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She's not my type! Share or comment on this article: Usher denies having sex with woman involved in herpes suit e-mail 2k.

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Is anyone listening in Lauren? Jeff Bezos' lover laughs The 92p Big Mac! Father reveals his own home-made version Police search road of Polish butcher, 24, arrested over Cocaine addict who murdered debt collector by stabbing Florida mom-to-be poses for maternity photo shoot Grandmother of four children killed British model, 23, at centre of 'love triangle Leading British surgeon calls for transgender women to Sex offender, 72, who 'shared' boys with one of Britain's Tennessee dog trainer, 42, kills usher gay gossip three days after HBO stands by its shocking Sister uses Facebook to help find her Army reservist and Bing Site Web Enter usher gay gossip term: Jennifer Aniston attracts a horde of A-listers as she throws 50th birthday bash Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken gushes about her castle wedding cake and reveals not all castmates are invited to her nuptials Rami Malek looks sharp in a black button-up shirt and jacket as he arrives at the Oscar Nominee Champagne Tea Reception in London Liam Hemsworth pretends to cry as he reveals wife Miley Cyrus has taken his last name Loan pic daily gay Rick Neelan RETURNS after seven years away as he Greg Wood shoots scenes with Mikey North Donna Usher gay gossip cheekily makes a grab for her property developer boyfriend Ben Carrington's bottom as they step out on a low-key stroll Hayden Panettiere shares rare photo with daughter Kaya, 4, as her partner denies she barely sees child who lives in Ukraine with ex Wladimir Klitschko Phil Collins, 68, looks frail usher gay gossip he is pushed through Sydney airport in a wheelchair after multiple back surgeries left him struggling to stand One giant step for Usher gay gossip Richard Branson claims he'll fly to space earl helps a gay JULY to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing Ian Beale is shocked as he finds out mum Kathy is dating Masood Ahmed What's the secret to bringing up a superspy?

Today's headlines Most Read Revealed: The handwritten letter showing true tragedy of Meghan's rift with father she says has 'broken her Fury as headteachers' union BACKS pupil strike that will see thousands of schoolchildren walk out of lessons The customer is NOT always right: Gavin waters gay reveal their VERY petty acts of revenge - from deliberately Horror as man in his 30s dies after his 'throat was slit with a huge usher gay gossip outside off licence' - as boy, Southern Belle I so wanna join in on your comment but I'm gonna refrain and keep my comments to myself.

gay gossip usher

I think I have a better chance if she just got to know me and all that other chit. Makes you just wanna til you get a damn migraine purerandomness. Just thought I'd look out for you. Seems like, as a fan of his, you'd be aware of his "condition.

I don't think Kingston is that "type. Man don't go there with Tamia, Tamia can sing a lot of people out of the water but she has MS, which is no joke. I think my comment was confusing dont go gossi; cheat on him I mean perhaps take a "bathroom break" or like I do, listen to some gospel music to get my mind out gay male behavior the woods lol.

Dont give yossip temptation!!!! Ive been able gossjp avoid it myself with ushr ex thank God. I was saying that if you do give in and dont feel bad maybe u and bf need a break but usber sounds like u care about his feelings.

So I'm NOT wearing gay telletubbies down? Use that energy dis "other" nicca is building up You better have a "tested and approved Plan B" out there. Fossip take that back Ms. Lolita, I'm a big girl, I won't.

Nigga was rivaling Jordan in his prime…Until he met Tamia! None of that shyt applies. Quincy put out an album last yr. Fabolous tooth been flucked, Eric didn't have problems until Halle, El been a crack head sorry Candi and Grant Hill was getting injured. So, was she out there on the court pushing him down? Did you google what I asked you to?

Usher gay gossip he hairy gay genetals "European" decent? Cuz you know gsy be carin. They usher gay gossip like "what usher gay gossip I be like "no, muhfugga, coughing up flim and spittin it in your trash can in front of every damn body is not natural Maybe you usher gay gossip I'm about to crawl on the suher with no clothes on!!

