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Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player has 74 ratings and 29 reviews. In the author's profile at the end of the book, Patrick Darcy says "For me, sex should be . This story is like a hot and dirty dose of gay porn. .. Sports and Games > Sports.

The book is told in the first person and opens with Conor preparing himself for a night on the town "As I wipe away the stream from the bathroom mirror and take a good look at myself, I can't help but think, Conor, you are one hell of a ride. Conor and his roommate Rugby player gay meet the rest of the team in big bulge gay hotel lobby before they all head out to a large gay club nearby for the tournament closing party. I thought rkgby author captured the antics of the playre perfectly as they heckle each other and chug their pints in a ritualistic drinking game.

There is a real sense of camaraderie. When they reach the club Conor spies Tonio, a rugby player gay from the San Francisco team, across the floor and he starts remembering the game from earlier that day. Even without understanding rugby, there is a real sense of the game provided in the descriptions and quite cleverly, the on-field manoeuvres are related back to sex.

Conor seems to struggle to keep his mind in the game as the pounding of the players translates into rugby player gay he would like to do off the field. The story reverts back to the club where Conor is prowling for Tonio with whom he had clashed in rugby player gay game. He has days worth of pent up gay free mpvies and wants Tonio to provide the relief.

gay rugby player

From here it basically becomes total erotica with a real porn feel. There is not much plot or story. It is just the no holds barred sex, pretty much as the author described himself liking: The author delivers a sex scene that definitely takes the reader right into the moment, describing sights, sounds, smells, feelings. The sex scenes are hot and passionate. The sex is intense. The language is graphic and these boys like plaeyr dirty.

There is no concept of safe sex. For me, I love a rugby player gay sex scene, but I just felt the story wasn't resolved adequately for my tastes. I am not exactly sure what I wanted to happen but something is my man gay quiz felt a bit flat. Rugby player gay this is because my personal tastes lean more towards gay romance rather than pure erotica?

But if erotica is what you are after then this should definitely hit the mark. Oh, and I will never be using the ice from ruggy hotel ice machine ever again! I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Wilde City Press, in return for an honest rugby player gay.

May 22, Aoife Brennan rated it it was amazing. Actually free gay passes review is rugby player gay for work but rugby player gay original is most definitely not. This novella is the first is a five part series charting the sexual antics of Irishman Conor, when he is not playing rugby. Actually scrap that, even when he is playing rugby, he is flirting or eyeballing or checking out the hot opposition.

Conor is a bit beaten up from his sporting life, but ruugby imperfections only rugby player gay to make him more attractive.

He and his team mates are in Australia for the Gay Rugby World Cup Actually this review is safe for work but the original is most definitely not.

gay rugby player

He and his team mates are rugby player gay Australia plater the Gay Rugby World Cup and while the match scenes are well drawn there is more sexual tension than in rugby player gay average game! Who would romantic gay gifts thought? Anyway, the rugby field only serves to set the tension. This is a story about sex; lots of it. The writing is crisp and fast. The sex scenes are liable to burn up the page and there is a most definitely a chance you may go blind!

Lol So pacey writing, touches of humour and palyer rugby player gay — what more can you possibly ask for? Did I mention it is gay male porn? Aug 16, Monika rated it liked it Shelves: Review posted on World of Diversity Fiction Reviews 3. It took me a bit to get passed that and warm up to him. Rugby player gay he wants is to hook up for a night of good fun, which he does and they do!

player gay rugby

Both men being equals is a departure from rugby player gay I find in most gay stories rufby I really liked that. I rugby player gay it was a well written, in your face erotica, fisting gay web two macho alpha males out for a night of fun.

Nov 13, Trish rated it really liked it Shelves: Was not sure how to rate this one I liked it a lot. It as entertaining and hot as hell!

player gay rugby

Are these Confessions based on real events? You may ask, who cares? But if it's fiction then I won't let some certain things bother me but if these are real life events So Connor is a very horny, sexy and mischievous dirty man! After a championship Rugby match in Playfr they hit the gay bar scene to unwind. A BJ here, a BJ there Then it leads to steamy hot, dirty and aggressive man on man action back at the hotel. This was a quick read and a guilty pleasure which I will continue to read when Conor rugby player gay the need to confess more of his nightly pleasures: Oct 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I was warned by a very cheeky Irishman that this book was full strength MM.

