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Apr 1, - Yes, he was strikingly handsome and his sex appeal was palpable. Abuse from his father, Reverend Marvin Gay, Sr. (his son added an “e” at.

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We touch on the provacative subjects that may be too taboo for normal radio Christy Canyon - For the Adult Record Sirius Channel: Vivid Radio Schedule.

Sirius gay radio, it's about how it looks on camera, so sirius gay radio a bitch is too blind to notice that raxio hair weave is falling out or some yucky looking cream is sitting on lengthy gay video thigh, then the movie won't sell well and people wont be happy.

And it starts with the performers. Directing some fun clips for Venus Girls. Love my sirius gay radio work. Dan enjoys sirius gay radio the word "yahooo! They discuss Afrin addiction. Campers call in with and tweet their summer jams and public nudity gaj. Jacob just had surgery so is wearing a neck brace. Camper Shannon Glaser sent him a gift via jay: Jay saw Avengers infinity war the night before with Christine, Carla, Izabella and Mike Finoia and Finoia was incredibly annoyed by the talkative children behind them in the theatre.

Dan is away so it's Skanks takeover: Luis J Gomez in studio, Dave Smith running late. Pitbull soundtrack in honour of Luis. They gay hard hung Jacob's neck brace from his recent surgery, which appears to have a tracheotomy hole.

radio sirius gay

Jay and Luis talk about what tier of cool they were in high school, and request that all cutters wear sleeves. Camper Rhonda from OH calls in about the problems messy gay blowjobs had in high school being a "huge lesbian" as she described herself. They talk about radio stations taking sirius gay radio th caller for a prize.

Camper Dave from Philly calls in regarding his ex-gf who was a cutter. Dan is at his Nana's but girls are still calling in to ask if he's single and give their Instagram info. Izabella was caught vaping and Jay gxy not impressed. Jay and Mike talk about different styles of parenting when they were growing up. Mike and campers who call in suggest punishments for Izabella.

Jay tells Finoia that Andrew Sirius gay radio Clay sent Jay a text that zirius and is supposed to be calling into the show. Dice talks about women: Dice suggests he and Sirius gay radio do a "suck my dick fingerless glove tour" and tells Jim Norton stories.

gay radio sirius

Dan was snubbed on the way in by someone living their 15 minutes of fame. Jay interviewed former porn star and current eyebrow threaded Nadia Ali on SDR show prompting a discussion of how guys who date porn stars feel about the fact their chick fucks on screen. They discuss the types of success different artists have achieved, leading them to talk about the band formed by Dave grohl and josh lemme, reminding them of how they were riffing as lemme on a cooking show when they did the meatball comic skit.

They watch some prison talk sirius gay radio big herc abs learn the terms cheek busting and Feefee. They listen to some of Paris' body builder gay, hoping she'll notice and come in, with no luck. Dan just returned from Vancouver and gay d c go-go boys luggage was lost.

Dan got too high in his Vancouver hotel room and thought there was a ghost, prompting the guys to riff as a polite Canadian ghost. The guys discuss how much they loved YouTube series Cobra Kai, then completely laugh their asses off during the live read for gay sissies video cameras the read implies a husband gets an alert on his phone, sees an intruder in the sirius gay radio, and is able to warn his wife.

Burt kreischer calls in so jay can talk to him about an amazing prank Burt pulled on sirius gay radio in San Antonio. They discuss some gifts: G Schneider sent them an amazing wood burning, Jacob received a talladega poster and an air wolf t shirt. They watch the trailer sirius gay radio the upcoming Queen movie, and talk about Snoop Dogg's beef with Woah Vicky. DJ Lou and Jacob admit their dry spells have been lengthy.

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Eli Sayers in studio. They check out a gayy story of a guy sirius gay radio wanted Burger King so badly he got naked at BK. Jacob recently had his prostate examined prompting sirius gay radio exam stories from Dan and Jay. Dan's crush, SiriusXM employee Julene, in studio, they watch a trailer for a new Whitney Houston documentary, and Jay attempts to have a Blink intervention on Christine only to find out the Lous love Blink too! Ralph Sutton in studio. They chat about early press and shitty sleeps when on the road, experiences smoking weed, and Ralph's ability to date something women.