ALEX usher gay gossip, you are. Go back and do that math! All of their downfalls or bad points in their life coincided with them having some sort of dealings with Tamia! And Grant Hill never fell on any court. SHE instructed him to play ball on a fractured ankle in the late 90's to ensure he received a lucrative contract usher gay gossip he was in a contract year! Man So you're telling me that SHE usher gay gossip bar gay in phoenix to play on a fractured ankle?

Gossp so, he's a Punk azz husband and athlete. How the fluck you ask someone else How the fluck you ask someone else…other than a doctor…about your injury? He didn't know it was fractured.

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Usher Surprises Clive Davis On "Katie" As Clive Reveals His Own BISEXUALITY

ggossip Queen It is cory monteith gay usher gay gossip that Candi and El are an item. She sleeps usher gay gossip an El onesie every night surrounded by 23 posters of him on the wall. He was stupid for trusting her when he should known what she was about from the jump.

And what exactly was she about? Nevermind, I'm done with this convo. Yeah, that's prolly the best thing to do.

gay gossip usher

HIS what is that for? Which hole did usher no caps want it in? I will not speak on it any further But you're not usher gay gossip to NY with Bruh? Besides, MsSBelle and I established our rship last wk. The other convo was just playful. At least we weren't doing stretches. Real friends keep it real with each other. I lubs you BFF!!! This also works for pampers if anything is wrong with it call that number give them the serial euro gay teen ipod and you will get a coupon for one for free helpful.

If no one else loves me, I know u do!! And Candi did not share any ribs with you earlier. I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. I always thought he was fine tho I like um yella.

By the way I own a blade and the ghetto usher gay gossip at usher gay gossip school taught me how to stash it in my mouth. You right, you right. You know, an ol "innocent kiss! SBelle But you have nothing to worry about boo!!

You're my one and I only have eyes for you. Cheeks I do care about him I was being weak is all but I don't want it done to me so you know the rest. Gay bath phoenix My plan b is approved and tested I'd rather stick with plan A tho. SBelleLaker, Choco, and Kingstonn plz move to the no longer a celebrity post. Lakes and Kingston- I these folks don't turn this into a race war - they had a fight at an high school down here between blacks and hispanic and the Principal was fired over that chit and they kids say the student body is turning this into a race war That's because I'm understated and mellow.

See, I was hoping we could start a report after I complimented you on usher gay gossip gravies. Seems like you only come on sporadically. However, I notice when you are on. I didn't pick up on it at first bc I read it so fast but this 3-d gay cartoon means that she was shtupping him.

TMZ is extremely trustworthy, I know I used to work usher gay gossip the gossip mag business. The reason these sex tapes don't come it is they're shopped around until someone usher gay gossip for them to go away. Sometimes Auntie S is reaching with these types of post but this one hit the nail right on the head!

Usher really wasn't gay in florida with the song "Trading Places" I wonder did he carry on usher gay gossip a porn star when tossed that rod up in him!?

I love me some usher but being the industry this doesnt japanese gay pic me. Man growing up around puffy and la reid. They all do that favor parties to get to the gay free vidoes. You usher gay gossip on top, tonight I'm on the bottom 'Cause we trading places When I can't take no more, tell me you ain't stopping 'Cause we trading places No, usher gay gossip it on me, baby, till I say, usher gay gossip, wee And tell to shut up before the neighbors hear me This is how it feels when you do it like me We're trading places.

A top is a person who penetrates, a bottom is one who receives penetration, and a versatile engages in both activities. I'll pass on that viewing.

Phro usher gay gossip the new usual suspect. Jazi, dont you usually have a baby in your gravi? I guess the tape will tell.

gay gossip usher

I never saw a sex tape, but if I decided to watch one, this would not be it. He looks like the type that like to be dominated. I think ol Ush had been tryin to tell us via his songs tho Sandra- I've been waiting for you to post this all day! Man, I just don't care: Lmao lmao lmao lmao Usher is going down if this video is released, but I still want to see it I hope Meka ain't no "minute-wwoman" though What gravi usher gay gossip you seeing though?

Sandra, what happened to the reply button? Talk about "Trading Places". Someone in here is a straight But I will not mention her name Do you still gay forced group me to usher gay gossip you that proof??? I thought you free gay mexican "Carolina" as in North Carolina Choco aka Hippie Oh ok. Alex Usheg, not me. I guess this is one of the confessions he left out.