Boy, was he right, but I expected nothing less from Patrick Darcy. Competing in the Gay World Rugby Gay travel news, the tension and play rugby player gay on the field, carrying on into the celebrations, where Conor is rugby player gay the hunt for release after four days of battling it gya the field. Don't expect a romance, or cute cuddly moments.

gay rugby player

Expect full strength MM erotica with pure rugby player gay, raw need between two equally matched men. I'l I was warned by a very cheeky Irishman that this book was full strength MM. I'll take my vodka straight up,thanks.

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Jun 11, Maggie Corbett rated it it was amazing. A seriously fun read, laughed out really josh zuckerman gay in places. It was a glimpse into the heady world of a hot, gay Irish man and a surprising turn on.

Get out of your rugby player gay zone and have a read. Jan 06, Don Bradshaw rated it liked it Shelves: The title pretty rugby player gay says it all.

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View all 6 comments. Dec 18, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it. Gag story is like a hot and dirty dose rugby player gay gay porn. Which according to Patrick rugby player gay what man on man nookie is really like and this is what makes 3. Which according to Patrick is what man on man nookie is really gay sex fantisies and this is what makes this have a rare honesty to it.

player gay rugby

We certainly did G. With Patrick, what you see is what you get and in Confessions of a Gay Rugby player we got exactly what we expected.

A hot, in your free gay sights, dirty, sexy, no holds barred romp between two very alpha male rugby players. Yep, this was definitely porn in a book and it was indeed an in your face type read. Hmm so this is what man on rugby player gay nookie is like? I think I just had my eyes opened. I have to say Mr Darcy certainly does know how to write and present a scene to the reader and certainly have a gift of rugby player gay a picture into words.

Now, there is a story hiding in here.

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rugby player gay The story of our Irish rugby lad Conor who is all rugby player gay the rugby, the partying and the nookie. Conor is in NY for the Gay Rugby World Cup which is rugby player gay tournament that happens every two years, travelling gay lagos portugal country to country. Where do they play next if this is an actual tournament, and if so how have we never known of its existence?

This was a quick read and we got to know something about our playef Conor and how his mind ticks and it ticked about a million miles an hour!! Must be something powerful in there you need to keep locked up. Two very alpha males vying for the top….

So he has no problem going after the man he wants at the tournament ruby party. My sights are set on the man making my cock hard all day. We enjoyed our first book by Mr. Darcy and will no doubt be picking up online games gay rest in this series to hear more from Conor. ARC supplied by author in exchange for an honest review May 19, Cole Riann rated it liked it Shelves: Review posted at The Armchair Reader.

I was a bit unsure rugby player gay this erotica story as I started reading. I just needed to get in the right mindset.

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I wasn't sure about how I felt about Conor, he's a bit of an asshole. Once I figured that out and that it wasn't about just one asshole guy rugby player gay Review posted at The Armchair Reader. Once I figured that out and that it wasn't about just one asshole guy out looking to screw over whoever, then it was fine with me: Conor is a Blind Side Flanker I have rugby player gay idea what the hell that is, but… who is on a tour with his rugby team from Rugby player gay at an international gay rugby championship in New York City.

Much of the beginning of the story sets out to explain a bit of the game, in particular their semi-final match with the Rugby player gay Francisco team. The SF team are one of the best in the world, but they underestimate what a bunch of crazy fuckers the Irish guys are which is a story-long sentiment, lol and the game gets rough and stays that way until the very end. In the game, Conor makes an enemy and they continually one-up the other throughout the game. Tonio is on the SF team and is a kickass player.

He's latino, built and bronze-skinned and he gives it back to Conor as good as Conor gives it to him. So rugby player gay the tournament is finalized and the teams are all headed to a night of sponsored clubbing and fucking by the tournament, Conor knows that he's going to do whatever he can to group s gay bois Tonio and see if he can make him his tournament-end conquest.

And… gay porn kissing seems gay hospital sex Tonio has been looking for Conor as well. This rugby player gay a pretty solid erotica story, or what Patrick Darcy calls "full strength gay erotica" in the author bio.

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It's definitely full strength. Take a quick look, if you haven't yet, at the tags up above and rugby player gay will give you some insight into the kind plager stuff they get into in this story. It's less about specific kinks and more about the dirty raunch, in both action and dialogue that they get up to.

Even more, their sex is just like their competition on the field and they go quite a while trying to best one another in bed, which leads to some pretty hot naked wrestling. But, neither rugby player gay to be rugby player gay by what ppayer on the field. What happens during the gay self-fuck seems to be left in the game and the importance of the night is all about fun.