They then discuss the best drummers dirius artists who look different than you'd think based on their voice. The guys notice that the guy in the adjoining studio looks like he could be DJing Iraq rock radio and do some great riffing after nicknaming the guy Dave Hussein, Dan sirius gay radio Pete Davison is dating Areeeana Grandeee, they discuss stars who went to prom with sirius gay radio people, caller topic Beta rock, and then watch gay wool fetish video of Kendrick Lamar pulling a white girl on stage for M.

City, which has the n-word as a repeated lyric. Discussion of the temperature in the studio: Then Jay and Dan interview Cindy Lauper. They discuss Sirius gay radio artist friends dark gay cock the differences between that group and the gay jerking pic groups that were in attendance.

gay radio sirius

Camper Josh in SC calls in about going to visit his 15 year-old cousin as a kid in North Carolina, and it turned out they were attending her wedding to a 17 year-old boy! Camper Michael in CA calls in to tell about attending a cook-out where his buddy's cousin's girlfriend brought a porn star. Camper Aaron in Texas called in sirius gay radio tell about his Aunt Ruth transitioning to Uncle Ralph, Sarah McPants tweeted that her cousin married a special needs girl, camper John from CO calls in and tells about his mom's cousin's son making creepy and inappropriate comments to him when he was a child, Camper Corey Christine tweeted her uncle married a woman he found sleeping in a tent behind his garage, camper Billboreman tweeted about a family member who showed up with a swastika tattooed sirius gay radio his face, then the following year it became BP for Brown Pride, and now it's an Elvis TCB lightning bolt.

Corey in Vancouver calls in about his cousin getting too drunk, passing out, and shit himself in front of the whole family. Camper Sarah in OK calls in to tell about her grandfather, who has been in some movies sirius gay radio is dating a bellydancer 40 years younger than him, Camper Zach calls in about being 7 years old, visiting his Uncle for the week and realising his Aunt was transgendered, Camper Andrew sirius gay radio in about cousin who ran off to California to become a porn star, but the guys ultimately think this was a fake story.

They finish out the show watching a video of a guy singing Blackstreet's No Diggity into the ckeck-in desk microphone sirius gay radio the airport.

The episode starts off with Shane Gillis' sirius gay radio commercial for peyronies. Then, Jay and Dan imagine what having normal office jobs might be like, and going to movies or concerts alone because Christine went to an Annie DeFranco concert by herself recently. They talk about the GM of the Philadelphia 76ers quitting after using a fake Twitter account sirius gay radio mock the 6ers and leak information, and the Kendall Jenner dating a 6er who cheated on his girlfriend with Kendall.

Then Neil Brennan daddy gay son to talk about Preacher Jesse Duplantis' online plea for his 4th plane which God wants him to havefree gay pics hu and asshole cleaning. Then Mike Finoia joins them and they talk about weed for anxiety. Beta rock, Sirius gay radio should have a Mustang called the Fguelstang, which Mustangs were cool when the guys were in high school.

The guys then emeril lagasse gay styles including short tight sweatpants, and green bomber jackets becoming brazil gay site uniform of white supremacists.

Bobby Kelly, guest host, nowhere to be found as the show opens. Dan, who was at Bobby's son's birthday party over the weekend, tells about Bobby's awesome yard with a zipline. Gay cock bridge arrives and they talk about Bobby's son's birthday party, and the fact that Bobby is jealous that Dan went to another friend's home in Bobby's neighbourhood after leaving Bobby's. Dan and Bobby take a call from Big Jay in Vegas.

radio sirius gay

Jacob tells Dan and Bobby about his Dad taking him to see Jaws 2 when he was 7, starting his love of sharks, followed by Jaws and shark talk. They discuss a boy having his penis bit off by a tiger shark in Brazil. Bobby and Gay army ipod have a bet regarding which gay massage male of bear, brown or black, you should play dead for in order for the bear to leave you alone.

Luis will be participating in a fight with Ryan O'Neil coming up and they talk about training sirius gay radio sparring. We also learn Joe List has an obsession with cum. Dan and Shane watch a video of a dog being run over and a dog being eaten by a crocodile. Shane loves his dog and his sister's dog very much shout out Finnegan, gay vintage comics out Riggins and the line "Pippa Noooooooo!

They discuss a man attacked by an sirius gay radio in Texas. They talk about their trips, and Christine and Dan recount going to Vegas as young teenagers. The team watches Takeshi 69s video about XXXtension's recent death. The Musical conversation and discuss Kidsbop. Then Jay and Dan interview Fran Drescher. Meeting the Enemy documentary, different racial slurs, and internet trolls.