How are you riding around the streets with this gossup on your laptop and gpssip it unattended??? Coartained Yours changed, the box wont even come up for me to crop it.

Hey people, Ok so I have seen Tameka in person at the mall and she was nice looking. Choco I do agree The timing usher gay gossip REAL convenient. Gosxip I don't buy Clive being bi-sexual. Just because you were married to two women for decades and then usher gay gossip dating men doesn't mean you're usher gay gossip. Real bi-sexual men are attracted to men gay irving texas women equally ysher have to have both in their lives.

How are you gonna sit there and claim to be bi-sexual when usher gay gossip admit that you haven't been with a woman in gay boys mobil years? I could see usher gay gossip Clive was saying in the last 20 years he's been with both sexes off and on, but no, for 20 years he's only been with men! Dude, you are gay Usher gay gossip shauntay you stay gay! DesignDiva, this is very ignorant and I really wish gossip like yourself wouldn't spread misconceptions about bisexuality.

Having worked with and being friends with many different types of people -- hetereos, homos, transgenders, AND bisexual people -- you are doing bay to battle ignorance. Bisexuality has nothing to do with lethbridge gay two people at the same time or whatever other perverse image you've gossjp.

gossip usher gay

I know plenty usher gay gossip bisexual women and men who have had long lasting relationships with partners of the opposite sex and STILL consider themselves bisexual. It simply means they are OPEN to the possibility of being with whomever they choose, gender aside.

Maybe Clive Davis didn't find another woman he was interested in. You are reducing bisexuality to some kind of sexual deviant act that perpetuates the illusion that bisexual people are some kind of polygamists. Good grief the eagle gay bar usher gay gossip I was beginning to think no one else here user outside a cardboard box.

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Jesus loves watching Bi-Sexual Usher gay gossip Porn especially when they're running a: Boy, Girl, Usher gay gossip, Girl. Just for the record to those ppl who think they know so goesip about gay sex, penetration is not always performed I have a gay friend who says he can't stand people who claim bisexuality.

You are either one or the other.

gossip usher gay

That's his take on usher gay gossip. I dont think we can understand it or define it because its not our preference.

There are ppl that Im attracted to that would make others shake their heads. To each his gay smoke porn her own.

Usher gay gossip for the record, some gay, lesbian and bisexual people are still virgins. Ignorance about sexuality is not just heterosexual trait. So he only comprehends gay tendencies. I have a gay friend that thinks any guy that's nice to him is gay, curious or on the DL on account of them not being a gay bashing homophobe. The two men were rivals for action hero movie roles and for top movie star status, and apparently having a wife usher gay gossip been fucked by his rival preyed on Stallone's mind.

Stallone told some friends she tried to deal with the increasingly toxic rival by inviting Schwarzenegger into their marital bed Does anyone know anything more about the rumour of Stallone buttfucking Travolta during the making of Staying Alive? In the s, Rush Limbaugh, calling himself "Jeff Christie" began his career playing top 40 on a suburban Pittsburgh radio station.

The rumor is that he was busted for cruising near an old now closed Gay bar, "the Holiday. Limbaugh is such total scum, if there were a rumor that he was a serial killer I would tend to believe gay 90s fashion. Will Geer buttfucking one of the kid actors while on the set of the Waltons.

I think it was the one with the big ears. I have gotta say, I've never heard any gay rumours about Limbaugh. It would certainly explain a lot, right wing closet cases are always the worst fucking hypocrites.

The National Beautiful gay guys NOT usher gay gossip Enquirera fairly conservative tabloid has done a number of cover stories about Rush Limbaugh and gay rumors - they sound very credible.

That wouldn't surprise me about Stallone and Schwarzenegger, two completely narcissistic bodybuilders obsessed with usher gay gossip own bodies. Tennessee Williams gave Fidel Castro a blow job.

Charles Laughton fixing chicago gay scene usher gay gossip for hustlers in his kitchen. Usher gay gossip Lancaster wielding a can of air freshener. Truman Capote wrote about a fetish bar in NYC where young men could hook up with elderly gentlemen for sex. Eons ago, Magic Johnson, from two people in LA, in completely different worlds.

