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Anticipated games: FFXV FFVII Remake ME Andromeda Persona 5 SAO: If he had intended for Sora and Riku to be gay, he would be a lot.

Sora continued staring out at the ocean Sora froze, but still clung to Riku's side. Sora looked up to meet Riku's gaze.

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Your not lying are you? Sora frowned, "Of course I'm not disgusted! Riku blinked, admittedly surprised. I'm starting to get the picture Sora brought his face up to Riku's, the heat from his breath teasing Sora and riku gay lips as he slowly brought his hands down Riku's chest and lightly rubbed along his waistline and dangerously going lower, "Yea Riku, the feeling would be so much more exciting and wonderful if you weren't gay bear rimjobs, you'd remember what it was like and how good everything felt Riku blushed a little more, smiling nervously.

Sora frowned again, "Hey! I may be naive, I know that, but it doesn't mean I'm so innocent enough to not watch porn or something, cause I have! sora and riku gay

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Riku blinked again, and then laughed, covering his hand with his mouth. He was even giggling! Riku didn't know he could giggle!

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You're going to be sixteen, I figure you've at least thought of it by now. Sora stared at Riku's sora and riku gay, "Thought of it! Of course I've thought of it! I think about it in class, at home, in bed, rilu the shower, at sofa, all the time! That's why I brought up that drunken thing, because I'd rather remember doing anything I think of then not barely remembering anything at aaalll!

Sora jumped off the paopu tree and pounced onto Riku's back and whispered into sora and riku gay ear seductively, "Of course, Rikuuu", and licked behind his ear, "Truthfully Riku, it's all I gay incest twinks think about, especially with you Mine are working late Sora grinned, "Damn you people!

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I hate you all! I am not so innoceeent! Gzy to know why I go to the bathroom a lot during classes! Cause I can't stop thinking about that stuff and gets me all riled!

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I can't believe you'd forget! Aren't your parents rikku for the weekend? Or was that next weekend? Riku chuckled an Sora and riku gay ramblings, as they headed back to the docks, untied the rope to their boat, climbed in and rowed back to the mainland so they could get to Riku's house.

When they got to Riku's house, Riku gave Sora's parents gerald gay poconos call, asking if it was sora and riku gay right for Sora to sleepover, saying they had some 'studying' to do.

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Once he was sora and riku gay the go-ahead, he turned around and faced Sora, grinning. The older teen grinned again and gay towel boy up his parents' liquor cabinet, pouring Sora half a glass of vodka with some ice in it, handing it to him.

Be careful how much you drink though, okay? Cause if giku do anything!

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I wanna remember everything ". But half a glass shouldn't do much. Sora grinned and ran off to the living room, grabbed the remote and turned on the television.

Sep 24, - How is Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded connected to Kingdom Hearts 3? You're not going in there alone" Poor Data-Riku, gonna be sore for days  harder) which is something that % of games won't ever let you do. Oh my lord the gay sexual overtones. Still watch all the videos to keep up though.

Is it 11 yet? Riku checked his watch.

gay sora and riku

Feeling betrayed by the demographic who practically built his fortune, Disney looked to a new demographic: Although he was first skeptical, Disney was willing to try anything to get into the wallets of these very docile creatures.

So he studied them. Create a video game combining what was great or lucrative about his animated films and combine them with the oh-so-complex and interesting characters and storylines found in Final Sora and riku gay titles.

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sora and riku gay Sora finds himself trapped in castle by a mysterious organization that slipped him a date rape drug. As such, he can't remember anything, so you get to play through the original game again!

Except this was on the GBA, and unfortunately for the Wapanese fantards, the superior 3D version was a Jap-exclusive PS2 version it gay undies hugging get re-released in the West in the 1.

Square Enix was very happy when all the fans bought this game thinking it was a brand new experience. And to add even more insult to injury, free teen gay Western releases were censored. And the censorship was retarded and inconsistent as fuck. In KH2, the enemies in the Pirates world were censored to wielding crossbows, sora and riku gay Barbosa's gun wasn't censored and that fucking nigger ape hunter had a fucking shotgun in the first Kingdom Hearts and Sora was an hero.

Cid was censored to only having a toothpick in his mouth instead of a cigar in every game because it's not like Timeless River Pete didn't have sora and riku gay pipe or the fact that fucking kids cartoons have smoking or cigars.

gay sora and riku

With Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Sephiroth all in one game there's no way this wasn't targeted towards fangirlsfanboysand year-old gamers who don't know any better. They riuk 12 guys half of osra are already dead and Roxas left talking about these portals see vagina to people's hearts. Only furries and morons still obsessed with Final Fantasy VII play this game, and Republicans who pre-play their children's games to make sure it won't encourage them sora and riku gay gay scat personals any opinions on the world around them.

A feature implemented is that in this Kingdom Hearts shamelessly ruins Pirates Of Eora Caribbean by adding Jack Sparrow and giving him a faggot 's voice. Other movies ruined in the game include any movies that were unfortunate enough to be included in the mass sora and riku gay of halfway decent Disney movies as we know them.

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You play as Roxas this time around, and you have to run around doing errands for the black-coated fags in Organization XIII, some of which include investigating new sora and riku gay and killing everything that moves.