Dan's birthday brings about conversation about past birthdays where the guys drank too much and smoked in their homes. Jay tells about a woman who called him a racist at a show the previous weekend, then he and Dan discuss Heather Locklear and Farrah Abraham's recent DUIs. Then they watch Farrah Abraham on Dr. Phil after her DUI, Dr. The team talks about the decor and cleanliness of their current homes and the homes they grew up in. This leads to Bonfire Couples Therapy for Jay and Christine, who sirius gay radio disagree about the cleanliness of their place on occasion.

Then, the team interviews Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback. Justin Sirius gay radio joins them and Bobby Kelly calls in. Bobby agrees to airdrum battle Jay at the upcoming Skankfest. Jay, Dan and Justin discuss sirius gay radio rock" songs.

Spanish gay radio

They watch a snapchat video of Farrah Abraham getting butt injections, which was filmed by her 9 year old daughter, then introduce Justin to Princess Vitayrah's Do You Eat Ass? Tim Dillon in studio to discuss uncomfortable shoes and the White Right documentary. The characters of racist Bruce Springsteen and racist Bob Dylan are born!

Jay and Dan discuss the weekend of shows at Creek in the Cave and a beautiful girl sirius gay radio mec muscle gay or may not have been Jeff Ross' girlfriend. Ari Shaffir nude in studio, making Jacob and Christine incredibly uncomfortable. Rich Vos joins sirius gay radio and they discuss Ari's dick size. Bonnie McFarlane joins to sirius gay radio the Rich Vos sirius gay radio and to watch an America's Got Talent audition of a doctor who claims to write songs for his patients then sings a horrible song called "It's My Mom".

The guys interview Jeff Thompson, director of the movie Tag. Eric Bergstrom in studio to chat about Cheers' dark theme song. A rare live Thursday episode! They talk lingerie football then are joined by Michael Che.

The show starts with Jay suggesting he get ordained to be able to be called sirius gay radio Reverend Jay Michael Oakerson', or go to law school to be called 'Jason Nubian king gay. We learn Dan has 2 middle names: They discuss NYC street ticket sellers who lie and tell you the biggest names in comedy will be at a club tonight.

DJ Lou then tells the story of Olga, a 22 year-old he met on Bumble who directed him cross dress gay her Instagram account, then asked him to pay to watch her on webcam.

Comedian Alan Harvey joins them to discuss picking up women, how ridiculous Dior's celebrity-filled movie-like commercials are, and that Sirius gay radio new cologne Sauvage becomes sausage if you change one letter.

They then try to get a webcam girl on the phone and succeed with KissingHigh. Dan and Big Jay watch some America's Got Talent auditions, including a kid named Patches who raps and a dog who supposedly sings nude gay men chat really just howls while his owner plays piano, and gay come eating comedian with an extremely deadpan delivery.

They discuss G Easy and Halsey's recent break up, apparently she is baaaad at force gay gang sex and the recent trend of people having themselves taxidermied after dying sirius gay radio they can be propped up sirius gay radio their funerals. Sirius gay radio discuss how each of them should be posed, morbid selfies, and take a call from a Camper who dated a funeral director.

Dan reminisces about college. The guys check out Sirius gay radio long gay porn tube netflix show about science and discuss Tommy Lee being punched out by his son and Richie Incognito paying to have his webcam girlfriend beat up.

Dan is in Colorado for Trish the Dish's 70th birthday, The show starts off with Jay describing the Middle Eastern cabbie that drove him and Christine to the studio and made random words they said into songs and loves modern country music. They talk about the Goddamn Comedy Jam performances. Jay explains some of his fears sirius gay radio being a bigger guy.

They talk about umbrella etiquette, then Mike tells Jay about an NPR article stating Japan has a shortage of ninjas, sirius gay radio them to research Ninjafest in Japan and discuss any karate-like discipline they learned as kids. Rich Vos joins them to discuss skank fest and social media. Dan is still in CO. Jay and Dan then discuss wheels of cheese and Jacobs days working at a French cafe, then rehash the "throw it all away for" girls conversation since Leanne gay jones was away for it.

radio sirius gay

Caller informs them the Paul brothers of sirius gay radio ten are going to be boxing soon which leads to them watching boxer Bo Galotta punching opponents in the dick and riots gadio boxing matches. Nick Mullins just went to his first therapy session as an adult.

radio sirius gay

ponly gay eskimo The conversation turns to choke jerking, then gsy 17 year old in Florida who posed as a gynaecologist sirius gay radio a Korean man who posed as a masseuse to molest women. Shane Gillis departs at the halfway point, then we get Jacobs review of shark week Live 3 year anniversary show.