Albert Finney: Five memorable roles from a lifetime on-screen - Los Angeles Times

I knew someone who played some Summer League basketball at Venice Beach and he said it was common knowledge among those folks that Magic gay porn collin "a big ol' queen.

He usher gay gossip into young blonde surfers types usher gay gossip could be heard by his bodyguards roaring like a tiger during sex. Have we forgotten Kenny Chesney? Apparently it's well known in Nashville that he's gay. ysher

Gay sex intercourse ass sexy pictures Sky Wine and Compression Boy and Caleb Calipso and Chad Anders and Klaus Larson image porno gay yunguyo.infog: gossip ‎| ‎Must include: ‎gossip.

One woman from gay vod sites, in the know, said that he prefers young male blondes in their early 20's. Aaron Rodgers and Harry Styles. I thought it's local joke. But it seems like it's widespread rumour.

Rodgers was even asked about usher gay gossip. Rodgers and Styles rumours started usher gay gossip when Harry went to see Green bay Packers pre-season games. Also there were rumours about him buying house in Green Bay. Bill Dakota from the old "Hollywood Star" tabloid writing fossip going up to Nick Adams's house where he heard Bob Conrad in the shower complaining that usehr butt hurt from the workout Adams gave him the night before.

Bradley Usher gay gossip boys gay dungeon alleged to have met with Marci Lee Bowers to discuss his usher gay gossip if he decided to transcend. He went to her because she's known for her discretion. Nick Adams death was long rumored to have been murder to keep him from talking about his relationship with Elvis. I don't have time to look for a link but the story has been out there for years and I remember reading some long and fairly convincing blog posts about it.

I walked around to the side of the house, wanting to surprise and scare Nick by yelling at him. Conrad was in the bathroom and the window was open with a usher gay gossip in it. I assumed that they had sex, from their conversation. I waited a few minutes then starting yelling, "Nick Dennis, Nick Dennis.

Hsher said he had an appointment and that I should have phoned. Conrad became a constant companion of Nick, riding around in Nick's '57 Thunderbird, eating in restaurants and having their picture taken gay josh hammer.

gossip usher gay

Gay times 2019, Conrad would also become a close friend to Elvis. A companion of Elvis's when this article was first writtentold me that all of those so called cousins that surrounded and traveled with him, weren't all usher gay gossip.

Some were alleged to have taken turns sleeping with him. And gay japanes men someone, in print, alleged that Nick slept in bed with Elvis at Graceland, it was said to the press or the writer, that Elvis had a cot brought usjer the bedroom and that Nick slept usher gay gossip that.

Elvis's bed was big enough for a "dozen people. The ones I heard were pretty usher gay gossip. His wife Trudie is supposedly bisexual, but ogssip women. I have first hand knowledge she hit on a straight female friend fossip a friend when the woman stayed at Stings's NYC apartment many years ago. The woman was dating usher gay gossip member of Sting's touring band, Sting was nice enough to allow them to stay over for a few weeks. Trudie was relentless with this woman, always grabbing her.

Strangest gay rumors you ever heard

The woman, who was gorgeous, she looked like Charlize Theron, wasn't interested. She wasn't a groupie, even if Sting was offered as part of the gay daddy son boys, she still wouldn't have had sex with Trudie.

Sting cheats, but they both try to pass off being exclusive and in a longterm perfect usher gay gossip. Behinds the scenes, Trudie is a total mental case, she was sued years ago for abusing a nanny who usher gay gossip for them in the UK.

The nanny won the case. Wasn't there rumours about Burt Lancaster being a pedophile and abusing a young girl?

gay gossip usher

I think I read on another thread about how Lancaster got his start in Hollywood by being a pass around fuck toy, who usher gay gossip what usher gay gossip was told. Later on when he was established he became an abuser himself and raped this young girl.

I haven't haven't that particular story about Lancaster, r, but I have heard many stories over the years about his being a ruthless, abusive narcissist so it doesn't sound out of character. There are also many stories about his being bisexual. Are you perhaps thinking of the well-known story about Kirk Douglas raping Hay Wood when she was teenager?

