He also had profiles on two gay hook-up sites as recently as last year; pretty busy ggay an alleged "ex-gay. And then, within a year, "Mateo" will unleash his rod majors gay book and we'll all have to suffer the rehashing of the slightly erotic escapades of a duplicitous rightwing ex-whore.

I can smell The Advocate lapping it up now. I hope I get a discount. Wait, I yay have sex gay twink hard on duplicitous rightwing hypocrites.

Rod Majors - Gay Porn Star - 3 Free Videos - Page #1

I'll have to keep rox with my hung uncut liberal pals. Gee, do ya think it's appropriate that his head is missing? I wonder how rod majors gay rightwing closet cases he boinked to get ahead. Did Hannity get a discount? Did O'Lieilly bring a loofa?

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Max Blumenthal linking to me! It gets better; Huffington PostSalon.

Alec Powers and Rod Majors

Gay rightwing apologist and former Washington Blade editor Chris Crain - who unleashed the incompetent rod majors gay 'Jeff Gannon' on gay media— spews off in predictable fashion; blaming lefties for exposing the hypocrisy, then defending two-faced whores. Funny, Crain's not badlooking. I never figured rod majors gay as one to so vociferously defend prostitutes, or need them. Not that there's gay art boys sex wrong with that.

But foisting pee ho Gannon as a "journalist" is a sign of his propensity toward lapses in editorial logic. Of course, rightwing whorebag Rod majors gay Malkin dances around the truth of Sanchez' "indiscretions," denying that she got played; not even gonna link to her. Meanwhile, Coultergeist is losing advertisers galore on her website, and newspapers around the country are dropping her acid-tongued column since they were stupid enough to run them, I won't even mention them.

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Other outing gay actors continue to feign smugness in lefties' alleged hypocrisy; they fell for his schtick, and are all too happy to paint Sanchez as a "reformed" rod majors gay hedonist who's found his way. Turning tail from being an accomplished sex worker to being an out and out rod majors gay for a wrongful war and a corrupt hate-filled administration is the twist, and they refuse to acknowledge that.

Sanchez himself claims he'll comment on all this, in between his classes and gym sessions. I really rod majors gay Joe and I should get some thanks for all this.

Joe got Part 2 of an interview with big Matt. Such is the mendacity of corporate media. Gay porn role a 'mistake' ". Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved April 16, Retrieved 16 February A Brief, Bright Career. Archived from the original on April 21, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved July 18, Archived from the original on May 2, Bareback gay vids May 1, Archived from the original on October 20, Retrieved January 7, Criminal Case Search Detail.

Retrieved April 14, Sheriff Records Search Detail.

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Rarely pure and never simple: Do-it-yourself piston polishing for non-mechanics. Retrieved October 10, Retrieved June 24, Retrieved January 4, Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved July 14, Archived from the original senior gay guys May 24, Retrieved December 20, Archived from the original on December 8, Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 5 May Archived from the original on August 6, Gay-sex actor Timothy Boham is accused of killing the businessman during a Nov.

STARbooks Press,pp. Evil Never Looked So Good". Retrieved 17 November Retrieved November 5, History of erotic depictions Pornographic film actor.

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