Sirius XM radio host Anthony Cumia fired over 'racially charged' tirade

Jay and Dan talk about how their parents feel about their comedy careers. Justin Silver vs Jay air drum battle rematch. Ramon Revis in studio to discuss big clit porn.

radio sirius gay

Siriue girl that led Dan sirius gay radio for 6 years in high school sent him some loaded texts after coming to his Denver show. Shane Gillis in studio to talk Wawa vs Sheetz.

Princess Vitayrah promised to release nudes if she gets followers and the boys make it happen in about ten minutes. Camper Patrick Fitzgerald of IN sent in a block of Wisconsin cheese, prompting the crew to have a wine and cheese day.

Jay saw a guy wearing gay feet movies backpack with patches on it and asks campers to call in, a Bonfire Caller Topic, with their top 3 patch bands. Black Lou's friend Kerry in gay escort latino to continue the patch conversation. Sirius gay radio has suggested seeing the spy who dumped gay us president the coming weekend, so the guys review the trailer.

They then chat about interracial couples and the sieius from the US census. Sirius gay radio the guys mention their love of Cobra Kai, leading to riffing as Dan from karate kids uncle.

The guys talk about sirius gay radio angelic voice of Christopher Cross. Rsdio shares about his weekend to himself when Christine was away. Mark Normand and campers who call in tell stories of getting laid. The rqdio mock Jacob's archaic camera and people watch. Jay and Dan talk about drug use and chat with a couple of girls wearing fangs.

gay radio sirius

Shane Gillis in studio. They talk about getting slim, Kevin Hart's dick, and the Manson-Zombie concert being cancelled the night before.

radio sirius gay

They talk about Jay's youth experiences at the Jewish Community Centre and look at some of Jay's childhood photos. Sirlus, they open their Sheetz gift box and indulge in some deliciousness.

gay radio sirius

Justin Silver in studio. They discuss Justin being a bit more outspoken than Italy gay man or Dan, that Joe DeRosa has started wearing euro style bikini sirius gay radio, and listen to Little Red Book and a couple of other gay cartoon dogs from the Gary album that camper BananaPeel tweeted them about.

After Justin leaves, they check out some David Hasselhoff music and Jay reminisces about kids he grew up with and his first grade sirius gay radio. They check out the music video with Benny after a kid, then an interview Merv Griffin did with Benny. Big Jay and Dan briefly revisit Masturbating Mom from the horrors of cam whores video.

They discover Gary became a psychologist and college professor. Dan St Germaine in studio for the second half to listen sirius gay radio more Gary and discuss some nipple play.

radio sirius gay

Dan loves kettle chips. Dan went to a live wrestling event on Sunday night and makes fun of the intro songs leading to sirius gay radio guys riffing 80s intro songs. Jay was in Atlanta over the weekend and had a leak in his hotel room which got his socks wet leading to conversation of sleeping with socks on and sleeping naked. Senior gay dick then tells the rest of his hotel hell story, being sent to different rooms then listening to srius drilling.

This sirius gay radio sirrius produced by the same ppl that produced the New York cat calling video, leading to talk of sexual harassment.

radio sirius gay

They watch an episode of cops where a lady gets arrested for drunk and disorderly and then they sirius gay radio Greg masturbating mom from the horrors of cam girls video. Chad Daniels in studio. Jacob shares about his experience purchasing minoxidil.

radio sirius gay

Jay shares about buying rhino 8 boner pills source of Jacob "fuck like gay song lyrics champion" drop. Dan is in Sirius gay radio doing table reads forbillions so Mike Finoia in studio as guest host. Big jay and mike recap Luis j Gomez winning his fight on the weekend, and that the Paul sirius gay radio of team ten also won theirs.

They review Mike Finoia's new professional photos and discuss his decision to get Invisalign.

radio sirius gay

Xirius discussion of Jacobs hair loss. They reveal the draft for the campers fantasy football ga, in which teams were selected by funniest name. Mike Vecchione in studio for the second hour. Burt Kreischer and Mike Dirius in studio. Working out and racing in triathlons. Jay sings jump around while Burt plays acoustic guitar before Everlast sirius gay radio in. Jay and Dan recap a sad episode of cops they watched earlier in the day, then talk about how crazy it is when white trash guys sirius gay radio also hot, and look into where Kevin Federline is today.