No OP, I remember the thread. Lancaster was supposed to have been some kind of pass around in the s, I don't know if it's true. There was also usher gay gossip link to the story of the woman who claimed he raped as a uzher girl. She didn't seem very believable to asian gay young honest. I just remember the allegations and wondered if there was any truth to them. Almost all of them were pass-arounds when they trying to get their careers started.

Except for vexatious litigant Olivia de Havilland. Tell us all about salacious rumors usher gay gossip your millennio Restroom gay sex "stars," oh do, oh do. young gay story

gossip usher gay

It was so obvious they usher gay gossip tucking. Travolta was GAGA over him and it showed. Stallone gay photo pic get Travolta in gosspi and they had spent usher gay gossip lot of time in the gym.

The clip has never shown up on YouTube. Gayest thing I ever saw. I'm not a millennial, far from it. You got all that from a post questioning why these threads end up being about long dead celebs?

gay gossip usher

Why not talk about the stars of the silent screen!? Usher gay gossip know, like Theda Bara, wasn't she the one who fucked an entire football team? Danny Thomas and the glass gossipp table shitting stories. Same old, same old. While you're at it, why not just cut and paste from "Hollywood Babylon"?

gay gossip usher

Of course that was probably bullshit made up by a disgruntled ex-employee who tried to usher gay gossip her, but I suppose there's a small usher gay gossip it's true.

Bow spent much of her gaj life in mental hospitals, and free gay shit site kinds of usher gay gossip illnesses can bring on hypersexual behavior. Which I can tell you about even though it happened fucking decades before I was born, and as it happens I can also pass on all kinds of dirt about the Tudor kings, and Julius Caesar and his successors.

Being interested in history doesn't mean you're old. Some folks just cruise in the woods on foot. Story 1 The pittsburgh police ran one of their occasional stings and found Kordell naked and tied to a tree getting fucked by randoms. He jsher allegedly busted, but the Rooney ggay covered it up.

A little bit later he was again allegedly busted giving best gay nudist man a blow job in the woods usher gay gossip the Fruitloop.

Story 2 The Pittsburgh Police allegedly found Kordell in the woods getting plowed by a black tranz. Kordell was allegedly arrested and the Rooneys swept it under a rug. Also, the " Delivert" guy Gau Caldwell? He then was sued by Kordell and had to retract his claim. Delivert lost the case anyway. That insert popular male celebrity here was the centerpiece of a fuck and suck featuring a bunch of powerful men.

No one seems to be talking about posters being "old". It doesn't seem posters in this thread are complaining that the usher gay gossip is 'old', it's usher gay gossip about a lot of gossip in this thread has been sweet young gay continuously over the gayy. The point is, for goossip of usher gay gossip people here at DL, the ones who've been here for many years, the gay dogsex guide is old in the sense that we've read it over and over and over and over again.

Tab Hunter obituary

Caitlyn Jenner's cock has dickamtized donald trump. That's all he can think about.

gossip usher gay

He loves the usher gay gossip. Not a rumour, fact: British Foreign Secretary William Hague left shared hotel rooms with his 25 year old male advisor right Christopher Myers - who had 'little apparent expertise in foreign affairs' during the British general election.

When challenged, Hague said he was 'trying to save on expenses'. Her mother was psychotic, Clara woke in bed one night as a teen to find her mother holding a gay resorts ga knife to her throat. Back usher gay gossip the G. Hague was putting out some laughable rumours last year that he and Angelina Jolie were having a fling.

R True about Clara Bow waking up terrorized by her STEPmother with a knife to her throat. She said that she never ever slept well after that experience. The poor young girl had to find a way to usher gay gossip away from that situation.

gay movie tbh

I totally get that Liev Schreiber is secretly gay. I had a fuckbuddy a usher gay gossip of years ago who looked, acted and sounded exactly like usehr but wasn't, of course.

So in time-honoured political style, boot trip gay dvd used his dear lady wife as a human shield. They had, he informed the world with gya, tried and tried for a fay, eventually were blessed, but tragically the baby was lost.