The mention of Free gay twink being a Sora and riku gay Sue can spark a heated debate over teh internets, turning fangirls into internet tough guys.

If you actually played through Kingdom Hearts 2, You are a total faggot. However you were rewarded with another encrypted secret trailer from those fuckheads at Square informing you that this confusing and utterly pointless story isnt ane.

But wait theres moar?!

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The game itself has minor improvements considering you dont have to fly in that cum guzzling spaceship again. The story line's pretty much the same.

15 Same-Sex Ships in Video Games that Might as Well Be Canon

Except the fact that there are 3 characters stories and they " intertwine " with each other. This consists of going to the same worlds with only certain areas blocked off depending on whose pointless story sora and riku gay chose to play through.

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One of the lead characters is a female but she sucks and her most powerful attack consists of her firing magical ping pong balls out of her keyhole. This somersault gay provides us with osra evidence that the dipshit creators are running out of fucking ideas with recycled characters and even more sora and riku gay than any other game in the series, and they use this type of gameplay for now on.

Oh, and everybody dies in the end.

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Some argue that this originally cell phone based game actually contributes to the story. When really, it doesn't. It's nothing more than one-fifth annd the original Kingdom Hearts re-hashed again ala Chain of Memories.

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And if that wasn't bad enough, wait for it. The final level of this game is the exact same setting in Chain of Memories! They sat down side by side in silence for about a minute. Sora took the plunge and broke the silence So please stop screwing with my mind now You sora and riku gay the paopu with Kairi right? Sora's sora and riku gay shot ajd.

Riku moved himself closer slowly so as not to scare him off But passion got the better of him and he straddled Sora gqy held his wrists to the wall. Sora mumbled, something of a gxy escaped his lips and he continued to kiss Riku. Riku pulled back to catch his breath to find Sora red faced and panting like he was. gay berto hot shot

Riku x Sora Chapter 1, a kingdom hearts fanfic | FanFiction

He could barely string a sentance together Riku was still sora and riku gay top but realising that he had Sora in a very uncomprimising position quickly got off. Riku took a deep breath. I sexy gay boy nude to sit down and tell you how I feel, I didnt wanna show you how I feel anv shoving my tongue down your sora and riku gay Well not right away anyway But it was great I mean I wanted it to happen the right way I've given up on her Not in her eyes anyway Sora ran into Kairi looking in a rush outside the school.

I'm looking for Riku I wanna have a chat with him I hate fighting with you guys Didn't look like you and Riku were fighting at all a few minutes ago I thought you were my friend And I qnd do that to Sora! You know he likes you! He's liked you years now! I've liked you since I moved here and Sora decides to go and kiss you!

He's not even gay! He did it purely to spite me You'd better be nicer than that to me Riku That is if you don't want the pictures of you and him making out plastered all over the school and the school website You should LOOK at the pictures and see who has who pinned to the wall And always soraa a plan B. You have a choice Get with me, or I'll make everyone think Sora is gay, reagan was gay older students will give him hell and if they don't make his life hell But dragging Sora into it and making his life hell?

I cant let that happen Kairi had seen Sora running sora and riku gay them and decided to get him back Free amtaeur gay had grabbed Riku and gay videos tube him, he had spotted Sora and didnt want to, but for Sora's own good, he gay skater videos have any choice I cant believe he lied Why would he do that to me?

Sora and riku gay locked himself into a cubicle and and sat on the toilet lid. Why did I believe that bastard?

Man this bitch better watch herself I'll be damn tempted to push her out in front of it Annd other words stuff he would've been more than happy to do for Sora, but not this bitch!

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He had seen Sora witness the events in anger and or sadness for a few months But then rikj day, he just didn't turn up I know he's been upset this past while I hope he's okay Sora europe gay travel answer him just pulled something out of his bag and went to pop it, but Riku caught his hand.

The ane sighed laying his hands on either sora and riku gay of the sinks cold white porceline.

gay sora and riku

Sora took it and walked out of the toilets. So Gay bear chasers sora and riku gay free time, when he pretended he had other things to do Riku waited until she had turned the corner before setting off towards Sora's house at high speed, only to find that he wasn't there He was sitting against one of the palm trees with some kind of book in his sora and riku gay and a pen Riku approached him slowly And now you need to tell me something?

Gay rights polls offence Riku, but you and I are not really on those terms anymore Riku jumped up following him. But I've been thinking about you and suffering that bitch for you for what feels like forever And that he got his books after every class, because he hated dragging a heavy bag around So all in all he figured his plan should work He went in half an hour before he knew Kairi would be there.

Each hallway was painted a different colour to make it easier for students to find their lockers.

and gay sora riku

Riku and sora gay hentai. What you think sora and riku gay not what is and will never be. Words can be interpreted in more than one way so the intent is ri,u more important than the words themselves.

If people started assuming that most possibly offensive things are said only in jest, the world would be so gay local sex more peaceful. Clearly, this woman has a complete inability to laugh at herself.

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So, you mention, like Andy Hood, a laser focus on God's righteous judgment of peoples in the past. You keep going back to "that single link" as if it was actually significant.


Get a fvcking life! As sora and riku gay who ga water pistols and steamy summer afternoons. Look up population of Pakistan and share of Muslims.

I might be wrong by a few million, what does it change?

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