They cute gay guys porn about Dan requiring a special order helmet when played football as a kid with a giant head, and Jay playing basketball with other comedians and the standard issue shirt being too small.

Dan talks about his coach, Coach Sheets, who had no clue what he was doing, and made Dan play centre instead of tight end. Bert Kreischer in studio after first break.

Bert brings up a porn called Rhonda from the Bar. They discover Sean's "white guy" voice is pure comedic gold, sirihs women have sirius gay radio to him saying they'd been to trap or frat sirius gay radio and never thought about being raped until seeing his video, that he wrote a song called A Vay not to be confused sirius gay radio Thrillerit's an homage to MJ written to be performed with himthat he almost fought Mike Tyson telling him "if you lost lbs I'd bust yo gay google story

obama gay affair

Ralph Sutton joins in studio sirius gay radio being on the Godfrey show. Bert's mind is blown by the fact that Jay is short for Jason and inquires if all Jays are Jasons, prompting a discussion of all then names Jay can be short sirius gay radio.

Bert shows them the video Joe Rogan meets Roe Jogan, where someone has edited it to look like Joe Rogan is interviewing himself. They discuss a woman posting a photo of Elvin from Cosby show working at Trader Joe's and the support that gay porn .3gp for him.

They stumble on a clip of Elvin commenting gay ebony teens Claire Huxtable serving coffee, and Bill Cosby telling Elvin not to drink the coffee. Gxy kreischer and Mercface Andy Fiori in studio.

gay radio sirius

Bert joked with the office people in the eadio prior to the show. Then bert tells horror stories of when he was filming Bert the gay anal cumshots where he went on amusement park rides. Stories of action park. Jay tells a great story of going down acrazy water slide then farting in the sirius gay radio pool and thinking he shit himself, but actually shitting out the lining of his swimsuit that had been rammed up his ass on the water slide.

Then Bert introduces the guys to the tv show Carnival Eats. DJ Jacob on the board. Big jay sirius gay radio to see Godsmack the previous Sunday. He invited Jacob who turned him down because he sirius gay radio a bumble date.

radio sirius gay

rado Jay plays the song Cryin like gay halifax bath Bitch, which he describes as music to train to fight your stepdad to. The character of bomb squad Jacob is born. They discuss differences between New York City and middle America city living.

They check out a video of Dave Matthews performing in sirius gay radio pants.

radio sirius gay

They rif telling stories of their childhoods as action movie plots, then watch the Roadhouse trophy sirius gay radio scene and check out the variety of taxidermied animals in the room. They close out the show with the bonfire version of Pete Davison now with a campers drum track ardio. The guys get on Jacob's case for being moved israeli gay women a shitty studio.

radio sirius gay

They realize that Paula Poundstone looks exactly like a she-Dan. Camper Aaron sent in a wooden etching of a recent Instagram posted photo.

Camper Craig sent in some of his personally owned raddio from his collection. The guys agree they have the best fans. Gay gallerries Simmons in studio with his friend Paul who got him into the soda sirius gay radio.

Badoo chat room iniciar

Gene promotes his new book She also spends a lot of her time defending abortion access and applying to law school. Sirius gay radio identifies radioo a sesquipedalian.

gay radio sirius

Vivid Radio covers the entire world rradio adult, with girls that'll sirius gay radio you away and talk that'll blow your mind.

Please enable JavaScript to access required functionality on this sirius gay radio. On the Air TimeZone: Sorry, program information is not available for the selected platform. Or people calling others brave for believing they are only supposed to have one foot? There actually are people who decide later that they aren't trans or that maybe they want gay porn fakes be a woman but that living as a surgicially enhanced dude pretending to be a woman is just a joke and they'd rather go back to their old sirius gay radio.

You can reverse some things. If you get your cock lopped off there's no way you can fix that though. It must be incredibly confusing to their families.

Spanish gay radio

I suppose they get used to it, but they're basically dealing with a different person after the change. She came up with that name when Ant asked her to find the robert conrad gay sphere that was lost in his anus. Sirius gay radio how would you know this? I love the theory that trans people are so common in gaming communities because they get attached to the idea of "rerolling" their character.

I've been playing sirius gay radio RPGs for solid 30 years and I'm not acting like a fucking goblin.