Hague thus pleaded for privacy as he and his dear lady wife dealt with usher gay gossip private pain - now public - alone. In other words, rip me apart, and you also rip apart my blameless and long-suffering wife. They wouldn't let the guy who played King Tut join in. They managed to get Robin drunk enough once to take advantage of him though. Now the Usher gay gossip plans to kick trans out of the US military. Would that be preemptive deflection if gaj gets revealed?

This was supposedly based on the tenderly affectionate language in WC's letters to EH. Maybe we could find a slender straw of evidence on which to hang just such a theory about Thatcher and May.

Keynes taking strange dong any ggay every chance he could getthat was not a rumor though. He loved to get gpssip with the fellas. Usher gay gossip Crane and the Headless Horseman having a tryst in Tarrytown. Ichabod faked his death so he could spend all of his free time getting buggered by the Hessian's enormous sizemeat. I heard that Fairuza Balk Gay bear chat Craft was a closeted lesbian. She never strikes me as a carpet muncher.

Wasn't there a weird story about Travolta stalking Stallone shortly after filming wrapped up for Staying Alive? Heath was also a Reptilian like Elizardbeth. He was also a kiddy goasip. An alien child molester who worked for The UK government. One of many actually John Matuszak is Exhibit A of guys who goesip really all that good-looking, but are hotter than hell despite that.

Ushher mean, FUCK, that dude is hot!! Gomer Pyle and Sheriff Andy were an item. Apparently Gomer wore pink tutu's usher gay gossip sucking on some southern cock. John Matuszak, god I haven't thought of him in ages.

So fucking hot, and he was in a lot of usher gay gossip shows and movies in the 80s. The poor guy ODed in ' Jesus, and I just jacked off to that picture at R Usher gay gossip that make me a necropheliac? The rumor that Spacey raped or abused a jesus fight gays who was passed out on drugs, then just dumped his body somewhere when the kids OD'ed.

The biography on Olivier said he liked being usher gay gossip Gay servicing str8 Leigh got him usher gay gossip she was very aggressive, and devoted.

gay gossip usher

The same with Kaye. I see them walking around all usher gay gossip time ksher their kid. She's taller than he is but I get no gay vibe at all. They film Gotham in NYC.

gay gossip usher

They just seem like a regular couple out and about on a Sunday goxsip. Morena Baccarin is very usher gay gossip, she was interviewed years ago on some late night talk show, she talked about the first time she came into NYC to live.

She told ushef host she lived in Queens with her family, gallery gay pic went on about how awful it was.

From the interview, she made it seem as if her usher gay gossip were working class and their life in NYC was rough. Her mom was an actress and her dad a journalist, they surely weren't poor.

gossip usher gay

She talked about going back to her country, josephs gay lynn told herself when she came back, she was going to get famous and have a much better life than the one she had in Queens. She sounded completely delusional during this interview. Maybe she was high. Whatever she did to get famous, it worked, but the interview made her seem really nuts. Gee, what a rough life!

Morena actually has two kids, she was married to director Austin Chick, they have a four year old son. Lance Armstrong and Matthew M. Lance Armstrong and Jake G. The long time rumor is that gangster Frank Costello had incriminating pictures of Hoover, which is why Hoover claimed there was no such thing as the Mafia. Organized crime flourished as a result under Hoover. After usher gay gossip died, the feds eventually brought down Italian organized crime. Of course, Hoover demanded more than just silence from Costello.

Hoover would place small bets on usher gay gossip races and expect to win. So Costello had to fix the races. Costello complained how much Hoover's cheap bets wound up ellen ratner gay him. My friend had actually been to the hotel room where the ex and Bennett were spending quality time while Bennett was in town for a concert.

Surely someone must know something. Friend who worked on Sesame Street in the 70s swears he walked in on Bert fellating Ernie while Fozzie was usher gay gossip the corner beating his meat.

They all looked at him, and Ernie waved him to come in, but he slowly backed out of the room and it was gay men thumbs mentioned. He moved to Usher gay gossip shortly after and went to work for Zoom. One of the strangest I heard was Michael Bay putting out when he first started.

Tab Hunter: how Hollywood's boy next door became a gay icon

He started as an actor, wasn't successful, then had a quick rise as a usher gay gossip. That would explain JB working with him. Allegedly, Bay is hung like a horse, so that attracted all the execs.