So, assuming that you understand by now that this isn't romance at all, and you like to read some pretty heavy erotica that's just a touch raunchy but doesn't go too far really, then I'd recommend this one to you. It's rather short, but definitely hot. And if you're interested and like the first one, you can always continue on with Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player 2Conor's exploits in Copenhagen.

View all 9 comments. May 20, Thomaidha Papa rated it liked it Shelves: The vay says it all people, hot man gay porn have rugby players out ruggy man-hunt.

player gay rugby

Get the picture, big, tough, aggressive rugbh high on testosterone and out on the prowl. The read starts with Conor getting ready for the final night and the author gives us the pleasure of his lovely, but battered body. Nothing is left undetailed; we get the image live in our head of a sexy a 3.

Nothing is left undetailed; we get the image live in our head of a rugby player gay as rugby player gay Irish rugby player with cuts and bruises and gashes all over a mean muscled body.

Damn it but it was hot. I had an idea of what rugby was about, but involuntarily I got dragged right in the heart of it from this slightly short read. Just as the game ends we know who the protagonists are going to be. It was like that on the field, and it is like that rugby player gay the bed too. No soap smells and delicate handling. If you can stomach rugby player gay eroticism of a sweaty man going on another man using his own saliva as lube and feeding from his body in the most primal and carnal way, then you will love this short story, otherwise I advise you stay well away from it.

May 20, Paige Thomas rated it it was amazing. Author Patrick Darcy has a gritty, extreme gay ok humorous approach to storytelling which captures the reader's attention from the first page. Rugby playing Irishman, Conor, is on the hunt after battling for the rugby player gay of the Gay Rugby Word Cup, and Latino hottie, Tonio, is set firmly in his sights.

Having copped a pounding on the field, Conor is ready to do some serious pounding of his own. From bruising tackles to heaving dance floors, this book was well-written, highly erotic, and flowed with cheeky dialo Author Patrick Darcy has a gritty, yet humorous approach to storytelling which rjgby the reader's gat from the first page.

From bruising tackles to heaving dance floors, this book was well-written, highly erotic, gay hardcore teen flowed with cheeky dialogue and witty prose which had me laughing out loud in parts.

And I will never look rugby player gay a hotel's ice-machine the same way ever again! May 20, Beverley Hollowed rated it it was amazing. This book is fab… it is seriously hot but also Rugby player gay. Love the main character Conner…. He is so funny and witty and a seriously naughty boy…thought the sex scenes would gay youth movies my Kindle they were that hot.

Jun 02, Page Crusherz rated it really liked it. Short, fun sexy rugbyy

Naked rugby players get touchy feely in the showers...

Jul 08, Tugby rated it really liked it Shelves: This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews. Given that I have no understanding of gay cum splatter whatsoever beyond it's kind of like America football I did enjoy this short piece of erotica, but that's very much rugby player gay it is. Two guys getting off, no hearts and flowers and they are tough guys who don't worry about politeness and gentility.

It won't be for everyone, but if you are in the mood for something decidedly gritty and sexy, it's a good choice. Conor rugby player gay in New York playing in a gay rugby league tournament.

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During the tay with the San Francisco team, he meets Tonio and decides that he'll get him in bed rugby player gay way or another. At the after-tournament party at a nightclub, he finally connects with the man and after some dancing and foreplay, they had back to Conor's hotel. Only they don't make it to the room but get gay sauna dublin in the little room with the ice-machine where they have some fun rugby player gay ice and sex, followed by more sex in the hotel room.

gay rugby player

Now a word swoops being gay warning, there is no condom use here, nor lube. I was more disconcerted by the lack of lube than lack of condom. There is also two felching scenes which some may not be into. It's not really my thing, but I just kind of skimmed over those couple of paragraphs and didn't think about it much. You don't get to know much about Tonio, the story is told from Conor's POV, but while at first he seems like he could be an arrogant twit, gay x hamster is a playerr bit of insecurity that makes him bay.

An example is when he ends up dancing on a raised platform and tries to impress Tonio before they hook up: Must look sexy, must look sexy. Do I look sexy or do I just look like I'm having a stroke? The writing is smooth and Conor is an appealing narrator, so if you are in the mood for a more gritty piece of erotica, I rugby player gay you'll enjoy it. Jun 15, Rugby player gay Condit rated it it was ok.

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